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  1. I think it's interesting how an animated film that is heavily based on Scandinavian folklore and is set in Medieval Europe is resonating so much across different cultures in Nigeria, India, Taiwan, etc. Tbh it just speaks volumes on the timeless and universal appeal of magic I think it will continue to fascinate all of us forever
  2. I've always thought it was poetic that Infinity War and Endgame struck a chord the most with the most populated countries on the planet
  3. I think it's pretty unfair to compare the ST to Potter and LoTR films which are adapted from BOOKS, the fans and GA know what to expect and everyone knows and agrees on what they want as a collective whole Unlike with the ST this is the THIRD generation of films, released decades later after its initial peak, not based on pre-existing material and there's such a divide between OT loving boomers, prequel defenders/millennials, TLJ loving gen Z, etc. OT is the only comparable trilogy for the FIRST set of films for LoTR and Potter Prequels = Hobbit movies, Fant
  4. Disney themselves don't consider it to be animated... https://variety.com/2020/film/box-office/frozen-2-biggest-animated-movie-ever-disney-box-office-1203456758/ Most publications are now considering F2 to be the highest animated grosser And it deserves that record way more than TLK 2019
  5. I'm glad most publications are now considering F2 to be the highest grossing animated film and not TLK 2019 https://variety.com/2020/film/box-office/frozen-2-biggest-animated-movie-ever-disney-box-office-1203456758/ Now someone just needs to edit the highest grossing animated films wikipedia page
  6. F1 was a huge cultural phenomenon worldwide that only got more widespread and more embedded in pop culture after the film left the theaters F2 is merely reaping the benefits of that
  7. But it's the highest grossing movie of the decade there? Idgi https://www.boxofficemojo.com/year/2015/?area=AU&grossesOption=totalGrosses Oh it's sarcasm, didn't notice the /s
  8. Not to mention The Snow Queen is a Danish fairy tale (even if it's only loosely based on it) Not surprised at it absolutely smashing in Scandinavia
  9. At least domestic wise, it is massively bigger than TPM It sold more tickets (108M) than any film since Titanic (18 years before its release) Outdid Empire Strikes Back by 10M more tickets And it's still the highest grossing movie ever in the US and the UK It's gonna be a while until something outgrosses it in these markets
  10. I liked it even better after watching it a 2nd time This is because I had no more expectations and I didn't have everyone else's loud opinions in my subconscious anymore I regret watching and reading even non-spoiler reviews because I then started pinpointing the scenes the criticisms were referring to I feel like if I just went in with absolutely no idea of what to expect I would've enjoyed it more and not look at every scene and subconsciously nitpick Disregarding every extra thing weighing this film down whether it'd be the TLJ vs TFA vs OT vs whatever debates...
  11. Not sure if already posted but...Avatar's getting a re-release (it's just a $9M gap anyway between it and Endgame anyway) https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/movies/2019/12/18/avatar-10th-anniversary-james-cameron-predicts-beating-avengers-endgame/2680090001/ Lol at his last comment
  12. The first half was a HUGE mess I agree with all the criticisms in that regard But then I LOVED the second half especially the third act I loved that It's not perfect but it's not as bad as people are saying, you'd think it was the worst movie to ever be released or something Overall I was satisfied and I can honestly say that I like the sequel trilogy and I'm glad it exists as the introduction of Star Wars for this generation
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