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  1. I mean when early reactions call something the best movie or the best sequel in some franchise with questionable sequels, in many cases those movies turn out to be even worse than those questionable sequels, that's why I'm skeptical.
  2. Just like Spiral is the best Saw movie? I just don't trust this kind of reactions.
  3. I call bullshit on this. Also: "A science thriller with dinosaurs." Doesn't the original Jurassic Park fit this description? Considering that Fallen Kingdom was Fast & Furious with dinosaurs meets Uwe Boll, this one will probably be in similar shades.
  4. Kevin Feige and MCU brand are what led both Endgame and Infinity War to their success. MCU is bigger than Star Wars now. Russos are just passengers on this ride, just like most MCU directors, they didn't have much, if any, freedom, those movies are corporate products.
  5. Wrath of Man is doing really well worldwide. It'll likely cross 100 mln no problem, but I wonder why they set some key premieres for July, including UK one.
  6. It was a great film, I was really surprised by how good it was. Really dark, brutal, masculine, oldschoolish in some ways and unexpectedly avoids some common genre cliches. Probably the best action film I've seen since John Wick: Chapter 3.
  7. I should've said "american critics", not every single RT critic of course. European critics are much much better, but RT is mostly american, that's why we even have this discussion. And "review bombing" did happen with Joker which has higher average rating than percentage because it was trashed mostly by american critics on the ideological/political ground, but got glowing reviews literally everwhere else. Or the exact opposite example with Mulan 2020 which was a piece of shit movie and propaganda piece, trashed by most people everywhere, but got really good reviews from... american critics, o
  8. Review bombing doesn't affect more or less final imdb rating, so your point doesn't work here. I can use the same argument against RT where certain groups of critics can review bomb the movie and actually affect its rating despite great reception overall. Yes, I can see that many people who contribute to RT score are not credible, to say the least, so it makes RT score useless. While people who contribute to imdb rating are not paid for that, they are just random Joes around the world with different backgrounds and biases instead of just one, which is another major difference.
  9. Rambo is certified fresh? What an unexpected reveal! I thought critics hate this franchise besides maybe First Blood. We were talking about 2 different topics if you didn't notice. Average percentage/rating and individual critics complaints is not the same topic.
  10. I meant their percentages, very few people even notice average rating. And it still got a decent rating. Even a friend of mine who doesn't care about all this still noticed "too much forced feminism", so I guess it's a problem. If it takes more than half of the review with barely any mention about the movie itself.
  11. Lol no, they complain about it in most movies, it has nothing to do with reality, it's purely ideological, they see racism/sexism everywhere. The Gentlemen, Rambo, Sin City, recent Tarantino films, among many examples, were all trashed by those people as racist and sexist. It would be more concerning if they didn't complain about it because when they don't, it's usually related to movies like Mulan 2020. Just discussing 2 different topics.
  12. Sure, but people care only about average rating, not who contributes to it, which is the problem and it does have a negative effect on the industry. But we were talking about average ratings, not individual opinions. Imdb rating reflects overall consensus of a large number of people around the world which is a lot more credible to me than overall consensus of a small group of people with very specific biases. But it doesn't mean you can't like/love movies with low ratings. None of them are really credible, only your opinion is.
  13. Their opinions are valid to them, sure, but critics should be a little more objective and consider that they might dislike this or that movie because they have some personal bias against it, which is fine, but at the same time aknowledge that other people likely don't have this bias and would enjoy it. Ebert claimed he was trying to evaluate movies based on whether their target audience will like them or not, but he clearly didn't do a good job at that.
  14. I read them and it's not true, most of them don't even mention that. When I read a critic review about some action flick, I want to know if story/action/direction/music/editing/acting is good, not another crazy rant about racism, sexism, misoginism, Trump and NRA, people don't care about that, they want to know if the actual movie is good or not. I speak for myself, but it's extremely obvious that woke groups are loud minority. Very very few people think RT rating is actually credible. Or maybe you want to say that Old Guard and Mulan 2020 are anywhere near, let's say, Scarface and Fig
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