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  1. yeah. it's what it is. Asians love euro centric face like bigger eyes, higher nose, smaller face/head, whiter(lighter) skins. they do lots of plastic surgery to get that feature and their media is full of them. it's basic standard for being celebrity there. it's like you should be handsome,beautifule to be on TV as lead role or popular role. so people like akwafina or sandra oh and many of asian american would struggle to get decent acting job in Asia If they were born in Asia. their beuty standard is very strict, narrow and they have less social manners in terms of talking about other's outisde look. many says awful thing directly in your face.
  2. Disney is optimistic that handing Fox superhero properties such as “Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will improve the quality of these movies, but bumps must be smoothed over in that transition. The studio is unimpressed with “New Mutants,” an “X-Men” spinoff with a haunted-house vibe, and believes it has limited box office potential. https://variety.com/2019/film/features/fox-disney-earnings-dark-phoenix-stuber-racing-in-the-rain-1203300260/
  3. Aladdin week1: 873,717 week2: 1,275,982 week3: 1,749,541 (*1 holiday) week4: 1,426,227 week5: 1,473,937 week6: 1,472,093 week7: 950,869 week8: 938,653 (+10m) week9: 782,189 week10: 718,500 week11: 569,389 week12: 209,567 (12,440,964)
  4. it's funny that disney korea expected aladdin to end around 1M. then it became huge, most people doubt 10m, but passed easily and still going for 12.5~13m end.. what a crazy run. TLK looks like won't pass 5m. I think If it was released earlier with less competition, it could match beauty and the beast. still audience reaction being.. okay. no engagement. it had no chance of being that massive. (4.6m still great number tho)
  5. we don't know if this has contractual oblgation for theater release, that was just from fanboy's dream idea. If they decide to go theater release, it need to make +200m at ww boxoffice. Dark Phoenix only made 250m ww with that long history of brand and big name actors.. so it's really big red light. simonkinberg said on May they will do some pick ups. but who knows.. (they said that since 2018.. lol) there was reshoot rumor from twitter fan account who apparently has some insider tea on this. but some actors got new gig, the reshoot/pick up only can happen in december. also josh boone is busy with "the stand" shooting along with henry zaga.. set to start filming september to 2020 march.
  6. 08-02 Friday early number 1. Exit - 470,537 (1,392,169) / 7,555 showing 2. The Divine Fury - 153,905 (727,291) / 5,097 showing 3. The Secret Life of Pets 2 - 106,141 (403,475) / 2,925 showing 4. The Lion King - 80,137 (4,309,932) / 2,115 showing 5. Aladdin - 67,537 (12,068,605) / 1,473 showing .. 8. FFH - 8,531 (7,976,767) / 224 showing 11. TS4 - 2,206 (3,383,774) / 60 showing 15. JW3 - 1,421 (945,609) / 35 showing EXIT is doing amazing. great WOM (97% cgv egg). the movie is like "extreme job", harmless fun popcorn move for everyone. exit(+20.2%) and aladdin(+4%) are only movie with Friday bump in top5. Aladdin has more presale than TLK in cgv sat right now. TLK is higher on kobis tho. Aladdin is more cgv heavy probably due to (soldout)4dx screens. I just realized that long shot is outside top10, poor them. all that screening but destoryed by all those big summer movie. FFH will pass and end with 8m. good.
  7. http://m.cgv.co.kr/WebAPP/MovieV4/movieList.aspx?mtype=now&iPage=1 엑시트 평점97% 예매율 35.5%2019.07.31 개봉누적관객 92.2만 명 · 당일관객 22.3만 명 예매율 = presale percent / 당일관객 22.3 = today attendance 223k
  8. TLK passed 4m today(14days) Frozen 15 days BATB, Aladdin 19days. it will face 2 big local movies tommorow(culture day).
  9. Lol not surprised by sang chi reaction. People outside Asia have no idea how big is Asia's obsession with beauty standard and outside look. Also very different beauty standard from others. It will be interesting how it will turn out. I can see it doing so so in EU(considerinf how they view asians ans treat them) and Asia minus china(or related country) won't go crazy on this because eventually it's china hero with china culture.nothing to do with other asian countries. It's just another marvel. So it's all about china and US.
  10. CGV want to see / like July.24 The King's Letters(All) 4,092 (+2,727) *local movie Long Shot(+15) 3,824 July.31 The Secret Life of Pets 2(All) 19955 (+19,084) EXIT(+12) 2,786 (+2,425) *local movie The Divine Fury(+15) 5,637 (+3,299) *local movie August.07 The Battle: Roar to Victory(+15) 3,301 Augst.14 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 3,345 King's letters is "All" and about most popular king ever in korea. but the reivews are saying it's boring and slow. Long Shot was delayed and did big screening again for wks. (38k saw it already lol) Audience reaction is really great(96% egg), they're trying to get WOM buzz. secret life of pet is probalby doing like event for discount coupon. EXIT surprisingly got great reivews, it's fun, light movie for everyone. but overall image, promotion looking like corny, cheap might be problem. but still this could be relaly huge dark horse.
  11. lol this will never be part of mcu. nothing from sdcc and seems like nothing going on with reshoot. so probably they will soon dump it to hulu.
  12. there're still some casting to go. those are not final. Asian gay thing was legit as it was on casting sheet and did audition. + villian and human role. it's huge team movie. and the "lead" doesn't mean the lead we know. it's more of overall casting term. so everyone in main team is called lead.
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