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  1. What a massive disaster. And it has no market left except Japan.
  2. Wait...I just realized the $12.6m projection includes the $4m in previews
  3. Maybe fans hated SS but I think the general audience enjoyed it...kinda like Venom.
  4. Damn this is really bombing...overseas numbers are awful!!
  5. It's very political so it's hard to tell.
  6. There's a tweet saying the previous all time admissions record was 970k of Gone with the wind but I can't find any reference. In any case massive.
  7. This whole Rise is outpacing Last jedi is so stupid, like they didn't even bother to open Box office mojo to see that Last Jedi Day 10 (total: $368m) was December 24, while Rise of Skywalker Day 10 (total: $361m) is December 29....
  8. Frozen2 over Rise of Skywalker DOM?? I was expecting both in the 600m range but looks like they'll struggle to hit 500m. edit: if Disney releases a sing-along of F2 then it has a edge over Rise
  9. Anecdotally, the 6PM show of Skywalker at the Naples, Florida Paragon Pavilion was sold out last night; fans locally celebrating the ninth-quel with balloon constructions in the lobby. I can't believe this is in the article. I'm crying lmaoo.
  10. 1.) Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Dis) 4,406 theaters Wed $32M (+60%)/Th $30.7M (-4%)/3-day: $89.6M (-49%)/5-day: $154M/Cume: $380.9M/Wk 2 1.) Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker (Dis) 4,406 theaters Fri $26.2M (-71%)/3-day: $76M (-57%)/5-day: $138.8M/Cume: $365.8M/Wk 2
  11. Lol so funny that Deadline was spinning Rise was 3% ahead of TLJ ignoring completely the calendar...
  12. Now Disney went from buying critics --- Rise of Skywalker is rotten -- to buying audience scores. Ma'ma they're making no cent.
  13. Closer to Endgame second weekend than The Last Jedi first. Almost as bad as Solo collapsing estimates....
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