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  1. I can name a grand total of seven movies from 1998 that I even like so y'all are gonna have to miss me on this one.
  2. I wish everyone didn't run out of reactions so I could gauge more than just one person's reaction to my trailer though, haha
  3. I'm honestly dreading TSWII because I will 100% need to re-read the first one to have any idea what's happening or who these people are, and that means I'll pretty much be dedicating a whole weekend to this double feature doorstop
  4. August 27th? Nothing on that date yet, puts you ahead of the September/October glut of horror.
  5. Okay finished the One Missed Call 2008 shooting script. Yeah, probably not going to use anything. Most of the differences are the actual horror/scare scenes, and while those are a LOT better in the script, I'm not recycling any of the same horror scenes by choice because I've got a whole new cast of characters and I don't just wanna plug them into the same situations. The story elements are virtually identical in the shooting script and the finished film. I will say, without spoilers - my single biggest problem with the 2008 version, both in script and screen form, is the ending. It's completely changed. The Japanese movie has one of those real mind-screw, ambiguous endings that are so popular over there, and it takes a few watches and a peek at the sequel for most people to figure out. But the American remake didn't even try to distill it or make it more digestible; it just threw it out and replaced it was a super-corny, dumb-as-nails replacement. In the process, it got rid of the payoff for a lot of the film's thematic subtext and pretty much just completely removed the antagonist's motivation. For my version I'm gonna be leaning really hard into those themes to make up for it.

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