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  1. Interesting Box Office for MPR as it’s performing like a standard Christmas musical and not a sequel to a much loved movie. I think some people (inc me) expected more from its first few days but think about the demo for this movie. It’ll skew older and there’s no “must see as soon possible” about the movie as we all know how the story will play out. It’s probably so long since the original that it’s playing like a stand alone movie and not a sequel. I expect it to play well, a bit like normal Oscar nominated material/musicals so I’m still expecting 250m+ - just not quite as quickly as anticipated.
  2. How can you say this without seeing the movie? No one knows yet if it’s shot for shot a remake or with something new. If if you don’t enjoy the remakes don’t see them. There are tons of “original” movies that are simply remakes of others - after all after all these years truly original ideas are hard to come by. At at the end of the day I’m a movie fan and I love the remakes. Each to his/her own but honestly no one is forcing you to like it. But in my view Lion King, Mary Poppins and the other Disney remakes/reboots are way more exciting than another Superhero movie!
  3. This will surprise Mark my words - $35m+. Cruise is going down!
  4. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.hollandsentinel.com/entertainment/20180801/movie-review-christopher-robin-gets-lost-in-hundred-acre-wood%3ftemplate=ampart Ouch! Hopefully things improve
  5. Why the hate of AWIT? This isn’t new as has been proven but every message digs at Disney and this movie. Why now?
  6. Looks like Japan have good taste!!!
  7. You opinion doesn't make it so. Saw it yesterday - not perfect but much better than garbage.
  8. BaTB needs to fall off a cliff not to get to $500m - and it won't. If the US is anything like they UK then they'll still be a lot of business to come. I know of lots of people who held back from first week or two - me included.
  9. I'll be surprised and disappointed if Power Rangers affects the Beast.
  10. I said last week I wondered about critics and the need some of them seem to have for movies to be "intellectual" - it's almost like they say "I'm better than you, the GA". Some people on here seem to believe the same. Movies first and foremost need to be enjoyable. Some of the best reviewed movies of all times leave me cold - and why they only make $50m. They might have great acting, fantastic editing etc etc but if they aren't enjoyable they can win all the plaudits they like but people simply won't go see them. I hope BatB batters all the spring records and leaves other movies in its wake. The joy I hear from the GA who see it makes me want 1 April to come quickly (first time I get chance to see it). $500m/$1.4b has to be the aim!!!
  11. $500m still very much in play - weekends are important for the legs given time of year and the demo. I think $475m might be more likely - but looking for something nearer $500m than $450m
  12. Up to the others to step it up! When it seems like the biggest franchise outside of Disney at the mo is Minnions/Despicable Me then that says it all.
  13. Given the expected demo I'd say $408 is locked. I'm thinking $450-500m. Still think the weekend will be closer to $180m than $160m. With just under 3 or just over 3 multi depending on how many go see it multiple times.
  14. What the hell is an Educated Cinephile? Isn't that illegal in many US states? I am sure they are pretty much self proclaimed rather like the majority of "critics" listed on RT. I am sure it'll be "I hated it so call me educated". Again, very much forgetting the point of a movie is first and foremost to entertain!!! I low balled with $140m OW but now I believe $180 is definitely in play and we know it only needs a little adjustment to get to the $200m promised land.
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