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  1. I could be misreading the tone, but that is said like if it does take into account that the Academy TV deal with ABC is 75 millions a year's, it is pretty much their only source of revenues and they just got into a really big debt by constructing their museum (that I imagine is not close to make any revenue for them anytime soon). They are probably indeed hellbent into not missing on that $75M cash entry, it is probably not just an impression. And in the context of the industry hurting, it is a time when they could really use an Oscar season (specially if the different streaming platform are both well implemented and figured out PVOD by then a stream all our nominated movie on our platform during all the season for X could be something interesting at least it is something were claiming was ridiculous to not have for years)
  2. For a Tenet type movie maybe, but you can probably do $450m in China alone right now no (say if Avatar 2 or Endgame type got a release) ?
  3. Look at what Tenet did vs Dunkirk in most market, more in some, not too dissimilar in others, 800 is getting close to half a billion in just a single market right now, let alone in 2022 (would not be surprised at all if we see the first billion grosser in China alone before 2025).
  4. English is a second language, but it feel like it is a strange Swedish traduction: Although a large proportion of Swedes are sick for a strange time, 350,000 Swedes are sick now and have been there for over 10 weeks as presented in last Corona status, we still see that the majority are healthy and the proportion of sick decreases in Swede Not sure what they exactly mean, but the vast majority of the sicks have lite sniffle has their symptoms.
  5. Twice the budget is with a projection of future revenues of all the windows, Interstellar and Dunkirk didn't break even in their theatrical run. Say Tenet would have been released in normal time and turned out a giant blockbuster success story and goes on to gross $800M $270M dom, $395m intl minus China, $135m China, Revenues: $270M*.53+$135M*.25+$395M*.40 = $334.85M Budget: $200m WW P&A: $110m Interest&Overhead: $30m Nolan's 20% of the gross after some percentage of them are removed: $60m Net: $55.15M in the red and that a $800M BO You do not have to explain that Tenet will have an hard time just breaking even in it's theatrical run, but you would have to explain why mentioning that, it is not it ever had any chance to do so or that a non franchise Nolan movie ever did (if any of those Batman movie did it).
  6. And that numbers is not a total it is what it was at that time I think, in May it was 350K: https://novus.se/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/20200519engnovusnumberofsickandsocialdistancing.pdf Being sick with COVID like symptoms include having sniffling, it is a study of how many people decide to work from home because they have (or say they have) any symptoms if I understand correctly. It was never said to be covid complication, but covid symptoms
  7. There average 7 days death has been around 1 or 2 for a while according to this: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/sweden/ The average 7 days new case is around of a month ago is around 300, that seem in line with an usual 0.5% death rate (if you find 50% of the cases).
  8. 88,000 found case is quite different than actual case (has I imagine you know), if there would have been really only 88K in Sweden that would be an IFR of 6.6%. I would imagine that in reality there was around 100-200K case, now 150K people with 8 weeks of symptoms, the 150K numbers seem to be from this article: https://www.expressen.se/debatt/stoppa-utforsakringarna-av-langtidssjuka-i-covid-19/ According to the opinion company Novus, around 150,000 Swedes have experienced covid-19-like symptoms for more than 10 weeks. That seem to be about people making benefit claims saying they had covid-19 like symptoms, i.e. actual people with a cold would answer yes to that (without even considering lying here), it mean close to absolutely nothing.
  9. People and account is often really different for something like that. Say Disney+ account are shared in average by 2 household, 30% of account would only be 15% of "users", it would still be really high and a bit of an oversimplification, but a bit like those giant account % number of Netflix, those can be boosted if there is many users by account. On a regular basis at least one of the many people that share the D+ account password will have opened the app.
  10. I could have missed a live and unique ppv of Hamilton at a high cost you could be referring to, but on D+ it was a non unique (it is still there) and "free" with an D+ account Hamilton no ? They removed the free trials completely just before Hamilton, so it was all paying but not a specially high price.
  11. I think that something that explore, specially if ownership is not really close to ownership (i.e. need the D+ account to play it and in a short windows you get into the same case than all users anyway). I feel they will either augment the gap between early buyer and non buyer or lower the price.
  12. Russia, UK, Canada ? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10362466/releaseinfo
  13. Are you suggesting that he will play spiderman all is life every 2-3 year's until retirement and that Sony-Marvel will never get into a fight for 50 year's ? (that do sound less and less crazy, but still quite something to predict)
  14. Not sure I agree with Captain Marvel that show up often in this thread RT: Avg: 6.8/10, 79% positive, 6.26/10 from Top Critics with 64% positives Audience: 48% positive, 2.89/5 average IMDB: 6.9/10 Metacritic: metascore: 6.4 / 10 User Score: 3.2 And it is being called overrated by a lot of people in this thread as well (an other side, that it is probably not the case) There obviously some trolling crashing score campaign that is going on, but even from official critics that sound perfectly reasonable for what it was a 6/7 on 10 type of popcorn summer movie, I could be biased because it was on my favorite side of the MCU (could be due to seeing it in theater versus many other on tv), felt almost more on the underrated than overrated at this point. Toy Story 4 mentioned just above fit much more the bill for me, Us Ford V Ferrari John Wick 3 (all John wick after the first half of the first movie) could also be in that conversation I feel like, from the critics reception side, Ad Astra maybe (like mentioned above certainly not by audience).
  15. Certainly airlines do not have yet competition in many scenarios where there is no TGV like theater has from home ent and plane cost so much and cannot do anything else, that there always a buyer at a low enough price, movie theater in a good location can always use the land for something else. And for theater, they make sense if the feature length type of storytelling stay popular, maybe that will not be the case, maybe it is not that people will watch movie at home, maybe in 2050 that 1h10-3h00 format will stop to exist all together outside some niche affair, the either short video or the mini and long series type being popular. But streaming has being going for a while in music and the close to album format and close to radio song length format are still popular, historically momentum is really strong, that transition is more in the 30-50 year's than the 10-15 year's. The fancy giant expensive cinemas yes and maybe the door to the prestige affair a la broadway-opera is close to them, theater sitting and structure is maybe the near future of movie theater, but that a worst case scenario bar I feel like, not them disappearing that fast.
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