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  1. TBH I think this is Fury Road all over again. Really great reviews and a lot of Oscar potential, but only so-so box office. I think we'll see similar DOM numbers ($150m-ish) which isn't great on a $185m budget.
  2. Thursday: IT 3,94 mln

    You can only fall so far when you start that close to 0
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread

    For $4 billion I'd let Disney do anything it wanted wtf
  4. Monday, IT 4,2 mln

    At this rate, it could hit 20m! What a time to be alive!
  5. words like "misogyny" or "sexist" have actual meaning. using them because you don't agree with someone makes them pointless.
  6. what's even more fun is how the term "misogyny" becomes meaningless because certain fanbases can't handle legitimate criticism and pull the same "sexism" card to everything
  7. IT over Get Out ($175m)

    Well, that was quick
  8. This isn't hitting $500m and Dumbo definitely isn't hitting $300m so idk who you think you're fooling with these "conservative" predictions
  9. Yeah, It could easily see 60m+ if that Friday # holds up. Keep in mind it had a 2.45x multi last weekend (WITH Irma deflating the Sat / Sun numbers) so playing like a typical horror film in terms of legs is pretty much out the window at this point.
  10. Random question, but does anyone know where to find those comScore social media trackers? Thinking of using it for a research project
  11. fair, but I was talking more about Han's meltdown if / when mother! bombs.

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