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  1. Largest mexican exhibitor and 4th largest worldwide has started talks to re-estructure debt. It operates in US, Mexico, Central America, significant south american markets incluiding Brazil, Spain, India and Saudi Arabia, among others.
  2. Cinépolis seeking to re-estructure over $1B debt from at least 17 different financial institutions. Theatrical exhibition giant (Cinépolis) reached out Lazard to begin talks with institutions such as BBVA, HSBC, Santander Bank and mexican government-based development bank, Bancomext, according to sources. Part of this debt includes a $382M USD long-term credit expiring 2023, a rounding credit worth $200M USD expiring 2024 and a $490m USD fixed long-term credit expiring 2026. Combined with obligations regarding operations on India, Brazil and Mid-Eastern territories, the talks include overall $1.35B USD worth of debt from at least 17 banks, according to one source. Start of vaccination has proven bankers more willing to support Cinepolis, which luxury theatres with larger spaces among rows and a more sophisticated menu has more chances (to do well) than some of its competitors with larger leverage that already have been re-estructured, as stated by one source.
  3. Was expecting a bit bigger than Croods 2. Major cities shutting down cinemas again. Mexico City and metro area (expecting the same for other major cities as well) won't reopen at least until January 10th so it's also going to be quite front-loaded. News just broke and they take effect inmediately so it's hard to tell.
  4. Curfews everywhere but theatres aren't shutting down yet. Croods 2 opening was pretty ok despite everything. Restrictions are tightening this week so I can see WW84 doing about the same. Really concerned about the HBO Max issue a week later.
  5. If you only want sagas and brands then yes. Theatres are not the only ones in danger but also creators who now will have to attach to algorythms to see if can have a project greenlit or not and instead go to direct the 100th part of anoooother saga. And still I don't know if studios can carry 8+ $200M projects for streaming services when it's clear that there is a limit for growth unless they burn money for many many years. Disney can't afford that in the short term as they already don't have any other source of revenue and AT&T/Warner Media have a large debt.
  6. OCTOBER 8TH-11TH WEEKEND. TENET BACK ON TOP AND CROSSES $2M USD AS NEW MUTANTS PASSES $50M LC. TROLLS MOVES TO NO.2 # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Tenet $4.30 -25.86% $44.60 $2.07 59K 639K 2 Trolls: World Tour $4 -34.42% $22.20 $1 72K 397.8K 3 New Mutants $3.70 -17.77% $54.30 $2.52 66.1K 924.9K 4 Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs $2.50 $2.50 $117K 47.3K 47.3K 5 Apparition $2 $2 $94K 37.5K 37.5K 6 Scoob! $1.50 -21.05% $42 $1.96 29.6K 770.5K 7 Bill and Ted Face the Music $1.30 $1.30 $61K 23.1K 23.1K 8 Sputnik $1.10 -47.61% $3.90 $180K 20.1K 74.6K 9 El Club de los Idealistas $1 -44.44% $7.80 $354K 15.8K 125.1K 10 Padre no hay Más que Uno $1 -41.17% $3.40 $158K 17.6K 57.1K This Thursday opens: Lupin III: The First, Honest Thief, Cats & Dogs 3 and Girl on the Third Floor.
  7. OCTOBER 1ST-4TH WEEKEND. TROLLS 2 LEAD ON ITS SECOND WEEKEND. TENET HOLDS OK AND IT'LL FIGHT NEW MUTANTS AS THE HIGHEST GROSSING TITLE POST REOPENING. Trolls: World Tour - It's outgrossing Scoob! at the same point of release and shall mantain the rythm to cross $2M USD. Tenet - Is outgrossing New Mutants at the same point of release but is holding worst. It'll be a long interesting race to see which one wins. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Trolls: World Tour $6.10 ($5.40) -21.79% $16.40 $727K 105.8K 288.1K 2 Tenet $5.80 ($5) -24.67% $38.20 $1.77 78.4K 545.7K 3 New Mutants $4.50 ($3.9) -8.16% $49 $2.27 78.9K 826.1K 4 Sputnik $2.10 $2.10 $96K 37.4K 37.4K 5 Scoob! $1.90 -5% $39.80 $1.86 34.9K 727K 6 El Club de los Idealistas $1.80 -40% $6 $270K 26.9K 96.3K 7 Padre no hay Más que Uno $1.70 $1.70 $78K 27.6K 27.6K 8 Lassie Come Home $933.5K $933.5K $43K 14.5K 14.5K 9 Patients of a Saint $715.7K +56.06% $7.90 $357K 12.6K 145.7K 10 Break the Silence $677.2K -95.92% $18.80 $839K 6.2K 170.5K This Thursday opens: Bill & Ted Face the Music, Red Shows and the Seven Dwarfs, Apparition and Human Capital.
