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  1. Royale is much better than Hotel Artemis and I have no idea what you mean by "very different movie from the trailer", it's exactly the movie that was promised in the trailers and interviews, maybe slower paced than some people expected, but not that far.
  2. Looks like many people here are so good at judging actor's pefomance they think subtle perfomance for a quiet character is bad/"boring" acting. Shame on you.
  3. This movie is a real anomaly. RT Audience Score is very high, even higher than Deadpool 2 and many cbms with good reviews. Imdb score is actually high too. This movie is really bad, even terrible in some places, but I guess Hardy is such a genius actor he somehow convinced average Joes with his magical perfomance that they watch a good movie. I can't even find a similar example, I've never seen anything like this, even Nic Cage couldn't convince average Joes with his classic over the top performance that Ghost Rider is a good movie, nobody could. And some people dare to say that Hardy is not A-lister after that. He singlehandedly made the movie watchable and convinced a lot of people that it's good, even though it's very bad. Venom proved that Hardy is a real movie star.
  4. Firepower

    John Wick: Chapter 3 | May 17 2019

    Minecraft won't be released next year.
  5. A Fandango survey of 1,000 moviegoers indicated prior to the weekend that 93% were looking forward to seeing a different kind of Marvel anti-hero, while 90% couldn’t wait for a future Venom/Spider-Man match-up (even though the former property isn’t part of Disney’s MCU) while 80% were going because they were Tom Hardy fans
  6. The character is too niche, they said. Trailer views/likes mean nothing, they said. History repeats itself, people never learn.
  7. Venom was heavily marketed by Hardy's name and Legend didn't even have wide release and much marketing, so it's a dumb comparison.
  8. What the hell are you talking about!? Since when mixed reception of a movie dictates who's A-lister and who's not?! (Suicide Squad got even worse reviews than Venom, and it was an ensemble flick, Robbie wasn't the only star). Hardy has an Oscar nomination too and Venom (which is non-ensemble movie with him in the lead role and was marketed by his name) will make a lot of money. He also had the lead role in Mad Max: Fury Road and he's the only thing people praise in Venom, while Robbie didn't have a lead role in a non-ensemble big budget movie yet. Hardy isn't less A-lister than Robbie, his filmography is much more impressive than hers.

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