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  1. Deadpool 2 (2018)

    this sure was very grounded, not far from first one. it has its charm in first then added extra fun in it. so I prefer this over first for those extra and domino >>>>> cable and others. she's just so great. every scene of her with her luck was so fresh and fun. and was there reshoot as some said? the story and events.. are same as spoiler by that miserable twitter crying baby.
  2. yeah. it was originally YA with horror and comic. stranger things or it style. but looks like changed later with small budget cheap horror.
  3. obviously the insider from other forum 100% legit. the collider tea is pretty much what the insider said since the delay. (he actually was first one with delay news.) only difference is that insider said the movie was trash, didn't tested well, real bad. and fox plant lies that movie is fine but just want more for fans.
  4. well this might not even get released at this point.
  5. it actually just like the leaked spoiler tho. "deadpool is trying to save that kid from cable." and If other spoilers are true.. omg.
  6. so based on those insider tea, the test screening is not bad, but just okay. and now the movie is getting negative news around the world as worst,fail. sigh..
  7. so some people are really against this movie. imdb 3.2 total 2,192 votes, 40% 1 rate, male 1,192 / female 322 votes. rotten(user) 2.3 with 3,369 votes.
  8. mess. I saw someone saying saw the trailer on theater too on twitter. lol
  9. this is crazy. wow... well Trailer was bad, nothing unique or speail. and no scary. still 10 month is.....
  10. I was so excited with this early take and ideas. NM was my most wanted movie til I saw the trailer.
  11. which is same as before disney but only If it's really true. with fox, it was 100% getting new one with boxoffice success. now it's unclear even with good success.

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