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  1. First Man is not a crowd pleaser and Ryan Gosling is very subdued. The space scenes are impressive in IMAX but not very flashy or much of a spectacle. I see why it appeals to film fans but leaves general audiences cold.
  2. No, Venom wasn't very good and this just lets Sony make more Spider-Man spinoff trash.
  3. Another Elm Street movie should have been put in development after It, but now after Halloween 2018 they really have no excuse.
  4. It's just a little airborne, it can still get the record!
  5. On the same weekend as Blade Runner 2049, Venom is breaking box office records.
  6. I saw the Meg in IMAX and they showed a trailer for 2001 and holy shit.
  7. I don't think Top Gun will be that big next summer especially with the casting of Miles Teller.
  8. This has been a forgettable year for blockbusters. Only Black Panther will have any lasting appeal.
  9. Fallen Kingdom and Incredibles 2 will swap box office numbers with Jurassic World and Inside Out. Incredibles 2 makes 650m and Fallen Kingdom makes 350m.
  10. Fuck Inside Out, Coco is the Pixar film of this decade.

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