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  1. Coco did $31M ($1.6M USD) from a wide re-release. Considering this is very limited in both screens and shows probably no more than $1M USD.
  2. Endgame expansion confirmed. Limited release with only a few shows so not expecting big numbers. Stands at $1,461.7M as of sunday.
  3. Full schedules for the weekend starting to show up in a few theatres and so far no signs of Endgame expansion. Neither Disney Mexico or any of the chains have said a thing about it. We'll see if comes a surprise announcement but apparently isn't happening here or at least it'll be pretty limited.
  4. Jon Favreau held a press conference this morning in Mexico City and right now it has a Q&A session with fans. Best takes from the morning: 1. Movie was just finished a week ago 2. https://www.mexico.com/la-guia/jon-favreau-el-rey-leon/?outputType=amp&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true Pumba has a funny face on the animated, but in real life the funny thing about wild pigs is the way they walk. That's why we had to find a way to preserve their spirit without giving them antropomorphic expressions. 3. There's a single shot that's not animated and was planned as an easter egg 4. https://atomix.vg/el-director-de-el-rey-leon-estuvo-en-mexico-y-esto-fue-lo-que-dijo/ Technically speaking we did animation and in the middle of it we used VR and did live-action. Movie hasn't adopted the term 'animation' because we know animations like Coco but here we have physicals, movement, render, etc. I'll leave it up to you (Audience)...
  5. JUNE 21ST-23RD. WODDY RIDES RIGHT AWAY TO THE HIGHEST OPENING EVER FOR AN ANIMATION AND 3RD OVERALL; THIRD $400M+ OPENER. ALADDIN CROSSES $600M+ LC. Toy Story 4 Highest Opening Weekend ever for an animation: $455.7M (+84.25% over Minions) Highest Opening Weekend ever for Pixar: $455.7M (+92.13% from Incredibles 2) Highest Opening Weekend ever for a June release: $455.7M (+92.13% from Incredibles 2) Third Highest Opening Weekend Ever: $455.7M (Sandwiched 2.29% below Infinity War and 29.63% above Civil War) Third Highest Opening Weekend Ever (Admissions): 7.4M Third Biggest Friday ever: $124.9M Second Biggest Saturday Ever: $155M Second Biggest Sunday Ever: $175.8M Third Widest Release Ever: 5,580 screens Second Best Per-Screen Average of All-Time: $87.7K Second Highest Grossing Weekend of All-Time: $530M It’s already in the Top 40 of all-time and No. 4 of the year below Disney’s own releases Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Aladdin. Eventually is topping Toy Story 3 as the second highest animated film of all-time, 4th highest grossing title ever above Marvel’s Avengers and finally the fourth title ever to cross $1B lc. Its chances to become the third highest grossing movie ever are very slim considering difference between current #3 (Coco) and #2 (Infinity War) is only $9M lc, so this is finishing either as 4th biggest title ever or as the 2nd. In USD could finish o/u $60M. Aladdin - Already highest grossing Disney live-action ever passing Maleficent and first one to cross $600M. In admissions is going to finish #2 only below Maleficent. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Toy Story 4 $455.7 $455.7 $23.90 7.4 7.4 2 Men In Black: International $25.8 -65,64% $138.3 $7.19 415K 2.4 3 Aladdin $15.1 -65,12% $606.2 $31.40 256.9K 11.2 4 Dark Phoenix $9.8 -68,38% $185 $9.38 162.4K 3.3 5 Solteras $5.3 -54,31% $61.8 $3.15 80.8K 1.1 6 Hotel Mumbai $4.2 $4.2 $220K 56.1K 56.1K 7 Godzilla II: King of the Monsters $4 -70,80% $190.6 $9.65 75K 3.6 8 Greta $2.7 -63,51% $15.4 $793K 32K 218.6K 9 Rocketman $1.5 -57,14% $41 $7.10 16.6K 530.5K 10 I Still See You $1.4 $1.4 $73K 26.2K 26.2K This Thursday opens: Anabelle Comes Home, The Hustle, Chicuarotes, Indian Horse, Se Rokh and Les Filles Du Soleil.
  6. Actuals in Mexico coming about $0.5M above estimates. Considering Disney overestimates Mexico most of the times we can expect a good increase all over Latam.
  7. I guess is like our SW in terms of multi-generational appeal. At least here in Mexico came in a very appropriate time to draw three different generations -due to demographic boom- and still attractive to younger generations. Helped it was the very first CGI animated franchise and the premise was just catchy and intriguing. TS is also a franchise about union among a group of friends or family and that's super resonating, look at Coco and the F&F saga.
  8. Top 5 single days in Mexico (lc) 1. Avengers: Endgame. Friday (OD) 2. Avengers: Endgame. First Sunday 3. Avengers: Endgame. First Saturday 4. Avengers: Infinity War. Friday (OD) 5. Toy Story 4. First Saturday. So yes, TS4 is a beast on the levels of top-tier Marvel.
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