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  1. I thank for spoiling this thread. Again. This franchise is my life and I'm glad to see your posts with happiness here. ------------------------------------ fucking Internet. I'm finally out.
  2. Ok, even if this stay fresh I have only one question: why so early embargo WB? Are you idiots? Because even 65-66 on MT and 70%+ on RT has any impact on WOM.
  3. So @Fantastic Beasts is the main source of chaos in the Fantastic Beasts thread .
  4. @TMP so you're just a hater (I see what posts you liked). Too much morons around here.
  5. They counted "The Verge" review (76/100 on MT) like rotten. So, just wait...
  6. 71/100 after 9. Just wait for 15-20, at least.
  7. Sorry, but this is no spoilers now. Every site shared this through the internet.
  8. I mean, "TDK>HP movies" statement (btw, I disagree with it, because I think PoA is better and, if you want, I can tell you why) doesn't makes HP franchise bad. And yeah, I know you doesn't mean that. I' glad to see your conclusion so early. More panic please
  9. good, good. But is the Thursday today, so Overlord or Girl with Tattoo will replace it soon.
  10. I think "The Shawshank Redemption" is better than any HP movie

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