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  1. Never before the 'calm before the storm' was so loud. Llorona looking good at $110M-$120M for the 4-Day weekend. Not bad at all, could stabilize the week after Endgame opening. Holy week is doing a great favor to Frida, Shazam! and Dumbo. Weekend should push NMF2 past $200M and Shazam over Ant-Man and the Wasp by the time Endgame opens.
  2. I'm expecting it to peak at 95% which would be around 6,800 screens playing a midnight show. Although at the end the 3:30-5:00 shows are making up the difference. Now on the attention is on how it sells OD and Sunday, the latter day is very important given is the last day of holidays so many people are going to be preparing for returning to jobs/school the next day and don't know if late afternoon-night shows could keep the pace of Saturday.
  3. 4D and VIP are the most demanded shows. Giving a quick look across CDMX; Cinépolis Buenavista has sold-out all their 4DX shows for the weekend, one for Tuesday and one for Wednesday. Cinemex Mundo E and Universidad have almost all their weekend shows sold-out. So far I've seen 48 sellouts on Cinépolis' 4DX theatres and 32 on Cinemex's X4D auditoriums. Cinépolis Perisur and Cinemex Universidad are running shows past midnight for Saturday and Sunday.
  4. AVENGERS: ENDGAME. TRACKING REPORT. CINEPOLIS’ MIDNGHTS. 8 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE. 2099 screens (29.09% of total number of screens in the country) 12 highest grossing cities (55.48% share of entire gross in the country) Cinépolis. Main chain of the country (67.1% of market share) Outpacing Infinity War’s last update (1.5 days before midnights) by 30.89% when 12 vs 10 cities. 21.66% when comparing same 10 cities. 93.85% of total screens are running a midnight show, the increase week-to-week was minimal, so yes, this is getting close to its peak. Every city is playing it in at least 80% of their total screens, Juárez and Veracruz are both working with all their screens (and basically all of them are sellouts). Mexico City and Metro Area is at 96% with seats available only in shows that were recently added at west. So far there are 76 shows running between 3:30-5:00 hours and 8 theatres (+3 from last week) across the country running around the clock. CINEMEX MIDNIGHTS. 15 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE 1683 screens (23.37% of total number of screens in the country) 12 highest grossing cities (55.48% share of entire gross in the country) Cinemex. Second biggest chain of the country (29.5% of market share) Sellouts are nearly 90% over IW’s 1.5 days before midnights. 82.12% when removing Juarez and León (cities that weren’t in last year’s sample). Good luck trying to find a seat, so far almost 97% of entire shows are sold-out. Total number of screenings is +39.22% over Infinity War last number. There are now 82 shows playing from 3:30 to 4:00 hours. 23 of them are already sold-out. 6 theatres (+3 from last week) are running around the clock.
  5. It would've been perfect to open it on the weekend previous to Día de Muertos instead of one week before Endgame. As for forecast I don't know what to expect, maybe $110M+ 4-Day. Warner has put effort on marketing the last couple of weeks and should debut in a good number of screens (2,000-2,200).
  6. Well, two films that were scheduled to open next week finally moved to this Thursday. There's only one release besides you know which one for April 26 and is The Old Man and the Gun but is opening only at art-houses so won't be actually competition. Can't remember a time when a weekend had such a low number of openers. Btw... $49M-$51M midnights*. Opening day could go anywhere from $185M to $210M. Anyway I think first $10M+ OD is practically assured to happen. * Any show during 00:01-06:00 hours.
  7. APRIL 11-14 WEEKEND. 4-DAY WEEKEND. NO MANCHES FRIDA 2 INSTALLS AS SECOND HIGHEST OPENING FOR A LOCAL TITLE AND BOOST AN HISTORICAL APRIL. AS HOLIDAYS BEGIN, SHAZAM! NEARS $200M LC AND DUMBO RISES TOWARDS $350M LC. No Manches Frida 2: Paraíso Destruido - Beat both 3-Day and 4-Day weekend of ¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Niño? by 33.9% and 36.5% respectively to become second biggest opening for a local production only under Instructions Not Included ($148M) - Running 37.9% above first Frida considering 3-Day vs 3-Day. - Holidays are pushing it past $200M, second local title to make it in the year. First time since 2016 that two local movies pass $200M in a single year. Shazam! - Running 17.9% above first Ant-Man at the same point of release and 8.79% behind Ant-Man and the Wasp. With holidays upcoming should finish above the former and o/u the latter. Dumbo -Shouldn’t be far from reaching Alice in Wonderland numbers and become 4th highest grossing Disney live-action only behind Maleficent, Beauty and the Beast and Jungle Book. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 No Manches Frida 2: Paraíso Destruido $87.2 $97.7 $5.22 1.6 1.8 2 Shazam! $50 -55,19% $199.2 $10.47 861.7K 3.6 3 Dumbo $31.1 -59,50% $338.3 $17.58 579.7K 6.3 4 Wonder Park $19.9 $21.3 $1.13 369.4K 399.7K 5 Pet Sematary $15.2 -60,20% $68.6 $3.59 272.4K 1.3 6 Hellboy $13.4 $15.3 $808K 222K 255.3K 7 After $11.8 $15.2 $808K 197.7K 259.2K 8 The Kid Who Would Be King $4 $4.3 $228K 74.8K 80.7K 9 Captain Marvel $3.5 -66,01% $635.9 $32.75 76.7K 11.3 10 The Other Woman $1.3 $1.4 $74K 17.1K 19.4K This Thursday opens: The Curse of La Llorona, El Complot Mongol, Breakthrough, Normandie Nue, Gauguin: Voyage de Tahiti and Mirai.
