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  1. All due respect @WrathOfHan but you won by default Shame all the returning slots are filled. I would have liked to try and redeem myself. Best of luck all!
  2. ok but who the hell could have thought at the start of the year that Disney could have THREE 200m+ weekends by the end of june and they could ALL be bigger than solo’s total gross
  3. box office: finally manages to come alive bot: still manages to have the same fucking conversations about justice league and star wars that they’ve been having for months
  4. The hell is this? No one with any kind of credibility is saying this is why TLJ "failed". Giving attention to absurd opinions like this is only feeding the bullshit narrative.
  5. No, it doesn’t. Take this to a different thread. Please.
  6. Plummer getting nominated for a role Spacey would have never been recognized for:
  7. hmm yeah ok that ain't happening but I respect your optimism
  8. @That One Guy you know what's up, imma be your co-stan if that's cool
  9. but then he gets points. he doesn't deserve points. I want him to LOSE points.
  10. idk I know I've been gone for a while but before I left he seemed well-intentioned. Then I come back and it's just a flaming dumpster fire of PMs and mods scrambling around and fake alts by the gallon. was Justice League really that bad?
  11. raegr seemed like a sweet kid. the fuck happened to make him so annoying?
  12. searching for this year's equivalent of I am coming up sorely disappointed thus far
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