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  1. Fuck, I completely forgot about this. My life is fucking me hard right now.
  2. Is it compulsory, SLAM! I didn't have time to do flash fights.
  3. Article 370 must be the most sought-after title in Bollywood this week. Who will get it, akki or John? @Sunny Max how did you become fan of south indian movies, and how big are they in pakistan?
  4. In. But warning, my life can become busy without any warning. I will still try to play every week.
  5. Doctor strange because of title and being horror inspired.
  6. Sorry to ruin the party but this makes it even more frustrating about censorship. They could have 2 local blockbuster and 1 good box office performance. I am hoping for 4b.
  7. I have already read SoS, TG, VS (I don't I completed this tho, don't remember which chapter I left on). Will try other two. Going through the phase where I want to read and not watch. It's a cycle, in a few months, it will be back to watching.
  8. Without manga spoilers, it is very difficult to discuss. Only thing I can say is that I am happy with current position, I don't have problem with this change, FMA MC and theme was completely different than AoT. What other manga do you read? I use to follow lot of mangas but I got disinterested as they all started to feel similar. I am following OPM, with every release, OP and BNHA once every 4-5 months. Also berserk but that's a torcher.
  9. Way the manga is going, if Isayama hits the final note just decently, I think this can reach the heights of FMA:B.
  10. So, China is similar to India in self hate. Few actors started talking against it here, did something similar happened in china?
  11. There is a good chance for marvel to win long terms. Disney is running out of remakes, star wars is a second tier franchise now, which they can't even release 1 per year. And their original films lmao. While marvel is going strong year by year, include x men just like you said in your post and yep marvel is looking much better than disney in near future.
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