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  1. Oh here we go again with the fake concern from the three Avatar fans zzzzz
  2. That was the hardest to pull off imo, I remember it was the biggest con about Infinity War..in reality it turned out one the biggest pro, Thanos and the snap became a pop culture phenomenon.
  3. 20 hours - 24,467,237 views official trailer 20 hours - 14,560,564 views Teaser trailer 24 hours - 15,756,807 views Teaser trailer
  4. To none surprise the trailer is doing amazing on twitter (compared to Homecoming) with 541k tweets
  5. Ohhh yesss. That drop and the OW were all about "bad word of mouth" then it pulled off great late legs and that talk was shut down I remember I insisted comparing it to YA movies runs like THG and indeed it played like those movies...
  6. So bigger than Infiny War run nice..(even if it'll drop 70% or something)..with 2012 exchange rate it'd been a gigantic opening I imagine.
  7. Well duh The Lightsabers and the Avatars will deliver other stats to rate it as a disappointment like: Force Awakens had the biggest third weekend counting people with green eyes and bla bla bla.
  8. Anyway Titanic found sinked at the bottom of the ocean ❤️
  9. Endgame reached 2.1billion the fake corcened haters:...but Titanic. Like someone already mentioned Gone with the Wind, Snowhite etc > Titanic. Happy?
  10. Infinity War second Friday was 549k euros. Second Saturday was 977k euros. Looks excellent to me.
  11. The usual meltdowns..what u were expecting a $350m opening and Wonder Woman legs....
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