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  1. More like much better Friday increase, Saturday increase last week was great actually.
  2. This guy is one of the biggest piece of shits in Joker discourse along with Uproxx' Mike Ryan who's even worse somehow. No wonder there's another embarassing take from him.
  3. They didn't even update Joker overseas actuals for the last weekend. I guess I should use the-numbers.com now, but I liked BO Mojo more.
  4. It's really funny that crazy cbm fanatics and sjws are so desperate to shit on Coppola and Scorsese and defend Disney they use this stupid argument that has nothing to do with the topic/quality of movies/real cinema or not. Indeed.
  5. Technically they have China, but actually they don't have it because chinese hate Star Wars and it won't make a penny there again. There's no reason to release it there at all, they won't even cover print/distribution.
  6. I think it's a big possibility. TROS is destined to drop overseas, they care less and less about Star Wars.
  7. Maybe it'll have better Friday increase this time considering no new competition and pretty much dead weekend? Also, 3.8 sounds better, thanks for update Charlie.
  8. I hope no one here seriously expects Endgame OW? It'll be extremely front-loaded. Don't forget about those headlines "Solo surpassed Black Panther pre-sales" and stuff like that.
  9. We'll see, I wouldn't trust Bob Iger and writers just guess it would be still R rated. Disney and Feige have no experience in making mature content and they never showed desire to try.
  10. So? They can easily make Deadpool PG-13 in the end. We won't know for sure until something happens.
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