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  1. Promare making bigger than Children of the Sea? Wow! I never thought Imaishi is so popular.
  2. Holy moly!! It's still 17 views and already has 63K likes!!!
  3. Let's compare Alita with Ghost in the Shell, shall we? How much did GitS make in Japan?
  4. Just looking around in Twitter and I see this tweet Can anybody translate? It has something related to SW:TFA.
  5. Sorry that I don't follow the French box office very much, but is that a good position for Valerian prior to the release on Wed?
  6. I think casting French actors and actresses wouldn't help the movie obtain much money.
  7. Wait! So, do you think that 225m is still gross budget? If you say that, then it might be between 200m-210m net budget, but it still beats the Pacific Rim's net budget.
  8. 197 million euros budget means $225 million!! Does this mean that Valerian becomes the most expensive film by a non-Anglosphere director?
  9. Top 10 highest 3rd weekend's Friday for comic book movies: 1. Avengers 15.2m (3rd weekend: 55.64m) 2. TDK 12.7m (3rd weekend: 42.6m) 3. Spider-Man 11.83m (3rd weekend: 45m) 4. WW 10.7m (3rd weekend: ???) 5. TDKR 10.22m (3rd weekend: 35.73m) 6. Avengers: AOU 10m (3rd weekend: 38.8m) 7. IM3 9.514m (3rd weekend: 35.77m) 8. CA2 9.503m (3rd weekend: 25.58m) 9. Deadpool 8.87m (3rd weekend: 31.11m) 10. GotG Vol. 2 8.71m (3rd weekend: 34.65m) That's an impressive number by WW. Let me hope for 41-43m 3rd weekend!!
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