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  1. Yup, the guys who rewrote it have a really great show on Amazon Prime called Informer
  2. Looks like everyone is getting Patty Jenks/Gal mula
  3. We need a trilogy at some point, the last time we got a trilogy from a DC character was 8 years ago. It's gonna be 20+ years at this rate
  4. I can see WB cutting a deal if they feel like they can make it up in MAX 2021 sub revenue
  5. Max's quality is based on your internet speed, TV and audio settings. It's not like Netflix where you can choose the quality based off the tier you pay for.
  6. Eh like Soderbergh said, you can't just keep delaying movies. It's just a matter of how much money do you want to lose. For some reason people think that the budget doesn't increase after each delay. If that was the case, Paramount would've held on to the movies they sold this year.
  7. Kilar dropped his own written article
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