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  1. did you see this village scene at the ccxp? also that camera man? Also was this the one you saw at ccxp too?
  2. can't wait to see trailer. it was too short to really feel. literally just 10 seconds..
  3. that sample reel is probably about the one they show in Brazil CCXP.(2019 December) + Chloe said months ago, action sequences were inspired by The Revanant's Action scenes which used real location + team fight + natural lights + wide lens + long take. +
  4. In conversation with Variety, Feige revealed that “Nomadland” wouldn’t have come out last year were it not for “Eternals” being delayed. He also discussed Zhao’s “signature style,” explained why working with Zhao is critical to the longevity of the MCU, and confirmed the actor who is playing what he calls the “lead” character in “Eternals.” When Chloé approached Marvel to say she’s a fan and wanted to direct a Marvel movie, what was your reaction? And how quickly did you arrive at “Eternals” for her? Well, my memory of events, which is always colored by our own experiences, of course, is that she first popped up for “Black Widow.” Brad Winderbaum, who is a producer on “Black Widow,” either had an initial meeting with her and then she was going to come back in and do a pitch meeting — but she took herself out of it. She she didn’t have the time, or she wasn’t ready yet, or maybe she was gone off to shoot or prep “Nomadland” — I don’t remember exactly. These are the kind of filmmakers we want to work with, regardless of the size of the film they’ve done before. Unique voices, with unique things to say. And in her case, which is not always a prerequisite by any means, she was a giant fan, both of the MCU and of the comics fan and of the genre. Which watching her movies you wouldn’t necessarily guess. So it was neat that she let that be known. And then later, Nate Moore was beginning to put his list together for filmmakers on “Eternals,” and she was been on the list for that reason: because we knew she was in our world. The two of them started working on something that they then brought to me, and it was an absolute spectacular pitch that Chloé put together. A presentation that Chloé put together about a very bold and very ambitious sprawling 7000-year story of humanity and our place in the cosmos.” Chloé has such a distinct visual style. How will we see that translate into “Eternals”? You’ll see it very directly. She had shot “Nomadland” before she had come to do “Eternals.” I knew that occasionally she would go by herself in her solar-powered van and drive to South Dakota to make this little movie she was working on. OK! That’s neat; that’s different, but OK. What she talked about was really fighting for practical locations, for practical elements — yes, in a movie that is full of visual effects and characters with extraordinary powers, but doing as much as possible on far-flung locations. And that starts to reap benefits visually immediately. We cut a little sample reel together, I remember, to show [Disney higher-ups]. And it was so beautiful, and I had to keep saying, “This is right out of a camera; there’s no VFX work to this at all!” Because it was a beautiful sunset, with perfect waves and mist coming up from the shore on this giant cliffside — really, really impressive stuff. Then seeing “Nomadland” after we had shot “Eternals,” you go, “Oh! That is not just what she wanted to bring to Marvel, to get out of a virtual greenscreen world, which is often the case in our films. This is a signature style.” Of her, of our DP Ben [Davis], and of Josh [James Richards, “Nomadland’s” cinematographer]. “Eternals” expands the MCU in terms of representation, with its large international cast, its first LGBTQ superhero — I know some of those things are baked into the “Eternals,” but how many of those expansive ideas came from Chloé? Well, the notion of switching up the genders, sexualities and ethnicities of the characters from the comics, was baked in initially — that was part of what Nate Moore was really advocating for in moving “Eternals” to the top of the list for us to start working on. What exactly the makeup was between when Nate put together his internal discussion document, which is how we always start on all of our projects, and what she came in and did, I don’t recall exactly. When it came to casting, that also did affect it. There were some characters that we change from male to female, there were some characters that we knew how we were altering them from the books. But then also it came down to casting. So for Sersi, for instance — and if there was a lead in this ensemble, it is Sersi, it is Gemma Chan — we looked at and read all sorts of women for that part. And ended up really believing that Gemma was best for it. And thankfully, she’s proven that to be the case in the final movie. So, of course, Chloé was a big part of that decision, and of every casting decision. Some of it was some of it was done beforehand, and that