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  1. That something that is repeated quite a bit, but and I could be extremely wrong European theater American involvement was almost voluntary while Soviet were an allied to the Nazi (with the plan to invade all of Europe with them going on) and were the one forced into fighting against Germany with Operation Barbarossa. Has for no involvement in the war until Pearly Harbor that sound an exaggeration. For example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Reuben_James_(DD-245) Fate Sunk by U-552 in the North Atlantic Ocean, 31 October 1941 Th
  2. I really do not understand the message posted here. Seem to be in complete opposition.... In the same thread (or elsewhere) he say: Yeah. That one is real. Honestly everything except the “moderator of an anti-black women subreddit” is in some way based in reality. As I said earlier, this is really the only outta pocket thing he posted. But I genuinely believe it was just a poorly made argument, not malicious
  3. And those are non adjusted for inflation figure. In grossly adjusted (using release date) for 2014 dollars it look like this: Amazing Spider man 2: 14.5 millions on 603 millions in revenues on 708 millions WW box office Amazing Spider man 1: 72.1 millions on 725.9 millions in revenues on 781 millions WW box office Spider man 3........: 214.9 millions on 1,282.20 millions in revenues on 1,021 millions WW box office Spider man 2........: 350.7 millions on 1,363.52 millions in revenues on 996 millions WW Box office Actual revenues wise it was down
  4. It is not I think it is really good, that not the movie profit, that the part of the profit going into Sony pocket, deadline and other do not tend to estimate the studio part of the profit and show total profit the movie made (outside the very publicized pre-sold affair like the liongates Hunger Games where that distinction is sometime made). They tend to be either co-financed or pre-sales some markets in advance to diminish risk, help cash flow, etc... but that reduce the return that goes to them when they work and investor will like to sign option on sequels when they invest on property or h
  5. I must admit that at one point the past I thought both Sony and Microsoft would have one by now, directly on the console has either a plus or in their Xbox pass or Sony PS now-ps plus, with their own show. That said they were right and concentrating on game and streaming game was the way to go with them and it did not took long for the media part of console to be almost completely and utterly irrelevant part of them has either what come with a smartv or a $25 dongle took care of it for most customer now, now if you would release a console that do nothing else than game it would not
  6. They did try to go mid budget after the success of Apocalypse but scaling down after. From Sony point of view: Extinction: 44.45 million profit on 197.76 millions revenues Afterlife: 62.28 million profit on 252 millions revenues Retribution: 10 millions profit on 198.422 millions revenues (budget was 75 millions) Apocalypse: 57 millions profit on 201.36 millions revenues Screen gems title can tend to pre-sales some markets and like almost always have co-financier that shares the profits, what is really nice is that the profit is usually higher that
  7. It is easy to forget Sony is in the smarthphone business: https://electronics.sony.com/c/mobile That I imagine will tend to be year's in and out the lowest ROI, I imagine always negative. Karate Kids has been really big for them on youtube than Netflix, Atypical, The Crown, Breaking Bad before, The Last of Us on HBO is coming up, Community is probably a nice seller on streamers. Sony Picture television side and media network together is bigger than Motion picture in revenues, TV alone is smaller but not that much to be a different tier than the movie
  8. Some already have been paid a lot and can at least act has if they did care quite a bit.
  9. Maybe they are seeing something, because in most market it is true that the numbers do seem quite bad, getting beat by Suicide Squad, Space jam and or Tom and Jerry. Cruella being 30% bigger intl minus China is strange.
  10. Imdb tend to be good for this: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10838180/technical Red digital cameras (6 and 8K).
  11. Not sure I ever heard it (maybe during debate about the Bourne and Batman Begin influencing Casino Royale versus Bond influencing the future), but that combined with how long the series went on does make it an nice time capsule entity, like the tree rings on the tree stump of cinema history.
  12. Love a lot of his body of work but that a bit generous: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0688847/ From memory he did tend to be a bit more down on home ent and tv revenues of movies versus theatrical versus what Studio annual report or sony leak said back in the days.
  13. It a studio that get home ent distribution deal of many title that they did not distribute in theater themselve, also it is a studio that has a bigger part of their business being domestic than the more international reaching one, a market that is quite distinct on how big home entertainment revenues are by theatrical $.
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