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  1. Supposedly there's other DC heroes in the movie as well outside of Keaton, Batfleck & Supergirl. If they tease/show them in future promos then I think it'll be pretty big
  2. I think Horn is staying retired this time after Disney brought him out of it the first time.
  3. I can see Sony going to give this to Netflix. Netflix already has a partnership with Sony and has a Resident Evil TV show on the way.
  4. Plus they already paid the talent twice. Also if they did that, you'll have directors coming out saying "Why does Dune, King Richard & Matrix get theater only releases but not my movie?".
  5. How's NYC? I saw a video of a tornado yesterday in the Bronx I believe 😳
  6. Pretty sure that's happening regardless considering Discovery's CEO is planning on making exec changes as soon as the the merger goes through next Summer. IIRC, Emmerich and Kilar are leaving at the end of this year.
  7. Yup, the guys who rewrote it have a really great show on Amazon Prime called Informer
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