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  1. The set design in this movie is insane and the dogs.....my god One of my favorite things about this movie is that fact that the action doesn't feel or look fake/badly choreographed. There's no bad guys standing around waiting for the next guy to finish getting killed before attacking.
  2. Lol at the "spoiler", isn't Joker a psychotic villain? Are people really going into this movie expecting Joker to be a good guy
  3. So this guy tweets that he read an script for an upcoming movie, says some negative things about it then proceeds to insult people who ask why he decided to post it on Twitter. Lol
  4. How is their anything on BOP when the movie just finished filming not even a month ago? Sounds like "Wonder Woman is a mess" all over again
  5. WW84 and WB has had only 3 movies ever open over 150M in the last decade. I doubt another Zack Snyder movie would open over 150M
  6. Imagine telling WB shareholders that you're shelving DC films. You'll be out of a job so fast
  7. It'll have to be some crazy crossover flick like Gundam x Godzilla Universe with big names attached
  8. No wonder why Black Widow's production got pushed back and rewrites lol I'm expecting Florence Pugh to be playing Young Natasha with ScarJo not being in the movie at all
  9. I thought I read somewhere that Kill Bill & Django Unchained leaked but they've could've just been on the Blacklist
  10. I actually think that's it only because Tarantino scripts leak often. Unless he's talking about a Cinema Con trailer
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