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  1. Really happy with the list so far. Everything so far was in my Top 50 except A Simple Favor. Well acted and directed, but the story basically threw anything it found shocking randomly at the audience and hoped it worked. It didn’t for me. Oh well. VERY disappointed with the placement of Thoroughbreds. It was my #2 so it was probably just me. Shame on you BOT...
  2. I mean other than Blade, it’s not a false claim. And that was 20 years ago before the superhero movie breakthrough, and he’s not exactly a traditional style superhero either. More of a vampire hunter saga.
  3. nick64

    "Generational" Classic Movies

    Completely forgot Forrest Gump. I’d argue Shawshank as well from that year.
  4. nick64

    "Generational" Classic Movies

    Snow White Wizard of Oz Gone with the Wind It’s a Wonderful Life Sound of Music Jaws Godfather Star Wars Alien Raiders E.T. Dirty Dancing Beauty and the Beast Aladdin Lion King Jurassic Park Home Alone Toy Story Titanic Harder to judge post-2000, but some candidates are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Pirates, Nemo, Mean Girls, MCU. I’d also argue Elf has solidified itself as a Christmas classic. Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation are pre-2000s Christmas ones I’d call classics as well. But basically these are the films you’d struggle to find people who haven’t seen most of them. May be missing one or two, but this is off the top of my head.
  5. Willing to do Leave No Trace or Mission!
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever hated something as much as I do hearing Bryce Dallas Howard yell “Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel!” as a dog.
  7. This was a lot of fun. I’d rate it on par with Wonder Woman, though for different strengths and weaknesses. Story was good, but dialogue was rough. Movie looked gorgeous. Completely second the beauty of some of the shots.
  8. McAvoy topped billed on three $100M hits this year
  9. That’s only because Avengers and Pika Pika have never released within two weeks of each other before
  10. Endgame will have already covered nearly $500M of that by the time Pika Pika comes out. It’s happening
  11. Box Office Mojo is predicting a $19.1M weekend for this. That would take it above $100M by Sunday. At that point, decent holds would get it to $140-150M, which is pretty solid. WOM is pretty strong and it’s had pretty good weekdays, so I can see this having some legs. This was never gonna pull live action superhero numbers.

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