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  1. At least TASM2 had better score than Homecoming and some memorable scenes. Well, actually any Spider Man movie has much better score than Homecoming, what Giacchino did was a hack job.
  2. You behave like Holland/MCU fanatic, so I assume you're the one. And I don't care about SM3 memes, there's nothing terrible in Tobey dance scene, it's supposed to be comedic. SM3 is still good and underrated movie and much better directed than Homecoming. Raimi >>>>>>>>Webb>>>>>>>>>shit>>>>>>>Watts.
  3. I don't argue with crazy Holland fanatics, sorry. SM2 aged very well, obviously. It's MUCH better than Homecoming in every possible way, even visually. And Tobey is great, especially without those cringey Holland's jokes.
  4. No, I'm totally serious. MCU fanatics are lunatics, Homecoming didn't even feel like a Spider Man movie in the worst possible way. Raimi's Spider Man 2 was better than any MCU movie ever and always will be, it was pure movie magic.
  5. Plot details are still unknown at this time, but sources say Marvel and Sony, who will co-produce the film, were looking to cast a new male and female lead, with the desire for the male lead to be played by an A-list actor. Actresses for the female role, which is expected to be someone in her 20s, are currently being auditioned by execs new male lead Lol
  6. I'd prefer Raimi's Spider Man 4 with Tobey over the whole MCU. Such a shame it didn't happen.
  7. Well, there were other shitty news regarding this movie, so they basically replace crap with other crap. But who knows with them, hopefully it'll be better than it looks right now.
  8. Great casting, but the movie will be terrible just like Homecoming was.
  9. There's no reason why EP9 would increase over TLJ, more likely it will decrease. Comparisons with the previous SW trilogies are not correct because of many factors like age, franchise situation and triquel content.
  10. It's not even a competitor to DP2 OS, nobody gives a damn about Solo overseas besides few countries.
  11. So 40.5 for Saturday, not even 41? That's embarrassing. Hopefully the number will go up with the actuals.
  12. It could be the first Star Wars movie to "bomb". I wonder what excuses fanboys are gonna use then. If it really makes 650 WW and Episode 9 drops even more from TLJ, I can easily see Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson being fired.
  13. The movie is pretty good. I'm not sure if it's better than the first one because the first one was definitely better balanced in terms of humor/amount of jokes, but it's still good. Post-credits scenes are brilliant.

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