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  1. JULY 22ND-25TH WEEKEND. BOX OFFICE LOSE STEAM AND NEITHER HOLDOVERS OR OPENERS RESPONDED WELL; SPACE JAM REPEATS AND BOSS BABY DOES MEH. Space Jam: A New Legacy Step drop considering the season, we'll see how legs but it's looking to finish o/u $150M Boss Baby 2 It didn't get any buzz, it'll depend on late legs Black Widow It's now far behind AM&TW by 30%. Will be the lowest grossing MCU title in 10 years. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOT
  2. JULY 15TH-18TH WEEKEND. SPACE JAM 2 HAS THE 5TH BEST OPENING OF THE YEAR; BLACK WIDOW SEES $300M OFF THE TABLE. Space Jam: A New Legacy 5th best opening of the year. It shall be the 7th to cross $100M and go north of $170M depending on direct competition during the next couple of weeks including Boss Baby 2 and Jungle Cruise. Black Widow Slightly better drop than AM&TW but worse than SM:FFH. Seems to follow the same trajectory as Scott Lang's entry so it's looking to miss $300M and finish o/u $250M # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHA
  3. Adding to Charlie's number: European and Latin American do have an effect when it's something within an international competition; Argentina did saw a decrease on Saturday (match day) compared to Friday and Sunday barely beat Friday. It wasn't as pronounced as Italy's tho: only -29%
  4. JULY 8TH-11ST WEEKEND. BLACK WIDOW HAS THE FOURTH LARGEST OPENING OF THE YEAR AS FAST 9 BECOMES THE LARGEST TITLE OF THE YEAR. Black Widow 4th largest opening of the year (both 3 and 4 day) and pandemic and lowest entry for the MCU since 2016's Doctor Strange Comparing MCU titles which released on the same weekend was less front-loaded than Far From Home (4.9 v 4.45) but more front-loaded than Ant-Man & The Wasp (4.9 v 5.5) With holidays just starting it should leg past $250M and stay above AM&TW Fast and Furious 9 It has passed Godzilla v Kong t
  5. Buzz for it was quite low. Now it's up to its legs and how piracy hits it; that wasn't a problem for GvK or Cruella but we'll see
  6. I don't think there's a way to spin this to piracy or PA; hype just wasn't there. Hopefully it legs from the curiosity factor especially with holidays just starting. If it does ok it'll just excel even more Cruella's success and will be quite an statement at least towards Disney.
  7. I wasn't thinking it could beat F9 tbh but I guess delays and being a prequel slowed it. This also makes me think piracy indeed deflated Cruella's opening but then after its wom people thought to give it a chance in theaters; I think deflation will happen here but of course not crazy legs. It still has the holidays advantage.
  8. Gotta check Avengers, Aquaman and Nobles, maybe Instructions not Included. Don't trust much on Mojo since they used to consider whole week grosses instead of weekends during 2013-2015 and some weekends are missed so cumulatives are accounted until weeks later in a single or two weekends.
  9. JULY 1ST-4TH WEEKEND. FURIOUS 9 HAS A NICE HOLD AS BLACK WIDOW LOOMS. FOREVER PURGE HAS A DECENT OPENING BUT WAY BELOW ITS PREDECESSORS AND CRUELLA CLIMBS BACK ON TOP 3 AFTER 6 WEEKS OF RELEASE. Fast and Furious 9 Is beating Hobbs and Shaw by 50% at the same point of release and 32% below Fate of the Furious. It should pass Godzilla v Kong as the highest grosser of the year and the biggest hit since Frozen 2 The Forever Purge It opens half below what First Purge did during its 4-Day opening frame. Quite step even considering the pandemic. Should pass $70M Cruell
  10. JUNE 23RD-27TH WEEKEND. FAST AND FURIOUS HAS THE BIGGEST OPENING OF THE YEAR -AND THE BIGGEST SINCE JOKER- AS CONJURING AND QUIET PLACE HOLD; CRUELLA KEEPS LEGGING EXTREMELY WELL. Fast & Furious 9 Biggest opening of the year, the pandemic era and the biggest since 2019's fall hit Joker. 4-Day is 25% above Hoobs & Shaw however it should be more front-loaded and it should pass $450M+ lc by the end of its run if it follows F&F8 path Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It Great hold despite competition and screen loss. It has passed Annabelle 3's entire
  11. JUNE 17TH-20TH WEEKEND. THE WARREN WIN FOR THIRD WEEK IN A ROW AS TORETTO AND FAM RETURN ON WEDNESDAY. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Still on par with Annabelle: Creation's at the same point of release. Should cross $300M at some point during the weekend and then drop like a rock. A Quiet Place: Part II Similar drop to its predecessor. Final gross will definitely be under first installment but with a good hold anyways. Cruella Way better hold than Aladdin at the same point of release; it's 12% better than the 2019's hit. By tomorrow it should be t
  12. PS for F9 started on monday and they're quite slow yet. However is opening on a Wednesday (23rd) which makes me think studios except Disney will make 5-Day OW now a rule for blockbusters during summer, winter and spring holidays so here we go again to make unpredictable projections and a harder read of numbers.
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