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  1. I'm sure the real reason his script was rejected was because it was just as shitty as his P4 script.
  2. Tickets are on sale now, at least according to Fandango and Regal.
  3. "Marry Me", which combines all variations of this theme, is fantastic http://youtube.com/watch?v=oeK4HMak-q0
  4. In. I think this has the chance to be really big if it's Good and Disney markets it right, which they have so far.
  5. Agree with what's being said here! The world building, creativity, passion, and overall ambition is so great in 2 & 3! 4 just couldn't match up. 5 looks like it's trying to bring back those qualities!
  6. Completely agree! CotBP is still the best but DMC and AWE have so many great things about them!

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