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  1. I think everyone involved will act like grown ups and move forward until the claims are verified and Ansel is actually charged.
  2. Sigh. I see the court of public opinion is already in session. Let's wait on the validity of the claims before we do any cancelling, shall we? I'd say this on Twitter too but that's a lost cause. Blue check marks all over are embarrassing themselves as usual.
  3. If you only knew what was in the air in a tightly packed theatre even before COVID.... Sad to say you'll be waiting a loooooong time if a vaccine is the benchmark for you.
  4. But not Phoenix's Joker, right? Don't get my hopes up that Joker might be Batman canon!
  5. Gut feeling? Eternals. I feel like that movie, though an entirely new set of characters and all that, is going to be mega popular. Think GotG breakout but bigger.
  6. I think people are getting so used to cancel culture nowadays that it's being abused. For people to turn on Rowling like they have is disgusting. I'll tell you what's doing our development a disservice: thinking and acting with our feelings and not our intellect. I'm blown away at how almost all reason as gone out the window in favor of....whatever you call this progressive culture that's taking over right now. Maybe it's natural selection at work. I dunno....
  7. Yeah I worded that poorly. I meant mistakes specifically referring to sex. Obviously people are born with disabilities and stuff like you said and that's my point: if someone is born with a penis and a vagina, that is a deformity to me. It's not suddenly proof that "Hey, sex isn't binary!!". It's the exception to the rule, not the rule. As I said to @aabattery, who like filmlover, is being a heck of a good sport about all this, maybe one day the concept will be very real to people like me. But at this point, for me personally, it isn't. In the meantime, I wish no ill will on any tr
  8. That's really interesting, and you present a valid point re: pigeon holing any minority. I don't think transgender people are anything less than people, beautiful and unique as I said. What I struggle with is actually going as far as calling yourself the opposite sex of what you were at birth. You nailed it when you gave your example about Alfred Wegener and plate tectonics. It's a fundamental change in my reality that's just not computing with me right now. I feel like if we can tackle outright discrimination to the point where transgender people can feel safe and secure in societ
  9. In fairness, this thread has been around since 2011. Almost a decade will do that.
  10. Tim Horton's opened in Merritt today with limited capacity. There was literally a lineup of people waiting for the opportunity to sit and have coffee. That's where we're at in BC. People are desperate! 😂
  11. I think all people are made unique and beautiful - such as men with feminine qualities and personality and vice versa - but I think we also have a system used to distinguish sex that has worked since the dawn of humanity and there's no reason to abandon it just because of a tiny, tiny fraction of people who represent an abnormality in science. In other words, I have no issue with people expressing themselves, but that doesn't mean that we should be using anomalies in science to go "actually a man CAN be a woman if they've always felt like it", even if the science is there that poin
  12. Bah that sucks. Waa very much looking forward to it (Conjuring 3 that is). However, if that's true then why hasn't WB moved it yet, of all films? You'd think if they have thay much worth of reshoots to do it would have been one of the first and most obvious to be moved but they haven't touched it.
  13. @Lordmandeep There's another issue at play here... I won't speak for you but conservative Canadians are a little sensitive right now to say the least when you take into account the current liberal government. Among many other things, when you've got a PM - someone who is the polar opposite of Donald Trump on the political and social spectrum but very much the same kind of politician - admitting he admires "China's basic dictatorship" or lecturing white Canadians about how racist they are (with no facts or figures to back it up), yeah, we're going to be a little crabby.
  14. I've read about the science of it and, admittedly, I found it a little difficult to understand (I'm not scientifically inclined in the slightest) but I pretty much got the gist of it. Thing is, there are a lot of anomalies in science. I look at it as the exception to the rule, rather than the rule. In a general sense, nature (or our creator, if you're inclined that way like me) doesnt make mistakes. If you're born with a penis, you're male. If you're born with a vagina, you're female. If your personality leans more to the opposite sex, then okay. Fine. Great! You're still what you're born as,
  15. She said she should be able to play a tree if she wanted to. I dont believe she was talking about actually identifying as one.
  16. Dayyum, you must have been cool in high school! Repeating the same thing to refute someone is so edgy!
  17. Let me ask you something, and I'm being serious just so you know. If I felt for a long time I identified as something not human, would I be entitled to 100% acceptance? I'm trying to wrap my head around this. I mean, we apparently share more than 50% of our DNA with a banana - it's true, look it up - so it seems that one could just as easily identify as an animal as someone of the opposite sex.
  18. We could go on but we won't. All I'll say, whether it matters to you or not, is I have mad respect for you that you're willing to engage respectfully while also standing strongly by your beliefs. Thank you. As for you @grim22, people like you aren't worth one iota of my time (which is saying something because I have a lot of it at the moment). You've got to do better than that.
  19. The reshoots you were referring to, I assume you mean they never happened right? That's why this wouldn't be ready for September 11?
  20. Of course, I've never suggested they were less human or anything like that. I simply said I don't like or believe in the concept. I've also never gone out of my way to belittle (I know you did acknowledge that it may not be intentional, which I appreciate because it's not) or persecute them in any way. I respect their right to dress however they want or identify as whatever so my personal views on the subject have no bearing. If it's not good enough because my lack of belief hurts their feelings, there's not much more I can do. A lot of you don't believe in God. I do (though I'm no
  21. Outdated according to who? Also, dont you think people get tired of the opposite as well? Every day there is something new to cancel, something new to boycott, some new victim to rally around, some new thing to be offended by. This shit goes both ways, that's what y'all don't seem to realize. Anyway, whatever. 'Twas a great tweet and I thought I'd share it, like anyone else here does.
  22. The thing is, it's not schtick or material. It's me commenting on political and social stuff just like a lot of other people here. Or does it not count when it's the other side? Of course I won't name names, but I've spoken with several people over private messaging who have the same voice but feel they can't use it here. I feel like if I continue being a completely unabashed voice for conservatism maybe people will come out of their shell a bit and we can finally level the playing field here. I'm not going to stop, and nor should I. I'm not breaking any rules and despite my disagr
  23. If it's delayed a whole year I would think it would go to New Line's new preferred slot for their tentpole horrors, the post-Labor Day weekend. That would be September 10, 2021.
  24. It starts with them, yes, but the establishment is pandering to them 100%. Look at the autonomous zone in Seattle while the mayor and governor look on, even enabling it. That's just one example.
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