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  1. I cannot really even start to look at and thing in the current market place, but a fully wide release at 43.44m at the end of the second weekend outside the holiday season reaching 100m ? Men in black international was at 52.6 millions after it's second sunday and ended around 80, Kingsman 2 crawled to 100m and was at 66.6, Christopher Robin was a super leggy movie that went an above 4.0x multiplier and it was a 50.6m at that point, which show that yes it look possible when looking at that one. Would that mean that A quiet place is headed toward 165m-200m ? Or the legs
  2. For a movie that has a giant and obvious tension (it does not want Cruella to actually be Cruella it seem, but try to have is Cake and eat it too by having her being it with people thinking it is part of a bit and they dance an impossible line on it), maybe should have been more surrealist and have her actually be Cruella (but animated is much better for that) or not at all (what would be the point), so I think they understood all that and did the best they could with that strange task of a strange movie. That said it works because of the Emma's, the big budget a bit of an over-rel
  3. I was quite impressed by either how tactile it was or just how good computer SFX are today, really interesting use of sound has well, solid craft, pretty much has good has you can go for a sequel plot wise, maybe my standard got lower for going to the cinema for the first time in like 15 months, but it was all round really really good. Good exposition.
  4. WW: https://www.the-numbers.com/box-office-records/worldwide/all-movies/cumulative/released-in-2008 Dom: https://www.the-numbers.com/box-office-records/domestic/all-movies/cumulative/released-in-2008 If those do not work: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/year/ https://www.boxofficemojo.com/year/world/2018/ Try pausing your VPN, he seem to block people connecting via those sometime.
  5. Augmented function experiment could be altogether illegal from the backlash, no ? Having financed and helped in any way the happening of that virus seem like an obvious enough scandal, not sure if it would be specially silly. In december 2019 if they know, there is a scandal and correct it, it is easy, once you did let it go, then it became harder and harder.
  6. That sound quite counter human nature. Hiding that you founded dangerous augmented function (without consulting the public and often even fully elected official, like in the current hypothetical situation and many actual situation in the recent past) that lead to a very costly world pandemy do not require that many imagination why would keep it on down low, specially if they are not certain if it is one of those or a natural one currently in circulation. Public backlash against the type of project they do would be giant too.
  7. That semantic is somewhat important, but I thought by lab made was something close to that people had in mind, start with a wild bat flu, made it gain function in the lab and that now augmented (from a human POV) escape. I would not use people involved in the situation not talking or sharing proof has a big impossible sign, if the amount of people in the actual know is relatively small (under 250).
  8. Could you explain that one, if they made gain of function experiment by letting variant inside mammals (furet?) reproduce and change for a while and one that gained a function escape, we would be able to tell the difference from that one from one that would have done the same in nature ?
  9. https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations USA: 36.41% UK: 29% ..... Canada: 3.7%
  10. UK winter seasonal effect excess death can go during a bad flu year in the 20-23K with half of those are estimated to be influenza like illness: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/excesswintermortalityinenglandandwales/2018to2019provisionaland2017to2018final Dying with or from the flu is a bit of an hard thing to estimate and it tend to be more excess during the flu season mathematic estimate that matter than official recorded death of the flu numbers, but I think the goal is for the number to not augment that m
  11. Fully vaccinated (the most of any high populated country by far), one dose is 46% The small gap between one-dose and fully vaccinated do seem to show that a lot of the 54% without a dose is resistance to it yes I think.
  12. Old message but: https://cdn.film.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/2-0-Approved-Projects-List.pdf It had a 100 millions in tax credit eligible spending in CA alone (the maximum it make sense tax credit wise), similar to say Netflix the Gray man or Bumblebee, add a very expensive above the line list of name and credits, but at the same time outside Lebron James seem to be a purely Los Angeles production, still look like a 120-130 or even 140m affair.
  13. I think that a bit hyperbolic, Hollywood tend to with is annual slate pretty much output in everything that is financially viable and that include mid-budget franchise, from John Wick, Pitch Perfect, to the Purges, Rocky, Hercule Poirot, The Conjuring universe, Saw, Halloween, Mortal Kombat, Hitman Bodyguard, A Quiet Place, xXx, Now you see me, Predator, Rambo, Annabelle, Expendables, Fallen, Knives out, Bright, Lara-Croft, Sicario, Daddy home, Bad moms, etc... And we can easily assume that there a giant list of Knife Out type of movie that have been made that would have been turne
  14. Are they not quite Disney exclusive heavy in most market ? Regardless usually post-theatrical deal are made with theatrical performance in mind, i.e. playing the movie on your streaming or tv platform will cost you x% of the your market theartical or a ramp of the domestic market, if the movie did x or y it became the type of movie that cost 17 millions instead of 12, that why studio push for 100 or 200m domestic and not other round number usually, those 2 being important historical landmark for post-theatrical contract. I could imagine most of those contract got voided in the covi
  15. Here the timeline of the biggest movie of all time (unadjusted) Birth of a nation (pre-oscar, I imagine would have won everything) Gone with the wind Sound of music Godfather Jaws (lost to one flew over the cuckoo's nest) Star wars (lost to annie hall) ET (lost to Ghandi) Jurassic Park (same year's has Schindler list, not nominated) Titanic Avatar (lost to Hurt Locker) EndGames (not nominated) --- If you are an non-scifi epic giant movie that destroy the box office, your chance to win are really high historic
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