  8. That drop! Can't wait for Aladdin and Lion King, great signs so far! We'll see if holidays help to pass $300M. At least now it seems assured to pass both Ant-Man installments. Frida is looking to $97M-$102M for the 4-Day. Best 4-Day local opener and second best 3-Day result only below Instructions Not Included.
  9. $85M-$95M 4-Day OW. Another hit for local movies with Easter week around the corner to push it past $200M lc.
  10. I'm actually surprised. Neither Buenavista, Perisur or Universidad held shows beyond midnight for Infinity War and the only time I saw them holding 3:00 AM shows was for The Force Awakens (only Universidad and Perisur). It's really crazy when you look at IMAX Universidad and see the 4:00 AM about 30% full and then the 8:00 AM show over 60% sold. I can see all those guys of UNAM attending the 4:00 AM shows at Oasis and Perisur and then going straight to classes 😂
  11. AVENGERS: ENDGAME. TRACKING REPORT. CINEPOLIS’ MIDNGHTS. 15 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE. 2099 screens (29.09% of total number of screens in the country) 12 highest grossing cities (55.48% share of entire gross in the country) Cinépolis. Main chain of the country (67.1% of market share) Screens Shows % share Mexico City and M.A. 868 827 95.27% Monterrey 273 242 88.64% Guadalajara 243 213 87.65% Tijuana 105 98 93.33% Puebla 120 118 98.33% Querétaro 95 91 95.78% Mérida 79 67 84.81% Toluca 57 40 70.17% Cancún 72 71 98.61% Juárez 75 75 100% León 65 64 98.46% Veracruz 47 45 95.74% Total 2099 1951 92.94% Now is running 29.63% above Infinity War’s last update (two days before release) when comparing 12 cities for Endgame vs 10 cities for Infinity War. Comparing same 10 cities for both, Endgame is still outpacing Infinity War by 20.39%. The biggest weekly jump was given by Mérida which is 17.5% over last week. Also is the city with the biggest growth when compared to Infinity War’s numbers within the same city; is running 42.5% ahead. So far 92.94% of total screens in the sample are running a midnight show; nearly 150 theatres are running all of their screens. The most occupied cities are Juárez (100%), Cancún (98.6%), León (98.4%) and Puebla (98.3%). 29 theatres of the sample are running shows from midnight until 5:00 AM. There are over 70 shows running between 3:30 AM-5:00 AM. 5 theatres are running around the clock for Day 1 –all of them in Mexico City and Metro Area- with a handful more only closing for 1-1.5 hours before starting morning shows. Cinépolis Angelópolis in Puebla keeps leading as the busiest theatre and now runs 29 shows from 12-05 AM. Although there’s an out-of-sample theatre in Pachuca that has booked 34 shows and is running around the clock! CINEMEX MIDNIGHTS. 15 DAYS BEFORE RELEASE 1662 screens (23.08% of total number of screens in the country) 12 highest grossing cities (55.48% share of entire gross in the country) Cinemex. Second biggest chain of the country (29.5% of market share) This one is even crazier. Sold-Out shows are 82.94% over Infinity War’s! And we’re still 2 weeks away! Comparing same 10 cities Endgame outperforms Infinity War by 76.51%. If we compare overall number of screenings, Endgame blows out Infinity War by 43.89%, comparing same 10 cities Endgame is still 38.09% over Infinity War. The best performance during the last 7 days was from Tijuana which jumped 20.9% over last Wednesday. Sold out shows in the city are nearly 42x from Infinity War’s last update. When considering overall screenings, Toluca is the top city compared to IW; nearly 3 times more screenings. Theatres in Querétaro, Mérida and Veracruz have sold-out all 100% of their respective screens. They’re followed by Mexico City (98.3% of shows sold-out) and Monterrey (98.04%). 39 theatres of the sample are playing a combined of 66 shows scheduled for 3:30-4:00 AM although currently there’s only a 20% sold-out. Three theatres are running around the clock and a dozen of others leaving 1-2 hours of room between midnights/4:00 shows and morning shows starting 9:00-10:00 AM. Busiest theatres for the first four hours of Friday are Artz Pedregal (23 shows), Santa Fé (21 shows) and Aragón (19 shows), all of them located in Mexico City.
  12. 6/11 highest grossing locations in the country have booked 4:00-5:00 AM shows for opening day. Two of them are basically running around the clock the entire first day: Universidad (CDMX) and Paseo Acoxpa (CDMX). A few other theatres across Mexico City are also running around the clock. Tracking tomorrow.

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