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  1. 10M is low with its presales at this point...I think $15M+ is certain...and I'd even say $20M+ could happen:)...
  2. You know, you sound like you're almost joking...but last Clint film for acting...and that doesn't suck...and that's square in the aged 40+ film goer category in a year light on the limited movie appeal for them...not saying we could see some nice weekend and crazy multiplier action...but, we could:)...
  3. TwoMisfits

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    When it rains, it pours for the Eagles:(... https://www.yahoo.com/sports/carson-wentz-reportedly-not-expected-play-vs-rams-sit-rest-season-165831367.html
  4. He doesn't believe it's polarizing at the critical level...he believes it's polarizing at the general audience level...audiences don't always respond to things critics and award shows love...
  5. Theaters were VERY late with sets around me (I think they were trying to figure out a plan for all the releases through Xmas). Heck, the local which booked Deadpool 2 literally did it LAST NIGHT:)... In fact, my locals have only put 1 screen available to prebook for the Dec 19 and Dec 21 big releases...and I gotta think that will change...but again, it will change very late:)...
  6. Gonna be lots of holdovers getting dropped this week... My 2 12s are both booking Spidey (almost 2 screens each - weirdly, they both have 9 showings and both gave away the earliest showing on one screen - if that's not a sign the theaters also think this is skewing older, I don't know what is:), Mortal Engines (1 - 5 showings at 1/4 at the other), and The Mule (1 - 5 showings on both), One also booked Deadpool (1 - 5 showings) and some foreign films (3 of them on 1.5). The other stuck with some holdovers. The "winning holdovers" at Cinemark local were Creed, Grinch, Ralph, Beasts, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Instant Family (only 2 early showings). The "winning holdovers" at Regal local were Creed, Grinch, Ralph, Beasts, Instant Family, Robin Hood, Green Book, and Widows. The Regal did NOT book Deadpool.
  7. TwoMisfits

    Monday Numbers

    Grinch back on top and likely to stay above Ralph now through Christmas Eve, I think... PS - And it's $20K higher than last Monday...
  8. I'm not even sure Lego Bats compares since that seems like it skewed much more kid heavy from the start (since the Lego brand has skewed that way on tv)...I've got no more good gut instinct yet, but I'm leaning towards something like Ready Player One - a heavier male skew and a heavier 13-25 skew...so treating it like a premier film, but a definite directed-to-a-supers fan type (or gamer fan for RPO)... https://variety.com/2018/film/news/ready-player-one-box-office-opening-day-1202740207/ EDIT: And, of course, RPO happens to be one movie not on our awesome comparing list:)...
  9. The big question on Spidey is: should its presales be compared to a live action supers movie, an animated movie, a franchise-type movie, or all/none of the above? Depending how you answer that question, its current presales are either amazing or subpar or somewhere in between:). This weekend is gonna be so fascinating to see what the actual "right" answer to this question will be:)...
  10. TwoMisfits

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I can't imagine who would take it now...maybe with 10x the salary for the night, they might get someone who'd just like the money...
  11. Family movies do very well on MT.com...but if you look at most of the preview audience this weekend, there were very, very few families (and almost no small kids), so I wouldn't be surprised it's not there yet on MT.com, nor would I take it as indicative of box office. What it does indicate is that it possibly still isn't breaking far into the 12 and under with parents set...whether that limits box office is still TBD...
  12. TwoMisfits

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I admit, at this point in the season, while I'm still cheering on my team, the Eagles...I'm actually hoping we get a Super Bowl with Philip Rivers and the LA Chargers - now that the Eagles won their 1st Super Bowl, I'd love to see LAC try to play and win their 1st one, too... They seem to be avoiding the injuries that KC and Pittsburgh racked up the last 2 weeks (and NE eventually has to fall...the bounces seem against them after yesterday:)...if they can keep doing so, I think they have a real chance, especially if they never have to play in an "ice" game in Pburgh (guess they need to cheer on Baltimore:)...
  13. TwoMisfits

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    B/c he had an awful preseason...and not a great start to this season...and he's a streaky QB at best on a team where streaky isn't gonna win games... Wentz is the right call at QB...as I mentioned to a family member last night...Wentz has been fine - he's as good this year as last...it's just the Eagles aren't getting the bounces, the inches, or the calls this year. Last night in OT, Elliott made the 4th and 1 by inches...then Douglas missed the INT that became the game winning TD...last year, both of those breaks seemed to go the Eagles way...this year, they don't,,,and the record shows the difference... Although 1 big thing different this year for Wentz...last year, the Eagles always knew that Wentz could sneak a 3rd and 1/4th and 1 for a 1st down...always. Not sure if it's the knee, the line, the worry about injury...but this year, he either can't or the Eagles don't. That sneak gave them so many extra drives and 2 pt options that they don't have this year...they would have pulled the XP and gone for 2 after the Dallas penalty on the kick last year b/c they'd have known they were automatic in a 1 yard play...this year, they don't do that, and they stayed tied and then lost...would it have changed the game to put Dak finally behind in the game? Maybe, maybe not...but the Eagles just can't do those 1 yard plays this year, at least not for a certainty...
  14. TwoMisfits

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Yes, the personal foul on the next play after the called back TD was the most obvious make up call I've seen...figure the refs had bet on the game, and couldn't make the calls so obvious (b/c the OPI call was so, so bad), so they took the traditional "make up call" route to cover it up:)...
  15. TwoMisfits

    Mary Poppins Returns OVER 400M DOM

    Look, since you meant "awkward, stupid, or bad; lame" - why don't you get rid of the slang use before you end up earning a suspension? You dislike musicals, and can still express that dislike in a way that doesn't reflect badly on you... It's like I tell my kids...when you dig a hole, don't keep digging it deeper...better to fill it in and move on...

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