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  1. This is really sad indeed. But we'll see what's gonna happen. I think people really misunderstood what "divisive" meant here. This is not BvS divisive, BvS just wasn't a good movie. This one is a good movie, it could be divisive only because people could have wrong expectations about it. This is not "funnybook movie", there's no random DC cameos and it's not based on specific comic books. It's very dark and grounded, there's almost no action, it's a character study that's fully focused on character's journey to his inevitable fate. I would even say this one is as far from your typical comic book movie as you can possibly go, even Logan and The Dark Knight are much closer to your typical superhero movie with action, heroes and villains. Even on paper Joaquin has an excellent role and I'm sure he gave a powerful perfomance, awards worthy. If people want dumb funnybook movie, they'll be very disappointed. If they want a great drama/thriller with great characters that's very different from everything else in the genre, then they'll probably love it.
  2. Joker won't make less or the same numbers as comic book movie nobody cared about (Shazam!). It'll make 400+ mln no matter how divisive or not it is.
  3. That quote means nothing, we won't know for sure until it's released.
  4. If even pc critics have no problems with it, then general audience won't have any problems with it for sure. They even say it's playing safe by Tarantino standards.
  5. I mean OS liked WW, but reviews were closer to "it's alright" than "omg, it's amazing!". Legs were fine, but not something spectacular. I don't think there's enough excitement for it to have at least slight increase, but we'll see.
  6. I'm not sure if UEFA would impact it anyway. I think it'll slightly decrease because OS didn't like it as much as US, judging by reviews in Europe and CIS.
  7. Numbers speak better than any person. WW did half of its BO in US and showed just okay result OS for cbm genre. And it didn't have spectacular legs there.
  8. The only place where WW1984 may slightly increase is China. But it'll drop in the rest the world, even DOM. OS don't really care about this character, so there's no reason why it would increase there.
  9. I meant previous years too. BvS, for example, had no competition too when it was released if I recall correctly. This one won't have x4 multiplier and it doesn't have any bonuses to reach 500 mln.
  10. You know, you're the only person who believes in those obviously bullshit reports by Snider and Frosty about "reshooting half (!!!!!!) of the movie to make already great movie even better". Even for a big Fox-Marvel fanboy like myself it's painfully obvious that this movie has huge problems. And those giant delayes and enormous reshoots only show that Fox doesn't know what to do with what they have on hands. No way on earth it tested well with aftermath like that.
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