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  1. So it looks like we're doing September 9th then?
  2. Typically we've closed on Monday nights as that works best for me... does the 26th at 11:59 PM EDT work?
  3. If you want to open Hercules midweek you'll need to either wait for an IMAX release on Friday, November 4th or get permission from @Reddroast because he's had that prior two weeks reserved in IMAX since the AS thread. Am I removing Lesedi?
  4. Bad lol. Several things started still nothing finished. At least there's some progress?
  5. Invitation to Olympus can't be added to the schedule until it's done. Hellsing I'm willing to put in since you're swapping it into an IMAX reservation but you need to give the the genre and director to list at least, not gonna go dig for it.
  6. @cookie You want to hold onto your IMAX reservation for that weekend? You can still use it for something else.
  7. Pre-loads are very over so unless it's done it's not going into Part I
  8. Since Blank already has four IMAX reservations he can't book the extra date in advance, but the February 11th slot is now open for a finished movie to claim IMAX on it. And given Slambros' wishes anyone else will now officially look like a jerk if they take it.
  9. @Slambros You'll still have your IMAX reservation saved for February 11th in case you want to put something else there or try to swap dates with someone.
  10. It's already coming out just 8 months after the first one... does pushing it even earlier make sense?
  11. So does this mean you're adapting No More Heroes instead?
  12. What does this have to do with this thread
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