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  1. 7 hours ago, dudalb said:

    I have been mad about it for some time. to the point where I have broken with the left on Gun COntrol, because there might be no other way but "An Appeal To Arms" to restore democracy to the US.

    Mistakes were made by the Canadian Government..some bad ones..but they were "honest" mistakes. made without malice or deliberly.
    I have not seen any Canadian offiical trying to create phony numbers to make situation look better then it is.

    The jokes about the Governor of Florida being like the Mayor of Amity in "Jaws" are no longer valid, the Governor is doing things a 100 Times worse then the Mayor in Jaws.



    Anyway, yes, Canada is doing pretty well all things considered. Re-opening has begun snowballing as businesses realize they will in fact be able to do business. Almost every restaurant is dine-in here at this point, with proper social distancing policies in effect of course.

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  2. 16 hours ago, AndyK said:

    It's a low risk vaccine as it uses standard technology and it was already in development before COVID19 struck, they just piggybacked the new structure onto it.


    The risk is the disease disappears on its own before they have time to prove it in the general population.

    Ah, gotcha.


    We'll see what comes of it. What's the general feeling on COVID over there in the UK? Fear? Desperation to open up again?

  3. 3 hours ago, John Marston said:

    Pretty obvious they are purposefully delaying it by small increments so the movie will keep getting a burst of media attention every time. Smart 

    Meh, I'm not sure. It will get old quick. There's only so long people will keep up the buzz and conversation before saying "release the damn movie already or I'm out".

  4. 3 minutes ago, cax16 said:

    I think it’s a smart call to still wear one but that’s of course your call.



    I should of been more specific in my other post as well. I think some provinces are ready to have theatres open here with smaller crowds. I’m not sure how many American states are ready for that step so I can understand why so many people are so worried about that there.


    We sometimes forget when we’re discussing on here that things aren’t the same everywhere anymore(we all live in different parts of the world), some places are still having thousands of cases a day so people’s concerns are very valid imo. 

    You make a good point. It's easy for me to be cavalier when I'm talking from BC. I'm fortunate to live here.


    And yes, I'll definitely still wear a mask. I don't get popcorn every time I go to a movie anyway so the few times that I do, I'll take it off, chomp away, then put it back on again until I feel like eating more.

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  5. 19 minutes ago, cax16 said:

    Even though case counts are low in most provinces here I think this is the wrong call. You mandate masks until they sit down and then they can take them off if they choose too.


    Either way, doesn’t matter to me. No movies for me for awhile. I have nothing against anyone that wants to go and enjoy. I hope you’ll be safe and have fun. 

    Surprised at this, but just glad they're on the way to re-opening. I was fully willing to wear a mask whenever I'm not eating or drinking, whether it would have mattered or not.

  6. 21 minutes ago, dudalb said:

    And if the death toll skyrockets, attitudes like this will be the reason why.

    A society that favors money and personal convience above human life don't last very long.

    You're basically advocating for another lockdown or close to it. Otherwise, what's the point in anything opening up? The idea is that anyone who goes to a restaurant, theatre etc. is accountable for their choice to go in the first place. They assume risk of a fellow patron making them sick. Could that result in lost lives? Maaaaaybe, but again, if you want to avoid that then you may as well advocate for everything to close up shop again because there's no point in them being open.


    Also, what's your take on the mass BLM protests in this context?

  7. 16 minutes ago, dudalb said:

    And if you give the virus to other people???

    And that will not be confined to other people in the theater.

    That is a really selfish and stupid way to feel.

    If the death tool skyrockets, attitudes like this are a major reason why, and says something very ugly about where are our society is headed.

    It also shows a total igornace of the way pandemics work....


    Theatres are opening up no matter what. Are you saying nobody should go then, because if we do we're all selfish? If theatres are opening, it's because the appropriate authorities have deemed it okay to do so. Are you saying nobody should show up? Furthermore, and back to my point, it's on other people for showing up knowing there's a potential risk of getting sick. Don't want to risk gettick sick because someone several seats away takes off their mask to eat some popcorn? Don't go then! Everyone who goes to the theatre, or any public place right now really, has to know they're assuming some risk.


    While we're at it, do you think all the BLM protesters are selfish? Sure, most of them are wearing masks but we're predictably seeing cases go up again. Hmm, I wonder why that is. 

  8. 8 minutes ago, dudalb said:

    SInce when has public opinion felt compelled to follow the rules for due process?

    You also might have the situation where it turns out not quite to be rape, but still puts the guy in a hard light.

    You are pretty nieve if you think that due process of law is applied when ti comes to the court of public opinion.

    I am aware, and that's my entire point. I realize we can't avoid the court of public opinion but that's why I'm counting on the grown ups - aka the studio, Spielberg, etc. - to not engage in that and wait for due process, like how WB handled the Johnny Depp situation leading up to Fantastic Beasts 2.


    Let Twitter and woke folks cancel away. They have no power but to rage amongst themselves (so long as nobody caves to it - I know that they in fact do have a lot of power nowadays with people in power caving ).

  9. 3 hours ago, SnokesLegs said:

    I remember seeing the Denzel Washington film ‘Flight’ on opening night while sitting next to someone who took the entire running time of the film to eat a medium sized popcorn, one piece at a time. Their hand was going up and down for the entire film.


    I know they’ll never do this because all they care about is money, but surely if the cinema owners cared about the theatrical experience as much as they say they do, the best thing to do would be to not allow concessions for the first few weeks of opening and focus on just getting films back in front of people. That way people can keep their masks on at all times. Then relax this rule as it becomes safer.

    It's not about theatres just "caring about the money" Concessions are what keep theatres in business. I absolutely expect theatres to continue selling popcorn and drinks and there to be some leeway with the mask policy so people can eat and drink.


    People have to accept personal responsibility here. Theatres are waiting for the go ahead from the authorities to open so they're playing by the rules. After that, it's YOUR choice to actually go to the theatre or not. If you think it's dangerous, don't go and then blame the theatre if you get sick (or if you make someone else sick).


    I'm going to the theatre as soon as it opens and you bet I"m going to celebrate with a popcorn and drink! If I get sick, that's on ME.

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