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  1. I thought around geostrom. Made a mistake with gs china and us gross. $60m is where I kept it for summer game.
  2. Amazing performance. Thought would do little more than tomb raider with the help of china. But two markets will be enough for that. Double of what I thought in US.
  3. Would be great but again not a breakout. More than few people are expecting it and it is part of big franchise, following a very critical and financial successful film. Kinda like fallout.
  4. I don't think above figures are breakout numbers. Little more than Annabelle 2 is not breakout.
  5. Premium George

    Wednesday Numbers: Crazy Rich Asians 5M

    Late but Happy birthday @sfran43!
  6. I hope so. Same team as dhoom 3 but this time it works. I am talking about quality btw. No doubt it will cross 300 cr.
  7. After horrible last year, this has been a good year for both imports and locals. Race 3 disappointed big time but two 300cr. Grossers. Toh will be third although I am sceptical due to director.
  8. So, watched it at home. Last half hour is awesome specially strange fight. Guardians scenes are super enjoyable too. Everything else bored me now. Bruce was annoying. Not Ebony Maw. He was awesome. But that strange fight, man. I hate his origin movie even more now.
  9. Premium George

    Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again under 110 DOM

    what is this panda?
  10. I think they will put some limit like film has to be nominated in atleast one category even if tech.

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