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  1. It is to be somewhat expected, patient vaccinated could developed a false sense of protection and start taking risk (before the 2-3 weeks it take for the antibodies to ramp up and develop some) and for a while there is little reason why they should get less infected if they do not take extra precaution versus the rest of society.
  2. I think many were giant drop like GodFather 2, Empire Strike Back, Grease 2, Sting 2, American Graffiti 2, exorcist 2 but in a era where sequels have big drop was more the norm that make them hard for someone not from that era too judge them. Some were big modern drop but with product/proposition that would have an hard time causing deception to anyone not involved in the projects themselves, like Blair Witch 2/Speed 2/Basic Instinct 2/Dumb and Dumber 2, people didn't care for those doing well or not and could not be disappointed, they would have not mind if the movie were never made to start with. That make BvS a good candidate, considering the stakes, the amount of people rooting for it, the giant launch at the start of the OW and it was in a time when SH movies adding SH in them could grow a lot. Some canvas about it about it is a sequel of which movie exactly ? (If it is Man of Steel and in that case 200M more) and so on, but still, it's own debut proved how much it was a dunk 1.1-1.2 billion movie a la Aquaman (but more domestic) for sure with a good reception and when down under 900M. Far from the worst performing sequel, but disappointing maybe.
  3. That was by elected official ruling from a state too right in the 19 century forced vaccination campaign ? Not by private companies. I imagine there is many precedent to this, for example: Even though private companies have no business asking about your medical information. This must have many exemption, movie business often ask for medical information, healthcare worker, professional sports, I would imagine porn will enforce a sexual transmissive testing mandatory and so on. When it is relevant to the jobs or safety of customer/co-workers I imagine that it is not uncommon.
  4. I think there is a bit of talking over each other heads, are the claim that he like to talk about it (and send DM about it) true versus did he actually engage in cannibalistic practice.
  5. That said good year for thoses (like last year) to have a shot at real competitive award (i.e. best picture), but if you start breaking down best picture in sub category (best animated), may as well have those.
  6. I would not put taboo around cannibalism or rape has something the PC culture starting in the late 80s to now brought, that something that was fraught from most time and most place, that does not goes well with old school conservator either or most laws (after a check cannibalism is perfectly legal, i.e. you can eat yourself, a bit like in many state where prostitution is perfectly legal just activity around it than to be made illegal). That said has far has we known it is a mix of really kink sexting and roleplay that is being alleged, with infidelity of having occurred right, there is no mention of any of this actually occurring ? In that sense (if that what it is), making a big out of that would feel a bit like some renewed puritanism. It does seem of a case to either go in prison (not just kink, but actual rape or forced cannibalism act occurred) or not (just fun kink between consenting adult) more than a faux-pas that hurt your movie career here.
  7. One selling it to the other is also a scenario (for Sony studio parts that what the talk tend to be about). I think in media it will tend to be like hulu (without a good example of complete world multi faceted studios, with tv, movies, games, parks like those 2): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viacom_18 ESPN is a joint venture but with Disney having 80% vs just 20% by Hearst it is probably well under majority control of Disney, unlike A&E where it is 50-50 with Disney
  8. 2019 Comcast Revenue: 109 billion Asset: 263 billion Equity: 71.5 billion Employees: 190,000 AT&T Revenue: 181.2 billion Asset: 551 billion Employees: 243,000 In 2016 21st Century Fox was about 30 billion revenues, 50 billions assets with 20,500 employees, it is a completely different scale yes. That why the talk is I feel like about merging NBCUniversal with WarnerMedia and not comcast with AT&T: "Our thoughts about the logical combination of NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia to give the combined companies the needed scale to compete with Disney and Netflix were reinforced by other conversations across town," Nathanson wrote about his check-in with his Hollywood contacts. A big like Sony, they would merge/sell the movie-tv studio part of the company to another studio, not Sony altogether. Disney Revenue: 65 billion asset: 201.5 billion Employees: 223,000
  9. Mother of god....: https://www.the-numbers.com/box-office-chart/weekend/2015/12/25 Point break achieving 2.3 multiplier, Concussion 2.4, Daddy Home 2.42, Joy 2.26 do point out that the other movies this year seem to playing like usual for that scenario legs wise, just much lower in absolute.
  10. English is a second language so maybe it is just maybe, but that seem a complicated way to say something. Up from 5% less than 2 weeks ago Is 5% less mean, up from 25%, up from 28.5%, up from just 5% ?
  11. It could give some clues, but the next time we have the chance to see a WB movies release and hyped sequel simultaneously on HBO max during the holidays with about 0 competition in theater, could never happen again this decade, please make this situation never happen again. (and Christmas falling out in a not too different ways is a factor as well)
  12. If a movie without thursday previews nor competition would have achieved -54% during the holidays, I am not sure many would have been surprised and calling it extraordinary high hold. News to the world launched at the same time and made 2.4 its OW after the second sunday, Promising Young Woman 2.6, Pinocchio 2.86 not necessarily specially good for the release date in a regular year, but otherwise that would be very solid hold. If we compare with 2009 the latest time Christmas was a friday, it was in that similar windows: Sherlock Holmes was a 2.27 Its complicated 2.67 Tree Idiots 2.9 Chipmunks 3.2 WW was at 1.7, making the HBO Max factor you mention probably a big deal (and a bigger factor, that was not necessarily easy to access it is not like the HBO Max option didn't depress the OW itself as well).
  13. For some platform in some market very soon things could pivot into being able to keep already subscribed account X more months type of metric more than new customer (imagine that already partly the case for a Netflix in the USA/Canada) I think there was talk about them changing their metrics from new subs to simply views in general in recent year in how they evaluated their content value, making the comparison on a mature platform with the very new explosive growth release hard to do with somewhat public metric like new subs. How good a movie did in new sub will be very dependant in when it released and it will probably be hard to compare over time, the second big movie on a platform will have a task of getting new subscriber way harder than the first one and a log model should quickly install itself.
  14. That seem to just saying -67% legs with words, that what people are trying to figure out why people seeing it didn't create new people that want to see it with word of mouth like it usually do. And other aspect, Christmas lockdown ? I imagine people spend a lot of time with family around this of year, starved to find stuff easy to talk about and what about the last film you saw was an easy enough common subject during those supers, in 2020 that was as much of a thing than usual.
  15. Seem unknown: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/01/world/middleeast/israel-coronavirus-vaccines.html Candidate are a mix of: 1) Obviously small concentrate population help 2) Early involvement in the race 3) Citizen are forced by law to be registered in the central medical something, that make distribution, feedback, test, etc... attractive for the world companies to use them as a first deployment 4) they seem to have kept secret how many doses and at what cost
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