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  1. Cataclysmic was Oscar Bait in a goddamn giant mousetrap, but if people wanted to vote for a tonally-inconsistent cartoon duck movie instead then
  2. I liked it a lot tbh XD
  3. -Makes a Silent Hill movie with the dude from My Bloody Valentine 3D and the directors of an indie horror flick barely anyone saw -It gets good reviews -It gets seven Oscar nominations -Profit???????
  4. SWAT Kats 2 tho :B
  5. "Flow Like Water" is a great track but can we take a moment to acknowledge how the video doesn't at all indicate which movie it's from for... obvious reasons?
  6. So either those five movies looked mind-bendingly fantastic, or everything else this year looked like absolute shit.
  7. Why? We all know you wrote it before DP2 came out. And that movie doesn't exist in the CAYOM-verse anyway.
  8. You have to at least finish Spark though right? >.>
  9. I've only seen Moulin Rouge but I quite liked it. And I'm a big Jim Steinman fan so the pseudo-operatic over-the-top epic kind of style is definitely my aesthetic.
  10. CAYOM Year 3: Discussion

    I lost count of the dead bodies from the MV Pictures offices...
  11. Y3 - Oscar Picks

    Who we still waiting on?
  12. @Hiccup23 Yeah missed that, looks like @cookie staked out Don Hall first. You need to pick someone else for Wings unless he changes that up.
  13. Naaaaaaaaaah don't care about this one enough.
  14. Welp finished one of my Y4 films already. Did not expect that. Not a super-major one, though. 2,600 words.
  15. Moving The Swarm yet again, this time to August 28th, and TTA4fBH to September 11th.

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