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  1. I was comparing R1 to big releases in 2011, when the calendar was the same. It's actually a better reference than TFA in terms of box office behaviour and it was pretty accurate up until the last few days and this weekend (projected).
  2. Oh, absolutely. I just honestly thought it would do even better. But that number is still fantastic and the movie is obviously a hit. It'll hold well too. A good friend of mine, her mom isn't a big movie person at all and she's so hard to please in that respect, but she knew early on she really wanted to see Hidden Figures. It's a crowd pleaser.
  3. These last couple weekdays + this projected weekend for R1 are likely really going to throw it off the pace it was on. For instance, its 3rd weekend gross ranks 5th highest all time. The current 4th weekend projected gross would rank 13th.
  4. These weekend numbers are definitely not what I was expecting. I mean, $23.6M for Rogue One? I had it pegged for, or near, $30M. And that was a pretty fair estimate, nothing too optimistic. Hidden Figures also looks like it won't pull in as much as I thought, given the buzz. In fact, everything looks a bit low, as has already been discussed.
  5. I'm expecting roughly $5M for Wednesday, give or take a few hundred K, for Rogue One.
  6. I can't watch the Saw movies. I have too weak a stomach for those really bloody, torture movies. It's not even just about the actual gore. It's that that is actually pure horror to me, thinking about going through those things. I end up feeling sick thinking about it, rather than due to the gore itself. I guess that's what horror is all about though; being horrified at what you're seeing.
  7. Thanks for the actuals, terrestrial! Steep drop for R1, but to be expected. I was hoping the drop would be a little smaller - more in line with the 57.4% drop for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in 2011, but I suppose the steeper drop compensates for the lower Sunday to Monday drop than what SH2 had. As I said before, I would expect the grosses to be pretty steady for today and Thursday. There's a chance R1 passes the $459M domestic gross of Avengers: Age of Ultron heading into Friday. If not, it'll be a hair below.
  8. Hate to sound anal, but shouldn't we change the title of the thread to reflect the new weekend dates? It still says the weekend of Dec. 23-25.
  9. The BIG drop, the big shift in pace, will happen today. From there I think it will be pretty steady. I'm thinking anywhere between $6.8M and $7M for today.
  10. OT, but conversely a lot of Canadians travel down to Buffalo and Detroit for hockey games.
  11. Okay, I figured it didn't really make much of a difference. You also make a good point about it still being the 3rd weekend in December. Didn't think of that.
  12. Now we're seeing how the calendar is BENEFITING R1. Given New Year's Day landed on a Sunday, a lot of people had January 2 off, meaning people likely flocked to theatre for one last chance to see R1. Meanwhile, the 3rd Mondays for the likes of TFA and Avatar were both just over $8M. What a difference the calendar makes.
  13. This is really nitpicking, but isn't Disney's usual date the 3rd Friday in December, which would be the 21st in 2018? Or are they thinking of shifting it back a week because that's cutting it TOO close to Christmas?
  14. Like you said, Tuesdays are much different now, but if 2011 is any indication then the big drop will be from Monday to Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday should be relatively steady. I'd say around $5.5M for Wednesday and a similar but slightly smaller number for Thursday.
  15. Wow, that Monday number is considerably higher than we all expected! I wonder what this means for the coming Tuesday-Thursday frame. In 2011, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows fell 12.3% from Sunday January 1 to Monday January 2. It then dropped a massive 57.4% from Monday to Tuesday. As the article states, Rogue One only dropped 4% on Monday. I wonder if that means the drops will continue to be lower OR if we'll see an even bigger drop today to compensate for the very low drop from Sunday to Monday. I happen to ere on the side of the former, given Star Wars is a bigger and better brand. I ex
  16. What's your take on James Wan's movies? Specifically the Conjuring/Warren franchise?
  17. Really?? I wasn't aware of this negative reaction to the trailer. I've seen it before but I had no reaction either way. I have to watch it again to see what's got people unanimously slamming it.
  18. Don't tease me! That would be awesome! I think after the 3rd spin-off movie they'll take the saga films to the "Old Republic", so to speak, about 1000 years before The Phantom Menace. I'd love a saga based around the Jedi's victory over the Sith, Darth Bane and his rule of 2. It's the last significant time in Star Wars history before the story of the Skywalkers and the return of the Sith.
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