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  1. I just came online and read that first page, the irony was hilarious.
  2. So many people already jumping to conclusion on here and all over. Armchair producers.
  3. Seems like they created a committee following Lego Movie. And they banked way to hard on Lego's popularity.
  4. I can't judge anyone. I made "It's time...for the Jedi to end. JL over SW:TLJ club"
  5. Sony is a distribution studio, they don't "make any movies themselves" by your definition. Working Title did Baby Driv
  6. Do people really love excessive hyperbole, especially when it's effectively dog-piling at this point? Is this what people are looking for in reviews these days? "Oh, Sony stop making movies cause you had two panned movies follow your two acclaimed movies, that's fifty-fifty and not really that bad, but oh well." "Oh, Sony, you're a distribution studio that hired a production studio to make a movie, like every movie in the universe. But this time, the production studio is going to have to take all the credit cause it's good now and the production studio's name is marvel" "Sony, you are literally Satan." "Sony you killed the world."

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