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  1. Umm... :hellothere: Hello! Excuse me....  :poke:  I have a request? 




    Since my friend :hug:@POTUS 2020, has disappeared :ty: , or is on the campaign trail :yoda: ?

    Is it possible for you to post the doc 📄 he used to?

    The one that follows :rotfl:  the estimates 💸 throughout the weekend. 📅 

    I would but I don't :sadno: know how? :dunce: 




      :worthy: Anyone.......




     I can't be:rock: , the only Derby player, who misses it :sadno:



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  2. So :hellothere: ... I'd like to think :thinking: I may have had a hand 🖐️ in this somehow...:rock:



    Andy meet Chip.🤝 Chip meet Andy.


    Maybe you 2 could work together someday?

    Just thought :thinking: I'd break 🔨 the ice, cause....

    that's what I figured  :yoda: this ⬆️⬆️ conversation meant? 


    Ha,ha, ha!!! 

    CONGRATS  :cheekkiss: on the new gig  @ChipDerby!!!

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  3. According to the tracking # for the package I sent out it was delivered this afternoon. Will just have to wait for their confirmation of receiving it. Here is the info from the tracking website.


    Dec 18 1:15 PM Deleted for their privacy

    Delivered, in/at mailbox

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  4. 2 hours ago, captainwondyful said:


    CAP: In a second, let me finish.


    KEANU: But I have something to announce.  She pulls out FIVE Candy Apples and hands them to Cap.

    CAP: What are these?

    KEANU: I want to use them for the Challenge.


    CAP: Five?

    KEANU: Yes.  Five.


    I saw:rock: this picture and I was like "That's so cute!":excited: I wanted to use it in a post and this seemed :thinking: like

    the purrfect 🐾🐾  opportunity to do that. 🐈 Ha, ha, ha!:rofl: I'm silly.... :slaphead:

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  5. I don't comment, :sadno: on a lot of things, as you can see :bulgingeyes:. However... :thinking:  this topic did catch my attention. :hellothere:  I haven't read 📰 the whole thread :sadno: but I did read this page. 📄

    9 hours ago, Rumpot said:

    This is different in the sense it replaces a social experience with pure consumption. 

    I think :thinking: this ⬆️  could be one the thing that saves movie theaters, or at the least,:rock: keeps them from going belly up. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who wants to go on a date 🤝 in their house? 🏘️ We know, times {up}, they are a changing. So....:rock: Who wants their kids to not interact, socially with others :wave: , outside of school? 🏫 (Kids are also home schooled 🏫 now soo.... :rock:)  Who doesn't want to leave their house? 🏡 I can go on :stop: but I won't. :sadno: People work from home 🏠 and have groceries 🛍️ delivered 🚗 🚙🚲 to their home, 🏠 They buy whatever they need on the computer and it's delivered 🚗 🚲 🚚✈️ to their home? 🏠 There are so many reasons 📄 to not interact, with live people outside of your home 🏠 , that why not :yoda: add another? As long as there is a Movie  🎥 theater, and I can get to it, I will go. :hellothere: I love 😻 watching 👀 movies 🎥 🎬, on a huge :arms: screen,  with amazing sound. 🔊  Add in sharing it with people :wave:  ( most of whom I don't :sadno: know) and it becomes a social (outside 🌞🌛  in the real world 🌎) experience. :wiggle: There aren't :sadno: that many left :ty: under 20 bucks 💵, if you're not 🚫, using one of the theatre subscriptions services.

    That's this cat's 🐈 2¢'s. Meow!


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