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  1. For some reason I had a guess that Bloodshot would benefit from competitors losing their release dates 😊
  2. Did they forget that BR2049 shooting script was 108 pages long and the movie runs almost 3 hours without deleted scenes?
  3. And Joker just made well over a billion. BoP situation has nothing to do with its rating.
  4. Sonic will have better legs than Pikachu. It could cross 400 mln, especially if it'll be released in China in the end.
  5. Great lead actors around CGI character is one of the biggest reasons why Sonic could succeed where Pikachu didn't. Also much lower budget.
  6. Reviews are excellent for a video-game adaptation. I think audience reception will be amazing, it looks exactly like the movie general audience will absolutely love.
  7. Smells like typical censorship. Just talk like a robot, be always happy about everything, have no personality, don't have an opinion different from others. Honestly this forum was far from toxic, even Fanboy Wars thread was rarely toxic, no reason to make it all even more strict, that's just not healthy. I was threadbanned from BoP thread when I said it'll get at least 80+% on RT no matter if it's good or bad. Well, it got 80+% and I don't see much excitement about it.
  8. I remember there was a report about 3 or 4 weeks.
  9. Not just well, extremely well! Yeah, it happens every time. It had 3 or 4 weeks of reshoots which is more than just pickups.
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