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  1. Interesting. https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2407821/tom-hiddleston-has-a-message-for-fans-worried-about-loki-in-avengers-infinity-war
  2. The role was pretty one dimensional. Thought he was better in The Night Manager because he had more to work with.
  3. I didn't think her role was that significant. Which is a shame since I like the actress. Brie certainly had more lines.
  4. Three years isn't that long ago. Because of the heat this is getting, Watson may make a statement eventually. As for Beauty and the Beast. A friend was at today's preview at the El Cap. Said she had fun but still liked the 1991 version better. Missed Paige O'Hara's voice.
  5. Watched "Kong: Skull Island" last week with very low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. It was certainly better than "Godzilla". This film has more action, more fight sequences and some good laughs. John C. Reilly was the stand out. As someone who has lurked this forum for several months, I figured it was time to make an account so that I can interact with you all as I thoroughly enjoy reading your analysis. I totally agree with those of you who think this film will struggle at the box office. Bad release date and not enough interest.
  6. Watson praised and criticized Beyoncé. I sincerely hope Watson has evolved since this interview. Reading it in it's entirety is nauseating as it seems she and Gevinson is placing feminists in a box.
  7. Watson also shamed Beyoncé for doing the same thing making her a bit of a hypocrite.
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