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  1. I'm not rooting aganist it but I don't think this Spidey will do well at all.
  2. XO21

    Artemis Fowl | August 9 2019

    Never ever heard about these books, if they're popular in US like A Wrinkle in Time and Disney's track record about this kind of movie...high chance of bombing.
  3. Not buying into the hype, like I did for JL (and I got laughed on). If JL made $650m why Aquaman should do $800m. I'm thinking $600-650m.
  4. Looking at the schedule and the underperfomers it's gonna be the worst thanksgiving week in years.
  5. I mean predicting Venom's run was kinda impossible, $100m circa was a reasonable prediction.
  6. Here on BOT people hated it...indeed many expected to drop like a rock instead apart from the second weekend it was super leggy.
  7. So now not only Thursdays previews went from midnight to 10AM / 4 PM now random "sneak peaks" count for the weekend
  8. Wow. Sony resurge has been quite something.

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