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  1. Cos that's how it works. It doesn't take much work to change it. So, put your hyper reactive ass down, it's not a calamity.
  2. Cal down dude. Let the experts predict. No body is here to please you. Changing predictions is part of the process, don't comment if you just want to see it play it out.
  3. Happy birthday, @feasby007 , our BD are very close, mine was just 4 days ago.
  4. Yes. Their marketing budgets are not 1x or even 2x of production budget like a normal film. Get Out was estimated to have $80m p&a, correct me if I am wrong. US, conjuring, Annabelle movies would have been same too.
  5. Batb thread was awesome. 83 pages of just gifs.
  6. At this point, rest of the world may have more users here than america. Among individual countries, I don't think any country is close to US.
  7. I am neither premium nor george.

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