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  1. Considering Skycraper was above Hotel Transylvania and Unfriended/Alpha/Darkest minds/Slenderman are all above Mamma Mia as well, I think it is simply not a website the Mamma Mia target audience goes too.
  2. Audience 25 and more the first weekend according to cinemascore Godzilla 2014: 60% Kong skull island in 2017: 65% Considering first weekend tend to be younger than the rest of a movie run and that the 18-24 are 12% of the annual ticket sales and probably quite more than that for that type of movie (they are around 20% of a fast and furious movie for example that play 55% above 25), I could imagine a less than 20% share of the audience being 16 or less, a much smaller one being unaccompanied 16 year's old or less .
  3. Today sales: Mamma Mia 6587 Hotel Tra 6213 Ant-Man a 4746 The Equal 3035 Incredibl 2616 Jurassic 2372 Skyscrape 2069 The First 946 The Metro 681 Sorry to 630 Sicario D 445 Uncle Dre 445 Oceans 8 423 Mission I 404 Also, other many Tom Cruise missiles: 2018-07-17 17:00:00 1 Top Gun (1986) 2018-07-17 17:00:00 1 Jerry Maguire With Skyscraper out of today top 6 and down to #5 among playing, should not be surprised for a solid wednesday drop/burned lot of demand on that massive cheap Tuesday boost type of phenomenon.
  4. Watched for the first time also last week, well just the first half, did anyone found extremely bizarre the long of moment of the Stranger Times corrupt cops that help him for apparently no reason (the black mail / who knows what he did to get is collaboration being cut of the final movie), while shooting that doing so is killing him ? That made no sense to me.
  5. I would imagine because he would have not got over 250m budget and a giant paycheck + back end to do that. According to a recent Gibson interview, he said that Roy productions started them and they made sure to go fast with a quick release before them and was motivated by an powerful exec/producer that he had pissed off.
  6. When they do pay (but I would imagine they are pushing the this is really good for you and have in your contract a lot of visibility included in marketing to not pay the actor) that is sure and if you achieve to lock yourself into doing those blockbuster for a long time it is also a really good career move (after a while you should be able to cash it big). If I inferred in that text it was a bad move I was misunderstood, I am very literal when I challenge how good of a movie it is I am not implying without directly saying that it is a bad one. Not sure X-Men was that good for her, but Hunger Games, a bit like Twilight for Stewart before, was an 80m outside the studio smaller affair and that could be said for almost just her among all that cast.
  7. Does not tend to hurt no (while outside of some freak schedule complication event), but huge budget franchise filled with actions track record to be good for a career is not that impressive, from the last 20 year's of Transformer, Lords of the Rings / Hobbit, Pirates, X-Mens, Potter, Bond, Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, MCU/DCEU, the Spider Mans, Bourne, well I imagine a semi long list I forget. Would not be that easy to name 5 actress for who it was such the good career move, Watson, Johansson, Gadot for sure, must have been for Knightley also I would imagine. But not so sure go make those instead of a good director movie if that ever option if front of them is necessarily that good of an career move.
  8. Barnack

    Tuesday's Numbers

    Went to took a look, I think you will be underwhelmed if you do.
  9. Trump is a good reminder for when people want the federal government to have a lot of power and so on, one big issue here is gut nuts seem to love him, historically when the gun nuts/conspiracy type start to love the guy in power instead of fearing/hating it like it tend to naturally be the case, it tend to not go too well.
  10. If they really went cheaper for this than the first one unadjusted, that would show they had really realistic expectation and should be fine has long it does not collapse oversea. 62m is almost exactly Equalizer 63m budget, the nature of the financing seem to have changed a bit with no Lone Star/Village road Show involved. Equalizer 1 had a studio break even point at 118.4m WW with a budget + participation cost of 67.8m and a 75m world release budget It had a Return break set at $164m WW (82 dbo/82 intl), for a profit of 17.14m around that point and a actual movie budget raising at 72m with Denzel/Fuqua making more money.
  11. Well she already did, getting released next weekend. Has for the good career move, 20 movies in, for how many actress was it particularly a good career move to get involved in those outside Johansson ?
  12. But that list still has a 2000s blockbuster over Dark Knight. Lords of The rings is still above on They shoot picture it is expected for the newer movie to gain ground for a while until it stabilize, I was looking for where he could have fund that most critics put Dark Knight has the best blockbuster of the 2000s.
  13. Don't look too much at the extra in the background during the battle, they can be quite funny.
  14. Nolan is quite known to shoot not many take and quick, combined with not using massive CGI to correct stuff nor use reshoot that lead to those really strange moments ending up in the final product, Scorsese had a camera bump in Casino because it was the take with is favorite performance, you can see the sound guy and the boom a long time in The Exterminating Angel, there is money responsibility/possibility ( or just scheduling issue) when you see an error to redo it or not.
  15. Braveheart also as quite the strange extras in the background, those movie are not made to pass a test of people watching them at home with scrutiny, more like a magician that know were your attention will be and taking advantage of it.

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