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  1. Joker was never expected to do well with snobbish american critics associations, they absolutely hate the movie and they were the ones who created that "dangerous movie for incels" narrative. There's huge disconnect between their reception and audience/industry reception. I've been telling this for a long time that critics associations will be snubbing it, but it'll blow up in their faces on Globes and industry awards like Oscars and guilds.
  2. Joker and Marty have nothing in common beyond few direct references and elements (like many movies inspired by other movies do, Tarantino does that the most), their directing styles, visual styles, cinematography, other filmmaking aspects, scenes, humor etc are completely different.
  3. I compared Joker and Marriage Story direction, wtf are you talking about. Noah doesn't even deserve director nom.
  4. No, there's nothing special in Marriage Story direction, it was actors/screenplay driven movie, Joker is far superior in terms of direction/filmmaking. HFPA got it right.
  5. (8) The Good Liar Warner Bros. $190,000 -29% -36% 2,003 $95 $15,491,537 20 - (12) Joker Warner Bros. $140,000 -18% -70% 1,146 $122 $330,965,547 62 - (-) Doctor Sleep Warner Bros. $75,000 -21% -62% 877 $86 $30,798,180 27
  6. More than a decade ago with completely different movie? I meant creative chances, making something outside the formula. I don't see big IP based movies like Joker around, the fact that WB was so hesitate to greenlight it says everything. MCU brand can sell anything, especially with Infinity War and Civil War direct connections, Cap Marvel got the same bonuses.
  7. The message was about taking chances with popular IP, not making everything like MCU and F&F. Situation with original mid/big-budget films is a different story.
  8. I'm not joking. I'm interested in this one a little bit, mostly because of the cast and genre, but there are things I'm really concerned about, so looking for an opinion of unbiased folks. If FilmTwitter 2019 absolutely loves something, then I have big suspicions if it's actually good. Those people are worse than any toxic fandom. I loved The Irishman, didn't watch Parasite and Ad Astra yet. Hustlers...
  9. If lorddemaxus loves it, then I have even more suspicions about its quality. What Valonqar thinks about it? Did you watch it? Interested in opinion from people who are not part of current american politics/FilmTwitter and have nothing to do with TLJ love/hate fandom. Appreciated.
  10. Some John Wick 3/Once Upon A Time in Hollywood love? The only 1 bln+ movie besides Joker I watched this year was Endgame. Not a fan of Disney remakes, cartoons and most MCU flicks.
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