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  1. Damn, 2.25M+...and I thought my county was huge - awesome to hear for you!
  2. Have hope - my last remaining holdout friend (who has asthma and allergies) mentioned out loud when I was over this weekend, that he'd need to get his shot done before joining 6 of us for a private escape room experience. This dude was a "never ever" a few months ago, and now he's announcing he's gonna get it done. Time and support can change a lot of minds (and yes, I bought the private escape room to see if I could get a nudge, and I didn't even have to do so)...it does probably help my area is at some crazy % for adult 1st shots, so everyone he knows has probably had one and been okay - t
  3. I agree - I don't think there is much backlash for ITH - it was just a miss by audiences, and nothing after release helped, but release weekend was already horrid for online and in theaters, so it didn't matter much - what's $10M, tops, in lost theatrical revenue from a full BO run from this past week's dramas, really?... As for Luca, it's obviously the huge release miss. Now, I see audiences liked it, and being free, it gives you a happier audience member starting point, so I'm not gonna put too much faith in that number vs if it released and folks paid for it. But, there's no d
  4. Yup, the power of looking for a short streaming movie late at night:)...someone mentioned 2 hours is a problem for theater movies - nah! It is a problem for at home streaming movies selected by those not quite as young as they used to be, started at almost 11pm at night:)...
  5. "Cyrus Shahpar @cyrusshahpar46 · 4h Sunday just in: +849K doses reported administered over yesterday’s total. This includes 351K newly vaccinated. Congratulations to Virginia which became the 16th state to hit 70% of adults with at least one dose! Expect some reporting delay from holiday in next few days." Hurray! Now, the top of th
  6. You know, I finally watched that movie last month. It's not THAT bad, but it's not a superhero movie...and I think that was the big disconnect on what the movie was and how it performed. If it was called, "Dimensions" or something, and no on had any idea it had to do with superheroes, it would be a decent B-/C+. Lesson learned for those folks - if you promise superheroes in the title, you better have superheroes:)...
  7. It's still only #5 this weekend with F9 and Forever Purge and Boss Baby opening wide the next 2 weeks - 7 held movies plus Black Widow will already be a lot for theaters with 12 screens or less (since BW will get 4-6 screens)...
  8. I would think Black Widow weekend will have huge theater drop for Cruella (with theaters trading Disney for Disney)...at least among the 12s and lower...
  9. It's a good move - this July was too packed for kid movies, and this movie, being Hotel Transylvania, has a "kid Halloween" season hook, although I have no idea what this plot is yet b/c I haven't seen a trailer - you know, that might be another reason they moved it:)... Edit to Add: Although, maybe not that particular weekend, unless they got word Addams Family 2 is moving, too...
  10. Saw an online priest with a partial solution - you lanyard your mask, so it never gets stuffed in anywhere and you can just bring it up and down by the straps...it was a genius item...
  11. True, but there's SO MUCH coming out in July...I didn't realize Boss Baby 2 was arriving in 2 weeks til yesterday...I saw the preview in the theater today and couldn't decide if it was cute, or way too da$n complicated a setup for a sequel...I never saw the 1st, though...somehow, all these years, and I've managed to miss a kid movie, so maybe that's why it wasn't on my radar...without a miracle price, I'll be missing this one, too, for other July movies and summer kid express...
  12. YEAH! I have Peacock for the next 3 months (thanks Safeway Monopoly win) - figured I'd get to watch Olympics stuff and French Open stuff, but this is an extra win for me:). PS - I can't see any reason to keep Peacock Premium except sports for after this...so I'm gonna enjoy my Olympics coverage and probably drop til I come up with a reason!
  13. Endgame went $357M+ for a weekend. Theaters are at a minimum 50% capacity, and will be more by July. Only about 5-10% of theaters closed. So, if you take 40%ish of Endgame, you can easily make $150M right now. So, it's possible. Capacity won't hold back the number from getting to 100M...now, it probably would for 200M b/c Fast won't get dropped and neither will any July 2 movies...
  14. But are people impressed when they rewatched it or when they think back on it? Watch it again yourself. I didn't watch it the year it came out...I watched it two years later, so I came in clear and not affected by buzz. I thought it'd be good...and it's not. Like really not. No doubt it made money that summer - but that doesn't mean it gets remembered wildly positively...
  15. I'm almost wondering if Disney's Hamilton and Crazy Rich Asians didn't somewhat affect this open...if people weren't impressed with Lin-Manuel Miranda and his acting/singing in the Hamilton movie (and lots of people in the Broadway demo saw it, looking at Disney+'s numbers and sign ups) and people weren't impressed with Jon Chu's Crazy Rich Asians, was the huge focus on those two names as much a Meh as a draw? AKA, between advertising no part of the plot and relying on those names, did you give folks no reason to see this? I admit - I fall in this camp...I didn't like Crazy Rich A
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