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  1. Sunday May-20 1. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil - 440,792 (1,480,597) 2. Endgame - 146,003 (13,453,749) (117,806,013,620 won) 3. Miss & Mrs. Cops - 143,445 (1,227,846) 4. Detective Pikachu - 57,353 (635,132) Endgame Admissions 2D - 12,336,106 (91.7%) IMAX 3D - 375,626(2.8%) 4D - 366,516(2.7%) 3D - 232,165(1.7%) IMAX 2D - 143,336(1.1%)
  2. upcoming movies (WTS = CGV Want To See) May.23 Aladdin (All) 6,012 WTS The Boy (+15) 3,027 WTS May.29 Godzilla: King of the Monsters (+12) 2,628 WTS May.30 Parasite (+15) 3,885 WTS June.05 X-Men: Dark Phoenix (+12) x Rocketman (x) 744 WTS Parasite probably move to may.29 to get culture day audience. Dark Phoenix has that X-Men title here. not on cgv upcoming release schedule yet. it had 20m showcase recently, will have 30m showcase on may.27 as cast will visit here.
  3. Avatar's official admission is actually 13,624,328 and 128,447,097,523 won. (also its special edition in 2010 did 148,098) Endgame as of Saturday is 13,307,749 and 116,445,944,090 won. it's low on local money too but it's because of "3D". Avatar was heavily driven by its 3D screens as it was advertised as "first 3D movie, groundbreaking 3D!", forcing all the theater to built 3d screens and it was beginning of Imax boom. Avatar 3D 5,659,324(42.4%) / 65,048,736,500(51.9%) Endgame 3D 232,020(1.7%) / 2,847,532,350(2.5%) huge difference. lol I don't know about other country.. but 3D is really dead here.
  4. wow.. pikachu lost screen at my go to theater on wed schedule. not cool at all. it had some showing on next days tho.. looks like it will lost lots of screen/ showings after wed. such a shame. btw, CM will pass 5.8m on today's boxoffice. great
  5. less than 30k.. 1m will be long road. it all depends on weekend performance tho. but at this rate hm...
  6. I don't have time for your mess. If you don't believe him then don't believe new mutants update twitter too. since they share lots of same rumors. lol and yiki at "the movie tested well but delyed two years"
  7. next week releases are weak. so maybe. looks like may.22/23 is weak too. 1m looks like locked. May.15 The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil (Local) R-rated juror (Local), distributed by cgv May.23 Alladin May.29 Godzilla May.30 PARASITE (local, bong joon ho)
  8. that reshoot is basically what fox planned for 2018 reshoots. apparently x-23 girl was in it, but colussus got cutted because anya taylor-joy refused to do big reshoots. eventually all plan canceled. and josh boone wasn't goint to do reshoots because fox didn't like his work. so that new rumor seems.. meh. they can't do that 75% reshoots in this short time with new cg/set works. like.. anya taylor-joy will be busy with new movie(edgar wright) may to august.
  9. pikachu opened today officially. (Thursday) already at 91% like on CGV, not so good. CGV 14:20 1. Endgame 39k 2. Miss & Mrs. Cops (local) 20k 3. INSEPARABLE BROS (local) 9k 4. Pikachu 7.9k kobis presale 1. Endgame 183k 2. Miss & Mrs. Cops (local) 31k 3. Pikachu 21k 4. INSEPARABLE BROS (local) 19k shame, this doesn't look good for pikachu.. and some thought this would be easily 1B ww boxofficie.. btw, CM is at 5,798,460 total, 1,540 away from 5.8m. it did 460 yesterday with 38 screens. hopefully it can reach 5.8m
  10. was this posted? pikachu will have pre-release on next weekend, 5/4~6 to get children's day(5/5)'s attendance. 5/6 Monday is also holiday. (because children's day is national holiday but this year it's onsunday, so to make up.) it has few screns open for sale right now. there's zero attention for that tho. lol wrong timing. 150 tix on kobis presale.
  11. I felt the story was very "forced", overall time travel execution was meh. and the last battle.. as much as they try to do bigger than ever, it felt like smaller. also I really hate how they use female characters.. and they did those cringy female assemble scenes again.. seriously, the final battle with thanos is really bad, and huge plot holes.. like.. really? more and more I think about, less like. after hype is gone, others probably feel the same.
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