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  1. Nintendo wins e3, easy. This e3 have been really meh with all these cinematic trailers.
  2. That's a great result after everything. Maybe they will make a sequel with a new actor as jafar.
  3. Already told both ES6 and that space game will not be at e3.
  4. That was a stupid controversy mainly 'cos they didn't even read the manga completely. Next remaining episodes gonna be great too.
  5. Even then Aladdin is not half of BATB. Successful movie going by early numbers but a lot of money is left on the table. TLK will be exciting run to follow now tho.
  6. More than a rumour. Depends on which studio gets it. Problem with OPM s2 is that JC staff got very less time before completing it. If they would have got normal time, this season would have been at least decent. I will be happy if madhouse or bones get it. Still have to wait as manga has not added that much content. Till then enjoy this great season.
  7. Guys opened a political thread. https://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/27764-indian-politics-thread-i-mahayudh-2019-i-memes-allowed/
  8. You will forget about CGI. Season has just hit 4, on a scale of 11 that it will hit later. I am so hyped.
  9. I completely forgot about this. Life is too busy.
  10. It's been one month since that weekend thread? Or gold runs for less than 30 days?
  11. In South east and middle East countries too.
  12. I miss deadline weekend articles being completely sure of themselves. There is no personality anymore. I want my #notarecord, "Disney lost by buying marvel for $4 billion".
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