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  1. Am I the only one who thinks this should simply move back a year to May 20, 2022?
  2. Yeah, no thanks. I read something on Twitter about there literally being more of a chance of experiencing a negative symptom from a vaccine than actually getting COVID-19 and that the person would let nature decide. Makes sense to me.
  3. Damnit man. I look forward to one of these movies every year. Then again, I was looking forward several movies this year.....
  4. Not everyone is working, but yes everything is re-opening pretty quickly so we're getting there.
  5. Fair enough, but opinion surveys aren't always that reliable either. It's people's actions which tell the tale. That's the most accurate way to get your finger on the pulse of people. Watch them.
  6. You're right. It's completely anecdotal. As Lordmandeep pointed out, I live in BC where people have been able to go out and do lots of things and the curve has stayed the same. When I go shopping where I live, I maybe see a small handful of people wearing masks. No employees wear masks. They do wear gloves though. It really does vary depending on where you are.
  7. Makes sense. Have to take into account the difference in the activity of the virus in each province. On the whole though, it seems like most people want to simply let nature decide. I'm not saying whether that's the right or wrong mindset. It's just the sense I get from folks in my circles and on social media.
  8. I think you nailed it. For instance, I would wear a mask in a movie theatre. Absolutely.
  9. I would like to know if the powers that be will be able to trace possible future cases (and, God forbid, deaths) to this gathering. On the flip (bright) side, it would be nice to know that zero cases resulted. Basically, you hope that everyone who decided to congregate there in such close proximity all calculated the risk and made sure they weren't sick and hadn't had any signs or symptoms for a long time prior.
  10. We really do live in a bubble on the internet. I can't speak for other communities because I've barely been outside my town, but where I live seeing people wearing masks is fairly uncommon. I'd say at most it's a 85-15 split between people not wearing masks-people wearing masks.
  11. We may not agree on everything @Porthos but I've always appreciated your common sense.
  12. Yeah, that photo is all over my Twitter timeline. Whether you agree with it or not, it's clear human nature is prevailing.
  13. The virus definitely isn't a hoax. That's prepostrous. I do however believe some folks are a little too paranoid about it. Emphasis on the word some, though, because almost everyone in my community at least are rarin' to get out. Doesn't seem to be much reluctance around these parts. What about you guys and your communities? What's the vibe in terms of re-opening and ending the lockdown? @TwoMisfits I imagine the kids are bouncing off the walls!
  14. Man, I can't stand the tension of "will this open on July 17th, or will it move?". It'll be nice to get some clarity on the the situation with movies, productions and theatres in general at some point soon.
  15. Oh man. It's so sad what Trump has done to you Americans. So, so blind to anything else.
  16. Huh. That's awesome of Nolan, though I would expect nothing less in such a situation. Regardless, when stories like this play out this way it's sooo much nicer than reading about lawsuits and stuff.
  17. Watched Training Day the other night (sadly, for the first time). 7/10. Powerhouse performance by Denzel Washington, for which he deservedly won the Academy Award for Best Actor. Very entertaining flick with a great premise.
  18. I agree with the sentiment about it just being nice to have new trailers. My passion for movies has never been more clear than during this lockdown during which I've been starving for news, trailers, numbers; anything and everything movie related. If cinemas are open and this does indeed release on July 17, it's' going to be a great day!
  19. That's not even what I'm getting at. Like I said, I'm not going to get into it. Shouldn't have even said anything in the first place so my bad.
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