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  1. 67 million Budget. Most on FX. I don’t know how much Disney has spent on promotion but that’s the only thing Disney contributed to the budget.
  2. Vulture reporter talking crap about EW. Basically, EW got the script Vulture was talking about and confIrmed the Vulture reporting was a lie. Vulture dude doesn’t like it. Bob replied to me on twitter saying he didn’t even see the movie. He has a right to be upset about the misspelling his name. He should keep the other stuff to himself. This wasn’t even his story the adapted. The Demon Bear arc was drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. Who loved the cast.
  3. I agree. You I see big x men accounts on twitter acting like these numbers make the movie a bomb. I think they just want it to be a bomb because of Boone’s comments and etc. I just don’t get it. These people don’t have to like the movie. They can think Boone’s terrible. Whatever. But don’t mislead people about how it’s doing. It’s a pandemic.
  4. I loved it! Brilliant cast. Critics gonna critic. At least it will hit #1 at the Box Office.
  5. Loved it! No post credit. Was going to do one cause it was initially planed as a trilogy but after the merger cut the end credit scene they were gonna film. Short answer. No end credit scene. Beautiful artwork during the initial end credits by a legendary artist tho.
  6. I’ve been on Fandango looking at how Thursday night showings are doing around the country. including me so far.. 18 in my showing that I’m going to in Toledo in Cinemark XD. i was looking in Vegas and see how one in Dolby Cinema is sold out,. Yes, I care, lol
  7. Going next Thursday! So excited! Been wait for this movie for so long. I’ve been it’s biggest supporter and defender!
  8. I saw I Still Believe on Thursday. It was great. I’m an atheist who has been a fan of Jeremy Camp since like 2008. I thought it was well done. No surprises for me because I knew the story going in. Seeing Invisible Man tomorrow. The Hunt next weekend. Bloodshot the following. I’m spreading them out since more and more are being pushed back. The only downside to this is if Bloodshot isn’t still in theatres in two weeks. Lol.
  9. Seeing Dark Phoenix in a regular theatre on Thursday night and in IMAX on Sunday afternoon. I love the Fox X Men way more than the MCU so I’m excited!! Godzilla was ok today.
  10. Sadly though I’m afraid Dark Phoenix won’t do well domestically but what can you do. I love the X Men movies. That’s all that matters.
  11. I saw Rocketman on Thursday. Went to see “MA” yesterday. Watched “Always Be My Maybe” yesterday night. Seeing Godzilla tomorrow afternoon. Thursday I’m seeing Dark Phoenix which is the one I’m most looking forward to. Then Secret Life Of Pets 2 on Friday. So nobody can say I’m not supporting the box office. Lol.
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