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  1. I think people do want to go back to the movies but the weak numbers we are seeing are a combination of factors. First of all, delta variant is of course affecting the box office for people who maybe were ready to go back to theatres when vaccine was available but saw the increase in cases and decided to wait or watch it at home until more people are vaccinated. Next, almost all movies being released (except for Paramount and some Universal movies) are available at home so people are going to decide to not risk it and watch it safely. Piracy is really a problem everywhere and I am shocked that
  2. I hate to disagree with you but that trailer, although cute, did not win me over and the premise does not look appealing to me. However, I love that Pixar is back on doing original movies and I really think Soul and Luca were fantastic and definitely on par with Pixar top movies so I'll definitely check this out.
  3. I watched it this weekend and I really think this could have been one of my favourite MCU movies if not for that messy third act. The first two thirds of the movie were fantastic and I really liked the new characters and I thought the humor and the actions scenes were very organic and nice. However, I didn't need a flying evil base in the third act and that parachute fall on a Black Widow movie, specially when we already have characters like Captain Marvel or Iron Man which can easily include something like that in their movies. I really think a more basic but effective third act spectacle lik
  4. This weekend would have been better with 'Luca' releasing in theatres and not only Disney+ 😢
  5. I thought 'Mortal Kombat' was pretty bad and I didn't particularly care for 'Demon Slayer' but these numbers bring a lot of hope to the box office and I'm glad they are performing well. My biggest concern now is that there are no big movies until 'Spiral' but after that big movies will come starting with 'A Quiet Place 2' and 'Cruella'. Maybe they should have moved one of them a couple of weeks up
  6. Tbh $18-20m OW is what I predicted 'Mortal Kombat' would do pre-pandemic so...not bad. Glad to see the box office recovering a bit every week. I hope 'Spiral', 'Cruella', and 'A Quiet Place 2' all do amazing in May
  7. 1. Spider-Man: No Way Home 2. Dune 3. The Eternals Honorable mentions: Luca (it would have been in my TOP3 if not for the Disney+ only strategy), A Quiet Place 2, Venom 2, Encanto, and Shang Chi.
  8. So good to be excited again for a weekend thread, it feels like an eternity has passed. Maybe it is a stupid question but is 'Godzilla vs Kong' going to have Tuesday previews? Team Kong
  9. If Black Widow opens on May 7 exclusively on theatres and vaccination rate continues to increase how much do you think it can make? I know it is a difficult question since things change so rapidly nowadays. I think it could do $40-45M OW / $125-150M DOM. Again, so many things can happen
  10. I watched this yesterday and I have to say that it was a pretty solid film. I quite liked it and the movie was very well made, however, it was also very predictable (yeah, even for a Disney film) and nothing really stood out except the amazing animation. I appreciated that they wanted to take it more seriously but I think it would have connected better with audiences if it would have been a musical. Having said this, it is another solid entry on the new Disney films and I am quite sad that it flopped at the Box Office, hope it explodes on Disney+ when it is available for free. I'm also sad tha
  11. I've been following this series weekly and I have to say that it has been fantastic. Wanda has always been one of my favorite MCU character and I always felt she was way underused. Glad that is not the case anymore. This has been a lot different than what Marvel has done so far and, because of that, it has received a lot of indifference from many Marvel fans but I honestly loved it. Don't get me wrong, I love the typical Marvel formula and I will probably enjoy Falcon and the Winter Soldier a lot but it was refreshing to have this series. The weekly format has also been a huge factor for my en
  12. I wonder how Europe's second wave is gonna affect movie theatres here. Spain and France are having +10.000 cases per day and cinemas are still open but no one knows how the situation will be in a couple of weeks.
  13. The movie looks really good but I wasn't a fan of the trailer (specially the music). Unfortunately, I think this movie will not make a lot of money, I really want this movie to succeed but right now the maximum I see is an opening like BR2049 and maybe Christmas legs (if it doesn't change release dates) can take it to +$175M DOM
  14. I watched this yesterday, honestly couldn't tell if it was good or not because I did not understand a single thing, not only plot wise but the sound was too loud and the actor voices were not understandable at all. IDK if it is the way they edited the sound or smth but I could only understand 30-50% of the dialogue, yeah english is not my mother tongue but I tend to watch all movies in english and this has never happened to be before. Anyway, the plot I felt was too complicated to follow for the average moviegoer, when the movie finished everyone at the theatre was confused AF. Don't know how
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