continued once she was on board as director. How has Chloé changed how you approach future Marvel projects? Well, I’m going to make a joke. And I’m sure you know this part: She initially was going to put “Nomadland” on the shelf until after “Eternals” was finished and released, and then come back to it. Because of our COVID shutdown, she decided to get her laptop out and, you know, finish up this little movie she was doing! And so yes, my joke is, let the filmmaker finish their passion projects when you have some downtime from your giant Marvel project, and suddenly they can make history at the Academy Awards. Knock on wood. The real answer is, frankly, continuing what we’ve learned with all of the different types of filmmakers that we have used. When you get people with unique points of views, regardless of the size of film they’ve done in the past, and empower them and surround them with the great artists and technicians that can bring spectacle, that can bring the visuals that a Marvel movie requires, they can take you to places you’ve never gone before. And I think you’ve seen that with all of the filmmakers that we’ve worked with, and particularly the filmmakers who have done smaller, more personal things before agreeing to come on board the MCU. And Chloé is probably the best example of that. Not just because of the work that she’s done, but just her entire story, her backstory. And how she looks at the world is very unique, and that’s what you want in your storytellers and your filmmakers as we’re approaching our 30th MCU movie, and we just wrapped our seventh or eighth Disney Plus series. I’m in my 20-plus years at Marvel. We only want to keep doing this so that we can keep evolving it and changing it and growing it, and doing things we hadn’t done before. And that’s what many filmmakers like Chloé for. Not just for Marvel, by the way, but for the business — and for the theatrical business, and for the quote unquote blockbuster business. You want those filmmakers coming in and continuing to evolve and adapt what it means for genre film — or certainly for Marvel Studios film. here is full kevin interview btw. those cinema twitter really looking dumb now. anyway Trailer release soon I guess with all those interviews.
  5. Zhao — a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics from which it originates — approached the company herself. She was originally considered for “Black Widow,” according to Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, but took herself off the list. Eventually, Zhao and Marvel executive Nate Moore began working together on an “Eternals” pitch, which Feige calls “spectacular.” It was, he says, “a very bold and very ambitious, sprawling 7,000-year story of humanity and our place in the cosmos.” In a movie that would be full of visual effects and greenscreen — as all Marvel movies are — Feige says Zhao “was really fighting for practical locations” in accordance with her vision for it. At one point, they cut a sample reel of “Eternals” for Disney higher-ups to watch. “And I had to keep saying, ‘This is right out of a camera; there’s no VFX work to this at all!’” Feige says. “Because it was a beautiful sunset, with perfect waves and mist coming up from the shore on this giant cliffside — really impressive stuff.” Later, watching “Nomadland,” he saw similar shots. “Oh! That is not just what she wanted to bring to Marvel,” he remembers thinking. “This is a signature style.” Q: Kevin Feige said your original plan was that you were actually going to finish “Eternals” and it was even going to come out before you edited “Nomadland.” But because of COVID, you finished “Nomadland” so that was ready first. Is that right? A: Yeah, I think so. I mean they were really back-to-back, those two movies. Q: That would have changed the course of history! Is it wild to think that if COVID hadn’t hit, “Nomadland” wouldn’t have come out this year? A:I have gone through ups and downs in my relatively short career. And one thing I’ve learned is a bit of a cliché, but everything does happen for a reason. We never expected “Nomadland” to resonate the way it did. But everything worked out. Q: “Eternals” will have Marvel’s first gay superhero, a deaf character, a huge international cast. Did Marvel say yes to all those things? A: t’s just been such an incredible experience working with the team at Marvel. I want to be careful saying “my vision,” even though I do want people to know they did support what I wanted to do. I want people to know that. But I also want to make sure they know that I got the support of this incredibly talented team, some of the most talented artists in the world. And it really is a village to make this film, but they did let me lead. Yes. Q: I know you’ve worked with small, tightly knit crews on your other movies. How different was “Eternals”? A: Props to Marvel — from early on, they knew the way I wanted to make this film, how I wanted to shoot. It can’t be hundreds of people standing around. So they very