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  1. I think WB is counting on this being a Titanic of sorts. No BIG numbers anywhere, just soft yet consistent numbers over a looooong period of time.
  2. For sure, everyone has different comfort levels (just like people did even before this happened). Thing is, I feel bad for people who don't realize what was in the air the whole time they were congregating in theatres before COVID-19. But it's a new scary virus that's in the news every day so people see it differently. That's fine, y'all can board yourselves up until a vaccine comes. Makes social distancing that much easier for the rest of us!
  3. If I say that I've always felt I identify as a dog, does that mean that the whole world is now supposed to believe me and validate that? I think where we differ here is I truly believe that we are somewhat able to combat the oppression while letting people have their own opinions. That's where I think the world is genuinely getting a little bit better; the blatant discrimination and acting on one's beliefs. We will never, ever get everyone to think and believe the same things though, and nor should we. If transgender people still feel invalidated even though they're not being attac
  4. I never said disapproval of living their lives. I was talking about opinions and beliefs. I dont believe in the gender spectrum or transgenderism, but that doesnt mean I dont approve of them living their lives or that I'm going to persecute them. For others it does mean that, and yes we have to fight that. News flash: there will always be nasty people who do nasty things. We should never give up fighting those people but progressives should stop kidding themselves when they think we can build this world where everyone believes and thinks the same things. I look at the
  5. I think people should be allowed to believe whatever they want to believe and move forward. What we need to fight is the persecution of gays, transgenders etc. What we don't need to focus one iota of energy or breath on is yelling and screaming at people who simply don't subscribe to some of these things and are otherwise minding their own business. However, we're living in a time when that isn't good enough. People MUST change their mind! It's highly similar to the lengths the catholic church used to go to in order to make everyone conform because it very much is a religious movement. This gu
  6. Pretty much sounds like me.....well except without all those great plans haha! But yeah, I'm pretty comfortable right now too. I can't wait to wake up to the news that Cineplex theatres are re-opening here in Canada! Along with the NHL announcing its plans for the playoffs (and play-ins!), I'm realizing just how much I miss all my hobbies.
  7. Hands up, who is going to see this if it opens July 17? I'm not talking on opening day, but who's going to see it at some point in let's say the first two weeks of release or so, as opposed to not seeing it at all? I'll be there opening day if theatres are open! Not afraid.
  8. Very true. Working and commuting costs a lot. Depending on your rent, $2000 is a lot of money if you're just at home. Fact remains though, I sincerely think Trudeau and the Liberals are toying with universal basic income here.
  9. I think we're going to find out that this was a test run for universal income. We'll see....
  10. I think you're right in theory but in this particular case the need to continue to hunker down is way overblown. It's not like curve is going way back up as a result of people starting to go out and I imagine the vast majority of the deaths we're continuing to see are resulting from ORIGINAL cases. This novel virus is (I can only assume, and hope) a force of nature. We as human beings can't stop nature. We must continue to live on and take the necessary measures (masks, sanitizer, distancing etc.).
  11. Hey theres no need to justify it to me. Remember, I don't actually have a problem with it. I'm just pointing out the irony. However, I stand corrected if a good chunk of people have expressed concern about the protests in the context of social distancing, as you said. I think all the protestors will be fine, as far as COVID-19 goes.
  12. They all deserve a non-policed state if that's what they want. I'm alarmed at how powerful cancel culture is becoming. Like, if that's what the people want after the George Floyd tragedy, I could actually see it happening.
  13. Exactly! You're not hearing a peep from the bleeding hearts now from that perspective of social distancing. This is coming from someone who supports the George Floyd protests 100% (minus the needless looting and destruction and as long as it's actually directed at the right people and not innocent shop owners and stuff).
  14. I can't believe how disconnected from reality we are becoming as a society. I watched an interesting lecture where a professor said something to the effect of this is the same kind of thing that preceded the fall of the Roman Empire. The election of Trump started it. Now it's reached a new level during this pandemic. People have lost it. They're all doing and saying reactionary things on emotional overload. No practicality or common sense whatsoever. To quote Woody Harrelson to Caesar the Ape: "So emotional!!"
  15. I....what? I cant even respond to this how I want because you'd probably just cancel me from the thread as usual. Give your head a fucking shake.
  16. Agree completely with you re: Hereditary. One of the best horror movies in recent memory for me. Genuinely scary and nerve wracking.
  17. There are crazy linesups outside stores everywhere in Kamloops. Just went on Thursday and a few stores I wanted to go in (Winners, Mark's Work Wearhouse, Best Buy etc.) had lines of eager people chomping at the bit. It's safe to say, at least here, the people have spoken: they're not concerned. They want to get out. I guarantee you every single one of them aren't selfish idiots either. It's just the initial wave of fear has passed and level headedness has returned.
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