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  1. I'm salty about its quality and that there's no big aggressive fanbase like SW, but not about BO results Trevorrow will shoot himself in the foot with the other franchise anyway. The first Jurassic World was ok only because Spielberg controlled the whole thing.
  2. Jurassic Park has nothing to do with Jurassic World and its... fanbase (if the one actually exists). Jurassic Park wasn't a braindead movie with horrible script and lazy actors. Jurassic Park was much more than dinos wrecking shit. Star Wars fans would have murdered both director and writer for a movie on the level of Fallen Kingdom, this kind of quality is acceptable only for Twilight/Divergent fans, but not for any other big franchises. Any studio dreams about this kind of "fanbase", when so-called-fans would eat absolutely anything.
  3. Such a shame Trevorrow didn't direct this one and Kennedy dropped him off the ship early. I hoped SW fans will punish him for what he did with Jurassic Park because there's no JP fanbase to express such a strong negativity towards him and Bayona for the movie this terrible and incompetent. I have no doubt he would have made even worse SW movie than TLJ, fanbase meltdown would've been legendary, as well as BO drop.
  4. Money will show who's right, as usual It would be really funny to see Episode 9 from Johnson. I think it'd see such an ugly drop from TLJ that BO results would return to Revenge of the Sith level.
  5. They can actually ressurect him, it's easy, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they do. Abrams can bring back Luke as a part of course correction and throw an excuse like he didn't die, just teleported somewhere for some reason, fans would eat it, no doubt. This. Basically what Johnson did is killed the past, but didn't offer the future. At least Abrams gave Kylo Ren, Knights of Ren and some other cool things. Johnson gave nothing and also made Rey even less interesting character, killing all intrigue around her, so there's basically just one good new character, but he can't carry the trilogy on his own.
  6. GA interest in this franchise seriously depends on the fanbase interest. SW is one of the very few franchises that heavily depends on its fans, especially old ones, those who watch movies 10 times in a theater and buy all those toys. Fanbase didn't care about Solo and so GA, especially OS, and that's what happened. That's actually why JW2 didn't have huge drop, it's not fan-driven franchise at all and much more GA friendly. I mean if Episode 9 reception and overall "atmosphere" around it is toxic, it'll definitely affect BO numbers. GA would be more interested in watching Jumanji 3 than another SW movie surrounded with negativity and hate after not so well-received previous two. I can bet Episode 9 will be about nostalgia. They probably know that another huge drop is unavoidable if they won't please fans and GA, even if they don't admit it publicly.
  7. Depends on fanbase reception, marketing and competition. Solo results and TLJ legs show that things are not good for the franchise. They need to pull off a miracle to avoid another huge drop. Something like 550 DOM and 400 OS is a possibility.
  8. It's much better than WW and half of MCU movies, so I think this isn't the worst Best Picture contender for sure, even if it's overhyped in US.
  9. 100% Average Rating: 8.9/10 Reviews Counted: 44 Fresh: 44 Rotten: 0 Insane AR.
  10. She won't get Oscar nom for this powerhouse perfomance because The Academy doesn't like cbm movies, but she has very high chances to get Razzies, deservingly so, because noone did such a convincing impression of the worst Megan Fox perfomances before, especially from high-profile actresses.
  11. Legs won't be that good, not even close, if they release it on March-May. Jumanji 2 had like 11-12 multiplier because of Christmas release.
  12. It was a big movie and it was very rushed, it's a very good comparison. Filming, editing, color correction, score, different visual effects took even more time 20 years ago. Lol what?! Bond had tons of CGI, they were still filming months before the release. Any big-budget movie has extensive VFX work, even those who rely on practical effects. They start working on special effects before filming. Of course, they'll make much more money on Christmas, from business perspective it makes sense.

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