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  1. More than half of states have moved to safer phases but permissions to reopen still depend on every local government. Jalisco (2nd major state) will allow reopenings next week but Mexico City (Major market) and Nuevo León (3rd major market) are very uncertain. Cinépolis may see lay-offs in some locations if they don't reopen during July. https://www.forbes.com.mx/negocios-cinepolis-perdio-83-5-millones-de-boletos-por-la-pandemia-que-no-podra-recuperar/ Cinemex expects the same and in case of not being able to reopen by august-september they'll start to close locations. https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/cartera/por-virus-cinemex-pierde-mil-750-mdp Smaller chains will struggle and some may be gone. Art-houses have been looking for public funding after their closures and the future for them looks darker.
  2. @antovolk movie is opening not just in Brazil but in all of Latin America between August 13th and 14th. If the movie is getting delayed worldwide this isn't the sign you're looking for. With the exception of Interstellar every single Nolan title of the last 10 years gets a 1-2 week delay in the region so no actual surprise this time.
  3. As in other Latin American territories Tenet is delayed to August 14th. Waiting on word for Mulan.
  4. Only two more low-tier cities re-opened this weekend. Seberg and russian title Yaga were the new releases. Cinemex is the one making the bigger effort: - In adition to discounts on tickets purchased through app and website they're also giving discounts on concessions. - Re-releases of Disney titles though different phases. This weekend was the first phase with The Lion King, Zootopia and Inside Out. - Free admission to medical staff
  5. Cinemex now opening as well on selected cities. They're offering special discounts for re-releases and buying tickets through app or website. At the same time as days go by more and more drive-ins are opened and announced across the country. Autocinema Coyote -with two locations in Mexico City- reached deals since last year with distributors such as Corazón, Warner/Universal and Sony to get day-to-date releases for some of their titles so it'll be interesting to see how it goes for potential new openers.
  6. I won't attend for the rest of the year and probably until mid next year. The situation will take some time to recover as we haven't even reached the peak of cases. And no, theatres won't expand any capacity. Forecast for both Mulan and Tenet aren't very promising unless they extend its runs since we know this is a front-loaded territory but even with that there's no guarantee they'll keep their audiences. From where I see it Tenet would barely register over $1M USD (compared to $5M+ from Nolan's two latest titles) and Mulan would be just over/under $10M USD.
  7. Half $1M lc (+61% from last weekend) grossed this weekend and a bit over 9K admissions (+75% from last weekend) sold in overall. Drive-ins are selling well over multiplex theatres. Cinemex hasn't reopened any location but they're ready for it.
  8. Six more cities lifted restrictions on theatres this weekend and Portrait of a Lady on Fire is the first launch in nearly 3 months.
  9. Don't know about Brazil but mexican theatres will be able to do it throughout June and July.
  10. Through an official announcement Cinépolis has set rules for its upcoming return. This weekend they went back to operations in a handful of locations in two states offering the same films they offered before the shutdown like Sonic, Invisible Man, Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantástica among others. The reopening of theatres in other states and cities will depend on indications from Health Ministry. Among security measures implemented are: - Hand sanitizer and temperature control on entrances - Face masks for all staff - Acrylic screens in box office and concessions stands - Signs on lines to keep attendants 1.5m away from each other - Distanced seating reducing capacity around 50-55% - No more self-service areas for concessions. Stuff such as ketchup and sauces will now be served by employees on sealed packages - Use of QR codes for tickets and menus (for VIP locations) to reduce the use of paper - Indoor gates and entrances to auditorioums open during shows The entire protocol can be found in the next link: https://cinepolis.com/protocolo-de-seguridad Video in spanish explaining all measures:
  11. In places like India or Mexico where tickets are incredibly cheap you can't offer VOD at $20. You'll have to offer it at $10 or so if you seek to draw attention for general audiences. Also, several places in Asia and Latin America don't have laws as restrictive with piracy as developed nations so a large part of audiences would rather to wait for an ilegal version. I mean yeah, people pay for Netflix or Prime or Disney+ but because they have a lot of content and not just one single movie.
  12. While theatres around the world are struggling Cinépolis has found an alternative in its streaming service Cinépolis Klic (VOD with a very large catalogue). And now also they have partnered with Uber Eats to sell and deliver food and snacks from their concession stands -because their popcorn are THAT good- and now is being currently executed through a pilot program in Monterrey and Morelia (hometown of the chain) which apparently launched with a good response. Definitely a very good way to keep up.
  13. "Cinema taught us that there's always a happy ending. We'll miss you Take care" Cinépolis' shutdown has taken full effect. They put this message in all their signs and media. Hope it doesn't take much to see everything working again.
  14. Mayor of Mexico City has ordered the closure of movie theaters (among other places) in the city and order will take effect starting tomorrow. Two out of the major three markets -Mexico City and Nuevo León- are down indefinitely with Jalisco right now going through a 5-Day period of total isolation. The #1 this weekend is going under $5M lc during the frame. Historic low.
  15. Starting tomorrow (Saturday) Cinépolis will shut down its locations for at least the next 3 weeks. Some other independent theatres already started earlier this week.
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