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  1. Willing to bet it’s cuz he doesn’t have a wand. More surprised Dumbledore didn’t get one.
  2. And the first time Spidey met Green Goblin was when Gobby tricked some movie producer to make a Spider-Man movie about him fighting Gobby and the Enforcers. But... (gasp!) they weren’t actors and he had to fight the real ones! But the Hulk showed up and the director realized he would make a much better movie star. 60s Lee is Gold.
  3. It’s got an audience score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Nice try though.
  4. I meant them being good. Personal opinions aside, they’re all Fresh. Doubt this one won’t be, but yeah, teaser did disappoint me a bit.
  5. Trailer was absolutely the definition of “fine”. Will still be seeing it opening night, but praying it won’t kill their streak.
  6. To be fair, they already won the year worldwide, and they’re basically competing with themselves domestically. I’m sure there’s some benefit to being able to call both this and Black Panther “the #1 movie of the year”.
  7. That’s how he’s listed at #3, trust me I know there’s only one
  8. Indiana Jones Jr? Also, didn’t know Sarah Connors was in Indiana Jones Great list though!
  9. Only gripe I have with the way they handled the final battle in DH2 is the way Voldemort faded. First of all, it felt kinda anticlimactic. Second of all, and more importantly, Rowling made a point of saying Voldemort’s body lay lifeless like any other human. Despite all of his attempts to become bigger than life or death, he was just a man and died like one.
  10. ^Are you guys all forgetting that Christopher Robin ain’t reaching 100m?
  11. The trailer makes this look like they took the most generic parts of every successful YA dystopian sci-fi romance action whatever, and put it in a blender. But it’s not even like a fresh blend. It’s like after tasting it multiple times in the past and passing on it (Mortal Instruments, 5th Wave, probably others), you found that the blender in the back of your fridge still had some left in it and thought “what the hell, let’s give it another taste”. Just as bad, but also old and stale now.
  12. Fury Road was impressively made with all of its practical effects, but the story is a really thin, and the main character is almost pointless. Nicholas Hoult’s character was pretty good, but I don’t get the hype about Charlize Theron’s character and performance. There was nothing wrong with it but it didn’t stand out to me in any significant way.
  13. This has significantly more hype than the 2011 film. And these movies tend to go over tracking/predictions rather than under due to WOM and walk-up family audiences. I’m expecting at least $40M.

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