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  1. The very first one must have been the cheapest by far of the main non tv-special type movie. The Prequels being independents films were probably quite reasonably priced also.
  2. 1) I think the 5 movies all above 800m, with an average of almost 1b (998m) and looking good with a 82% RT average is a big part of that reason, for some reason audience and critic really liked is movies. 2) Second reason is chemistry with Rowling, he read what she does, can give her note and she re-write on them. A new director without previous report, maybe it would not work, not an issue with a powerful veteran writer or if it is a writer-director a weak writer, but it this specific scenario it could get scary for them. Pure speculation obviously, could just be that has a producer Rowling has a say in it and love the guy.
  3. Hottish take: Spider-Man > Spider-Man 2, better start much better ending
  4. Black Panther spoiled that surprise imo and it is getting harder and harder to get surprised by a Marvel movie doing well, same goes for horror entry with an high concept that fit into a short sentence / 30 seconds ads doing well.
  5. Only for the Youtube skeptic, us Google believer are not surprised at all. Solo is still my most surprising run I think of 2018, I was not believing enough in the great views count prophecy showing it was in great trouble back in those shameful days.
  6. A Sorcerer Stone to Chamber of Secret drop: 317.58m -> 262m Would do on Fantastic Beast 2: 234m -> 193m The excitement of the first Potter on screen must have been bigger than the return on screen of the wizardry world in a spin off form, so yeah under 193m do sound really bad and it could reflect that despite Fantastic Beast good multiplier and nice production design/world building people didn't like that movie has much as the surface show. Potter in the past could have #1 and 2 spot at the same time: https://www.the-numbers.com/home-market/packaged-media-sales/2011 With a really perfect date for 2017 rental/sales (didn,t burn any demand in 2016 and early enough release in 2017 to have most of is business in that year): https://pmcdeadline2.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/mpaa-theme-report-2017.pdf Physical rental: #18 Digital rental: #19 Physical sales: #10 Digital sales through: #9 I do not know anyone that particularly liked the first entry Fantastic Beast
  7. Yeah Spider-Man 3 broke the OW all time record by 13% and nothing opened 13% higher than is 151.1m until the Avengers 5 year's later, was the third biggest movie of it's year and without even considering market growth made over 1080 millions in 2018 dollar, significantly bigger movie, but it had a 365m net budget in 2018 dollar with some ridiculously big marketing campaign and featured spider-man after 2 extremely well received entry, so that is to be expected and Venom could still win the most impressive battle between the 2 here.
  8. Not sure that can make much sense, that it can change the movie profit the actual day it start, Isn't it more about the OW-box office obsessed press and audience. Wonder is some snow storm isn't simply the reason of the lower last night preview numbers.
  9. Maybe some did see it both time, but early limited previews in popular show time, popular place for such event would often be sold out ? Adding days and starting earlier should boost the amount.
  10. They are brillant, it make no sense that thursday showing are called Friday numbers or weekend either, yet are now accepted so will tuesday fan events eventually. They know a lot of people decide to see a movie or not see a movie according to the OW press, using general audience decision making to inform theirs, those tricks help that press.
  11. Ok thanks, that what I suspected, so if under 10:1 is mediocre, an under 1 is disastrous I imagine. Thats too bad, I thought that franchise could have had quite a good potential there and for the first one China was the biggest market after domestic, but if the movie rely into the old material I guess that make it hard on the new market.
  12. A sample size of one consisting of an Anonymous Twitter account that was created this october, twitted exclusively about promoting the Aquaman movie that has DC universe in is name, a DC logo has an avatar and a Aquaman picture for the background is probably not a solid sample size statistic science would say, we need at least 3 of them.
  13. Not sure how to read it, what is the difference between the 2 FB2 mentioned is one a typo and referring to FB1 one score ? From different day or source ?
  14. When I was looking for example it was said they didn't disclose any financial / deal details at all. Studios I could imagine get (like for Walmart deal for the Superman movie tickets) Amazon contacting every Prime members in the relevant region (or all the US) about the movie ? Would it be by ads on the platform or by email ? Even though I am a prime member I am not in the US and have never received some push about those early preview to see what they look like. Amazon give value to their Prime members and the news about the early previews being exclusive to prime members make the press and give publicity to the platform, would not be that surprised if it is cash free exchange between them. Now there is the theater, who pay for the tickets ? half the studio, half amazon with a significant rebate for bulk buyout to theater owner happy to have more traffic/commission buyer that what would have been a much slower night for them ?...

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