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  1. To give an idea, percentage of the ticket sold in 2017 by demography: 2-11 : 10% 12-17: 11% 18-24: 12% 25-39: 26% 40-49: 13% 50-59: 12% 60+: 16% demo like the 40-49 are not bigger buyer than the 12-17... or the 18-24 .The 50-59 will joint that category soon. Cinderella in 2015, made a 55% under 25 score too. For Jungle Book 104m OW; 49% of the Box office was family, with a 47% under 25 and 53% over 25 with an even 51/49 female/male gender split, quite close to a pure 4 quadrant affair.
  2. Cooper-Philips combo are a long running team at WB. Philips was officially announced in August 2017, could have been before seeing A Star is born (considering that started to shoot may 2017). They made the Hangover trilogy there, War Dogs and Cooper made American Sniper for them also.
  3. Probably a typo and 10 times too small, The-numbers has this: 2018/09/14 30 $133,468 -88% 310 $431 $20,593,065 4 Still a crazy drop too.
  4. Thus the perfect constant line of unchanging 32.4% I see.
  5. Same guy did it: http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/MT_track.txt
  6. It is one of the big twist/surprise, higher shame and lower reporting among male victim could make it an harder case, but also it is possible him and is gang were making some precaution to respect the age of consent law in the state they were and had boat to hang out into territory with lower age of consent. The only public testimony that got out about him post metoo was about a young boy that came forward saying he accepted to sleep with singer and lived in is house for a while thinking he will get a role and never did.
  7. The guy already made a report that sum the sales made by day: http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/fandango_report.txt
  8. I guess, that the Oscar buzz has a lot of the value of the final actual win (outside for the very small title that the Oscar buzz awareness do not reach worldwide audience like a Moonlight for which the actual win was the actual push). Most of the box office value is in the Globe historically.
  9. TDK had a really big nominate or else no, at least the timing of the BP expansion made it look, nominate it or we change the rules. Voters have full anonymity on their vote and almost all of them are complete unknown to the public, i.e. the or else is quite weak on them. Specially old people, older you are usually less you care.
  10. 617m $2015 US dollar is 656,395m 2018 dollar, if we would go to a monthly precision it would not surprise me if it was a little bit bigger or the exact same amount for the 2.
  11. For an early October wide release ? Oscar nomination will be 22 January 2019, only poland/japan open after October 26, it will be a hole 3 month deep. Do we have any precedent or an early release that start wide and roll-out everywhere in october helped by the Oscar. Dominating the Globe is more likely to be one, them being much sooner. I think 100m is huge but a possible target. Like SLP did (changing NFL football for country/folk music) .
  12. This could be the last iteration, while Batman could go on for 100 year's and was already played by 8 actor at least: http://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/batman/21717/the-actors-who-ve-played-batman
  13. True chance are not nill that the original take was worst, but if a studio pay for a change rolling it back if it is worst than the original is usually not an option.
  14. http://akvalley.pythonanywhere.com/static/Fandango_track.txt For the others hours.
  15. Do you have a study than say cricket meat would require giving away many nutrients ? https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352364616300013 The Nutrient Value Score of crickets, palm weevil larvae and mealworm was significantly healthier than in the case of beef and chicken and none of six tested insects were statistically less healthy than meat. Protein content was in the range of 13 to 77% by dry matter (Table 2), reflecting the large variability of tested species. Eighty-seven species of edible insects were investigated in Mexico, and the average protein content was from 15% to 81%. Insect protein digestibility, which is 76 to 96% [17] was also examined in this study. These values are on average only a little smaller than values for egg protein (95%) or beef (98%) and even higher than in the case of many plant proteins [19]. Measured amounts of nitrogenous substances of insects may be higher than their actual protein content since some nitrogen is also bound in the exoskeleton Apparently many world population that think they are vegetarian are getting by just fine because there is a lot of insect cadaver in their rice. Should probably be possible to make up for it with eggs, milks, the stupidest fish, Shellfish and vitamin pills type supplement if needed.

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