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  1. So? What about more recent examples? Statham is a big bonus in appealing roles in big-budget movies. The movies you listed were aimed at home video market and wouldn't have made more with other action stars. The Rock had a bunch of similar movies with the same BO results. It's not Twilight/50 Shades/Harry Potter/Hunger Games popularity level book to sell the movie just because of the source material. It would've been a big flop without a magic combination of "big budget movie about Statham vs Giant Shark with great marketing, internationl cast for all tastes and based on the book some people may read".
  2. No, if you had hired noname actor instead of Statham, it would have had much worse numbers everywhere. Statham is an international star, he may not a dom star, but he's a big name in foreign markets. it would be really dumb to state that the movie made these numbers without Statham's impact, just because of the shark. Statham vs the giant shark opened the movie, just the giant shark wouldn't have made even a half of those numbers.
  3. I thought The Meg is much better than Fallen Kingdom. The Meg doesn't take itself too seriously and has a lot of fun with it. Fallen Kingdom takes itself extremely seriously and it's insultingly dumb at the same time. Even in its dumbest moments The Meg didn't reach the dumbest moments of Fallen Kingdom, which were embarassing.
  4. Funny, but I've heard exactly the same thing about Deadpool. People never learn.
  5. So... when are they going to market this thing? Or Fox execs just don't care anymore?
  6. There's absolutely no sense in making low-budget PG-13 Venom movie, especially in 2018 with Deadpool 1-2 and Logan.
  7. Deadline/Variety/THR in celebrity salaries article wrote that Hardy got 7 mln for starring in Venom. No way the movie cost just 40 mln, it's definitely closer to 100 mln. If the budget had been somehow lower than Deadpool, then Sony's move to drop R-rating would have been completely idiotic.
  8. The Meg actuals on the-numbers: Domestic Box Office $45,410,000 Details International Box Office $96,800,000 Details Worldwide Box Office $142,210,000
  9. How Warner Bros. Tore Up B.O. Projections & Audaciously Sold ‘Meg’ As A Horror Comedy For A $44.5M Weekend Win https://deadline.com/2018/08/the-meg-box-office-win-marketing-shark-film-1202444293/
  10. Statham definitely played a big part in these numbers, you can see BO results of Shark movies with no name actors for a proof. Maybe book fans also added to BO.
  11. It's true, but opening was huge enough to make it the highest grossing SM movie WW. With good WOM, it would have made $1 bln+ WW.
  12. SM2's reception definitely played a big part in SM3's increase, but to have increase that big in the third movie you need a great hook and Venom was that hook.
  13. Then why is Spider Man 3 still the highest grossing SM movie WW, especially with its mixed reception and bad legs? Numbers don't lie.
  14. Spider Man 2 made 783 mln WW. Spider Man 3 wouldn't have made almost 900 mln WW without Venom, he was the main hook for the movie, many people anticipated him in it. With Spider Man 2 level quality it would have crossed 1 bln WW.

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