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  1. Finding Dory? Toy Story 3? We already did find out lol. I also don’t really get the disappointment in this being directly after the first. Did people actually want to see Dash and Violet in their mid-20s?
  2. Christopher Robin | August 3, 2018 | Disney

    “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day” Ugh, I love Pooh
  3. But how would he know to go to Wakanda? Does he have Heimdall’s sight now? I do like the suggestion above that the Bifrost can’t go to Titan, because that explains why he wouldn’t just go there. I feel like this was explained in a scene that was cut. Because we do see Thor pick up Stormbreaker for the first time in the trailer. Hopefully it shows up on the BluRay and clears it up.
  4. I’d find Thor’s entrance so much cooler if it didn’t bug me so much that he has no reason to go there. But that’s pretty much my only nitpick.
  5. Fresh and rotten is essentially just thumbs up and thumbs down. Fresh doesn’t mean fantastic, and rotten doesn’t mean terrible (whereas an “F” is definitely a terrible grade). Something in the 20s or lower definitely implies that it’s pretty bad, but 50s is more “it’s okay”.
  6. Huh? Metacritic doesn’t use letter grades (and I also didn’t mention Metacritic). If you think something in the 70s on Metacritic equates to a C, you’re looking at it way wrong. Green scores are “positive”, yellow scores and “mixed”, and red scores are “negative”. If you wanna look at it as letter grades, I’d say 0-20 F 21-39 D 40-60 C 61-79 B 80-100 A is more accurate. Also, the same applies to RT. Do you think a 75% RT is a C quality movie? Or that a 59% is an F?? That’s way off. Well yeah, I get the value of RT, but I don’t get why some people care so much about comparing the exact numbers. Like some people think a 90% is so much better than an 85%. The point is that most critics liked both, that’s all it says.
  7. I don’t get why people put so much stock into the RT score. If every critic had said “ehh...good enough”, it would receive a 100%. A movie with a 94% isn’t necessarily “better” than one with an 82%.
  8. At that point, might as well make it 4/5 because 4vengers is a guarantee. Ant-Man, what a flop
  9. Can we just have Avengers 4 in the title? This just looks like another thread for Infinity War
  10. I know. I’m actually a massive follower of the music industry too lol. Just making sure that if stats are gonna be used, they’re the right stats
  11. I still find Steve and Peggy’s last talk when he’s in the plane to be one of the most heartbreaking moments in the MCU. Ditto to when they talk in Winter Soldier and her Alzheimer’s kicks in.
  12. Then you would know that Gaga hit the Top 10 with “Applause” and “Dope” in year 6 of her career, meaning she’s had three in the back half

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