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  1. I mean, Campea is embarrassing, but that aside I would hope Pattinson is joking and actually plans to work out and look the part.
  2. Gah! Can't wait! This is going to turn out to be an event under the circumstances. Also, forgetting actually being able to go to the movies again, I'm really, really looking forward to tracking and following the box office again. How I've missed it!
  3. I see your point, but I think what we've learned at the box office lately is that any movie well done and well recieved can succeed anywhere, at least as far as opening weekend is concerned. Overall domestic total is a different story. Total gross can definitely be helped or hindered depending on the time of the year (aka Christmas). We saw It explode for a $123.4M opening in early September! The weekend after Labor Day weekend. Whatever opening The Batman has over the October 1-3 weekend I sincerely believe would be the biggest it would have anywhere on the calendar. People who ar
  4. I just love the October date for this. The first weekend of October has been lucrative for certain films in recent years (2013: Gravity; 2015: The Martian; 2018: Venom/A Star is Born; 2019: Joker) and October just feels so....Batman-ish. The other reason movies on this date have flourished is because they have their own lengthy period to flourish before the holidays start in mid November. The same will be true for The Batman. I'd rather that than adding one more big film to the always stacked holiday slate.
  5. This warms my heart somewhat. I truly did not expect the numbers to be that even.
  6. Rightfully so, depending on where you are. Here in Canada a lot of people have reported that their local hospitals have never been more empty. The latest numbers came in from Alberta: 15 people are in ICU. 15 people out of 4.3 million. People on social media are expressing their outrage (what else is new?) over seeing people at the park and beach and stuff. It's madness! They've all bought into this hysteria that's not necessary anymore. Start re-opening. As long as we take the necessary precautions, it's gonna be okay.
  7. So will this make the September 11 date? If so, looking forward to getting a trailer and some more info.
  8. Watched Tag yesterday. 8/10 Had a lot of fun with this film! Loved the slow motion, Sherlock Holmes-esque scenes.
  9. Worst movie I saw from 2017. I made it through the whole thing though.
  10. The way I see it, you could spread it just by going to the grocery store. Period. Eventually we have to get back out there in the world. I'm not saying now, but eventually. The problem I foresee is whenever that happens will be too soon in many people's eyes. You're going to see a ton of discontent with re-opening strategies from people who think we should just live like this indefinitely.
  11. Yeah sorry that was worded poorly. I meant that it's safe to at least begin the staggered, gradual process of re-opening. As opposed to not beginning the process at all.
  12. Hallelujah! In all seriousness, BC is in really good shape all things considered. No cases or deaths are a good thing but you know what I mean. My personal feeling is that it's safe to start re-opening everything.
  13. As wary as I am of the government's (at least OURS in Canada) intentions - and you know I'm also right leaning - I agree that the notion that forced mask wearing = communism is hilarious. There are simple things we can all do to stay safe and keep everyone else safe even when things start to open up. I'm all for wearing a mask in public if it means I can actually go out in public!
  14. Nah. The choice is left to the people whether to go and risk it or not. Theatres won't force anyone to go. If I go see Tenet on that date, God willing, and I end up getting sick, I'm not going to blame Cineplex. The blame will only fall on myself.
  15. Oh I know the holidays can easily be a good fit financially for these movies. I just meant to say on a personal note I like these films in the summer.
  16. What do you all think of the pre-Thanksgiving weekend date for this? I personally love the summer dates for these movies but this could also work really well.
  17. This! We don't have to debate what's RIGHT or not. It's simply a prognostication and everyone can make of it what they will. I for one would LOVE if I could see Tenet in July! Nolan/WB are clearly holding out until the last possible second.
  18. I don't know about the rest of you but with the weather getting much nicer where I live people are starting to get more cranky. This was a little easier to do in March and even April but people are getting tired of it. Some places are preemptively gearing up for disturbances. I had to wait in a LONG line at Save on Foods to be lit in one by one by a guard with a kevlar vest on. I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse of the entire world but my prediction is most of the population is going to start getting sick of this real soon. I mean, we can't even go to parks here because th
  19. Just cut my hair today. Totally fudged it so I had to settle for not quite a buzz cut (4mm all around). Sigh. COVID-19 - go the fuck away!
  20. I really, really hope cinemas put up a fight and don't just capitulate. I don't know how, but try and find a way to make tickets and concessions more affordable. Make the market think twice before declairing VoD "the way of the future". It will be a sad, sad day for me if and when cinemas die. This may sound corny but movies and the theatre business are my passion and the theatre is like my 2nd home. It wouldn't be an "aw dang that sucks" moment for me, I would genuinely be gutted. There is NOTHING exciting about watching a new movie at home. Nothing. Society just wants everything
  21. It's odd how Canada is the opposite of the United States in that the provinces here are sort of pushing (ish) to gradually re-open, while the feds want to keep the lockdown going. It's the other way around south of the border. @Lordmandeep what's your take on the difference in philosphy between the federal government and provincial governments (seemingly)?
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