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  1. but only americans care about this "diversity" bs, maybe also some people from UK, the rest of the world doesn't care.
  2. There's nothing embarrassing about them, it's doing better than RPO overseas so far, it can cross 100 mln DOM, it's not frontloaded as other movies in the genre, audience reception is amazing and it'll make more money than your examples. Your posts are just blind hate without facts and nothing more.
  3. It'll do more than x2 of its budget, some sequels were greenlight with worse results. Lionsgate could do it, they would be very happy to participate in 500 mln grosser produced by James Cameron. Also Netflix, but that's not the best option considering it's very much big screen experience.
  4. If Cameron owns rights, he can do the sequel with any other studio.
  5. Scarface would have cost more than 100 mln nowadays, it was big scale movie, epic 3 hour crime drama.
  6. Of course not, they were profitable, have you seen their BO? And I don't even mention that VOD market at the time was much more profitable. 261 mln gross in 1990 with 65 mln budget in 1990, it's a big success.
  7. Scarface was very expensive movie at the time, it cost much more in 1983 than Aliens in 1986. Total Recall made 261 mln in 1990 (and its adjusted gross is more than 300) (and it's a big gross for hard R sci-fi) on 65 mln budget, nowadays it would have cost more than 100 mln and made less than 200. Robocop wasn't very cheap at the time too.
  8. It would've cost at least 30-40 mln now, it could flop too nowadays. And it's fricking terrible. They basically want to make a watered down version of the first half of De Palma's movie and make a cinematic universe/franchise out of it, with sequels and spin-offs. Hollywood nowadays doesn't have balls (and talent) to make a movie like De Palma's version, not even close. It's very violent, raw, relentless, tragic and emotionally devastating, basically a big red flag for any Hollywood studio.
  9. I remember 2 months ago I realized that most of the big budget movies nowadays are basically 2 hour vfx clips. Some of them are enjoyable, but that good old movie magic is completely gone, it made me really depressed. There are some exceptions, but they are very rare.
  10. It's a good thing we got De Palma's Scarface, Verhoeven's Robocop and Total Recall, True Lies, Terminator 1-2 etc before 2000s, they would never ever make movies like this nowadays, at least half of them would have probably flopped, if not all of them.
  11. Correct. It's really sad. And the other half is lazy live-action remakes of animated Disney movies or other big franchises like SW, JP/JW and F&F.
  12. One "small" difference is that RPO and The Meg cost almost twice less than JL.
  13. HDD2U numbers are horrible. When was the last time when sequel had such a huge drop from the first one on its opening weekend?

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