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  1. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    I think this is a old illusion but it still amazes me. There are 12 dots here, your brain just can't see them together.
  2. Tuesday Numbers: Tomb Raider - 2.72m

    For a person who gets offended by harmless jokes, you sure are too condescending @KeepItU25071906.
  3. Annual deadline most profitable blockbuster 2018

    Once I buy disney with all the spare change around me, I will tell you everything about their finances.
  4. Annual deadline most profitable blockbuster 2018

    Why not top 20 this time? DM3 batb jumanji tlj it ww f&f
  5. This thread is good. Spider-man: Homecoming was the one where you would have little criticised the movie and there would be someone replying you with 10 gifs and 150 words essay.
  6. Isle of Dogs | Wes Anderson | April 20 2018

    That's a ruff pun.
  7. Hey, do you know how many screens there are in US? how many of them are 3d? According to mpaa, in 2016 there were 43531 screens with 16745 3-d. But, I ask this 'cos according to them 70% of world screens were 3-d in 2016.

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