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  1. He also said around $11m for AQP for friday so what do you project with that friday?
  2. Forecast for A Quiet Place: Apr 6: 65m (19m Weekdays, 84m Total) Apr 13: 35.8m (10m Weekdays, 129.8m Total) Apr 20: 20m (5.5m Weekdays, 155.3m Total) Apr 27: 10m (3m Weekdays, 168.3m Total) May 4: 6.5m (2m Weekdays, 176.8m Total) Total: $187.5m (2.88x)
  3. Forecasts: A Quiet Place: 4.3M 20.7M (25M OD) 21.2M (46.2M 2 Day) 16.4M (62.6M 3 Day Weekend) Blockers: 1.5M 5.5M (7M OD) 8.1M (15.1M 2 Day) 5.3M (20.4M 3 Day Weekend)
  4. A Quiet Place: 48m Blockers: 28m Ready Player One: 24m Acrimony: 9m ICOI: 8.4m BP: 8m
  5. and what do you see for BP total in UK?
  6. could easily reach higher since this is hard to predict and is a phenomenon
  7. that 8-9.5 for BP is around 88.2%-123% which is too low even with WIT opening. should increase around 140-160% for 10.2m-11.1m
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