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  1. I was talking the social media embargo which I believe was 2-3 weeks before the release date. I remember the press talking with Patty and Geoff Johns after the screening because a critic posted a video on Twitter of the two greeting different members of the press, shaking hands and what not. They didn't allow them to tweet though until the week after. Here's Zach doing the same for Shazam! which had a similar social media embargo date
  2. Studio reps, producers, directors etc. mingle with the press after the screenings to gage their reactions and that's how they decide. This is how Wonder Woman was done.
  3. Just a guess, I know studios sometimes have elaborate set-ups after the press screenings where they can talk to producers, writers, directors etc. Harleywood looks like it can be one of those. I remember Wonder Woman's press screening with Patty and Johns had props from the movie everywhere.
  4. Reminds me of that blogger lady who said that the movie is sexist because they're only beating up men 😄 I mean Gotham's underworld is run by men in the comics and the female "villains" like Harley, Ivy, Selina aren't really villains.
  5. "Harleywood" event next week in Hollywood, idk if the movie will be screened also https://1iota.com/show/1065/birds-of-prey---harleywood-special-event
  6. Sue Kroll (one of the producers) said that Batgirl isn't in the film because the studio is developing her solo film. I'm pretty sure they're saving a lot of the Batman Universe characters for Reeves first before anyone else touches them. I'm betting Reeves has/had no plans on using Dinah, Helena, Cass, Black Mask & Zsasz which is how Margot got them. I remember when it was rumored that the main villain of BOP was Penguin, which was changed according to Justin Kroll & Umberto. https://batman-news.com/2018/07/17/the-penguin-cut-birds-of-prey-batman/
  7. If this movie doesn't do well then I doubt you'll ever see Cass on the big screen ever again. I think there's even a slim chance she shows up again even if it does well. It took 14 years for Bane to show up again and he's one of Batman's rogues. Outside of the comic fandom, no one knows who Cassandra Cain is and I can see them using other versions of Batgirl before they even think about using Cass in the future.
  8. All these movies weren't good movies though.... Atomic Blonde was pretty solid and made back it's budget. Ironically it's the highest rated movie on RT out of all those names.
  9. *Harley does something* "Deadpool, that's Deadpool guys, she's being Deadpool" 🙄 Remembers when Shazam was supposedly Deadpool as well Also Deadpool was a very bland looking movie. Nearly the whole movie was overcast and looked gray. It looked like it was filmed in Vancouver
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