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  1. That said if she smile in the trailers, people do not even have to know who she is to have some possible effect. She has old school Hollywood star screen presence.
  2. I wonder what it say about just how much American are exporting their views on racism and diversity in such a blunt way, that one of the most diverse award body ever made that was the HFPA, born from all over the world and writing for publication of all over the world could be perceived to have a big diversity issue. HFPA recent former president was named Meher Tatna, was from India, I think only 3 of the 87 voters were Americans which has a bit of the point (Euros, Asian, Indian, South Americans, etc...), to expect that body to reflect American diversity and have member of the Ame
  3. Is it just me that it hurt the legacy of Marvel success a little bit ? There was no brilliant build up, not a single particularly good spider man movie since Spider Man 2, yet a Jon Watts movie of all peoples, with those trailers of all trailers open like that just by throwing a lot of beloved figure in it ?
  4. I think that goes true for the era in general, a time where CGI started to be really good but not enough for a lot of things, that film and film preservation was close to reach is peak. Titanic will probably age well forever, Saving Private Ryan has pretty much 0 issue and what help is what came just after, Digital camera not fully ready and a bit of overuse of CGI relative to their quality, a windows that will not age that well, even for the best like some part of the very first Lord of the Rings could use better texture/rendering and Gollum is much better in the sequels, that mak
  5. Not obvious how much public messaging of the sort help, but Canada did really well, outside "islands country" not many had less pandemic death since the beginning.
  6. Age aside (which is less and less an issue in a world with 80 year's old president and superhuman aging a la Johnson), even too they do not go for much realism, it would still be extremely hard for Dwayne Johnson to blind in any crowd, put a regular worker/staff suit and so on to do Bond jobs.
  7. From memory Cloud Atlas was an international effort that included the Wachowskis, Tom Hanks, German goverment/europeen union "goverment" money and very little if any of Warners themselve, Warner distributed some market (theatrical-home videos), but it was a German movie, with a giant list of distributor and financier.
  8. Number of the study mentionned: https://thequorum.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Exhibition-At-A-Crossroads-11.29.21.pdf
  9. That a bit unfair, why would Japanese by offended by an hero that cry over Hiroshima destruction. To make a bit of a bad parallels imagine a deity like figure helping humanity making planes, and crashing down crying in a movie after realizing the Royal Air Force used is invention to fire bomb a Nazi Germany cities and presenting that action has dramatic and having some Jews not at ease with that artistic decision and thinking really that the WW2 part those deities would have their breaking point ?
  10. It was a different time: Gaining D+ customer is about impossible by now, would need some shift for pixar to go PVOD and a turn around.
  11. The article are bizarre, if they are those you have in mind: https://variety.com/2021/film/news/no-time-to-die-highest-grossing-movie-losing-money-blockbusters-1235111919/ they are not saying it is not a hit, they are saying a really strange: As a result, the film now stands to lose $100 million in its theatrical run, according to sources close to production. And ? If they implying anything special from that, that is very out of touch, the last Bond was around -100 million after theatrical has well.
  12. Which would be more than the DVD era, From 2007 to 2014 of 29.5 billions Sony made from movies 10.25 came from theater. Theatrical release cost during that period (marketing+prints+wpf/freight and others) was of 11.01 billion it costed them 107% them their rental, it was not that the movie was not profitable, the movie release did not even pay for itself, if we forget how much value for the next windows theatrical release give a movie. The movie breaking even in theatrical release has been an exceptional event for a very long time.
  13. Not sure of the implication, look in the olds days red box most rented movies ranking: 2013: 1. Identity Thief 2. The Heat 3. World War Z 4. Flight 5. Olympus Has Fallen 6. Django Unchained 7. Grown Ups 2 8. White House Down 9. Here Comes the Boom 10. Now You See Me 2014: 1. "Captain Phillips" 2. "The Wolf of Wall Street" 3. "22 Jump Street" 4. "The Equalizer" 5. "Divergent" 6. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" 7. "Ride Along" 8. "Neighbors" 9. "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa" 10. "Tammy" The m
  14. I mean the individual critics score on MC for the movie: https://www.metacritic.com/movie/ghostbusters-afterlife/critic-reviews The highest IGN/NY post are around 90 the lowest (Atlantic, LA times) are around 10-15, this is pretty much as far of an homogenic group that has a consensus on the movie you can get.
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