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  1. Every old horror property will make a comeback after IT and this. Studios are digging their vaults rn.
  2. $50m locked, $60m certain, $70m more than good chance. O/U venom is the question.
  3. Premium George

    The Anime Thread- Summer 2015

    Well good thing it will air along with bnha season 4, opm season 2, mob 100 s2. Jojo would be going on too. Spring 2019 is insane.
  4. Premium George

    The Anime Thread- Summer 2015

    AoT will come back in april. So, no AotY for it. Atleast, JoJo fridays are here.
  5. Premium George

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Took a break, as got married. Only court marriage, real stuff has to wait 1-2 years. Moving together so lot of work going around.
  6. "hey, you are all excited even tho this is bad." How is this just an opinion? Do you understand how this works? "Hey, this is bad but you do you." See the difference?
  7. Looks like most predictions are around $350m dom and $850m ww. Dman7 goes super high with every mcu film. I think $500m+/ $1.1b+ performance.
  8. By black panther 2.0, I meant, this will blow past everyone's prediction. And yes, I am expecting great legs from this too despite busy schedule around that time, kinda like wondy.
  9. All that will take black panther to $300m not $700m. And it was a very big surprise. People in hindsight are acting like it was always supppsed to be that big. BP, American sniper, wonder woman, these movies always have big external effects. Marvel has all that plus a post credit scene in 4th biggest movie of all time, and connection to 4th avengers. $500m+ dom, it's not as difficult for this as people are thinking. I wish people will learn after being wrong about incredibles 2. All box analysis with finding nemo, dory failed by not taking social media hype into consideration.
  10. "This will not be like black panther." Uhmm, sorry, but no one of you predicted even half of what black panther did. So, don't use that for your predictions. As I said this is black panther 2.0.
  11. I agree. DC brand has gotten weak OS. If Aquaman and shazam performs good, they will have little to no effect on this. GotG2 seems like a good comp. $850m seems like a good target. But if this does billion, great. But unlike Cap marvel, wondy sadly has not much support from dceu. I will love this to outgross BvS, becoming deadpool of dceu, box office wise.
  12. Of course, express them all you want, everyone is doing that here . But don't confuse it as fact which you did in that comment. Hope you know the difference as your reading skill already seems lacking.
  13. Premium George

    Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Fake news. She visits them every three months. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4823850/Two-huge-cats-wild-godmother.html
  14. Wow, someone treating his own opinion as a fact. Never seen that before.

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