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  1. IMAX MEGAPOST 2021! PART THREE - USEFUL INFO FOR THE GAME! How many IMAX screens or theatres are there? How many full-sized ones? As of this writing (September 2, 2021), based on the latest data from LF Examiner, there are 401 IMAX screens in the US & Canada (the domestic box office market) that show commercial Hollywood films, as opposed to just IMAX documentaries. This includes screens which are temporarily closed as of this writing due to COVID-19, but are expected to reopen. These screens are in 398 separate venues, with four such venues - the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, W
  2. IMAX MEGAPOST 2021! PART TWO - TECHNICAL DETAILS! What is the IMAX screen shape/aspect ratio? Forgive me if this shakes you to your core, but IMAX does not now have, nor has it ever had, a standardized aspect ratio for projection. IMAX focuses on providing an image that fills as much of the audience's field of view as they can get away with and isn't terribly fussed with the specific shape, and their mass-market move into multiplexes has only exacerbated this. In the USA alone, the shapes of IMAX screens range from as wide as 2.18:1 to as tall as 1.17:1. They just install the
  3. IMAX MEGAPOST 2021! PART ONE - THE HISTORY THAT MIGHT SECRETLY BE A RANT! Since it's the biggest part of the CAYOM game, format-wise, I've decided to give IMAX its own posts. I needed to update and expand the information anyway. If it comes across a bit cynical, I do not apologize. What is IMAX? Good question! IMAX is whatever the IMAX Corporation says it is, and they keep changing their definitions so they can make more money. A history of IMAX as a theatrical exhibition format: Originally, IMAX was a large-format 65mm film system for production and the ass
  4. You would not get IMAX on Easter, that's the second week of the Rian Johnson film's reservation
  5. Can I move Texas City to November 26th and claim IMAX?
  6. @Alpha Okay so. I am claiming one property - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I'm releasing a lot of others: Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Elder Scrolls Digimon D Ace Combat RoboCop Ghost Rider (except I'm reasonably sure I'd already traded these to @Reddroast in exchange for Star Fox) Moon Knight Jackie Chan Adventures Chaotic Also if the asterisks are meant to be on properties we've actually released films of then there are some corrections. I have NOT adapted Phii Khon Pen, but I HAVE adapted Pon, Ju-Rei: The Uncanny,
  7. This is the thread to submit films for Year 7 of CAYOM 3.0! The release calendar is below. It's pre-filled with the IMAX films from the Advance Schedule Thread, but you will still need to make posts for those movies with details about them. You can also submit your fillers here. Note that you are not allowed to post movies in this thread until they are completed - with full cast and release info and however complete a plot summary you plan on giving them. Keep in mind that directors are limited to one major film or two small films a year and that actors should be limited to a realistic number
  8. Given that none of my reservations were for $200m+ blockbusters I can still swap titles out yes? If so then I am doing that. Give November 10th to Star Fox (Sci-fi/Action) (dir. Joseph Kosinski) September 8th to Earthsong Vol. II: Dynasty of the Stars (Fantasy) (dir. Julie Taymor)
  9. @Reddroast and I are doing a trade - I'm giving him the Ghost Rider and Moon Knight rights, and he's giving me Star Fox @Alpha
  10. The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson The Amityville Horror II, Amityville: The Final Chapter and Amityville: The Horror Returns by John G. Jones
  11. December 2-4 Hell Jingles Almost All the Way Horror-comedy Jingle Hell opened a touch under tracking, perhaps being a bit too grotesque for some audiences. Its $19.4 million start is still solid for the genre and the quiet first weekend of December. 1. Jingle Hell - $19,420,392 2. Duck Hunt - $15,348,598 (-55.2%) 3. XJ-9 Rebirth - $6,187,259 (-56.6%) 4. Off-Road - $4,927,378 (-57.5%) 5. Paradise Island - $4,048,608 (-26.3%) 6. One Big Family - $3,425,350 (-65.7%) 7. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - $2,459,746 (-37.6%) 8. Voicemail - $1,724,774 (-46.2%) 9
  12. November 4-6 Off-Road Stays in Gear, Spring Is Still a Bit Sleepy Ludicrous action flick Off-Road opened on target with $48.6 million for the weekend, right where projections had it. On the other hand, period musical Spring Awakening fell under tracking with $14.1 million, playing to a pretty niche audience and mediocre reviews - something that hurts this kind of movie a lot more than Off-Road. Fiesta Loca fell a steep 62.2% from opening weekend, which can be attributed to an inflated first weekend gross thanks to its Dia de los Muertos holiday tie-in. In 5 theaters, Paradise Island
  13. Since no one appears to have objected I will forfeit IMAX for Silent Hill: Rebirth. My new #3 priority is: August 25 He-Man V: The Stench of Evil (Fantasy/Action) (dir. McG)
  14. October 7-9 Gulch Spooks Some Life into Fall Box Office Though it came in slightly under projections, the western-horror-adventure Shiverin' Gulch netted a $47.5 million opening, very respectable given its odd premise and blend of genres. Solid reviews helped for sure, despite some criticisms of the film's depiction of native folklore. Evidently the general audience wasn't bothered by such reservations. 1. Shiverin' Gulch - $47,545,416 2. The Horn - $11,671,701 (-47.1%) 3. Baseball Boy: The Base Thief - $6,371,398 (-38.9%) 4. The Last Policeman - $4,767,004 (-
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