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  1. So if we're keeping track, the actual top critic score is now 52% with a 7.9/10 average rating. 6 out of the 11 top critic reviews with ratings are 10/10.
  2. The people at rottentomatoes are probably sweating trying to decide if they should slap certified fresh on it, not knowing whether or not it'll dip below 75% lol.
  3. "As Hannah Arendt saw banality in the supposed evil of the Nazi Adolf Eichmann, I see in Joker an attempt to elevate nerdy revenge to the plane of myth. That's scary on a lot of different levels." Another rotten top critic review.
  4. Red added on MetaCritic but it didn't do too much damage, down to 74. RT's down to 80% and an 8.11/10 now. On RT that's a massive drop from where it was earlier today.
  5. I said a while back (if not here, somewhere else) that it still has a chance to become a Suspiria (or a mother! type) where it starts out really high, but is proven to be very divisive so it ends up surprisingly middling because of all the very high and very low scores.
  6. Correct score is actually 50% with an 8/10 average, which looks even funnier. It's because 4 out of the 7 top critics that actually rated it gave it a perfect 10/10 score.
  7. A friend of mine has seen the movie and he found the message to be misfits and outcasts should be offered help and support rather than antagonism, which seems applicable, I don't see how it could come down to "this movie is not about anything".
  8. I just... sure, but what's to be done about this from a filmmaking perspective? Are we gonna stop making dark movies and give in to the mass shooters? That's not really the precedent we should want set for the film industry.
  9. The corrected RT Top critics score would now be 50% with an 8/10 average rating. But of course RT won't figure out they've missed some so it says 38% and 7.2/10.
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