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  1. I feel that narrative died down a while ago with the, critics now do not get too afraid to pan people with the biggest auteur signature out there: (been a while since is last criterion release as well, not so long ago being an big name auteur with a large success even if it was making Armageddon tended to get you those) and the : For the rest it tend to be true one exception is for director turned producer it seem not sure of the usage of the expression hit piece there, but for positive example of producer close involvement: https://www.empireonline.com/movies/features/10-cloverfield-lane-director-dan-trachtenberg-bad-robot-fan-theories/ How involved was J.J. Abrams whilst working in a galaxy far, far away? He was shooting Star Wars when we were shooting this movie, so he couldn’t be there on set but he still somehow managed to find the time to watch all our dailies and shoot me emails. I’d wake up in the morning to an email from him saying, “Love the inserts you’re getting!”, and, “Hey, what do you think about shooting this or that?”. Like crazy, smart and very encouraging. The greatest thing is to wake up to an email from him when I knew he was on the Millennium Falcon and looking at our movie and really proud of what we were doing. [That] was very emotional and exciting for me. He really put wind in our sails. Or interviews of people on TV/movie that worked with Spielberg for example I heard a lot of things saying how great Spielberg input are has a producer, Rudin, Apatow, for example: https://filmmakermagazine.com/102788-michael-showalter-on-working-with-kumail-nanjiani-and-judd-apatow-on-the-big-sick/ Something like this: Filmmaker: How collaborative and open to suggestions are you while filming? Showalter: Very, especially on a movie like this, where you’ve got Kumail and Emily, who are the writers and producers and Kumail is the star and it’s their real story. And you’ve got the producers, who bring an enormous amount of wisdom, experience, creativity and their own way of doing things, and these amazing cast members. I very much was in a facilitator role, wanting to make sure that everybody felt like their ideas were being heard. Filmmaker: How much input did Apatow or Mendel have? Were they on set? Showalter: Barry was on set every day and Judd was there periodically, a lot at the beginning and then at the end. Barry has been hands-on from the beginning to the end and Judd has been involved at every stage of the process. He’s involved in reading the script, he’s involved in postproduction when we’re editing and picking the music and sound, as well as getting into screenings and getting feedback. I was kind of in the center channeling it all through. Is not presented or talked about with any negative bent during the film release I think, it is a lot more when it comes from people that was running the conglomerate capacitor or south west parks or when it is a kid that never made a film trying to say too Ridley Scott/Scorsese how to make a film that it came with more backlash.
  2. I really think that it is for the complete streaming business has they have no way to split for movies and tv production too, but for the first time in Liongates history in their last annual report digital media made more than packaged media for the movie Home ent division and the progression was really fast. 2019 2018 2017 Digital Media 334.7 373.7 303.9 Packaged Media 257.5 400.3 403.8 Total: 592.2 774 707.7 In % Digital Media 57% 48% 43% Packaged Media 43% 52% 57% I do not know of other studio financial report that offer that breakdown but would not surprise me if that was becoming true across the board
  3. That was my first thought as well, maybe the movie is not particularly good and they didn't want to hurt the brand by pushing brought you by the James Bond expert in spy movie production, but it could be a lot of confirmation bias because of the release date on my part and always wanted it to be is own think completely separated brand wise.
  4. Yes, my point was not that those critics would think that cartel are filled with nice people, but that what it involve to say no to them, to not get in a gang as a teen in some context is such a big deal that it can get a bit greyish sometime and the decision to not show a Mexican not in the cartel in a movie with them is still one to make. Now should a movie care ? Should filmmaker always create fantasy world when they want uncomplicated villain ? That a different take. Cartel can be so terrible (worst than some branch of ISIS sometime it seem) that I am not sure how much filmmakers should take white glove to treat the subject personally, when criminal organisation throw journalist from helicopter in cities to intimidate the population and the press, mass kill a bus of school children and so on.....
