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  1. Not loving the possible grosses for the other 2 movies either, but gotta be OUT.
  2. TwoMisfits

    Weekend Thread | Halloween 7.7M Previews

    Exactly...pending reviews, which could totally change the game, it's probably the 2nd choice for supers fans (behind Aquaman), the 3rd choice for families (behind Mary Poppins and Aquaman - it could even be 4th, but I don't wanna give Bumblebee too much credit), and probably even the 2nd choice for animation fans (since many of them might still be catching up with the November openers, and supers animation just doesn't hit it big like other movies - see Teen Titans Go)...and then you can break it down to demographics (over/under 25 and male vs female), and I still don't see it as choice #1 for anyone... Now, at Christmas, you don't have to be choice #1 to make money...but you can't be further down than choice #2/3 for too may demos and expect to make a huge sum...when you are #3/4, you are looking at good totals, not great ones... PS - And Tom Holland is a killer to this movie...every time he's out and about, people will wonder why he's not in this movie b/c so many love him as Spidey...
  3. TwoMisfits

    Weekend Thread | Halloween 7.7M Previews

    So, since we're discussing highest grossing comedies...and since superheroes are not officially a "genre", where the heck do they classify movies like Deadpool? I mean, either they fill in to the genre types they are, or we should just make an entire genre for them (which would be very diverse in tone, but at least similar in character type - ala a powered being with a suit:)...
  4. TwoMisfits

    Weekend Thread | Halloween 7.7M Previews

    If they'd have stuck to their early $8M estimate, they wouldn't be far off...they just got themselves caught up in some hype, too (I was having to stop myself from that all week b/c my area's presales weren't matching Venom, and if they weren't that high, I had to think previews and overall weekend wouldn't go as high with Venom and Halloween having similar audience ticket buying patterns - with Venom getting family walk ups, while Halloween gets college-aged ones)... I mean, this Thursday is still incredible...so, it's not disappointing except we let expectations go wild:)...
  5. TwoMisfits

    Weekend Thread | Halloween 7.7M Previews

    So, like I posted yesterday, this is gonna be less walk-up friendly than normal horror b/c of the age skew...
  6. Out of likes, but this needs one... And did you see Tom's ariel off the stage? Damn, he's trying to make a run at Stephen Amell for most like his own superhero persona!:) Both probably trying to take over Tom Cruise's "I do my own stunts, thank you" mantel as Cruise gets too old to do them...
  7. We need an "eeeekkk" emoji...you'd think we'd have a horror one set for that type of reaction:)...
  8. TwoMisfits

    Halloween over 80 million OW club

    So torn on this one...leaning on how it's playing in my local area vs Venom, I've got to be out...I'm thinking we're starting to get caught in the hype, and we might not be realizing this will walk up a little less than normal horror, just like it will probably presell more than normal horror... I see a high number, but if it is over/under Venom on the bet, I'm taking the under, I think...which pretty much puts me OUT of the club...
  9. It's so weird - 1 of my 12s has quad screened Halloween tonight (9 showings) and triple screened it for the weekend (16 showings)...and the other has single screened Halloween tonight (2 - count it - 2 showings???) and only double screened it for the weekend (10 showings). Gotta think the right call for showings was somewhere in the middle for tonight... EDIT: The 2 showing 12 has moved to 3 just now (adding a 2nd 10pm)...of course, this means they are probably not adding any more 7pm shows at this point...hmmm...I'm all over the place on where this will be, but I think over/under Venom by a hair would be where I'd place my bet...and I'd take the under, I think...
  10. TwoMisfits

    Box Office Casino 2.0

    I'll take this - while Halloween is going sky high, I think this might be a touch much, so Halloween will open at $85.0M or less DOM this weekend:).
  11. I have no idea how to give IX closure, and yet still be a watchable movie, so I feel for his spot:).
  12. Anyone want to start a new thread and restart the game for us?
  13. See, I see Halloween as being in the "It" audience breakdown category. Last year, It drew 51% female/49% male OW, but worse for ASIB, it drew 67% of its audience from those aged 25+. That's unusual for a horror film, but I think it will be the usual for Halloween, b/c you have folks who were in their teens watching the original who are now in their 50s lining up to see this film:)... Since ASIB is drawing so old, it can't help to be sliced some by the Halloween opener (the older women, who really don't have much to see now, will finally have another good, buzzy film to attend)...
  14. So, if it's a tie between Goosebumps and First Man's estimates now, with one continually edging up and one continually edging down since Thursday's 1st numbers...I'm almost certain Goosebumps has the edge at this point when actuals come out... First Man - $5.9, $6.3, and $4 is the estimate...and the 4 is probably too high, so I'd say a hair under $16M is probably it's final landing spot for the weekend...
  15. Probably not a good sign for First Man that Goosebumps has already jumped it at 2pm on Saturday on MT.com (remember, this is the previous 24 hours of sales)... 30.5% Star is Born, A 18.3% Venom 11.2% Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween 11.1% First Man 5.9% Smallfoot

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