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  1. Depending of the character played it does not necessarily need to, think Kevin Spacey and House of Card, many people watched it knowing the rumors or when it got out in the media, it does not necessarily at the detriment of the subjective experience to know that the person playing the horrible president had that criminal past. If he was a big name and playing Mister Rogers, we could imagine it hurting the box office, but a c-b lister in a who did the murder mystery ? A bit like Johnny Depp not being an issue to the subjective experience of the previous entry (well it was a really small role), maybe it does not need to here as well.
  2. I am not sure I would go as far has really bad has a movie for the 1933 Kong but for it has charms.
  3. I think green or blue screen composition was just a bit after 1933, back in those days they projected image on a transparent screen behind the actor and it was almost all in camera effects.
  4. I imagine you mean by LOTR in general the movies, because the pop culture footprint is ridiculously giant. I think Gandalf, the eye that watch, the battle of helm's deep, the ring to rule them all and many other elements are now part of pop culture and the movies helped popularise them, many LOTR elements the way they presented Dwarfs, Halfling/Hobbits, Elves, Orcs and so on were already so much into our pop-culture before the movies because AD&D, Warhammer-warcraft used them and became popular that it was hard for the movies to put them even more on the map, but I imagine that they did.
  5. That exactly what I thought that person meant. While suspecting maybe they work as a critic or other jobs that could force them to watch them and follow them even if they do not care (but that would make speaking about them for free on a message board still strange)
  6. I mean if that was : can't wait for see Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Eternals for free. Not a joke, that make no sense, most of your message seem to be hollywood with an account of a english speaking message board that talk almost exclusively about hollywood contain. No one that do not care about Nigerian cinema can't wait to see 3 of their next movies for free even has a joke, register on a Nigerian movie forum and talk about their box office results.
  7. Not fully certain if you quoted the good message but apparently no, only 554 millions lived in a rural areas in 2019 apparently (would be just below 40% by now)
  8. I can see Disney and other having flagship theater (maybe near or in their parks ?) in flagship spot, but a company like Netflix or others like that getting a massive amount of them ? Isn't low ROI and arguable use of money for them even if it turn really well ?
  9. That not uncommon, they often tried when possible to not use high profil Japanese products in the past :
  10. Putting off the revenues away in the futures hurt your annual ROI on something has well, but for interest cost I wonder if an entity like Disney on a project like a Marvel movie is the same than for most projects. Last big 11 billion of debt Disney rised was only between 1.75%-3.8% I think, their interest are probably far from a Lionsgate loan/line of credit for a non-franchise movie, but I could be wrong just speculative. the risk is quite low versus an usual movie.
  11. Will probably be able to know before the end of the year, if that company is the Disney shell company ( ROMANOFF PRODUCTIONS UK LIMITED, the name, the moment of registration in 2017 when the first writers got hired for that projects, the moment actual big money start being spent in 2019, seem to all match really well) If it is that one by mid november 2019 they had spent 142 millions pound using the 2019 average exchange rate that around 181 millions, with what seem like a generous 27 millions pound tax credit going on. The movie was supposed to be a may 2020 release so I imagine principal photography has originally planed was done by that date, it wrapped october 2019, ending up around that 175-225 after the rebate does make sense, with a 6 month of post production still to go (and maybe they used the extra time to do even more, but at the same time less need to pay for crush time and overtime when you have a long window).
  12. 2001: Lords of the Rings 2002: Lords of the Rings 2 2003: Lords of the Rings 3 2004: The Fockers (279M) 2005: Narnia (291M) 2006: Night at the Museum (250M) 2007: I am legend (256M) Those were all bigger or similar (the 3 Hobbits being the same franchise) to the December release that followed Avatar until Star Wars no ?
  13. This is a bit of reverse reasoning because of precedent, normally the question why does a studio respect the theatrical windows ? Disney probably sense they will be so down by july that for a Marvel movie most will be ready to accept almost anything if you give them 50% of the ticket sales if popcorns sales are being reinstated again in most market, here vaccination should be done by mid june and I imagine that will be somewhat common.
  14. Asians american life expectancy is really high in general (Higher than in Japan even). I suspect if you try to isolate for a specific genetic of resistance to covid if there is one that it would be a small one or at least it is not obvious and not something we can conclude looking at numbers. Maybe there something in the genetic in Norway that explain the gap with it and Sweden, but not necessarily. For example, if we remember at some point there was a lot of talk about blood type being a predictor of covid severity: But that study above seem to say that white people are more likely to die than other race of covid: However, multivariate analysis revealed significant associations of mortality with age of 65 years or older (OR = 4.27; 95% CI, 3.19-5.71), male sex (OR = 1.57; 95% CI, 1.23-2.01), white race (OR = 1.46; 95% CI, 1.14-1.86) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (OR = 1.49; 95% CI, 1.09-2.04). Researchers noted that Black patients appeared nearly 40% less likely to die than white patients (OR = 0.56; 95% CI, 0.44-0.7). It would be really hard to isolate.
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