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  1. I think what's very likely is that LawrenceBrolivier misunderstood Joker script just like young people misunderstood Fight Club, which is ironic
  2. Dark Knight's Joker wasn't in the comic books either. It doesn't affect anything.
  3. Wtf are you talking about, I didn't attack Mazin at all, I just mentioned his career before Chernobyl. Do you realize that Mazin wrote not 1, not 2, but around 10 (!) comedies (and Hangover sequels were the highest rated ones)? He also directed (not only wrote) one of them with 4.5/10 on imdb (that's about 'lack of authority writers have'). This is not some kind of coincidence, he's done all those movies purely because of paycheck, he didn't care much about quality. And directors often don't have much authority too if their names are not Cameron/Nolan etc. So I don't understand how all this cancel the fact that Phillips is no way worse than Mazin? I already knew perfectly well that writers don't have much authority and that credited writers are often not responsible for the final script at all. My point was that many people here shit too much on Phillips, filmmakers with questionable portfolio can do wonders and Phillips' portfolio is not nearly as bad as some people here are saying.
  4. Lots of people here act like Todd Phillips is some kind of Tommy Wiseau, like he doesn't have a couple of movies with 7+ on Imdb, inculding one of the highest rated comedies ever, a couple of pretty good other movies and even Oscar nomination. Craig Mazin, writer of Hangover and Scary Movie sequels, just made TOP 3 the highest rated TV show in history. If he can do something like that, Phillips, with much better portfolio than Mazin's, can do that too for sure. I think he'll surprise a lot of people here, including some of those who hate him for no reason.
  5. Comic book movies are popular everywhere, very far from only China. Detective Pikachu is an exception, pokemon fan base turned out to be useless and just pressed buttons, cbm/DC fanbase is a different story.
  6. Foreign markets just don't care about Lego movies period, Batman and Joker have nothing to do with it. Overseas markets are much bigger right now than in 2008, comic book movies are much more popular there too. And those huge social media numbers came not only from US, to say at least, they were huge everywhere.
  7. It'll do well overseas, this is not DOM-oriented project at all, it's a movie about one of the most famous/popular villains ever, it has as much interest overseas as in US. It won't make less than 400 mln even in an alternate universe. This club is nonsensical, there's no ground for it to happen.
  8. This club is very dumb, it was then and it is right now.
  9. I'll remind you that both Downsizing and Suburbicon were made by Paramount, Warners didn't have cases like that. That rumor is totally false, Zazie lied about it (or just joked/meant alternate takes), but the script is extremely close to the trailer, word to word, and ViewerAnnon also confirmed that the final movie is 98% like the script, so her words are not true. Warners definitely didn't greenlight the movie with the faith it'll be rewritten during/after the shoot, they greenlighted strong script with strong cast. About 'everybody loved the script', you can find many quotes about that. Warners execs praised it, Zazie praised it, De Niro loved it and Joaquin porbably loved it too. They all were very high on it from the very beginning.
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