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  1. I did and still can’t wrap my brain around any way that Killmonger would time travel or go multiverse hopping. The multiverse opens a ton of MCU story possibilities, but there still needs to be a level of believability to its use. And when did Jon Watts say that? Not doubting you, just curious to read the full story and couldn’t find it by Googling.
  2. I'm having a really hard time grasping the concept of a potential Killmonger return. Like how would it happen? We saw him physically die. There's been nothing to suggest Wakanda can revive the dead, and if they could, I'd imagine he's way behind T'Challa, T'Chaka, or Zuri on the waiting list. He's not a robot like Vision that can be rebooted. He's not some illusion expert like Loki or Mysterio that could reveal a fake out. I can't imagine time travel coming into play here or a variant somehow crossing into the main reality. What else is there?
  3. That’s fair and I didn’t mean it to come off that way, because I don’t like when people do that either. If I didn’t care at all about this franchise, I wouldn’t even bother saying anything, but as a huge HP fan, I just really wish it was good. So yeah I guess I do “care” about the series, I just hate the direction they took and really wish Rowling and WB had handled it better. I’m still gonna see this third movie because of that deeper franchise love, I just wish I was looking forward to it more if that makes more sense.
  4. The Harry Potter series was my absolute obsession growing up and to this day I still cherish it. I reread the books like every other year and could answer almost any question about the content within those books. I went to all of the midnight book releases and movie showings since I was seven years old. I was Harry for Halloween four years in a row, then went as Voldemort the next year. I have all of the movies in multiple formats, all of the video games, tons of collector items, you name it. I have seen both of these Fantastic Beasts movies once, walked out disappointed, and could
  5. Trailer. The internet is chomping at the bit for this more than any other MCU trailer outside of the Avengers films, but I fully expect next to nothing to be revealed. Then again, having thought about it, Sony condensed the entirety of Homecoming into a trailer, so I guess you should never overestimate their level of caution.
  6. Can’t wait for the inevitable meltdowns when the trailers drop and Tobey and Andrew are nowhere to be seen.
  7. Can I just say oh thank god… Every day we went without an updated official poster was slowly eating at me.
  8. I get your point, but Taika hasn’t directed anything yet since winning an Oscar. But also, nothing should be considered a “serious awards contender” or locked for a BP nom until after it‘s screened. If you are, you’re probably baiting (I’m looking at you, Mank).
  9. Some of the reactions to this teaser (all over the internet tbc) have been absolutely ridiculous. ”Why am I supposed to care about these characters? Literally never heard of them before” - Did you hear about Nemo before Finding Nemo came out? No. Watch and find out. Actually saw a comment somewhere from someone saying they can’t imagine caring if one of the Eternals died... Since when did you have to have prior knowledge for something to resonate? ”Lol they just sat on their asses while Thanos wiped out half the universe” - Do you really think this isn’t gonna address t
  10. Watts might not be the most visually interesting director out there, but he’s a lot better than many other safe studio directors at capturing character. I think he’s a good choice for a first Fantastic Four film to establish the family dynamic, but as they go more cosmic and weird in future films, they may want to hire someone new.
  11. Still convinced the Enchantress is gonna have some role in this. She’s basically the only major Thor villain we haven’t seen yet, and the title just screams Enchantress.
  12. To be fair, that could come down to simply precedent. There aren’t many examples of successful non-Rated R films released in early September, but there also aren’t that many examples of unsuccessful non-Rated R films released in early September. There are flops, but those are typically movies that were dumped. They wouldn’t have done well anywhere. Dolphin Tale 2 and the 3D re-releases of The Lion King and Finding Nemo pulled solid numbers in mid-September. I really can’t think of an example of a tentpole movie actually being failed by any release spot (other than being released wi
  13. https://grabyourseat.wordpress.com/2020/04/06/the-invisible-man/ Can we get a round of applause for Universal? Following the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Universal was one of many studios who sought after their own cinematic universe with the Dark Universe, a world based on the Universal Classic Monsters. They had a plan, a cast, and too-high budgets, but after the critical and commercial failures of Dracula Untold and The Mummy, they stepped back and reconsidered. They dropped all of the overarching plans and decided to entrust the properties to low-budget experts Blu
  14. The Avengers had some color but the lighting made it look like a TV movie. And the shot where Loki catches the arrow might be the most obvious green screen in the entire MCU. I’d much rather gray than cheap personally. But they’re fun to watch regardless of course.
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