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  1. Can we expect the data from the USA - if the next two weeks or so will be wonky in that regard - to get corrected/updated in December?
  2. Because the higher number includes the 3D-re-release (back in 2012 i think, while the first number is the initial run in 1997/1998.
  3. God forbid. Personally, i think it will get deleyed once more into late 2021 or early 2022, but with Wonder Woman recently going the HBO Max route, thats definetly up in the air.
  4. Cinema is dead. Endgame was the last time we will have witnessed a true theatralic box office run. Abandon all hope. Streaming will destroy everything we love.
  5. Demon Slayers anime last year was one of the best-received shows of the decade, but especially in Japan. Corpse on WoKJ had a breakdown of why the series themes resonate so well with japanese audiences and if i remember rightly, it basically comes down to the strong family and especially sibling bonds in the series, its setting in the Taisho period, having one of the most likable protagonists in a long time with Tanjiro and basically nailing the Shonen formula: Having an action-packed story together with enough humour and emotional/tragic moment to make the story great. Basically, Demon Slayer as a property literally exploded in Japan last year and especially this year. I personally love the anime as well, i havent read the manga. The animation is beautiful and the story - while it can be cliche at some parts - just works really well. But i will also admit that i too was completely baffled, when this movie shattered all records when it openend.
  6. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases_casesper100klast7days USA: 181.801 new Cases, 1364 new deaths
  7. With the Spanish Flu figure, you also have to remember that the population in America was way smaller than today, hence the percentage of people dying of the flu was still extremely high. Right now, it does seem like the second wave is in the process of flattening so its good news that we dont have an explosion of cases like we sadly see in France, Italy or Poland. But deaths have been above 200 a day for the last 3 or 4 days and i do believe, that wont change for a few weeks. Even if cases shoud fall from now on, deaths are always lagging 3-4 weeks behind.
  8. The Spanish Flu deaths in the US ist estimated at roughly 675.000 so i believe that would be the mark we would never want to see crossed.
  9. Yeah, but only in January. Till then, Trump will probably (out of pure spite) ensure that nothing gets done to stop the spread.
  10. The Avengers was the film that made me (albeit temporarily) a giant Marvel Fan and Fan of Supherhero Movies in general. I still rewatch it at least 3 times a year because it just is so god.damn.entertaining. What makes the movie and all good Marvel team-up movies is the interactions between these very likable, but also crazy characters. The dialogue is the strong point in The Avengers and ultimately i think it wasnt the big action scenes that sold this movie but the clever script and character writing. After Endgame i personally stopped with Marvel and Superhero movies, i feel like its just too much. But oh boy, The Avengers is one of the prime examples of a perfect summer movie imo.
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