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  1. It does sound 100% impossible for a person to be able to know what the title claim.
  2. It did look like that at least for one of those co-financier when I looked at it was part of a large multiple movies slate investment, letting them in on the best prospect make selling harder projects much easier for sure.
  3. No that not what she said, she talk about it being a stereotype among Hollywood executive, not talking about it being a reality or not and not about featuring about a woman in action, but a woman made movie. If you look only at that part 'Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too,' she said in her interview. 'This movie has to make money. If this movie doesn't make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don't go see women do action movies.' In regards to female superhero films, Banks added, 'They'll go and see a comic book movie with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel because that's a male genre. Woman do actions movies isn't not woman happening to be on the screen or not, it is about the sensibility, type of story and so on.
  4. Not sure they have much of a choice too. But yes media has a big fetish on low budget, lower risk, lower reward (see the coverage of Blumhouse) vs Netflix type of model, has if it was automatically better and tend to never present the budget by how much the movie will actually end up costing if it work.
  5. Source ? Well no, it depend it mean what for WB for their complete slate risk sharing and the term of the deal, co-financier do not usually get a deal has good has the distributor on a movie they finance.
  6. I am ambivalent on this one box office wise, going all-in in the style, maybe it will attract people (but also maybe not), I can see it go both ways.
  7. Would like and explanation of that ?, I heard it was the other way around, a bunch of legal protection (defamation lawsuit being one) just diseapear with someone death making it usually easier not harder to investigate. Source ? https://www.counton2.com/news/national-news/the-latest-lawyer-says-epstein-guards-are-made-scapegoats/ Federal prosecutors say security camera footage proves Jeffrey Epstein was alone in his cell the night he killed himself. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2019/11/19/us/ap-us-jeffrey-epstein-guards-the-latest.html The early report of the camera sends to the FBI for the investigation said that one camera footage was too poor quality to be usable: While one hallway camera had unusable footage, another nearby camera caught clearer video, the Post noted, adding that it is unknown why certain footage was useable while some was not, as well as the extent of the glitch. Not that relevant camera as a whole failed or that any camera failed (could be an dirty lens, bad lighting in some part, etc...) Well yes, but also we have a very limited notion of how those things work, some of those saying something is fishy here overrated what being on a suicide watch list in prison actually meant past the first couple of weeks, because people were lying about it on social media, didn't read study on how frequent is injury are on legitimate hanging (way less common than for murder forced hanging, but still very common, I think as high as 16% according to some study) and so on. It is one person at the most at risk to get killed sure (any pedophile in prison to start with is a good target for murder specially if they are not put in a special wing with only other offender of the same type, higher the profile even more, powerful people even more, etc..) making is death an obvious one to investigate very seriously. But it is also one of the person the most probable to kill itself, he did try not so long ago (or are we to believe the first assassination attempts failed....), was very obviously not taking prison life well and so on. But take someone that made enemies stealing money from the most powerful and dangerous people on earth, from central/south america Drugs Cartel to Russian mob, Bernard Madoff, has yet to be killed in prison (some said he was in a way happy to get in prison, the only place he felt a bit safe from them), it does not make it automatic that you will get killed or what would be the goal/point of that and it is extremely likely that he would have killed himself. It is certainly not certain either way like people say (except if the footage that show no one coming like claimed by investigator is really solid, without any blind spot)
  8. One think that could be "nice" if he was murdered, would make it easier for the system to stay motivated at keeping seeking all the perpetrator and those involved in is previous incredible deals he got in the past with the justice system and keeping social pressure on.
  9. Not so sure I agree 100% with you there Lou. A bit like Once Upon A Time, the movie at is very foundation work and use the fact that the audience know in advance some of what will happen (a bit like if they would have showed the ending at the start). It used the background for narrative efficiency and shortcut in an impressive way. You cannot just remove/reduce the weird laugh, change the name and still have a movie with the same impact, really not sure it was an after thought like all the Die Hards movie were (where they simply used already existing action movie script, changed the hero name for McCain and added a phone call to is wife at the end), could be wrong obviously but it would not surprise me if from the start it was thought and developed as a Joker movie. Having an under 65M budget and the Joker brand made it possible to get away to shoot it almost just first unit, almost just one camera, have a lot of days, have a purpose to 100% of the shot that they take time to create, etc... i.e. making it like they were making it in the 70s or Nolan today, it is not like he would not always do it if he could.
  10. Not sure about that (the so bad part), a very small oligopoly that play game perfectly to each other like they are doing can have their benefit as well, I could imagine that the CBM war has a lot of fun, create a lot of the content online for free for them, participate to people fun and keeping the buzz hot. They certainly want a Marvel movies monopoly too and to keep the entry of the genre really high and controlled (If someone would propose to make those property public domain they would fight it, if it would become possibl eto make those movies without a 400M budget + P&A and buying an expensive brand that would be bad, but DC making 2-3 movie a year... could be really good, specially if they are good)
  11. Well I am not disagreeing like this has the message you quoted has me saying: but I am not sure if this make it more impressive by say, has Joker started with much higher expectation, making it harder to crush them. It is not like it destroyed domestic predictions too right, like it did in many countries (and what you are talking about is maybe why) ? Or an OW story (those factor were rapidly 100% an non issue by weekend #2) (With Frozen, Star wars, Jumanji coming there is an outside chance that it end up out of the top 10)
  12. It is hard for you to believe that prison guards during an long overtime shift (one of which was forced to do) would not do a are they doing alright check up on some of the worst criminals, specially pedophile every X minutes like they should and would lie on a log file about doing them ? Really ? Suicide on suicide watch is extremely common in American prison, I would imagine in part because it is extremely common for guards to act like that, think who are their clients ? Who will complaint to who ? Who will care ?
  13. You will have an hard time finding one list of the predictions for 2018 top 10 movies with BR on it, even in the dark horse's at the bottom of the page. While you will find Joker over 500m even over 800m in many place: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls041653115/ https://whatculture.com/film/predicting-20-highest-grossing-movies-of-2019?page=3 Joker broke october record and had an nearly 250M start, from an franchise with a long history of breaking box office record (A bit like Jurassic World surprise), BR did what it did with a 142M start in a genre without much if any recent precedent, that I doubt anyone had making over half of what it did. BR surpassed more people estimation more, imo, but I am not sure if this make it more impressive by say, has Joker started with much higher expectation, making it harder to crush them.
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