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  1. This thread is incredibly depressing. This isn't directed at any of you - the conversation is valid and incredibly informative - but the sentiment is depressing as someone whose favourite pastime is going to the theatre.
  2. Yeah, knowing me I'll eat this right up. Hopefully it indeed is another The Revenant at the box office!
  3. Really enjoying Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order so far! Nice to have an immersive Star Wars game for the first time since KOTOR.
  4. I can't remember a marketing/social media campaign that has been this downright FUN! Like, forget trailers/clips/posters/TV spots and what not, the social media activity is selling the film on its own. The movie feels like an event at this point. Hopefully the box office totally shocks us with a $50M opening or something.
  5. It's the perfect turn of events for him after all the TLJ stuff. As someone who had a lot of issues with TLJ, I'm genuinely happy for him. Some friends and I are planning a big, fun evening centred around this movie. Can't wait!
  6. An "Untitled Disney Live Action" film is dated for November 4, 2022 so maybe that's why Marvel booked the October date that year. I could easily see that changing and the Marvel film going to November 4 unless that Disney live action is a really big deal. These things change all the time though.
  7. Well that sucks. For one because I was looking forward to it, and for another because it's a pretty sure sign the movie is bad. Granted, the September date is the same one The Golden Circle had so there's some precedent there I guess.
  8. It would not surprise me if more women showed up for this than Charlie's Angels.
  9. This is the OCD talking here but....can someone please edit to date in the title to May 22, 2020? May 24 is the Sunday.
  10. Depends on how big the OW is. Also depends on audience reception. With a favourable audience reception I would go with around a 3.5X multi. This will enjoy superb legs throughout the holidays and the first one showed us those legs can extend well beyond Christmas, unlike traditional Christmas themed films.
  11. Then we have some of the other trades predicting around $20M. Seems this is a tough one to nail down. I trust our resident trackers the most, and BOP. They know what they're doing too.
  12. Downvoting before having even seen the movie is pathetic for any reason, but keep in mind a lot of the BS 1/10 ratings on IMDB may be because it's another pointless remake and not just women hate. But like I said, any reason for that kind of trolling is pretty pathetic.
  13. Pretty much where I'm at. Nothing else is MUST SEE material.
  14. Looks like James Mangold has a second consecutive gem on his hands after Logan. 128 reviews in, Ford v Ferrari is sitting pretty at 90%.
  15. Sounds like even the negative reviews feature praise for McKellan and Mirren. Not surprised. Those two have sold the movie to me from Day 1. Unfortunately it's yet another movie not making it to my town so I have to wait for streaming. Sigh. Already missing Calgary.
  16. Honestly, I hope so. Even though this movie personally isn't for me, we really need some success stories this month besides the obvious Frozen II.
  17. Besides Frozen II (painfully obvious) and maybe Knives Out, what a dreadful November this is looking like. November is usually when the box office really revs up, culminating in the Christmas holiday bonanza. Instead it's just....a rather ordinary month with underperformers galore.
  18. GREAT news! Loved Djawadi's score for Iron Man. Being the composer for GoT as well, he's also a perfect choice to help pull off the epic tone Marvel Studios is going for.
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