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  1. Yeah that's what I thought. Makes sense. Thanks! By the way, I recall you saying before your kids were more interested in Addams Family (I think) so that deal works for you guys anyway.
  2. I don't know why I'm the only one who can't help but be disappointed in the It Chapter Two numbers. @baumer what's your take?
  3. Yeah they may be smelling blood with Abominable seemingly lacking in buzz. Wait... Stupid question here, but these deals are done in partnerships with the studio right? Otherwise why would TMobile care what people see?
  4. No, but people just automatically think of that issue when the subject of Mexicans comes up because it's a political issue....and those tend to be intertwined with movies lately.
  5. Looks like this is coming for the weekend crown with $30M+! Impressive. You wonder if it'll be front loaded due to the fan rush or if this is genuinely primed for a strong run.
  6. I confess I haven't heard of that book. I'll check it out.
  7. Makes you wonder if the multiple delays were because Fox/Disney did some fine tuning or if they just thought they had turd or some other reasons.
  8. Yeah pretty much. Really? Hmm, that's good then. Guess they feel they have better things to do than be offended by things that truly mean no harm. Good for them, really.
  9. Great logic guys! This thread is only kept alive by Cameron super fans. That doesn't mean Alita is somehow ultra relevant. @Napoleon say what you want about MCU films but none of them were as brutally rejected as BvS was. That 1.99x multi still cracks me up.
  10. All this discourse (had to throw in that buzzword) is making the wait to see this agonizing!!
  11. It's not. @IronJimbo is just trying desperately to drum up any kind of Avatar/Cameron discussion. It's been pretty hopeless and boring for him since JCS and all his alts were purged.
  12. I think you're right. I can see where a lot of American folks (and Mexican for that matter!) would be going "Come on, really? Of all storylines...". I still may check this out on a Tuesday or something but it's looking like it will be a streaming player for me.
  13. Great Friday jump if the number holds, but the weekend is still going to drop heavily from last weekend. It's just losing too much steam during the weekdays. Hoping for a healthy Saturday bump and Sunday drop under 40% to get the weekend number as high as possible!
  14. Everyone I know is going to see this. Contrary to what the cinemascore says, word of mouth is catching on in my circles.
  15. Yep. It really is okay to just wash your hands of something and be done with it. It reminds me of some people I know who drive well out of their way to save a few cents on gas. They end up missing the forest for the trees and putting out more money! Sometimes you just bite the bullet and you actually come out better than you would from the alternative. Just forget about this one and move on, WB. You've got a terrific Fall ahead!
  16. Haha, that was me pretty much thinking to myself out loud in my post. I do that.
  17. Yep, and only a mere two weeks until THE event of the Fall! Actually, even though most box office folks consider November to be part of the "holiday" time of year, I consider November to be Fall as well so Frozen II actually gets that title, but whatever.
  18. This. And around and around we go. Corporations and big wig CEO's will never be content and consumers will keep paying the price. Nothing new. I've made my choice with Disney+ and Crave here in Canada. Guess I'll miss out on everyone else's content. Oh well.
  19. No I'm not, but I had the sentiment that It transcended the horror norms at the box office because of how big and popular it is. Horror is typically very frontloaded because you have your teens and young adult crowd who rush to see it opening weekend and then don't bother to come back. I just thought It would be different.
  20. Been waiting patiently for a trailer for this. We've had several other January 2020 movie trailers trickle in.
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