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  1. Thanks. Hopefully it will be higher.
  2. What are predictions on The Hitman's Bodyguard?
  3. Are you serious? Lol. TDK is just better movie in absolutely every way. Better screenplay, better characters, better dialogues, better direction, better visuals, better music, better actors, basically everything is much better in terms of quality than WW. Logan is far superior to it in absolutely every way too. You people ignore for some reason WW's terrible third act with Batman & Robin level dialogues(and they spell these lines with absolutely serious face), Asylum level visual effects(which are not acceptable for 150 mln budget movie) and terrible villians. If 2/3 are more or less passable, the third act is so bad, it's flat out laughable. It's just average, if not below average in terms quality. There are much better movies, even comic book ones, that deserve academy awards more.
  4. Correct. It doesn't deserve any Oscars, even technical ones. Only idiots would vote for it as Best Picture, Director, Screenplay etc.
  5. Considering it's a video-game adaptation and not part of a brand like DC, I think 100 mln for TR is max, of course if it will be aggressively pushed by feminists and sjws. Otherwise AC and Warcraft numbers, around 50 mln. Vikander doesn't have Jolie level star power to push it on her own. You can't read between words, can you? I was talking specifically about Wonder Woman and of course you forget that WW has been feminist icon for decades, so there's no surprise feminists actively push her.
  6. It's really fun to see how much some people here can't see huge difference between Wonder Woman and let's say Spider-Man Homecoming, like they were in the same position when they were released
  7. The original Wolf Warrior made 8 times less than its sequel. You think the sequel made 8 times more just because the original was hit? lol. Very obviously. It was released on the peak of Cold War. It was event movie about battle of warring nations and american/anti-soviet propaganda. You can see how hard Rocky 5 grosses fell compared to Rocky 4 to see the difference.
  8. You clearly missed the point of my post. If movie like SW makes half of its grosses in a single market, it means it's not that popular overseas. I mean ratio between domestic and overseas grosses. With almost 1 bln domestic, it would have made 2 billion overseas, if it had been as popular. And The Last Jedi ratio will be even more obvious, it'll clearly make more domestic than overseas.
  9. Wolf Warrior 2 has even bigger multiplier and getting repeat viewing too. Chinese audience loved it, but it was propaganda movie and it wouldn't have made that much without it. It's like Rocky 4 and Rambo 2 thing. I didn't say "all", I said excatly about your object of fap. You can see grosses of many other superhero movies, which are far better than Wonder Woman and weren't championed by SJW and feminists, and they don't have this kind of multiplier. The big super-hero movie has to be really really good to make 4x multplier without help of external circumstances. WW wasn't that good.
  10. You didn't read my next post, did you? Or you think that SWs make half of its grosses in US is perfectly fine? About "foreign markets don't care much about it", you'll see how hard overseas grosses of The Last Jedi will fall compared to TFA.
  11. WW wouldn't have made 400+ mln without the whole propaganda thing by feminists and sjws. Or you think it made 4x multiplier because it was that good in terms of quality?
  12. I didn't expect any other reaction from Wonder Woman fanatic. Propaganda helped Wolf Warrior 2 to gross 800+ mln in China. WW is not that good to make 4x multiplier because of quality. There were much better comic book movies this year. The whole Jim Cameron backlash on social media because he didn't like the movie and said it publicly, actually says something.
  13. The Force Awakes had huge hype because of the whole SW returns thing, but the fact that half of TFA and RO grosses was in US actually says something. If it had been as popular overseas as in US, it would have grossed 2 billion overseas, judging by usual ratio. F&F is much more powerful franchise in terms of overseas grosses than SW. The Last Jedi will drop hard overseas, you'll see, it doesn't have TFA level of hype, not even close. And Wonder Woman sequel won't increase overseas, maybe even drop. WW made 400+ mln in US because of MASSIVE propaganda by feminists and sjws everwhere, who made WW look like it's a much bigger event than it actually is. Overseas it grossed like any other average superhero movie, maybe even less, because other countries watched it as it is, just like any other genre movie, without all this social-political bullshit, and and they thought WW wasn't very good. You can even compare audience marks/reactions on foreign sites with US' and they are actually much lower in foreign sites than US. That's why it won't increase there, it simply wasn't very good. If you had replaced WW character with let's say Hawkeye and remove propaganda by feminists and sjws, it would have grosses more than 200 mln less in US and RT score would have been arount 40-50%, the score it trully deserves.

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