  8. SEPTEMBER 24TH-27TH WEEKEND. BTS' BREAK THE SILENCE HAS THE HIGHEST OPENING WEEKEND IN 6 MONTHS; TROLLS OPENS OK AND TENET MARCHES TOWARDS $2M Break the Silence - Best opening since Onward's first frame in march. Tickets were double more expensive than average yet it excelled both Tenet and New Mutants in per-screen average admissions-wise. Should add a few more millions with shows scheluded for the rest of the week. Trolls: World Tour - Surpasses Scoob's opening and should leg past $1.5M Tenet - Harder drop than New Mutants' second weekend yet is pacing well above aiming for $2M+ # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Break the Silence $16.60 $16.60 $741K 150.1K 150.1K 2 Trolls: World Tour $7.80 $7.80 $348K 131.1K 131.1K 3 Tenet $7.70 -38.88% $29.50 $1.37 104.6K 418.6K 4 New Mutants $4.90 -19.67% $42.70 $1.98 84.5K 708.6K 5 El Club de los Idealistas $3 $3 $134K 45.9K 45.9K 6 Scoob! $2 -45.94% $37.20 $1.74 38.2K 676.1K 7 Sin Origen $854.4K $854.4K $399K 15.3K 15.3K 8 Fantasy Island $794.2K -38.90% $13.10 $607K 13.9K 222.4K 9 Patients of a Saint $458.6K -31.40% $6.90 $311K 7.8K 129K 10 Cuidado con lo que Deseas $426.9K -45.46% $9.80 $451K 7.4K 172.9K This Thursday opens: Padre no hay más que uno, Sputnik, Lassie Come Home and Mano de Obra
  9. I'm not afraid of theatres shutting down again but I'm fearful of more locations being permanently closed which seems to be inevitable after all these delays. Both chains are working the best they can on new concepts and businesses but GA just doesn't care to go back and not even 2021 will be all fine. No Time to Die won't bank here. 007 is basically a GA thing and is not even particularly something big or buzzy here. Only WW84 can make a decent return but I even doubt it'll explode as the first one did.
  10. Impact on reopening of mexican theatres BTS >>> Christopher Nolan Break the Silence, the special event from Korean act BTS is aiming at no.1 this frame with around $14M+ lc for the weekend ($19M+ lc for the 4-Day) which puts it as the highest grossing opening since Onward's back in march surpassing both New Mutants and Tenet. The latter is looking to finish the weekend nearing $30M lc.
  11. SEPTEMBER 16TH-20TH WEEKEND. INDEPENDENCE DAY WEEKEND. TENET TOPS ON OPENING BUT FALLS BELOW DUNKIRK. NEW MUTANTS AND SCOOB KEEP HOLDING WELL. Tenet - Wednesday was obviously its biggest day but couldn't keep the pace for the weekend. Pure FSS frame was $10.7M which is not far off from New Mutant's $10.1M on its FSS first frame. - 5-Day is about half of Dunkirk's 4-Day opening in lc but 60% below in admissions. - Both Dunkirk and Inception had healthy runs in the market so hopefully this legs a bit better than New Mutants and won't be that far from Dunkirk's final gross. Between () is shown the figure for pure FSS. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Tenet $12.60 ($10.7) $17.40 $829K 173.9K 238.3K 2 New Mutants $6.10 ($5.3) -30.68% $35.30 $1.65 102.8K 576.9K 3 Scoob! $3.70 ($3.3) -11.90% $33.70 $1.58 67.4K 609.8K 4 Fantasy Island $1.30 ($1.1) -31.57% $11.80 $548K 22.5K 197.9K 5 Hasta que la Boda nos Separe $865.2K -49.10% $3.30 $156K 11.8K 46.5K 6 Cuidado con lo que Deseas $782.8K -21.72% $9.10 $419K 13.5K 159.3K 7 Donne Moi Des Ales $679.9K $875.9K $42K 11.6K 15K 8 Patients of a Saint $668.6K -12.81% $6.20 $279K 11.5K 115.9K 9 Spycies $622.4K -28.99% $1.90 $90K 11.6K 35.9K 10 The Hunt $442.6K -30.17% $9.50 $433K 7.6K 157.7K This Thursday opens: Trolls: World Tour, Break the Silence, El Club de los Idealistas and Sin Origen
  12. Unfourtunately I think that just like in the US it'll be hard and a slow process for cinema to recover here.
  13. $880,000 for Tenet as per Box Office Pro. I was expecting a smaller share from IMAX screens because only opened in 10/14 compared to Dunkirk's 15 but this number confirms that just like Dunkirk, Tenet made around 5%-6% from IMAX.
  14. SEPTEMBER 10TH-13TH WEEKEND. NEW MUTANTS SCORES A SUB-30% DROP AHEAD OF TENET'S OPENING. SCOOB SURPASSES A 5X MULTI. New Mutants - It seems an okay drop but not really near other recent openers on their second weekend. Comparing only FSS it held better with a 23%. We'll see how Tenet affects it and if reaches $45M+ Scoob! - It became the first release post shutdown to gross over $1M USD during its run with great legs still going on. Trolls releases in two weeks so it's leaning closer to $1.5M than $2M Reopening and growth - Last weekend (only FSS) saw nearly double gross of its previous weekend but this weekend fell 7.2%. Still it's solid and now there are two consecutive weekends over $1M USD and the trend shall continue with Tenet opening on Wednesday. - We're still somewhere somewhere in 70s% of locations reopened with some states still to go during the next couple of weeks. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 New Mutants $8.80 -26.05% $25 $1.16 137.8K 400.4K 2 Scoob! $4.20 -17.64% $27.80 $1.28 75.3K 501.4K 3 Fantasy Island $1.90 -13.63% $9.60 $443K 30.7K 160K 4 Hasta que la Boda nos Separe $1.70 $1.70 $80K 23.8K 23.8K 5 Cuidado con lo que Deseas $1 -23.07% $7.80 $358K 18.2K 136.6K 6 Spycies $876.6K $876.6K $41K 16.2K 16.2K 7 The Climbers $847.6K -15.24% $2.30 $107K 15K 43.7K 8 Patients of a Saint $766.9K n/a $5.20 $231K 13.1K 97.3K 9 The Hunt $633.9K -22.16% $8.80 $400K 10.5K 144.8K 10 Against the Devil $447.8K n/a $2.40 $107K 8.2K 46.9K This Wednesday opens: Tenet and Donne Moi Des Ailes
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