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  1. The Liberals have come a long way from their initial recommendations, haven't they?
  2. Exactly. Based on my social media, I swear some people want to pretend they're living in the Contagion movie because it's not as boring as normal life. They WANT to believe for whatever reason that we're all going to be cooped up in our homes for a long time to come. Fortunately, the reality is that everying is opening up and life can resume. Will things be exactly how they were? Of course not. This pandemic has been a life changing event, though not unprecedented and not even close to the Spanish Flu or Black Plague. We all did our jobs, distanced ourselves and wethered the storm
  3. Just finished watching Fallout again. Damn am I ever looking forward to the next one. Really intrigued to see where they take the story.
  4. The dominoes falling is exactly what's happening. Here too. The re-opening curve is going to become pretty steep in the next few months, for sure. People are realizing pretty fast that everything is going to be okay and listening less and less to the fear mongering.
  5. Hmm, maybe a limited debut in October/November, then wide over Thanksgiving weekend?
  6. I think so. Absolutely. Unfortunately, a lot of people nowadays don't give a crap about physical media. There's no sort of sentimentality anymore, which is why digital reigns. The standard price for new release blu rays here is $24.99 Canadian. i'd absolutely rather pay that than $20 or even $18 or something for a digital copy. The blu rays come with digital codes anyway!
  7. Sooo, is this still a go for July 10? Also, could we get this thread moved to the main board and the thread title updated with the film title?
  8. First film to open in January and cross $200M. That's a big deal! Thrilled for everyone involved with this film. A pleasant surprise, to be sure. Oh, and I just picked up the blu ray! This one's a keeper.
  9. I'd just prefer not to swelter in the BC interior heat we're about to get. What happened to the shorts I already owned? Don't ask.
  10. Lol, I suppose that's true, but I don't have any pants I'm willing to cut up and I'd prefer to have my hair professionally cut. I shaved it all off for now, but it'll grow back again fast and by that time ideally I'd like to actually get a nice haircut. Looking like that will be the case, thankfully.
  11. When do you guys think we'll get a trailer for this? Filming wrapped on February 4 so they should be able to cut a trailer for release this summer.
  12. So I imagine this won't be ready for December 2021. You wonder if Aquaman 2 will be shifted out of the December 2022 slot or if both these movies will release in the same year.
  13. Is it just me or is discussion here starting to ramp up a bit outside of the Coronavirus thread? Seems like it is, which I'm happy about. I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of talking about the virus.
  14. So I'm seeing two dates for this: March 5 and May 21. Which one? I like the May 21 date for this.
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