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  1. ^Are you guys all forgetting that Christopher Robin ain’t reaching 100m?
  2. The trailer makes this look like they took the most generic parts of every successful YA dystopian sci-fi romance action whatever, and put it in a blender. But it’s not even like a fresh blend. It’s like after tasting it multiple times in the past and passing on it (Mortal Instruments, 5th Wave, probably others), you found that the blender in the back of your fridge still had some left in it and thought “what the hell, let’s give it another taste”. Just as bad, but also old and stale now.
  3. Fury Road was impressively made with all of its practical effects, but the story is a really thin, and the main character is almost pointless. Nicholas Hoult’s character was pretty good, but I don’t get the hype about Charlize Theron’s character and performance. There was nothing wrong with it but it didn’t stand out to me in any significant way.
  4. This has significantly more hype than the 2011 film. And these movies tend to go over tracking/predictions rather than under due to WOM and walk-up family audiences. I’m expecting at least $40M.
  5. Tag was too big of a draw for him to devote any time to Infinity War or Fallout. He knew where the money would be.
  6. Absolutely they suffered more. MI just has a much better hook, and is more widely appealing. But I’m sure they had at least some effect on this as well. Say you’re a big action fan, and you went to see Skyscraper opening weekend and Equalizer the week after. But now your funds are kinda low and you gotta wait a bit for Fallout. Situations like that.
  7. Yeah I know, I was more referring to Skyscraper and Equalizer as the direct competition. Those others are just more that could’ve added potential fatigue to action fans. MI can certainly thrive a few weeks apart from Jurassic and Ant-Man, but when the gaps are filled with two more films that target the exact same audience as MI, that can really hurt it. Just to be clear, I definitely think this is a solid opening, but it probably could’ve been bigger with a less crowded schedule.
  8. Fallout also has significantly more competition than Rogue Nation. This is directly following Skyscraper and Equalizer 2, not to mention Ant-Man, Sicario, and Jurassic in the action genre. Rogue Nation’s closest comp was Pixels... I expect excellent legs for this and wouldn’t be surprised if its Saturday and Sunday are better than predictions.
  9. Wonder how many times she’ll say “bogie” in this
  10. All of yall talking like Order of the Phoenix wasn’t one of the best movies in the series (and it got better reviews than SS, COS, DH1, and FB, not sure where this mixed/positive stuff is coming from; and better than all of the Hobbits)... Read the book again, getting a film of that quality was a miracle.
  11. Hahaha looks stupid but fun, and fun isn't something I've been able to say about the DCEU. Definitely here for something silly like this
  12. Looks AMAZING!! Can't wait to see these two films converge, Shyamalan is a genius. Sarah Paulson looks like she's gonna be great, the big three are seem as cool as ever, and I'm really glad they're bringing Casey back.
  13. Looks... okay? Idk I already forgot most of it five minutes later.

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