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  1. If people are still open to a two-week extension at this point I could definitely use it as well, haha. Leaving for the convention Friday morning, I'll be gone all weekend and probably worn out for a while after that. Otherwise worst-case is I come up with an in-game excuse to delay my major stuff and just spam fillers.
  2. I don't know who Kang is. Sounds like Galactus and SS have an impact on the plot though and they're explicitly not available. Red King I guess I don't have a problem with personally? Again though I don't know who it is.
  3. I'd say you can't give the Collector an actual role in the movie because he's very important in the MCU. Personally my threshold for a "joke cameo" is like... showing up in the background of a shot, maybe one or two lines. Having a whole fight scene seems a bit much especially if it's plot-relevant. If they affect the story in any real way I think the rules should apply, which is part of why trying to do these huge crossover movies isn't generally a great idea... I kinda thought this was likely to run into trouble from the beginning but I didn't stick my nose in early because frankly I have no idea who at least half of the characters you're talking about even are. Not a comic book guy.
  4. Not that you need to contact the copyright holders irl, lol. Just within the game rules, obviously.
  5. Which I was very much not happy about. Howard is debatable, yeah. Basically though if you want to use a copyrighted character you need to have (and be able to get) permission/a claim. There are ways to be sly about it with parody, not actually naming them, subtle changes, etc.
  6. My feeling would be yes. Though some of them I don't think are available. Howard was in GotG, Captain America is in... everything... I don't follow the X-Men movies so I've no idea about those guys but there sure are a ton of them.
  7. Yeah fam I really don't think that's kosher.
  8. Given the absurdly tangled web of comic book character rights and appearances my feeling is that you can't use anyone that no one in the game explicitly has the rights to, and to use a character someone else has you need their permission. That means leaving out a lot of characters that aren't and likely never will be available. Of course, then there's the debate over what characters belong to which franchises because they tend to migrate all the damn time. Nightwing, technically, has never been in a movie, but he's a former Robin and Robin is very much tied to Batman, the rights for which are unavailable.
  9. Anyone else unable to view the Franchise Rights thread now?
  10. Well if everyone else in more or less on track we shouldn't delay things just for me, that's hardly fair.
  11. So how's everyone else doing writing-wise? Honestly I'm doing pretty shit, between some writer's block, being sick most of January, and getting ready for a convention at the end of the month.
  12. @YourMother the Edgelord Wasn't Blue and Gold 2 not even supposed to come out this year originally?
  13. #20 - The Meg Directed by Jon Turteltaub / Released by Warner Bros. Jason Statham fighting a giant prehistoric shark? Sign me up. The premise alone made me know early on that I'd probably enjoy it whether or not it was actually any good. Thankfully, it's pretty solid - there's a good balance of action and camp without it turning into a full-on parody. The 3D was well-used and there were plenty of memorable setpieces. The one major downside is that I really wish there was more of the shark attacking the public beach. The trailers were misleading in suggesting it was a major element of the film when in fact it was an all-too-abrupt sequence before the climax. Some gore would've been nice too, but given the budget of this thing I'm not surprised they went PG-13.
  14. #21 - Ant-Man and the Wasp Directed by Peyton Reed / Released by Disney This movie really isn't any better than Infinity War - it's a pretty middling Marvel film, all things considered. The only reason it's ranked slightly higher is because it didn't upset me. Also Paul Rudd is just too damn likable. I don't really have too much to say about it because frankly, despite the different settings and subgenres, most MCU movies do feel more or less interchangeable to me at this point.
  15. #22 - Avengers: Infinity War Directed by Anthony Russo & Joe Russo / Released by Disney My main problem with this movie is definitely the ending. I felt insulted - not by what happened, but by who it happened to. The choice of characters made it immediately obvious to me that it wasn't going to stick. So why did I just sit through such an absurdly long superhero movie to get to this time-wasting cliffhanger? One of the criticisms often levied at the MCU is that every movie is essentially just an advertisement for the NEXT bunch of movies, and this is the first time that really bothered me. It wasn't a terribly effective sequel hook because it didn't leave me wondering what was going to happen at all. That said everything up until the ending was pretty solid. Definitely a lot of fun character moments and over-the-top blockbuster action. The interactions between Thanos and Gamora were especially interesting. But considering the point of the movie was basically to get me pumped for Endgame it failed pretty badly.

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