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  1. To be honest Aquaman had many trailers, it had a lot more marketing than Shazam and great release date. WW1984 has twice better views/likes ratio. I'm looking not just at views, but also likes. Remember Power Rangers with 40+ mln views and less than 200k likes? Some trailers get large part of those views from ads on youtube, Lionsgate does that with TV spots for their movies and I suppose trailers too, who knows with WB and Birds. First trailer yes, but then interest declined sharply, but I think it was WB's fault, they screwed up marketing
  2. Really bad stats for trailer views and social media activity, especially for a comic book movie, even worse than Shazam had, nothing indicates breakout OW, all breakout cbms had great stats which indicated big interest overall.
  3. Lol, are you kidding? At least 80+ on RT is a done deal, even if it's as bad as Suicide Squad. It's not making 80-90M OW domestic, you can put that in the bank, there's just not enough interest in it to open that high, no matter how good buzz is. Harley Quinn's popularity is really overestimated. It's Shazam 1 bln predictions all over again.
  4. Women and old people showed up after that incredible WOM kicked in, initial demographics are not always correct, they can change when movie goes beyond the initial audience. I guess those news that Joker was trending on PornHub after movie's release meant that men were searching videos with him? Or maybe women after all? Nah, there were enough box office bombs with lead characters in super tight clothes and cleavage, obviously that's not what I mean. Charlie Angels didn't look appealing for completely different reasons (song choices, type of humor, lots of strictly female aesthetics). And Birds doesn't look very appealing for different reasons too. You know just like something like Rambo is not appealing to women, nothing wrong with that.
  5. Jeez, it's one of the most dumbest takes I've seen here. You do realize that the movie made well over a bln and that lots of women watched and loved it? It was 4 quadrant movie, even old people came to watch it. You know Greta Gerwig and Phoebe Waller-Bridge also loved it very much. Even my mother loved it. Imdb rating from women is even higher than male one. So saying Joker appeals to only males and sucks because of that is nonsense. Birds on the other hand looks like 1 quadrant movie with lots of strictly female humor/aesthetics. Nothing wrong with that, movies are and should be different, but you can't go very high in terms of box office without other audiences. No, some of my most favourite movies are about women kicking ass actually. It has nothing to do gender or stererypes. Birds trailer 2 views (and even first one didn't do well) are around New Mutants trailer 2, if not less, less than 4 mln views on the main channel after few days is really bad for a comic book movie. Obvious lack of interest from audiences is the only reason why I think it'll underperform. People seriously overestimate Harley's popularity Older Charlie movies appealed to other audiences too, but the latest one was strictly female and evey they didn't show up it. We'll see about this one.
  6. It doesn't look better than Joker, obviously, not even close. There are some interesting moments in the trailers, but it looks very cringy and "in your face", style is overdone and it suspiciously looks like last Charlie Angels movie with overall appeal only to female audience, but with similar visuals/style to another Robbie trainwreck Terminal (2018). And trailer views/social media activity are surprisingly miserable. It doesn't look like box office breakout, I even have a controversial take that it'll underperform based on the lack of interest in both trailers. Critics reviews will be good, no doubt, it has everything to get at least 80+ on RT without even watching it.
  7. It takes some plot elements from Scorcese' movies, but direction and style are completely different from him. That dance on stairs or midget scene are pure Phillips.
  8. Phillips could still get in. If that DGA stat holds, Taika is out, so not sure why haters are celebrating, it's actually a bad sign for them, lol.
  9. From big studios no, only high profile directors get it. From indie directors yes, they get "film by" credit when their movies are made by much smaller studios and budget and where they usually have control.
  10. It's a result of both actor and director, that's my point, not just one person, but both.
  11. I mean the guy is not some hired tool like smaller directors who work on big studios, it was his pitch and he fought for it to get made. He even got "Film by" credit for the film, which is a rare thing only few A-list directors like Chris Nolan get, he had full control on it and also that big percentage from gross.
  12. What do you mean by direction? The film is visually stunning, intense, all actor perfomances are great, it's very well put together, literally everything that has to do with direction is top tier here, it's one of the strongest aspects of the movie to me.
  13. That's not the case here at all. I read the script 5-6 months before the release and I can tell you that most of it is in the final movie, including dialogues word to word, key character details and all those showy scenes for Phoenix, his perfomance was very close to how you'd imagine it on paper. it would be stupid to assume that the guy who pitched/directed/co-wrote/produced it and had final cut on it had no control on the movie and Phoenix. They did some improvisation, but many movies do that, it's a great thing. Just because Phoenix is so good in it doesn't mean you should downplay the rest of the crew who all did a great job.
  14. That's a horrible take, some people are so focused on Phoenix' perfomance that they totally forget that actor does what director tells him to do and does scenes/spells lines written in the script. All crew members do what director tells them to do. And Phoenix is known for his difficult/diva behaviour, and Phillips managed not only convince him to do it, but also deal with him on set without any problems and looks like they even became close friends after that. Todd absolutely deserves director nom and I'd argue adapted screenplay too. If you really loved the movie, I'm not sure how in the right mind you could be not ok with the guy who made the movie getting recognition, it's just nonsense.
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