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  1. We're laughing about this JCS thing, but I just opened the top 100 film scores thread and realized I totally forgot that it massively affected that too. The whole thing pretty much up in smoke. That one's not funny.
  2. That's actually a good theory. As far back as I can remember, @IronJimbo is the constant. I remember that account being around before JCS.
  3. I vaguely remember. I was probably a BOT noob at the time (joined after Rogue One's opening weekend in December 2016). What did he say/do?
  4. I don't think I've ever seen someone get absolutely roasted on this site as JCS is right now. Can anyone who has been here longer comment? I'm also loving the fact the rest of the Jim Gang has been dead silent. What a tragic betrayal this must be for them haha!
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh man.... Those exchanges just take on a whole new meaning, don't they?
  6. I don't know how long this film was in production for but however long, it could have been longer. This is one of those films they should have taken an excruciatingly long time on to get it just right.
  7. As @DAJK said, it's almost guaranteed this movie has a great opening that surprises a lot of people. The tradition of having a horror movie as the single release on the first weekend of January is actually holding up really well. I could see a $25M OW for this. Easily.
  8. This movie seems odd. It feels like it's a scary movie for a significantly younger audience, yet it seems pretty genuinely creepy no matter what age you are. I'm actually curious to check it out.
  9. Oh totally! It's just almost disappointing in a way. At least someone like shay doesn't pretend to be someone he isn't and readily admits he's here to stir the pot. Then you've got a guy like JCS going for the "I'm more intelligent and cultured than you" angle, which happens to be not just an angle but a complete fallacy. Ah well. Moving on.
  10. It's kind of embarrassing really. It totally undermines the facade he gave off of being this mature, intelligent guy. I forget what important job he said he has but it obviously leaves him enough time to create duplicate accounts to troll on a forum.
  11. I'm not saying Simba needs to sound "macho". I just personally found Glover's voice jarring juxtaposed against his lion character. Broderick worked for me, but then again I was a kid growing up on the original.
  12. Yes it can. The timing is is awesome though. So Endgame just topped Avatar on the worldwide chart. Woops, look at those territories I forgot to update for Avatar's OS gross.
  13. Fair point, but I'm not combative because I'm "Team Marvel". It's just because Cameron fans for the most part tend to be annoying here.
  14. Personally, I'd be content with a connection to Thanos' parents. Mentor is a pretty big deal as far as Eternals go. He's a first generation Eternal who settled on and became leader of Titan. All this goes out the window, though, if Marvel Studios is mixing it up and deviating from the source material a bit.
  15. That's kind of what I mean. I'm not saying he should be in the movie (actually that would feel a bit forced, and too soon) but some kind of a mention. The GA probably doesn't even realize what Thanos is, that he's an Eternal with the Deviant gene. If they at least knew that then maybe there doesn't even need to be a direct connection. They'd already be sold. It does lead me to a question I've been asking for awhile now: how old is Thanos? Assuming he doesn't age like humans on Earth, is he ancient in our terms, or did his backstory with his own war against Titan happen fairly recently?
  16. Yep, your experience with your daughter pretty much summed up the feeling in my screening. The best way I can explain it is it was lacking a certain energy, both the film itself and the auditorium in which I saw it. The film is still going to hit $190M+ on OW but it didn't feel like a $190M+ opener. I made a post about this already but part of that I attribute to the watered down PTA due to such a massive theatre count (4,725). The audience has a ton of places to go see this.
  17. I wouldn't say Jim is winning him over. He's just a fan of movies in general and appreciates all epic box office runs. This isn't trench warfare here, even though Cameron fans act like it is.
  18. No more reacts, but thanks as always Porthos! (Yes I know I have to upgrade). I know it's not expensive but every dollar counts for me right now. Soon I'll be more flexible.
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