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  1. Just 177k likes in 5 hours... the first trailer of the final chapter of the biggest (ex) and most frontloaded franchise... Terrible result. Won't be surprised if it really makes less than 1 bln WW.
  2. Firepower

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    What is happening with user score on RT, another flash mob against critics?
  3. Dumb comparison, SW is very frontloaded franchise, Avatar was very backloaded. It's James Cameron's movie, no way it's making less than 2 bln, especially with China.
  4. It's not Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it was pretty dumb assumption and the script didn't leak.
  5. Firepower

    HELLBOY | April 12 2019 | David Harbour

    It'll probably get mixed to bad reviews, so that's why they dropped the ball on marketing.
  6. That's not true, it all depends on hype. Deadpool had hype and Shazam doesn't, so that's why it's doing so bad.
  7. Firepower

    Shazam! OS Thread - 163.9M OS - 258.8M WW

    Last Shazam trailers didn't have many views.
  8. Someone has to fill "R-rated cbm" gap after Fox murder, so Warners are doing very important job. I hope this movie is a big success, so there would be less generic shitfests like Captain Wood and more movies like Deadpool, Logan.
  9. Both no. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is more impressive because it has Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in 2 lead roles as buddies, and I'm not even talking about supporting cast. Knives Out and Dune don't have any A+ list actor, even though their casts are still impressive.

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