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  1. Holland version is only meant to be 15. So he’s closer to what he looks
  2. Love this trailer!! Intriguing without spoiling anything. Hawkeye looks awesome, can’t believe I just said that. Lol at the title.
  3. I meant as in no one was going “Oh hey, Chris Pratt! I have to see this now!”
  4. I don’t think Pratt and Arnett even helped much domestically, if at all. Their performances helped critical and audience reception, sure, but LEGO was before Pratt broke out with Guardians and Jurassic, and no one’s checking for Arnett in the first place (and you can’t even recognize him). Only recent example I can think of where a voice actor helped is maybe the Rock with Moana.
  5. I kinda doubt it. Most of these Phase 3 movies end up with a teaser poster, an official, some character posters, and an IMAX poster. Once we see the cast names up top, that’s usually the official one. Dr. Strange actually works as a comparison, since this is also a solo film emphasizing a brand new character. Spider-Man was marketed by Sony, so that one was an unfortunate outlier lol. They tried to replicate the Marvel poster layout and it went to shit. Plus the teaser and official posters usually align with their respective trailers.
  6. To anyone upset about Leta being killed off, don’t worry, the third one will start with her saying “I thought I did too, but nope, I’m alive”. To anyone upset that Credence is a Dumbledore, don’t worry, the third one will start with Grindelwald saying “I lied. You’re just Credence, your parents were nobodies who sold junk for drinking money”. To anyone upset about Queenie turning to Grindelwald’s side, don’t worry, the third one will start with her saying “Nevermind, I shouldn’t be here,” and go back home. J.K. Retcon will handle it.
  7. Second movie this year that settled with $99M wow...
  8. nick64

    2020 Box office discussion

    I have a feeling the November MCU film will be Doctor Strange 2, with Eternals taking one of the 2021 spots (along with Spider-Man 3 and either Black Panther 2 or Guardians 3). It’d be strange (pun intended) for them to wait a 5 year gap after the first, especially after the awesome reception he had in Infinity War. 2022 would probably be some combo of whichever’s left from GOTG3/BP2, CM2, AM3, A5, or maybe F4. Also, I kinda wish they would make Black Widow one of the streaming miniseries. I feel like that story would work really well with a 10-or-so episode run.
  9. As long as the story itself is more engaging than the last one, I can get past some flaws in the storytelling. It looks like they’re making the characters more interesting at least.
  10. nick64


    Most of those had proven fanbases, just not in the traditional sense. Tangled, Brave, Wall-E are all Disney/Pixar, that’s not a risk. Armageddon, 2012, Troy, World War Z, Titanic, Inception, and Interstellar all had bankable directors and/or stars. I believe Pacific Rim and Edge of Tomorrow failed to breakeven (correct me if I’m wrong), so regardless of quality, they weren’t lucrative. In addition, most of these films had fresh ideas, so they also benefited from an interesting hook. Guy Ritchie is not a bankable director. Charlie Hunnam is not a bankable star. King Arthur is not a bankable or fresh property. It’s simply bad business to put that much money into something so risky. I don’t know how Warner thought they could make that money back in 2017’s box office climate.
  11. nick64


    Regardless of the intention, no movie with such an unproven fanbase had any right having a budget of $175M...let alone the $300M JC had
  12. nick64


    John Carter, King Arthur, The Promise, and Geostorm immediately come to mind.
  13. Willing to bet it’s cuz he doesn’t have a wand. More surprised Dumbledore didn’t get one.
  14. And the first time Spidey met Green Goblin was when Gobby tricked some movie producer to make a Spider-Man movie about him fighting Gobby and the Enforcers. But... (gasp!) they weren’t actors and he had to fight the real ones! But the Hulk showed up and the director realized he would make a much better movie star. 60s Lee is Gold.

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