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  1. The CG looks awful, reminds me of Golden Compass
  2. Michelle is called MJ though, I don't even think they call her "Michelle" once in FFH and there's only one character referred to as MJ in Spider-Man lore and it's not Michelle Jones. Michelle Jones is basically Mary-Jane at this point in the MCU
  3. Helena is a faithful Catholic as seen in the beginning and her parents are seen getting mowed down by a hit squad later on. Also I'm assuming she's shooting mob bosses in that restaurant because she goes on a whole revenge spree after her parents are killed.
  4. I honestly believe that they wanted to introduce the BOP using Harley. I mean Hodson started writing Batgirl right after BOP so there has to be some connection there. Which probably would've lead into BOP vs GCS but everything is most likely up in the air now that Reeves is taking over all Batman related characters. And Selina being in The Batman complicates things
  5. Yeah but if they called "Harley Quinn" people would complain that the BOP should be getting the spotlight instead of sharing it with Harley like they are now. People are going to complain no matter how this movie was made because it's Harley Quinn & because people for some reason don't like Margot Robbie. It is what it is This is whole scenario is starting to remind me of "Why does Steve Trevor have more lines than Gal in her own movie. They must be hiding her" and "Why are they focusing more on Batman/Bruce Wayne than Superman in his own sequel". Can't wait for WW84 marketing so we can go through this same cycle again 🙄
  6. Suicide Squad was marketed as Will Smith, Harley, Batman & Joker movie more than a team-up film. Why do you think all those people were mad that Joker was barely in the movie?
  7. I hear what you're saying but you have to remember they're marketing to the GA first, not BOP, Cassandra Cain, Black Mask or Renee Montoya fans. Suicide Squad's Harley is what the GA remembers so they're going to market her more than anyone else because of that. Same would happen if this were a GCS movie, Harley would be front and center.
  8. They've show the tv spots during every NFL game commercial break for weeks now.
  9. LAPD aren't https://www.thewrap.com/lapd-security-joker-premiere/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. I wonder how many movies they block at that theater. I know they blocked another movie early this year.
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