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  1. Absolutely. I just think we have more important things to discuss than Trump's use of Asian Americans. People get so fixated on identity politics and it's frustrating.
  2. Holy fuck guys, the left "other-izes" all the time! There is lots to condemn Trump for right now, especially what looks like his economy first agenda to re-open everything soon. Let's focus on that if you want to exercise your daily Trump outrage, shall we? There are bigger things happening here. As a Canadian, I have to admit at this time I'm lucky to be where I am. The way things are going in the US, it really does look like the president is going out of his way to get lots of people killed. If there was any time for a coup or something, this it it.
  3. Then sign me up! It'll be cathartic to sit and enjoy something that doesnt pick a side.
  4. Tell that to the 1%. They're shaking in their boots because their luxurious lives are about to come crashing down.
  5. In one step India just swept right over Canada. Not that India doesn't still have lots of work to do,but Canada is still resorting to government officials and newscasters saying sternly on TV to stay home. Not surprisingly, a great many people aren't taking it seriously. Meanwhile France is deploying helicopters and drones to ensure compliance.
  6. Good on you. I respect that it's hard for anyone to leave their job to "make a statement", but the more workers don't stand for BS, the better chance things will change. Then again, I caution everyone I talk to about this that I've also screwed myself several times for being TOO vocal. I don't know, I just don't stand for shit and I have faith that good karma will come my way for doing the right thing and sending the right message. Usually it does happen that way, luckily. One thing I don't share with many, but I'm comfortable sharing here: my little boy passed away a
  7. Yeah, I guess that's true. I got the same "feels" that I usually get from Pixar films (this one in particular had messages that really resonated with me) but all in all it was on the lighter, more funny side wasn't it? Rather than an Up or Inside Out affair.
  8. Is it true that it pokes fun at both sides of the political spectrum? I heard that said about the film a long time ago.
  9. Which, personally speaking, is too bad because I thought it was great. Why do you think it was more of a Disney+ kind of offering from Pixar? Not enough of an "event" so to speak?
  10. My poor uncle was schedule for a triple bypass last week. It was cancelled, as were all other surgeries at Vancouver General because the hospital needed all the operating rooms. I actually found out about this before my uncle alerted us about his surgery cancellation because someone in our family is on the inside (a nurse at VGH) and alerted us about the dire situation the hospital is in. The person has since painted a dire picture for us, everything which is confirmed on the news a few days later. Doctors and nurses are on the front lines. They KNOW what's going on and
  11. Man, I have to tip my hat to you; you called this. I've learned a helluva lost these past few weeks or so. Good on you for being so persistent.
  12. I know what you mean. There are a lot of little details in applications that dont make any sense whatsoever. I dont know how it works where you are, but here a lot of it is automated and workers on the other end are so swamped that these applications aren't reviewed very thoroughly so stuff slips through the cracks. I've been told I missed time sensitive info as well and I knew for certain I attached whatever it was. But it didnt matter because I wasnt accomplishing anything until I re-sent it and then I had to wait a long time before someone on the other end received it! Again, I
  13. We've been at it back and forth today but I feel for you. I can't (well I sorta can) imagine what that's like. I really hope you get the help you need soon. I'm lucky to be okay at the moment, but soon enough I'll be in your position. Do you have family/friends who can help a bit in the meantime?
  14. I've been dependent on the system a few times in my life and nothing is more stressful. The waiting and hoping you get approved, hoping a cheque appears in your bank account with almost no reassurance or clarity because there's little to no communication. The anxiety is overwhelming for me when it comes to financial hardship and situations like that. All the best to you and and your friends and I hope you all get the help you need swiftly, and then some.
  15. Good. Surprised they could call themselves "essential retail" with a straight face.
  16. Every grocery store where I live has limited purchases to 2 per item, some items only 1 per. The thing I cant seem to get here is eggs. Massive egg shortage in Merritt.
  17. Unbelievable. Will this be a course of action exclusive to Italy or will other nations soon have to follow suit?
  18. Meanwhile, in Canada, on the news right now government officials still are saying a total lockdown is unnecessary and relying on just telling people sternly to stay at home. These people have no clue. People aren't listening. Either mandate a lockdown or don't say anything at all.
  19. Public transit is a very complex issue. It's such a crucial service to keep our society running, yet at the same time such an effective vehicle (no pun intended) for disease transmission. Like, despite the fact that a nurse may need to hop on a bus to get to work at a hospital, I also can't imagine a worse thing to do! It's an issue I have no idea how one would solve.
  20. This is the thing. MOST people aren't tying it to a certain ethnicity, they're tying it to a country of origin. Please, PLEASE stop assuming the worst in people. I'm not naive, I know there are racists out there, but I'd your average joe happens to call it the Chinese virus, do you really think that person have some messed up ideology that the Chinese people are at fault? No! Seriously, people need to calm down with the racist accusations. Just as blind Trump worshippers are called out, people also need to be called out for this over the top compensation that has come about ever si
  21. Very good quote. Something I hear a lot that gets me every time is "I (or person X) don't have any symptoms". A) it's about being proactive B ) People just aren't comprehending incubation period. You or someone else can have and transmit the virus before experiencing symptoms. Sometimes long before. Our society is far too reactive. For every person that overreacts it seems like there are lots more who wait until they're affected to act. This is coming from someone who has learned a LOT in the past several weeks and was on the "this is all overblown" train. V
  22. In facepalm worthy news, my dad posted a link on Facebook indicating which restaurants are open in Yaletown (an area of downtown Vancouver). He thinks this is all a joke. He and I are going to be having a discussion this evening.
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