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  1. Grace is clearly bored up in her NYC penthouse. She said the other day that the Snyder Cut was going to be released on HBO Max but the Coronavirus Outbreak stopped it from happening 🙄
  2. Makes more sense for Black Widow considering her character is dead and this movie takes place in the past so it doesn't really effect the future of the MCU unlike the Eternals.
  3. Yeah I saw it hit the webs yesterday and thought it was a fake, guess not
  4. I don't think it'll have a "big" impact as of now but one thing that would be absolutely disastrous is if a Coronavirus outbreak occurs at a theater location.
  5. Yeah I know, that's the point i'm making regarding the poster who said she was fired off the project because Jeff Sneider said so.
  6. Cathy Yan was replaced yet she posts about BOP and the filming process of certain scenes nearly everyday on Twitter. Most directors who've been kicked off projects usually disappear from social media for a while right after it happens.
  7. Considering this debuted recently, I think debuting the trailer at Wonder Con or right before is likely
  8. I wonder how much money WB actually spent on BOP considering they only funded half of Joker's budget 🤔
  9. Doubt it on the CGI https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2484978/the-suicide-squad-has-more-practical-effects-than-all-of-james-gunns-movies-combined
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