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  1. Offers a nice alternative since Marvel seems to be going more Cosmic/Space. The majority of DC's upcoming movies are grounded outside of WW84
  2. Yeah I remember when people were coming from the IW screenings they were all in shock over the ending more than anything else which made sense when you saw the film. So far with CM I don't see any tweets hinting to a major twist or anything.
  3. I think it'll open pretty big around 140M but the legs won't be that great imo
  4. Critics/Bloggers that are known to enjoy CBMs or MCU films get hand picked to see the film first because they're more likely to give a positive reaction. Most studios do this, the rest of the "Important critics" will probably see it throughout the week or next week.
  5. "Best Marvel movie ever" "Better than Wonder Woman" "_______ Deserves An Oscar" "Captain Marvel is like *Insert popular 90s movie* mixed with a Superhero movie" "Carol is now my favorite Avenger" "What Green Lantern should've been" My drinking game is ready
  6. I thought reactions were tonight, not reviews
  7. Huntress is wearing a cape with the hood before she takes it off and enters the building and Grace is.......well Grace. She thinks a WWE wrestler with little to none acting experience would be better than an actor who's been acting for nearly 20 years lol
  8. BO Pro has under predicted every DC movie so far long tracking wise. Nothing to see here 😉
  9. Do Gal, Jason & Margot actually voice their respective DC characters? I know Harley in the promo was still voiced by Jenny Slate or someone who sounded similar. Edit: Nvm, seems only Jason did
  10. Smaller budgets also allows directors to be more creative since they can't go all crazy budget wise. Also more practical shots and effects rather than CG/Green Screens. Besides, after the Fox/Disney merger, Sony/WB will be the only ones putting out under 100M CBMs
  11. THR says the budget is 80-90M with all the suits actually costing a total of 600K instead of the rumored 1M per suit https://link.hollywoodreporter.com/view/5c2a375ebec7c3265d3cf8549dkgy.9zn/ac94714d?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral

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