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  1. I know Aster's said there were more ceremonies that are probably going to be there, and a huge argument between Dani and Christian. If you go back to the main trailer, you can see glimpses of things that didn't make it into the theatrical cut that will probably be in the extended.
  2. It honestly is one of the movies I'm looking forward to seeing on opening day the most this year, albeit for the wrong reason. I kinda almost wanna see The Lion King too just in case the audience reacts to this trailer.
  3. My point is, it's a freaky nightmare on screen that isn't pleasant to look at and does a massive disservice to all the hard work put into the choreography and production design. I don't know much about the musical in terms of story or anything, but couldn't they have been like... tiny humans? Or some crap that doesn't need digital fur technology distracting us from everything else.
  4. If live human dancing is the only point and there's nothing else worthwhile to it, then it's not worthwhile for them being cats to begin with.
  5. The thing is, the digital fur technology looks perfect, it can not be fine-tuned in these 5 months to look any better than it already does. The face effects can only be fine-tuned a very mild amount. But everything in the trailer is so very clearly finished footage. This is all done. If there was any more evidence necessary to prove this, it's the very first 10 seconds of the trailer. You don't open a trailer with glimpses like this: teases and silhouettes like there's something they're hiding and theeeeeen... BOOM! A close up, perfectly centered and in focus shot of one of the cats turning around to look towards the camera. This is what you do when you show off your tech and the visual style of the movie you're making. It's clearly intended to make us go "oh shit this looks so cool and unlike anything we've seen before!". These effects are finished in the eyes of the filmmakers. It just so happens that they are too blinded and innocent enough to realise just how fucking horrifying, disgusting, freaky, unsettling, inhuman, fucked up, nightmare inducing, laughable, meme-worthy, and miscalculated their vision has been this whole time.
  6. My profile picture has inexplicably changed so clearly we were all up to something last night. How come the year, month, and day have reset back to zero? I have vague memories, but I also had a lot of nightmares in my sleep so I don't think any of them were real. I guess we've all just gotta continue on with our lives, right meow. Wait why did I do that?
  7. Was about to sleep when my cat jumped up to my bed and well, 2 things: #1 Right now I get startled by anything cat related so this was terrifying. #2 I pictured if it had been one of the cats from the movie & now I feel like I'm back to being 5 years old thinking there are monsters under my bed. This movie is working.
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