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  1. Awesome teaser. Great takes in the previous pages, nothing to add.
  2. The superheroes will win Thanos will be defeated
  3. Literally n-o-n-e care about the trailer *spoiling* End Game.
  4. Trust me the homecoming thread was much much worse
  5. Looks better than the first trailer of Homecoming and Captain Marvel. IMO.
  6. Literally when SMH was coming out everyone was like -oh it'll decrease because it has since SM1.... _ in anycase always fun to see BOT bitching ahaha.
  7. Being above Civil War or BvS means nothing...both are 3 years old movies.
  8. The state of the italian film industry has been like for at least a decade...for a big country I don't think re call - other than Venice - that any legit promo happens there. Sad given the rich history even in films.
  9. Yeah right..I didn't read one negative thing about Ant-Man 2*, yet Deadpool 2 fabricated negative buzz got so bad Fox released the test screenings data to THR *prior to the release
  10. I think it looks really bad and a Last Stand remake. It'll likely get bad reviews....STILL I find fake/legit insiders creating negative buzz (MONTHS before the release) for attention just embarassing..especially if they choose which franchise deserve this treatment. It's just an observation, I don't know even if I'll go see it in theatres...
  11. Yeah. Interesting how the extremely mediocre Ant-Man 2 didn't get 1% of trashing that Venom or Dark Phoenix got...I also want to remind how the self proclaimed insiders started the whole "Deadpool 2 is trash"...
  12. We will see, as usual the MCU zealots just trashes Sony, Fox, DC properties...
  13. TBH if a particular narration prevails they'll run with it...not only in movies biz btw.

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