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  1. If a movie break even in Cinema it would be on is way to be a huge success (that would be according to the rumored numbers Solo doing 1 billion at the box office or so do break even in Cinema), if the question does studio care about the breaking even in cinema non-sense , obviously not. But Disney still does care a lot about how much is movies make a the box office. https://www.thewaltdisneycompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2017-Annual-Report.pdf In 2017 Disney Studio entertainment division made 8.38b in revenues and 2.355b in operating income. From those 8,379 millions made in the division here the revenues breakdown: Theatrical distribution: 2.903b (35%) Home ent: 1.798b (21.5%) TV/SVOD other: 3.678b (44%) ------------------------------------------ So first has you see it is mostly about content (65% of it right there and it would be much more if you take the values created among the Parks divisions and consumer product / video games divisions theatrical has), but it is still a giant amount, bigger than the operating income. And everything there is push by the theatrical windows, how popular in theater tend to determine a lot how popular you will be on the bigger for studios homeEnt/TV-SVOD windows, how popular the park attraction on those movies will be, how popular the consumer product about them and the video games will be also. Everything fall down from it and even if the revenues does not come directly from theatrical, the values was mostly created there (and a bit why it is unfair to consider the theatrical cost expense pure as a theatrical expense, it is publicity for everything else for the future at the same time). There is obvious exception a la Fight Club, Pitch Perfect 1 and so on, but for made for the theater blockbuster receiving an over 150m sales pitch to convince people to see it in theater... it is a really bad sign for it's content value if it is rejected now, see Star Wars: Battlefront licensing revenues dropping with the Star Wars box office drop. Licensing for disney in 2017 were 600m lower than 2016 in good part because of Frozen/Star Wars doing down (while helped by Cars come back) and 130m lower in retail.
  2. At the time it was about a 500m WW very heavy domestic than 400m (400!!! really ????) Very domestic heavy can be surprising to some, The other guy for example: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=ferrellwahlberg2010.htm Production Budget: $100 million Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $119,219,978 70.0% + Foreign: $51,212,949 30.0% = Worldwide: $170,432,927 Not only didn't loose money, but made a 20m profit, but on movies close around the edge I do not have much of an opinion, even studio's does not know, but certainly if it would fall to a 400m WW performance it would probably loose money yes, because that would probably show an home entertainment rejection to come also. But to give an extreme example a movie like Hitch: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=hitch.htm Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $179,495,555 48.8% + Foreign: $188,604,865 51.2% = Worldwide: $368,100,420 Made 490m in revenues with 0 from consumer product sales and would have turned a profit even with a 250m budget if Smith would have agree to push is bonus.
  3. Going to not loose money, at a rumored over 250m budget, not necessarily at a well over 300m one.
  4. That more than domr studio profit in some year's too and without merchandising....
  5. I was saying less and less effort now (those example above are extreme laziness, like if BP would get only 50% dbo....) Sony leak show the merchandise revenues for every movies, the spider man when they have the merchandise were above 100m for example.
  6. The 3 movies or more that started in the last 5-6 year's Hunger Games/Pitch Perfect in 2012 Conjuring 2013 Maze Runner 2014 50 shades 2015 Divergent ? Kingsman will joint that group soon, I imagine, same for John Wick. Is there talk for a Now you see me 3 ? Second one still made a giant box office. And far from new obviously, but the new version of the Poirot is off a good start with Murder on The Orient express could see them make 3 of those, material is certainly all already there to support has many audience will take of him.
  7. If true, if net and depending of what they mean by well north (315 or 330 ?), if the Kasdan, Kennedy, Howard and co. have first dollar gross (or that start low) that is starting to be quite expensive, rumored Justice League type of expensive.
  8. Exactly (it occur often nothing during action's), second half is much better than the first too.
  9. That exactly Kubo and the 2 strings if you have not seen it, you could practically just name the main characther Link and change very little. Plot is going through 3 dungeons with different small boss for getting 3 item that make it possible to beat the big boss.
  10. A ok, I wonder if those movie get test screened with a regular crowd that much ? Must hard for those having saw the movies so much to judge pace that well, specially when the movie look very good.
  11. If that the point, I would recommand people wanting a Last of Us movie to watch the excellent The Girl With All the Gifts, fantastic movie.
  12. I just played the beginning of the Last of Us, but it was extremely derivative of already ultra used book/movie tropes also, maybe a bit less than Indy/tomb Raider/Uncharted/The Mummy/etc... but still quite a bit. Has for easy, compressing 20 hours of gameplay into 2 hours must always be a challenge I would imagine (except if there is really a lot of repetitive fat easy to cut)
  13. Really ? Not sure if serious here, how trolling the audience not risky ? Was issues with the movie a lot of people had was just bad execution or some actual decision taken they hated ? (that what risk are usually, decision that have a good chance to be hated, that have a narrow landing strip to work that need great execution because the idea itself will not be loved easily)
  14. Isn't it by far it's biggest complain (outside the star wars lore element) ?

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