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  1. Comscore after thursday had a good difference between adult (4.5 on 5) and kids (3.5 on 5): ComScore/Screen Engine PostTrak numbers from last night are 4 stars for all audiences with parents liking it more than kids under 12, 4 1/2 to 3 1/2 stars. https://deadline.com/2019/07/the-lion-king-weekend-box-office-july-records-1202648944/ Seem to be working better on those who saw the first one back in the days.
  2. All time seem to start in 1980s , there was massive hype also back in the days that Hollywood and movie were much more popular than now. The opening day of Gone With the Wind (that sold millions of copy before the movie release) was made an state holiday in some place and got days of parades, the premiere looked like this: It apparently drew 1 million visitor to the city. Not sure about Independance Day on the same step than a Force Awaken or Episode 1, those movie broke record by big amount, D-Day opening a monday make it harder to judge too so maybe it is legitimate. But the first days of Phantom it did 28m versus 11.1m for Independence day.
  3. I feel like that a bit of an 70 to mid 2000s sentiment, teens are more and more getting irrelevant to the box office (movie that really need and target them tend to be really low budget now). In 2009 12-17 were 15% of the box office business with 96% being infrequent, frequent or occasional movie goers, the over 25 were 52% of the tickets sold. in 2018 the 12-17 were down to 11% of the box office business and the over 25 were 66% of the tickets sold, 79% of ticket were to adult last year and a lot of the rest were kids in a family type of watch. Feel like Family and Adult audience became key over time.
  4. It is not surprising, look at Will Smith shift from Original to almost pure franchise output and audience is loving it (and allow him to have a Lee movie in the mix): https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000226/ Top Gun 2 is not a particularly easy thing to tackle imo (I imagine it is about the end of the very existence of dog fighting the subject of the first movie), in an commercial / political era for which it is not easy to do either in big budget, if you do not set it in fantasy who to do you take to play the enemy let alone the villain.
  5. If Smith do not get involved it would be very likely that something like Aladdin prequel would be the equivalent of those many direct to video they were making with those property back in the days yes. The Sleeping Beauty is covered by the Maleficent franchise but that is to be released before The Mermaid I think.
  6. I imagine Incredible 2 multi (3.34) is also in play.
  7. Current plan rumor is The Sword in the Stone, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Tink, Rose Red, Prince Charming, Hunchback and if it is still going on Lilo & Stitch, Aladdin prequel with the Genie https://www.radiotimes.com/news/film/2019-07-18/disney-live-action-upcoming-movies/
  8. Probably the concept will not "work" but the very bad into that Technic shot should get fix by then, has of now the quality of the "cats" design are quite uneven.
  9. Considering still almost 6 month of CGI work that will go on on this.... maybe it will end up by then working in theater. Just imagine if this was not based on some very popular property, an original that we didn't had clue about what it would be and what the title Cats was for.... and that would be the trailer ! It would have been quite insane.
  10. Maybe not a new strategy, just that they gained a lot of power over theater chain since that would normally have an harder and harder time to say no to their conditions.
  11. Not sure about that (what is your source ?) 1) Negative Effect of climate change started earlier in many non first world countries and are usually bigger. 2) Outside first world countries a giant % of the population are farmer or have other form of making a living directly from nature and know/follow/directly feel climate related news quite more than the average first worlder, if they are not farmer they often have one in the family or know some. For example: https://www.pewresearch.org/global/2019/02/10/climate-change-still-seen-as-the-top-global-threat-but-cyberattacks-a-rising-concern/pg_2019-02-10_global-threats-2018_0-13-2/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climate_change_opinion_by_country % of people very concerned that climate change will harm me personally: Latin America: 63% Africa: 61% Asia-Pacific: 37% Europe: 27% Middle east" 27% US: 30% Climate change is a serious problem Africa: 61% Latin America: 74% US: 45% Europe: 54% Percentage of each country polled who agree with : Climate change is a serious problem Brazil 86% Burkina Faso 79% Chile 77% India 76% Uganda 76% Peru 75% ..... Russia 33% Ukraine 29% Pakistan 29% Israel 24% Poland 19% China 18%
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