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  1. Again, if you want to ban me, fine. I'm not on here to make friends, I'm on here to make my opinion heard. This site doesn't really matter to me, what happens to (some) movies does. I would be pissed about The Last Knight regardless. I wouldn't want to meet most of you in realspace, especially That One Guy.
  2. You're incredibly self-righteous about your lack of fandom. (also, considering people on here went ballistic over Spidey's "disappointing" weekend, I really am not in the mood for these kind of hypocritical arguments about "overdoing it"). If people want to ban me, fine. It was worth it to defiantly roar against Bay and Paramount as the franchise that was a big part of my childhood died.
  3. So 1 movie vs a decade long series that whizzed the franchise down the toilet. "Fair" comparison I guess.
  4. All that Perlmutter comes up with these days are dumbass storylines trying to explain why Cap and Magneto are Nazis now. Marvel would be better off without him.
  5. But the Ultra Beasts are secretly the spawn of Yog Sothoth and will despoil the land of men unless they're all destroyed!!1 To kill them is my great quest, to annihilate them is my cause!
  6. Wow, it's like an unauthorized made for Lifetime caliber biopic of Tupac that everyone who knew him has disowned kinda sux and should've never been made
  7. Yeah, you thought Transformers 5 was good. I guess I'll just leave at it that.
  8. If Baby Driver goes over 100 mil and Atomic Blonde has a remotely decent RT, these "Atomic Blonde can't do 100 mil!" posts are gonna look amazingly stupid.
  9. Whether they do or don't, the fact that he was on a Marvel TV show produced by Disney won't stop them. If they were willing to allow an "MCU" production through an enemy studio I doubt they care if they cast a guy who was in their own Netflix TV series.
  10. Who the hell cares what Gunn says about TV, he doesn't direct any MCU TV. Bottom line, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from using Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin since Disney already uses him as Kingpin.
  11. Spectre was down from Skyfall. The series needed to get saved in the first place via Casino Royale back in 2005. Bond is not immune to downward momentum.
  12. I have a feeling the "solo" Batman film will get reconfigured into a Batman/WW crossover.

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