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  1. Just moved to the interior of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I was in Edmonton for about 4 years prior.
  2. I figure next weekend will be a bit more than that. $33M to $36M.
  3. I had this weekend pegged for about $56M but was starting to think that was too low. Maybe not....
  4. So do you guys think Rogue One will remain relatively flat tomorrow or drop? I'm going to predict it drops 20% like Avatar did at the same point for between $14.4M and $14.5M. Too low?
  5. Okay, what is the point of this movie? This is coming from someone who has a pretty open mind and is pretty lenient with Hollywood. This is too much though. Ima pass.
  6. I don't know, maybe I'm just old fashioned. I read actual books and newspapers rather than stare at my phone or an iPad. I actually go to the cinema - and I make a very modest living at the moment - and buy blu-rays. I'm not judging anyone who is any different, I just personally can't stand the "everything digital and at your fingertips" lifestyle that people seem to be living nowadays.
  7. Can't wait for this! Laughed heartily at the trailer. I'm surprised at people saying Despicable Me 2 is the peak at the domestic box office. Due to crowded summer schedule, yes, but The Secret Life of Pets just made $368M domestically. Illumination is on a roll right now! Why cap the domestic gross at DM2 level?
  8. Exactly, or just wait patiently until it does come down in price. What I do is look at around at all kinds of stores and buy the movies I want wherever they're the best price. You'd be surprised at the big differences I find sometimes. For instance, when I bought the Star Wars blu ray set last year at HMV it was $89.99. Everywhere else it was $99.99 or even as high as $119.99. It was weird because usually HMV is usually the expensive one! I also happen to be a blu-ray collector so I have this stuff down to a science.
  9. Absolutely there's always a time and place for staying at home and watching a movie. I watch a ton of movies at home. What I meant is that a lot of people would rather pirate a new release than go to the theatre and watch it, or those who support new releases on VOD. I wasn't condemning movie watching at home in general. Of course not.
  10. Ugh, I get so annoyed by people who pirate movies, not only for the obvious reason that it's illegal and does cinema a disservice, but also because I just can't stand that so many people would rather sit at home and watch a movie rather than go see it on the big screen. But that's the thing: nowadays people just want to be able to do more an more without leaving the comfort of their own home or without lifting a finger in any way. I go to as many movies as I can. I enjoy it a lot, it's a hobby of mine, but I also just want to support cinema as much as possible. It's depressing to t
  11. That it is. I guess we should get used to these Star Wars December/early January numbers for the foreseeable future. Anyone think Disney will dare to move the Han Solo movie back to the mid December date alongside Avatar 2?
  12. That Rogue One number is just about $345K behind Avatar for the 2nd best second Wednesday of all time. It'll have to settle for a VERY close 3rd. There is a considerable gap until the next best in this regard, which belongs to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ($11.39M).
  13. Wow, I guess I'm being pretty conservative. I was thinking something like 22-18-16 for 56 but even looking at it now it does seem pretty low. 22-20-18 for 60 might be the low end, actually. Either way, like you said, it's poised to have the 3rd best third weekend of all time. A friend and I will be adding to Sunday's gross!
  14. What's your feeling about this weekend? I'm going with about $56M.
  15. Crazy how far the Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers franchises have fallen. Years ago they would have been among the most anticipated but they both suffered from sub-par 4th movies. However, like said 4th movies, overseas gross will prop the 5th entries up in 2017.
  16. How anyone can say a movie like Sing is "soulless" is beyond me. It must suck to be that cynical. I was really hoping Rogue One could manage another $20M+ day but, regardless, another excellent number that's right on par with Avatar's 2nd Wednesday and, needless to say, well ahead of any other film in that regard (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is next up with a 2nd Wednesday gross of $11.39M).
  17. I hope it can squeeze in one more day of $20M or over. Weekday, that is. I expect at least one day this weekend will be $20M+.
  18. *Eagerly waits for Wednesday box office news to get my mind off this depressing news...
  19. Freaking getting tired of this. That family deserves all the love and peace they can get after these last couple days.
  20. I saw this last night and enjoyed it a lot! Loved McConaughey's Buster Moon character and enjoyed the entire voice cast in general. The story was also great from start to finish. Another win for Illumination!
  21. Hello all! As a box office nerd, I'm so freaking glad I came across this forum! I've been lurking for awhile but more and more I've tried instinctively replying to certain posts so I finally said "Screw it! Time to sign up!". Been keeping an eye on this thread for awhile now, patiently waiting for Tuesday estimates.
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