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  1. Official announcement of next tuesday's premiere. Tickets went on sale just 3 hours ago and after half hour it was sold-out.
  2. Coco will have a special screening next Tuesday on Palacio de Bellas Artes. 1396 tickets sold-out on less than an hour, hype is there!
  3. Next Tuesday will have another special screening in Mexico on a big theatre (Palacio de Bellas Artes) with music on live before its launch on Oct 27
  4. Yes, it opens the Morelia Film Festival
  5. See this movie in spanish will be delightful. Disney is one of the few studios who put great effort when dubbed versions of its movies come to talk, but this time they increased their bet and have a dream team cast and great collaborators on the musical aspect (plus, some typical mexican songs)
  6. OCTOBER 13-15 WEEKEND. LOCAL COMEDY 'CÓMO CORTAR A TU PATÁN' LEADS TOP 10, FLATLINERS AND MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US COMPLETE TOP 3. Cómo Matar a tu Patán - 2nd biggest debut for a local film in 2017, behind Hazlo como Hombre. $120M is the realistic scenario right now. The Mountain Between Us - Performing as expected (counter-programming). $60M seems its final number Blade Runner 2049 - Bad WOM and walk-outs in theatres, will keep on free fall It - #4 of the year behind FOTF, DM3 and BATB. Soon will join at Top 20 of all-time Me Gusta, pero me Asusta - Third highest local film of the year behind Hazlo como Hombre and 3 Idiotas. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Cómo Cortar a tu Patán $39,98 $39,98 $2,11 810K 810K 2 Flatliners $21,06 $21,06 $1,11 435,8K 435,8K 3 The Mountain Between Us $12,65 -34,96% $42,14 $2,23 233,7K 840K 4 Blade Runner 2049 $10,99 -61,11% $51,3 $2,74 191,7K 970K 5 Condorito $10,68 $10,68 $565K 258,3K 258,3K 6 Kingsman: The Golden Circle $8,68 -54,38% $98,06 $5,43 172,1K 2,05 7 It $7,53 -52,12% $485,61 $26,63 162,2K 10,36 8 Me Gusta, pero me Asusta $5,86 -57,87% $104,74 $5,68 131,1K 2,51 9 My Little Pony $4,23 -50,98% $18,45 $987K 100,7K 461K 10 Lego Ninjago $3,36 -47,90% $26,14 $1,40 72K 630K
  7. Wait, what?! Is sort of something secret there? Here in Mexico the marketing focusses in those two points, the first one makes me think it will resonate pretty good with audiences
  8. Box Office Theory's Most Anticipated Films

    1. First Man 2. Avengers: Infinity War 3. Isle of Dogs 4. Annihilation 5. The Incredibles 2 6. The Killing of the Sacred Deer 7. Justice League 8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi 9. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 10. Thor: Ragnarok
  9. WEEKLY REPORT. BR 2049 DROPS LIKE A ROCK Blade Runner 2049 - Poor performance, long-runtime hasn't helped Me Gusta, pero me Asusta -This weekend will be 27th local film to surpass $100M MXN WEEKDAYS (LC) WEEKLY (LC) TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Blade Runner 2049 $12,03 $40,29 $40,29 $2,16 780K 780K 2 The Mountain Between Us $10,02 $29,47 $29,47 $1,57 610K 610K 3 Kingsman: The Golden Circle $7,96 $26,99 $89,33 $4,98 580K 1,88 4 It $5,65 $21,38 $478,06 $26,24 488,1K 10,2 5 Me Gusta, pero me Asusta $6,96 $20,87 $98,85 $5,37 498,9K 2,38 6 My Little Pony $2,89 $11,52 $14,21 $764K 294,9K 360K 7 Verónica (Eclipse) $3,59 $10,13 $10,13 $544K 249K 249K 8 Ninjago $1,56 $8,01 $22,76 $1,23 194,1K 558K 9 Security $1,93 $5,19 $5,19 $278K 128,3K 128,3K 10 Happy Family $1,14 $5 $47,66 $2,60 119,8K 1,16 Today opens: Cómo Cortar a tu Patán, Flatliners, Condorito, Ak-Nyeo (with some special 4D features), La Carga, Las Tiniebas, Fátima and L'Avenir. In other news, today started PS for Thor: Ragnarok, it will open on Nov. 2 at midnight.
  10. Here in Mexico happens something funny... Star Wars films are sort of 'niche' films, they don't make much money as a Fast and the Furious movie or a CBM but when comes about midnight screenings they break records and when PS start the systems of the biggest theatre chains crash, and that's something that has never happened with any other film. Getting tickets for an IMAX showtime, i hope the force is with me...
  11. OCTOBER 06-08 WEEKEND. BLADE RUNNER 2049 TOPS THE CHART. MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US AND KINGSMAN 2 COME CLOSE. Blade Runner 2049 - 61.7% behind Gravity, 31.5% under The Martian and 37.6% under Mad Max: Fury Road. - PRO: 0 competition. CON. Just like @Purple Minion said: sci-fi is not great in Mexico unless you're a mexican director and your film counts with Oscar buzz - Kingsman: The Golden Circle aims for $110M-$120M total - It passed the 10M admissions milestone, $500M keeps like a missing shot # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Blade Runner 2049 $28,26 $28,26 $1,52 500K 500K 2 The Mountain Between Us $19,45 $19,45 $1,04 372,5K 372,5K 3 Kingsman: The Golden Circle $19,03 -53,93% $81,35 $4,56 377,3K 1,68 4 It $15,73 -55,78% $472,08 $25,94 335,5K 10,04 5 Me Gusta pero me Asusta $13,91 -33,95% $91,87 $5 304,8 2,18 6 My Little Pony $8,63 $11,32 $610K 206,8K 272K 7 Verónica (Eclipse) $6,54 $6,54 $352K 146,2K 146,2K 8 Lego Ninjago $6,45 -27,28% $21,19 $1,15 146,1K 498,6K 9 Happy Family $3,86 -47,69% $46,51 $2,54 89,8K 1,13 10 Security $3,26 $3,26 $175K 73,2K 73,2K
  12. It's pretty good, but unfortunately the release date doesn't help: same day as Coco, 6 days before Ragnarok, 2 weeks before Jigsaw. Can pull impressive numbers but due to lack of screens for competition i'm expecting it to do discreet numbers with good legs.
  13. With WW's success, Flash popularity (yeah, he's VERY popular around here), no big competition until TLJ and Jumanji and a 5-Day OW i would be shocked if it does less than $650M. The movie is like in a Furious 7 status (4 weeks free of competion and an amazing release date). Don't think TLJ has a bigger OW than TFA and definitely no better legs, it faces Ferdinand, Jumanji (the original is huge in here so we'll see how nostalgia plays) and The Greatest Showman. Star Wars is weak outside of CDMX. Hype is strong with Ragnarok, some polls made by Cinemex and Cinépolis put it over Justice League in terms of anticipation. All depends on how it holds facing Coco, HDD, Jigsaw and JL.

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