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  1. I’m curious to see if there’s any correlation between the people complaining about all of the changes made to Spider-Man and the people complaining about Disney’s live action remakes. Because it sure seems that some of you just want the same thing over and over again. We’ve already had five films involving Mary Jane, Gwen, Uncle Ben, the Osbornes, jock Flash, old May, exclusively NY, no mentor, super secret identity, etc. If that’s really what defines Spider-Man for you, just go watch those movies again. They’re still there and at least the first couple did a really good job with it. Marvel is trying some new things with the character to keep him interesting to those that burned out on him with the other films. Notice how they haven’t touched a single villain that was in another film? And the general consensus is that they’ve done a solid job. Not perfect movies by any means, but they’ve managed to capture the essence of a young, immature superhero who struggles to balance his personal life with the pressure of being a superhero. THAT’S who Spider-Man is, not the little side details, and thank you Marvel for sticking true to that.
  2. Kraven is probably Spidey’s biggest villain yet to not appear in a film, and the only member of the original Sinister Six not tackled yet, so I’d put money on him being next. Spidey as a fugitive is a perfect setup to bring him in too.
  3. Finally saw this. Think I loved it... But some asshole brought a baby (yes, to John Wick) so gotta try to go again
  4. This run has truly been remarkable. Not even taking the film’s quality into account, I love seeing eleven years of hard work pay off like this. Truly earned, even if it does only get the silver medal in the long run.
  5. There’s an Adjuster option in the upper right corner of most pages, you can adjust the numbers to ticket prices of different years or estimated tickets sold.
  6. Watch the first 40 seconds to get a feel for how well this is gonna do.
  7. If we do have a new “RDJ” currently in the MCU, I honestly think it’ll be Tom Holland. Yeah he might belong to Sony, but his Spidey is really well loved, smart, funny, powerful, and literally following in Tony’s footsteps. He’s started small in his solo movies, but has shown that he can step up to something massive as well. He also has shown great chemistry with Doctor Strange, the Guardians, and Captain Marvel. There’s massive potential there. He’ll be the star of the show, but not in a lead everyone way like Tony. Everyone else is just a little too supporting or separated: Doctor Strange’s world is a little too niche to head the whole franchise. But as shown in Ragnarok and these last two Avengers movies, he’s great as a supporting player. Have him pop up every once in a while to give insight to other characters. Black Panther is obviously a juggernaut, but he has his own world to lead. He’s the king of a country halfway across the world, so he can’t really spend all that much time in the US. But Wakanda can certainly be a source of consistent aid, tech, and finances, so they have plenty of supporting role potential as well. Despite what they’ve said about Captain Marvel being the future of the MCU, I can’t see her being a huge force on Earth with the other heroes. She’s just too powerful to face anything Earthly threat, and it’s probably gonna take a lot to warm some fans up to her. I don’t hate her or Brie Larson, but they haven’t written the character to be particularly likable so far. But what she can do is lead the cosmic side of the MCU. Show us tons of new worlds for future stories to branch from and put together a team of cosmic fighters (Nova? Adam Warlock? Silver Surfer?). The Guardians have always been their own thing off in space, and I imagine they stay that way. Thor can keep being his lovable, goofy self with them, and the only interactions I can see him still having on Earth are with Valkyrie, Korg, and Hulk. He really has no investment with the others. Ant-Man and the Wasp will continue to be the small, lighthearted corner of the MCU. Neither the Eternals nor Shang-Chi seem like properties that can become the new face of the franchise, but I guess you never know with Marvel. Hulk’s probably out of action with that injury. He’ll probably just show up here or there to provide some brains. Hawkeye’s giving up the mantle in his Disney+ series. Scarlet Witch and Vision are interesting ones, because they’re both really powerful, but also both very young and immature. They’d need some refining, so I’m interested to see where their Disney+ series takes them. Yes, I’m confident Shuri is recreating Vision. Falcon and Winter Soldier make a cool duo, but both have just been sidekicks to Cap. I can see them having a cool espionage-lite adventure in their series, maybe working with Nick Fury? War Machine is either going back to doing missions for the military or retiring. Overall, I think the Avengers are done. Most members will be still be active and helping the world/universe, but I think they’ll be a lot more spread out. Team-ups will definitely take place, and I can see a Young Avengers team on the horizon with Cassie Lang, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Monica Rambeau and maybe even Morgan Stark or Miles Morales. Maybe Spidey will lead that? But the official Avengers team is probably disbanded. I definitely see more of a focus on the cosmic side from here on out. The Guardians, Captain Marvel, and the Eternals will be out in space. Doctor Strange will be exploring the mystic Multiverse. Ant-Man and the Wasp will still be on Earth, but they have the Quantum Realm. Black Panther is too isolated, and I see them introducing Namor and Atlantis in BP2. Everyone else that’s staying grounded except Spidey and I guess Shang-Chi are on Disney+, and even the Far from Home trailer has mentioned the multiverse. The MCU’s about to get wacky, and that’s even before the Fantastic Four and X-Men come into the picture.
  8. I personally don’t mind spoilers all that much (something about knowing where it ends up makes me appreciate the journey more, idk hard to explain it). I’ve made my peace about being in the spoiler thread, so if there’s something about the race thing worth knowing, I’m down to hear it.
  9. I haven’t seen it yet, but if it’s casual as hell about the biracial thing, good for them. This isn’t the 60s, it shouldn’t be shock worthy, and it shouldn’t be treated like it’s a big deal. That in itself makes it a big deal and a lot more progressive than most films. If the story and characters are good (although it seems that may not be the case, we’ll see), that’s all that matters.
  10. Okay I see what you mean now. It’s more just like the principle of it is weird. He goes from Peggy’s funeral to kissing her niece in the course of like a weekend, it’s just...uncomfortable. And the fact that he’s now living in a timeline where he’s watching her grow up as a child has to be weird to him.
  11. Lmao that quote was literally about you bringing up Solo when I simply said they were rebooting the series. Not sure where all of this is coming from. So a couple things you presumed falsely: 1) No it didn’t pass me by at all. If these rumors are true though, it would make sense that they try to incorporate it. I mean they’re most likely contractually obligated to release it, and if it means nothing to them, why bother pushing it back and reshooting it? Just let it bomb quietly. I’m not saying it’s 100% happening, so chill a bit. It’s a theory. On a board called Box Office THEORY. 2) I don’t give a shit about a new X-Men series. I’d rather them leave it alone for a good five years or so, that way it’ll feel fresh. And we have plenty of other fresh properties they can use at the moment. So again, get off your little high horse. We hear a rumor, we speculate, that’s the whole fun of the board. Maybe it is BS, probably is. But if it’s not, then yeah, MCU tie ins would make sense and I doubt they’d bring in the old X-Men cast. Sorry that this apparently a really touchy subject for you.
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