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  1. Oh nice ! Ahead of Nolan movie is impressive.
  2. Apparently Joseph Stalin meant Man of Steel (and Ioseb Jughashvili did choose that nickname for that reason), he must be able to do something with this.
  3. The series over performed quite a bit imo.
  4. The trailer look good imo, but the story aspect do sound really for the fans still interested in it.
  5. I am a bit curious that is based on what, the Road Warrior is one of the most influential movie for pop culture ever, the Fallout video game franchise is directly from it (with the dogs, one arm vest and everything) and is one of the biggest video game franchise, a long list of post-apocalyptic product used is aesthetic, the box office was not that different. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Max_series_legacy_and_influence_in_popular_culture Looking at the trailer, it look more like something you do not need to have seen the previous movies, but you are right if Tron can do it.... a Deakins Blade Runner can to I must admit.
  6. That is really on the optimistic side imo, those had 0 resistance (many of the audience will ask themselves do I need to have watched the first Blade Runner or liked it ?) and more marketable high concept (The martian was particularly an easy and short one sentence sell). With also if I am a big fan, do I want the mystery to possibly go away (that something some people say sometime, not sure if there is any truth to it) MadMax 45m seem hard to beat, the reviews cannot be better than MadMax and that did look like something you could easily watch regardless of your relation with the franchise.
  7. Seem a bit too convoluted to attract any new audience (and the resistance would be big no matter what), so I imagine low marketing spent and going with the fans already sold for the last one will be the used strategy (like the last 2 HG did, cut the release cost to a very low number). The first 2 did extremely well, but I wonder if the long pause and the genre in general would not hurt that one quite a bit, that said if they kept the budget down like the previous 2, should still be a nice moneymaker.
  8. With the long list of directors fired by that groups... those hit job story in the media become more and more hard to believe (or less and less a reason to loose your job there)
  9. Or maybe the size of Force Awaken success changed what Disney wanted (I suspect that could be the case for Rogue One for example), all those director hired before Force Awaken first weekend could have needed to adjust to that new reality to be able to stay.
  10. Seem to be an other movie that used the advantageous exchange rate and Hungary tax credit that could have passed the EU cultural test (like Inferno used to cut the cost down massively to a very reasonable around 75m from a 196m previous entry in the franchise and a planned 90m for the new one), so I would imagine that it was reasonable but still a nice studio movie budget, they went on some locations and seem to have nice production design from the trailer. I hope the budget is not too low, it is rare we have movie like this with a good budget, low resource did hurt a movie like Atomic Blonde quite a bit imo.
  11. mother! (2017)

    I don't think movie brilliance is in the high concept it chose or the tool (here using biblical myth shortcut with audience to tell a story), but how it does it (The Matrix is not brilliant because it use the Plato cave allegory, but the nice way it did it, well even if the concept in the Matrix make no sense at all it is still fun and brilliant imo).
  12. Will see it certainly has a chance, but when they go on the serious side spy thriller have an hard track record recently (comedy or more fantastic one like Bond/Bourne/Salt/Mission impossible/Atomic Blonde/etc...) tend to work better. Even more establish franchise one, like Jack Ryan didn't do too well, Man from Uncle, etc... John le Carré Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy was really well received (83% on RT + oscars nominations) and had a star heavy assemble cast and didn't reach 90m WW (still very good for it's budget). In the 2010, Argo, Bridge of spies did extremelly so it is possible, but far from a given that people like thoses (we feel that they would, a bit like movies like The Nice Guys or a heist movie like Logan Lucky would be something audience want to see...., but the serious politically rooted spy/thriller in movies has a very so-so track record movie wise).

    The first one was so giant, that it could get significantly lower (say 350 to 400m) lower and still be interesting to make a third one if they have a good idea for it. They are not that expensive.
  14. Nicolas Winding Refn in is commentary track (Only God Forgives for example) explain every details. Never heard Aronofsky compared by Kubrick ever before (not sure I get the comparison, use of symmetry ?) or any relevance to how much explanation a director put on the dvd or elsewhere to anything really (people that like to know listen to those and those who do not want just do not, seem 100% irrelevant), source ?
  15. It is a form of self-censorship yes. And it is different than lack of demand, it is not about customer not wanting to see a movie it is about customer that do not want other people watching a movie they do not like. That is the mechanism yes, no one is debating is it bad for business to create controversy and if they are not better financially to censure themselve, that is the strength of the control of some customers not just not watching some stuff, but wanting to control what other customer cannot watch that is disturbing. Boycotting all the offers of that platform, inviting others to do the same is different than just silently just watching the movies you want to watch and create a stronger pressure to the platform self-censorship than simple offer/demands capitalist basic mechanism. We are not talking about theaters not showing movie that do not sell tickets here.

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