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  1. They don't care, those pics speak volumes, just like everything else about this movie. This project has been in development hell for so long it ended up with the worst possible take, creative team and cast.
  2. Reddit is bad (but not as bad as letterboxd), but imdb is ok, its core audience is an average movie viewer, not some pretentious filmtwitter asses, and it feels a lot better because of that.
  3. Looks I'm not the only one with this kind of unpopular opinion. I must say I liked Unhinged about as much as Tenet, maybe even a little more too. Nolan disappointed here, I really thought he will save this year with one truly great film, not just 7/10 film.
  4. I remember a wild ride when Fury started with around 30% on RT and ended up with around 80%. People freak out too early, if anyone actually cares about RT.
  5. I didn't watch Tenet yet, but I already know it's the best movie of the year, I'm not even Nolan fan, but that's just how awful this year is.
  6. Should I remind you that Insterstellar also got kind of mixed reception from critics, but still universally loved by audiences? It's Nolan, it'll have 8+ on imdb easily and just great audience reception overall.
  7. No, I mean if it makes at least 600 mln worldwide in the current circumstances and won't be money loser.
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