  5. Think about how Villeneuve Sicario did it and how much of an issue people had with it.
  6. Nah it is a delicate balance and that narrative help to keep it alive, it is not like we will not have marketing study/toy department/studio exec influenced affair to see in theater when we want too if that narrative do not die (and it is not like those supposed Studio did leave it alone movies will not continue to receive a tons of notes). Maybe balance it a little bit more (like say if the studio took Ad Astra from Gray hands and still get good reviews/nice festival run and you do not release the story when you know very well it would be everywhere if the movie was trashed by critics like for Suicide Squad, just to reinforce this narrative, then it is cheating), but keeping it a bit alive so the healthy tension between creators and financier do not get too one sided.
  7. Judging by the trailer/poster I guess not at all, I thought it would milk a connection way more than that. I think it could have virtually 0 effect. Trailer isn't bad (seem to have some nice on location production value displayed), but I wonder if there is any hook there and the remake/use of the song isn't the best one we saw.
  8. That a purely social/cultural construct that make up to reproduce a skin color in costume is a good or bad thing (it is not like there is anything inherently wrong with it) to do with being a moron, it had yet to have reached a large portion of the world by 2001, it is a norm that the giant Anglo-Saxon hegemonic culture is exporting, not sure it was a concept that existed in French Canada when Trudeau grew up. Has recently has 2010 before social media caught up it was still common here on mainstream television for very progressive comedian to use black face in parodies here.
  9. What popular mainstream Hollywood filmmaker would you put on the cold side of the hot-cold divide if not Nolan ? From the place love stories take in is filmography, is protagonist personality, is general humor, to is color palette/production design, how cerebral and on the nose exposition via dialogue he can be, how a death wife seem to often be a plot device, how much energy is put on the "technical" storytelling device he often develop in is new project, he seem on that more cerebral and cold side in every way. Not that he is incapable too on both aspect, Interstellar is very high on emotional moment (and use of music) for sure, but it will show a father never talking again to is son and wanting to look is grand children without finding it odd at all, Dunkirk let go of the making sure everyone get everything explained via cerebral dialogue.
  10. If 25 happen it would show little comparable for trackers that had ? Rambo being more dead on in comp.
  11. Pretty much themselves on their annual most profitable blockbuster annual round down..... Will see if they remember to put above 120m from just domestic home ent. in their annual round down, they didn't gave 70% of that to a movie like Jurassic World or half of it to Bohemian Rhapsody
  12. It is damning that the most impressive aspect of Rambo: Last Blood is that Bulgaria doubled for Mexico. Then again, given the sequel's content and delicate state of US-Mexico relations, it is no surprise they chose another location. That movie was planned to shoot in bulgaria since at least 2008, shooting was supposed to start in 2010 (https://web.archive.org/web/20080323173248/http://www.moviehole.net/news/20080320_rambo_5_to_film_in_bulgaria.html😞 http://www.nuboyanafilm.com/ Filmography List This list contains a small sample of projects over the last 10 years. UPCOMING YEAR STUDIO/DISTRIBUTOR Kane & Lynch 2010 Millenium Films Rambo V 2010 Millenium Films Like most Millenium film do: Angel Has Fallen (2019) Filming Locations Sofia, Bulgaria Hellboy (2019) Filming Locations Nu Boyana Film Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria Hunter Killer (2018) Filming Locations Bulgaria That where Stallone made all is expendable movies as well, I would imagine they offer good expertise, installation at a good price.
  13. I imagine you can still very easily flop, they will just be able to hide it if it happen (streamers tend to be quite vocal when something do not flop), that still a lot of extra months to get from customers for it to not be a flop.
  14. $90M would be quite the good food, but yes what is called big budget is often not even near half of those Avengers one now a day.
  15. I imagine it explain that price tag and that move: https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/09/seinfeld-netflix-streaming-deal Netflix Nabs Seinfeld Streaming Rights in $500 Million-Plus Deal
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