much adapted how to run the set the way that I wanted to work. I’m still surrounded by 25 people. They just have armies, and each of them knew they needed to keep the army away. Q: During a conversation you had with Barry Jenkins for Variety earlier this year, when you were talking about “Eternals,” you said, “Can I put a spin on it while still being true to the essence of it?” How did you do that? Jack Kirby and his imagination, his incredible work, is really the foundation of it. On top of that, there is what Marvel Studios has built, this incredible journey they have going on. And then on top of that is me as a fan of the MCU. And then, me as a fan of the genre, but also growing up with sci-fi and manga and fantasy films. And how can we have this big melting pot and cook up something that may just taste a little bit different? It was just an exciting thing; all of us went in wanting to do that. We’ll see. Q: You’ve said you’re getting a writing credit on it, and I know you’re in post-production now. Are you editing it too? A: No. I’m working with two incredible editors, Craig Wood and Dylan Tichenor. And they’ve taught me so much. They were very patient with me, because they know it’s the first time that I’ve collaborated with editors that way. They’ve really helped me find the language to be able to communicate with them in a way that I hadn’t had to do to this extent. Q: Where are you with “Eternals” right now? A: Final stretch. Just like sculpturing, you never want it to end. You just want to keep going until they tell you you can’t keep going anymore. Q: So you love the book “Dracula”? A: That was a very important book for me. Immortality is something that I started exploring on “Eternals,” but is something I want to question and understand. Q: When I asked Dan Janvey what I should ask you, he said: “How quickly are you going back to work, and is that today?” A: I think everyone in my life close to me knows that I’m maybe working a little too much. Yes! This afternoon I’m going back to Disney to work on “Eternals.” Right after this interview. I’m probably late..
  6. OSCAR is massive brand globally, highly respected. there're already many people who don't care about marvle or superhero said they're interested due to chloe zhao and oscar title. remember Joker got massive PR globally due to venice win. crossing over to non-superhoreo fans. so it's big bonus reaching new audience and extra selling point.
  7. sadly Asians hate their own face and has extreme beauty standard(which is eurocentric). and it's not just simu getting the hate. pretty much all the Asian American(or Canadian etc..) actors get called ugly by Asians..
  8. so the Shangchi reaction in south korea is bad. the reactions are pretty much like this. 1. they don't look good, we want handsome/pretty non-stereotype asian faces. 2. chinese thing again. eww. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DS has new big free merchandise release on Saturday. now it has +18k presale.
  9. Marvel's recent films had first trailer around 150 days before release. for Eternals, that would be early June.
  10. Americans see Asians in same vein as their White and Black race issue. this is why Asian bait film from Hollywood make no noise in Asia countries. it will be interesting to see how this will perform in China. Also don't expect "Asia buff", this is chinese character/culture, it will add nothing to most Asia countries. and nothing would be better because "chines" title actually add lots of negative to many Asia countries.
  11. Mortal Kombat doesn't look like getting good reviews. + now 80% egg on CGV. really bad. lol Fast & Furious 9 confirmed for MAY 19 release.
  12. Godzilla VS Kong Total: 563,328 week 1 : 325,086 week 2 : 238,242 (-26.7%) weekend 1 : #1 285,905 weekend 2 : #1 147,005 (-48.6%)
  13. it rose to 93% egg on cgv. great reactions. also 8.5/10 on Megabox. it has one problem tho. extremely male driven audience (64% male / 36% female) pretty much all the recent +1M films have more female audience except Tenet. Minari - Female 63% / Male 37%, *will pass 1M DS - Female 52.3% / Male 47.7% Soul - Female 66.3% / Male 33.7% Collectors - Female 56.1% / Male 43.9% SAMJIN COMPANY ENGLISH CLASS - Female 67%, / Male 33% Pawn - Female 61% / Male 38.2% DELIVER US FROM EVIL - Female 54.6% / Male 45.4% Tenet(1.99M) - Male 56.1% / Female 43.9% 2020 early release (pre covid) 1917 (877,017) - 51.3% Male / 48.7% Female Midway (824,836) - 58.5% Male / 41.5% Female Bad Boys For Life (547,775) - 51.8% Male / 48.2% Female Star Wars- The Rise of Skywalker(507,265) - 62.8% Male / 37.2% Female good thing is there're not much big releases weekly. and no competition in terms of blockbuster fun film for a while.. (except mortal kombat on April 8. but it's +18 rated and probably will flop) so it will be easy to keep the screens. only major releases left are 3/31 The Book of Fish and 4/15 Seobok (which also has streaming release at the same day)
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