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  1. This is without a doubt one of the weirdest fucking movies i have ever seen. The first few minutes start out normal enough, liam neeson is introduced his son dies yada ya ya. He almost decides to kill himself over his sons death, but changes his mind once somebody tells him about the drug lord. His wife leaves and is never heard from again, its a wonder why she even existed in the first place. He then attempts to go on a killing rampage(and his depression is never brought up again) but can only go so far up the chain. A shit ton of pointless characters are introduced and given way too much screen time. Do we really need to know that the drug lord viking is super health conscious? Do we really need to get a backstory for every single one of his henchmen? One of them even goes into detail about how he tries to seduce maids to have sex with for him $20. In another movie it might be funny but its just awkward, does nothing to advance the plot and just pads the screentime. 2 cops are brought in but they never do anything that affects the plot and neither of them are very interesting. We also have to listen them talk about their love lives and they’re views on drug enforcement. Then as if that wasnt enough the movie decides to introduce some mative americans who take up even more screentime and serve no purpose drag the plot out. Seriously at one point the movie shows 50 year old natives playing in the snow. For several minutes. For fucking serious. For no reason. The movie also trys to extract some humor from the natives but most of it falls flat and comes off as cringy. Liam Neesons character is nowhere to be seen for large portions of the movie and has very little dialogue in the scenes where he does up. This wouldnt be such a huge problem if the movie wasnt advertised as a one man show. Liam Neesons name is front and center on the poster and he was the focal point of most of the tv ads. Instead we get an ensemble movie with a bunch of nobodies that ultimately amounts to nothing. One more thing, the actor who played Viking, the main drug lord is seriously one of the most fucking annoying actors ive ever seen. He wasn’t funny, he wasnt threatening, and he sure as hell wasn’t captivating. Why the movie decided to spend so much time with him and his son and his ex wife is beyond me. I cant say its the worst movie i’ve ever seen in theaters, Lucy and Transformers 2&4 take the cake for me, but this was certainly the strangest movie ive paid to see. How it got generally positive reviews on rottentomatoes astounds me. D+
  2. Solid fun movie that lacks the magic of the first. Like many people said it was easy to figure out who the villain was. B+
  3. Coming from an guy who saw Revenge of the Fallen, Age of extinction and the point break in theaters, this is still by far the worst movie I have ever paid to see.
  4. While it's not as offensive as say revenge of the fallen or age of extinction it's still a piss poor movie in comparison to The Mummy and even Returns. Changing the setting was just about the worst idea of all time for this series. Why not just make up a new Egyptian Mummy? Most of the old cast is gone, no Rachel Weisz, no Arnold Vosloo, no Ardeth Bay. Brendan Fraser and John Hannah were the only bright spots in this but they couldn't save this. Say what you will about the previous two movies but at least they tried to be fun, this one didn't even give negative fucks. C-
  5. I honestly enjoy this movie more than raiders of the lost ark. I'll concede that Raiders is the better made movie, but this one is just so much fun. This is the type of movie(along with predator) that sounds really dumb on paper and really should not have worked. But the cast is excellent and they are largely what makes this work. Seriously Brendan Fraser is amazing in this and plays the hero part perfectly. Rachel Weisz is obviously very good looking but she also has decent amount of depth. John Hannah and the guy who played benny make for great comic relief and finally Arnold Vosloo is excellent as the villain. Blockbusters like this are in short supply these days, it combines great action, comedy and horror. Sure it is a little cheesy at parts but it's just such a joy to watch that it is easily forgiven. This is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies.
  6. Anything above 55% is good enough for me. Wasn't a big fan of Jurassic world but it was worth seeing in the theater
  7. #notoursolo With a budget that's big they should have just done cgi over Alden's face to make him look like ford
  8. Although my Deadpool club predicted a total that was far too low (250m) the fundamental reasons for it were sound. Too much competition, and lack of novelty prevented it from reaching the same numbers the first one did. it really should have opened the first weekend of August and then it could have possibly matched the first one. Al in all it's a very impressive opening and it proves that the franchise is a real contender, but the r rating has definitely put a ceiling on this.
  9. After 15 years it still holds the record for the highest OW for a live action original comedy. Proof that Jim Carrey was by far the biggest comedy star of the 2000's and how far a great concept can take you. It was the 5th highest grossing movie WW in 2003 which is unimaginable these days for a comedy to achieve. Really remarkable run that seemingly gets overlooked.
  10. Broke the OW record by a fairly large margin but had dissapointing legs that saw it lose the summer to Men in Black. While it was a technically well made movie it lacked a lot of the magic of the first movie and that is why it declined so much. I was only 2 when this movie came out and I'm wondering if people from around that time can tell me about the hype for the movie. What were the expectations for it before the mixed response?
  11. Id really love to see a dinosaur movie about a giant game reserve. Billionaires come to hunt T-Rexes, Spinosauruses, Allosauruses, etc. it wouldn't really fit into the Jurassic park universe totally but that might make for a great movie. Or even a Turok movie where he's on a whole planet full of dinosaurs.
  12. I'm thinking for the next movie Tom Cruise will outrun the speed of light and then he will get sucked into a wormhole without a spacesuit and emerge on the other side alive.
  13. Great visuals and a solid lead performance are let down by a generic villain, been there done that plot and zero imagination action scenes. Dr Strange was way more interesting in infinity war. C
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