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  1. there's no panic buying in Korea other than mask. (people are obsessed with 95% filter mask) schools are closed, but everything is pretty much open. no curfew. people are out there and living their normal life, just with mask and social distancing as much they can do.
  2. those airport pics are horror. massive crowd in small closed place for hours with no mask. If one of them has it.. many in there will get it. it's really crazy how things are moving fast.
  3. well. for 2009 flu, it got big on 2009 July(+1k) then upward til November. November was when vaccine was available to limited people. so it was 4 months outbreak, started downward thanks to vaccine. and this was weaker than corona 19. so who knows.. but it won't go away easily.
  4. On April 22, the CDC first activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC). On April 25, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency of international concern. On May 4, 2009, the CDC reported one death, 286 confirmed cases. On June 25, the CDC released information revealing that there were more than likely over one million (1,000,000) cases of the disease in the US, most of which had not been reported or diagnosed. On October 24, 2009, President Barack Obama declared Swine Flu a national emergency in the United States. On November 12, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 22 million Americans had been infected with 2009 A H1N1 and 4,000 Americans have died. On December 10, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 50 million Americans or 1 in 6 people had been infected with the 2009 A H1N1 Virus and 10,000 Americans had died by which time the vaccine was beginning to be widely distributed to the general public by several states. On December 23, 2009 the CDC reported a reduction of the disease by 59% percent and the disease was expected to end in the United States in January 2010. On February 12, 2010, the CDC released updated estimate figures for swine flu, reporting that, in total, 57 million Americans had been sickened, 257,000 had been hospitalised and 11,690 people had died (including 1,180 children) due to swine flu from April through to mid-January. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic_in_the_United_States#Outbreak_across_the_US 2009 flu was weaker than corona and it took 6 months for vaccine. fatality rate 2009 flu- 0.01~0.08% corona 2019- estimated 1~5% (or Italy 6.6% currently)
  5. this is pandemic virus with no vaccine. we will be lucky to have limited vaccine by June. check 2009 flu which was weaker than this corona. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic
  6. no idea. but I saw article saying it will be like this til June and there will be second wave. so...
  7. this is not getting release in S.korea and it wasn't due to corona as they didn't release local trailer or promotion material for new trailer and image/posters. is this same in some others? hmm Corona is getting bigger in EU/US.. by the release date, April.. it will be huge mess. this poll was done march 5~7 and already 38% think theater should be closed and big trend of streaming/download preference over theater. it will be very interesting... I hope they at least do some netflix release in Asia.. so I can see it. lol
  8. theater is flopping with no audience. lots of them are doing limited showing with no early/late showing. boxoffice is disaster. Invisible man has been #1 for 15 days straight. (but total only at 354k attendance) people are less going out, everyone is wearing mask. there was mask panic. there's no panic buying of toilet paper or food. schools are closed til 23. it's ironically very safe here as everything is handled well. like.. it's way way more safe than being in EU/US. most numbers were from cult religion from small city. 5.5k case from Daegu (2.4m living), while only 400 case from capital Seoul(9.7m) + Kyungkido(13.2m). not to mention most case are related to that cult.. someone gotta make film about this. lol
  9. people are really overreacting tho. lol the media is doing most, report little everything as breaking news. everyone is panicking.
  10. local movie "time to hunt"'s release has been delayed. it was slated for next week release, was on pre sale but all the presale tickets are getting canceled now. press screening canceled.
  11. wow.. Friday minus compare to Thursday. corona in full effect. sat/sun will be disaster too.
  12. 02-19 (WED) 3. 1917 - 62,243 Admissions / 3,835 Showings 4. Little Women - 35,860 Admissions (599,701) / 1,930 Showings 7.Parasite - 7,101 Admissions / 362 Showings 9. Sonic - 2,701 Admissions (104,240) / 233 Showings 10. Jojo Rabbit - 1,917 Admissions (89,836) / 157 Showings 11. BOP - 1,881 (388,553) / 89 Showings
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