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  1. I’ve seen so many ads for this on TV, Hulu, Insta, etc. so props to the marketing team for getting it out there. I really hope it pays off, we haven’t had much comedy success in a while.
  2. Can’t agree with this personally, but just my opinion as well. A great actor can truly become their character. There are some movies where I can easily forget I’m watching an actor. Animation can absolutely be fantastic and certainly can provide many emotions (and some stories just work better animated, ie. The Lion King), but at the same time, it works generally the same as acting. Both artists have to project a telegraphed emotion. While an actor projects with his or her own face, an animator just does it through a drawn (or computer animated) face. Both animators and actors must think about what their art can feel, but they are still both restricted to what they have the talent to visually depict. They both require an immense amount of skill to accurately portray without dialogue. I’d almost say I respect actors more in this specific regard (key phrase, this specific), because while an animator can spend time perfecting the visual appearance, an actor must accurately portray an emotion themselves. They really need to get into the character. Just as an example, a team of animators can say something like “Oh, make their eyes look bigger” and keep editing to get the perfect image, while an actor really needs to embody it on their own. If that one actor can’t pull it off, it won’t work. A director can only go so far with the wrong actor. Again, not to knock animation at all. It’s a beautiful art form.
  3. He’s playing Mason, “an ally from Romanoff’s S.H.I.E.L.D. past who is romantically interested in her”.
  4. Without mentioning Tom Hardy or the chemistry between Eddie and Venom, in what ways was that movie better than the MCU films? Or good at all? Serious question.
  5. Ant-Man and the Wasp came out before Endgame, and they weren’t in Infinity War, so that’s not shocking. I definitely think the character was enough of a highlight in Endgame that a new movie shortly after could have contended with $300M DOM, but there seem to be no plans unfortunately.
  6. Personally, I only like to read reviews after seeing a movie. Like, if I really enjoyed a movie with bad reviews or vice versa, it can be interesting to hear what was so hated or loved about it. Sometimes I can gain a new appreciation for a film that way. And sometimes I just can’t pinpoint what bothered me and the review helps.
  7. I’m glad they didn’t make an overt statement about the government. They made a compelling enough statements about both sides to get us discussing and make our own decisions. That’s much better than having a movie preach to me. I mean look at us discussing it three years later. They did something right.
  8. For someone that hates superhero movies so much, you’ve sure seen a lot of them. And it’s hard to take someone that uses the word “kiddie” in their argument seriously. Such a juvenile critique. Yeah, I’m sure the kids just loved the filicide and genocide in Infinity War. Is there a general formula? Sure, but that literally comes down to “protagonist goes through hardship to succeed in the end”, a formula that goes back centuries in storytelling and is surely present in all of your favorite movies. Do they try to be crowd pleasing? Absolutely, it’s called a blockbuster. But no heart? Give me a break. You don’t make millions of people cry over a character that wasn’t treated with heartfelt storytelling. No one’s saying you have to like them but get off your high horse with that “kiddie garbage” crap.
  9. To be fair, Tony had a whole suit of nanotech to absorb the stones while Hulk only had the gauntlet. You can see the power flowing before he snaps, but it’s mostly through the whole suit. That’s why it had to be him, no one else could realistically have stolen the stones off of Thanos.
  10. How did the OT characters earn their friendships? At least the ones in the polls, Han/Chewie and R2/3PO, supposedly began before the movies and wanted us to just go along with it. There was no growth or development there. I have no problem with either friendship, but don’t act like they’re masterclass writing. Poe/BB8 have the exact same relationship so far as Han/Chewie. Literally the same. And as mentioned above me, Force Awakens put a lot into Rey and Finn. I actually think human friendships are the one thing all three trilogies have done well. I’ve bought into all of them so far.
  11. Pretty much any “prestige” film released in Q4 will receive attention from the Academy. Not necessarily a nomination, but it will be looked at and decently in the running (remember Denzel for Roman Israel?). Anything earlier needs to have made a significant impact (ie. Black Panther, Get Out, BlacKkKlansman), otherwise it typically gets overlooked in favor of the films that are right in their faces.
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