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  1. That theatres drop Minions had 507 in its 12th weekend and made $436k. Spidey keeps closing the gap...hopefully $336m will happen
  2. Terrible poster and bad idea to release the teaser in the instagram format. Mmmm let's see the trailer
  3. Mmm this the first time I've heard such thing in a massive scale. Only under 18 would that and according to your speculation IT lost millions of dollars Why would anyone buy a ticket for mother and then watch IT....
  4. Rogue One had the worst exchange rates in the era of new markets and 3D landscape
  5. Weren't Apes pre sales really low? If I remember correctly it was huge walk up driven
  6. Thor 3 shares a lot with Guardians 2, heavy comedy and somehow sci fi setting. Volume 2 didn't exactly break the OS markets
  7. Fate of the furiou made $1.2B put some repeckt on its name and talk about it
  8. I wonder how Kingsman will do...I have the same feeling I had for Apes, hence underperforming
  9. Love that Spidey PTA and drop...hopefully it won't drop too many screens next week
  10. "F" as in general, I did not see people vehemently hating on either those movies or walking out... True. He built over the years the cred "he is never in bad movies", Tom Cruise had that too but I think he lost it. Hanks too
  11. Curious to see Di Caprio "draw" with a movie that scores F

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