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  1. Last Duel B+ Last Night in Soho B+ Knives Out A- Murder on the orient express B (thought it was higher) A for Encanto Moana A Coco A+ Frozen2 A- Frozen A+ Wreck it Ralph A Good Dinosaur A
  2. never, people thought if Venom 2 did 90m then Eternals was a lock for 100m.
  3. there's no precedent of a bad reviewed MCU movie yet and how it impacts sales....let's see.
  4. funny in February on Reddit there was the plot leak and it was worrying. Weird they didn't try to "fix" it.
  5. 65-70m it's totally fine. People who are disappointed should keep their expectations in check for Eternals though.
  6. Some good details from Deadline "Comscore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak shows that only 19% of the audience bought their tickets in advance (by either a week or month ago), indicating that Venom 2 received a bulk of walk-up business. Sixty-six percent of those who watched the Sony sequel bought their ticket day of, while 15% bought their tickets the day prior. On PostTrak, they enjoyed the movie at 4 stars."
  7. so higher than the first Venom despite the current situation. Nice.
  8. thinking about Sony that almost delayed it to next year. Thanks Shang Chi.
  9. Mendelson says 6.85m https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2021/09/08/movies-box-office-shang-chi-100m-disney-jungle-cruise-free-guy/?sh=242ed0fc1087
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