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  1. Saw it last night - surprise of the year for me. I actually really enjoyed this movie despite hating most of the Transformers franchise. It was simple fun and everything was well executed. So, so much better than the Bay films. Not perfect, but far better than I expected.
  2. My favorite film of the year so far. An absolutely insane experience. See it on the biggest screen with the biggest sound that you possibly can!
  3. Pretty lackluster trailer with a couple of nice shots. The dialogue towards the end was pretty terrible (I know it is likely edited together in a weird way).. The whole "I'm not gonna fight your war.... i'm gonna end it" line was super flat and cringe inducing. Not feeling this film.
  4. Neat. I do hope that the sequences shot in IMAX are fully shot in IMAX. I hate it when films use IMAX in a scene but have the shots split up among shots of a different ratio. Like in The Dark Knight or Dunkirk, where the screen edges keep changing every few seconds, because they mix in shots from IMAX and regular. I may be in the minority but I find it very jarring and pretty distracting when the borders keep moving. It would not be so bad if entire segments of the film were IMAX, only switching back and forth a few times.
  5. Now that is an amazing trailer. Looks incredible. I wasn't even planing on watching it, but I have no self control
  6. It's not their fault, it's the dumb and close-minded blockbuster horror films that are pumped out at lightspeed for casual audiences to consume. I'm talking about the 'Truth or Dare's, the 'Satanic's or the Insidious 32 or whatever we are at now. When you see enough of the same thing, anything different becomes too foreign to accept, therefore you see causal audiences rejecting a lot of the more art-house, indie, or just plain different horror films. I used to be a casual viewer. Eventually I expanded out but i'll admit it is hard to watch some different films. You become so used to seeing one particular style or tone, that when something that is on the other end of the spectrum comes along, you don't really know what to do with it.. and for most people that means dismissing it without giving it any though - so the cycle beings.
  7. I've seen it. Personally I LOVED it - best horror film in years (will join the ranks alongside It Comes at Night, It Follows and The Witch for me). Most of the crowd around me? Not so much. For the first third, people seemed to get pretty bored quickly. I'll admit it is a slow burn drama for the first section, something that I loved, but I could sense others getting restless (crinkling food wrappers, phone lights, whispering). The film really picked up in the final third, and it seemed people were mostly into it. I think the last part of the film is what people thought the whole movie was going to be. The first part is what makes the last parts so great, but I don't think general audiences either A), anticipated the pace being slow for most of the movie; or B), knew that this would be more of a physiological drama first and supernatural horror second. My friend went to a showing today and he said that two couples left the cinema; one at the half way point, and one about 20mins before the credits (the last couple seemed disgusted by what they saw). Nobody left in my showing, and I think most were pulled in by the end, but I can not see this getting anything more than a B- on CS.
  8. Seeing this tomorrow night. I'm very excited because I loved The Witch and ICAN. Been hearing it is similar in terms of atmosphere and execution.
  9. No - he's just The Futurist.
  10. Do Paramount still have the home video release rights for international markets? Or will this be another "sorry you can only watch this on Netflix forever" type deals? I heard that Paramount still have home media release rights to Cloverfield Paradox but this is a different scenario. I'm betting that i'll love this film and i'll be double pissed (on top of not being able to see it in theaters) if I can't own physical media of it without importing.
  11. Man, del Toro's speech made me tear up. Congrats to him
  12. This was a weird one. At times it was great. Fun, energetic and exciting. Other times it really dragged and struggled to keep the suspense high enough for me to give a shit. I thought they really botched the ending. Really over the top and I ended up laughing for the majority of the final 20 minutes. But that mustache.. mmm.
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