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  1. Thanksgiving is on the 28th, so the holidays are 25-28th or 28-29th?
  2. Why THR is saying Frozen's release date is "lucrative" is there any holiday?
  3. Sub 10% are only seen during Xmas, just crazy...I had the impression the chatter was Endgame-Bohemian level but now the numbers confirmed it. There is no Serie A this weekend so that should help.
  4. In Italy it over-performed...the Golden Lion win + connected media hype really worked.
  5. Elsewhere, media reports that FFH hitting the $1B milestone would see film rights to the character revert to Marvel are entirely false, Deadline has confirmed. Lmao so it was reported Sony would pull out the deal if it didn't hit 1b then it was reported that
  6. Good to know, as usual it's crazy China gets such a superficial coverage from the trades.
  7. Mmm I'm sure if that character is offensive it'll be changed for the movie
  8. It's funny, if you say X Marvel movie made $1b because of this actor they tell "well duh it's Marvel" which I agree but makes the star talk pointless.
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