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  1. No, Eric, I'm fine with all the others here, it's just you, for some reason you can't handle a different opinion from yours and think it's offensive, and then you quickly press the button. I know folks like you, I can only assume you are a college kid who spends a lot of time on twitter. Says to me you didn't read those reviews or you want to pretend people don't have biases (including idelogical), and about "any movie that stars somebody with an XX chromosome" it's your words, I never said that.
  2. It's a great film overall, I didn't expect anything less from Ridley. But I disagree it's his best film since Gladiator, he's done a bunch of films which were as good, if not better. Probably the weakest part of the film is the script for Margaret's story before Duel because it removes all the nuance and replaces Damon's character with a completely different person, cartoonish cave man, and therefore removing all the humanity of his character in previous points of views and showing him in even worse light than rapist, it was a weird choice, I wish Damon and Affleck wrote the entire script.
  3. It's one of those projects that's been in development hell for so long they ended up with the worst possible version of the film across the board.
  4. Not depressing at all, you are thinking too highly of yourself, people champion his work, not his character, because he's a good actor/director. And most people who complain about him are random twitter lunatics, his second ex-wife and one controversial screenwriter way past his glory days, a lot of people who actually know him personally or worked with him had nothing, but good words about him despite awful shit he said in the past, even his first wife, so the guy's personal life is not yours or mine business, I don't know him, you don't know him. If he's done something criminal, he would've
  5. David could be one of the greatest movie villains of all time if he got one truly great film. Every scene in Covenant without Fassbender is hot garbage, he single handedly elevates the film to a watchable one, but it's still very disappointing how much potential it wasted and how Fox once again ruined Alien film. There's an extended cut, 20 minutes longer I think, but it's more of the same. If you didn't like the theatrical cut, you probably wouldn't like the extended cut either.
  6. Alien: Covenant is Ridley's worst film. The Counselor is his most underrated film (and one of the most underrated films ever), to this day I don't get why it got this much hatred, people can't even explain why they hate it so much.
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