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  1. yeah. not sure how it will do in Asia. it's nothing special to Asians. only selling point is "huge success in US".
  2. saw this today, I really liked it. lol its flaws didn't cross my mind during movie at all. afterall tom hardy and venom both cute, and their relationship was funny. michelle williams character was meh.
  3. saw this today. disappointed. I honestly can't believe all this huge praise. it was okay movie. second half was big mess, it has many problems.
  4. because apocalypse was bad, it damaged the x men brand, people are not into this. and DP has lots of negative press with multiple delay and I doubt it will be good.
  5. hope we get teaser soon. maybe in november.
  6. looking at the local's review, wom is not bad as RT. people are enjoying this as popcorn movie and working.
  7. releasing it to theater cost another 50~100m ish promotion money for studio tho. and remember apocalypse's performance.. this is not doing better than that. there's no money for this at all. and first trailer of dopf was amazing. lol
  8. this is so not happening. Filming : July 10 ~ September 16 2017. Release Date : April 2018 -> February 2019 -> August 2, 2019 original reshoot date : 2018 summer (via THR) -> october, still nothing *the reshoot was for least 50% of the movie. they probably will just make excuses and delay til full disney merger.
  9. so the movie will happen in... 2023? lol
  10. few slightly different scen from leaked version. it just need some wow moment or fresh visual something like that.. it's just dull. I guess they had no choice since it doesn't have much big scenes. and they can't show their only big scene in first trailer. lol
  11. about 3 hours left I guess. btw, the leaked story in may was real thing. probably few changes with reshoot tho.
  12. fox did release some to defend themselves for dp2 and nm's delay. so hopefully they say something soon.
  13. imbruglia

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    this sure was very grounded, not far from first one. it has its charm in first then added extra fun in it. so I prefer this over first for those extra and domino >>>>> cable and others. she's just so great. every scene of her with her luck was so fresh and fun. and was there reshoot as some said? the story and events.. are same as spoiler by that miserable twitter crying baby.
  14. 77 review 83% fresh 7.3 avg score can't wait to see it 12hours later.

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