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  1. Because no movie ever came close, we are facing two 2 options. Not judging the legs at all, nothing to base it with. Go with the best thing one can think of, giant openner with large previews and big accumulated resistance (Civil War, last Potter part 2, Infinity War, etc...)
  2. Just someone that had seen less than 5 of the MCU then. I know a lot of people that have seen none of those movies. Maybe we just have a very different bar of what someone not invested in the saga is (someone that have seen more than 10 of those MCU is invested in it), considering your avatar and going to Avengers theme party, maybe you think I am speaking of someone that have seen all the Avengers but do not read comics and do not talk a lot about it or something. I am not sure why seem now your pure speculation of how reassuring to other would be first MCU movie of their life the WOM is (that would be needed for such a big OW to have a not really low multi)
  3. Who said that ? The claim was mediocre WOM among those not invested in the Saga. Do you know many people for who that was the first MCU movie they saw and was giving it big recommendation at your workplace ?
  4. Feel like some misquote fake news. How does mediocre among people not invested in the saga, become bad wom ? Mediocre is quite above bad, people not invested in the saga is not the giant among of people that are.
  5. Have you tried the first 2 ? I think one can like BadLands and not any other Malick (specially is more recent stuff).
  6. How many people do you know for who that was the first MCU movie in year's and saw less than 3 of them ? What was their opinion of it ? How did they understood ? So many moments are dependent on pre-awareness.
  7. Well you need to bold the hole sentence, among people not invested in the saga. I mean are you being serious ? Do you think someone for most for who it was their first MCU movie they ever saw went around their office saying how must see that movie is to others ? Could be a country to country but here it is not playing like that at all.
  8. Historically long movie and OW record breaker had good multiplier even outside December, Spider-Man, first Potter, Dark Knight, Avengers, Jurassic World. There is some exception outside the MCU, Spider Man 3, Deathly Hallows 2. A good comparable of why the low multiplier is Deathly Hallows Part 2, much more than runtime imo (lower run time we probably have an higher OW and similar if not worst legs multiplier). It is not just a case of burning demand and runtime, there is something about how mediocrre the WOM probably among people not invested in the saga must be, that do not create the usual Giant OW help multiplier instead of hurting it (like Beauty, Black Panther, Jurassic World, etc...) phenomenom we see, it must be impossible for someone that have seen all the MCU before this one to feel like a newcomer can feel watching this. It was one of the worst competently made big budget movie watching experience for me for a good part of the runtime, the giant one of the great last hour easily make up for it and will give great cinemascore/out of theater buzz, but good start for a movie is where a lot of rewatch/staying power can come from.
  9. Because they do not go see some movies ? Not being some easy to get cash grab over all medium make a fanbase shitty ? It openned over 160m, what is the last movie to do that, that didn't involve some kind of fanbase ?
  10. I wonder how you interpret movie featuring Jesus box office. Pokemon has a giant fanbase, card / video game, that does not mean they will go a Reynolds comedy movie. How do you explain a 65% on RT average looking movie opening so high ? If not of presence of a fanbase ?
  11. Is that table not updated, still at -53%: https://deadline.com/2019/05/john-wick-chapter-3-avengers-endgame-pokemon-detective-pikachu-weekend-box-office-1202617131/ $29.4M (-53%)
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