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  1. It'll be lucky to gross half of that. It's completely depressing to compare past year's last two months with this year's. And BO won't recover until February.
  2. Nah. It shall pass Dumbo this week and enter Top 10 and eventually pass It 2 as #9. Neither Jumanji 2 or TROS will make it there.
  3. They're definitely far from other WDAS titles which are usually more leggy. Wouldn't say bad but considering the goodwill of the original and lack of competition it's kinda disappointing. Jumanji 2 has low PS but they're meaningless as is a family film. Anyway seeing how is performing everywhere I'm not expecting much but is still taking a lot of screens from F2.
  4. Not so sure about $500M for it. Despite no competition the weekend isn't looking good for it so no much hope for late legs. Let's wait for tomorrow's estimates.
  5. NOVEMBER 29TH-DECEMBER 1ST WEEKEND. FROZEN 2 CLOSE TO BEAT FIRST FROZEN AND RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET; SCORES ONE OF THE BEST SECOND WEEKEND FOR AN ANIMATION. FORD V FERRARI KEEPS PLAYING WITH EXCELLENT HOLDS AND KNIVES OUT OPENS LIMITED. Frozen 2 - It should beat first Frozen between today and tomorrow and by Friday is going to be Walt Disney Animation Studios’ highest grosser ever surpassing Ralph Break the Internet. - Is looking at a $480M+ finish as there’s no competition in sight and could develop strong late legs a la Maleficent 2. Guadalupe Reyes - Behind spring hit Como Novio de Pueblo and summer hit Solteras. It should leg well through upcoming weeks and surpass $55M. Quite below the expectations of its distributor. Knives Out - Best PSA of the top 10 by lc and second best by admissions. Solid number looking at an opening in the leagues of Murder in the Orient Express. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Frozen 2 $99.9 -40,28% $325.7 $16.69 1.8 5.8 2 Guadalupe Reyes $20.7 $20.7 $1.06 367.2K 367.2K 3 Ford v Ferrari $10.3 -41,14% $79.3 $4.08 150.1K 1.1 4 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil $6 -44,44% $490.7 $25.50 127.7K 9.1 5 Mary $5.7 $5.7 $292K 109.6K 109.6K 6 Killerman $5 $5 $256K 92.2K 92.2K 7 A Rainy Day in New York $4.2 $4.2 $215K 50.1K 50.1K 8 Knives Out $4 $4 $205K 30.3K 30.3K 9 Playing with Fire $3.2 -51,51% $65.8 $3.37 65.9K 1.3 10 Zombieland: Double Tap $2.9 -34,09% $51.2 $2.53 58.6K 942.5K This Friday opens: Last Christmas (Thursday night previews starting 7:00 PM), Knives Out (Wide expansion), Cats and Peachtopia, Abigail, 21 Bridges, The Lodge, Ballon and Luciérnagas.
  6. WDAS is not as popular as Pixar, DreamWorks or Illumination. Their titles resonate less but yet Frozen 2 is about to become the highest grosser of the studio.
  7. Stellar PSA for Knives Out on limited opening 👀 Promising for its expansion on Friday. More on it later. Joker now out of Top 10 passes $855M.
  8. First depends on screen retention. Second could happen but still uncertain, it would require a performance similar to Maleficent 2 and HTTYD 3.
  9. 5th best second weekend for an animation behind the Pixar juggernauts (Toy Story 4, Coco, Toy Story 3 and Incredibles 2). It's behaving just like Ralph Breaks the Internet last year but the gap is supposed to get bigger on favor of Elsa & Anna as there's no competition in sight -besides Jumanji in two weekends- unlike Ralph which dealt with Grinch (3rd weekend), Aquaman (4th weekend), Bee (4th 1/2 weekend). Let's see where is headed.
  10. That would be good for an already great year for local films. Saw in there too. Loved it, was hypnotized by it.
  11. It's following the same pattern as Ralph last year so it's a good sign for a potential $90M+ (drop in the 30s) second weekend.
  12. $17.6B. Your goal should be safe Kind of It's right on time for the holidays. Wish it could pull that off. But there's no much room to grow from The Last Jedi. Knives Out is opening limited this weekend only at VIP locations before its wide expansion next week. You should check it out @carlsalf. Saw it at Morelia and really enjoyed it.
  13. NOVEMBER 22ND-24TH WEEKEND. ELSA & ANNA CONQUER A NEW RECORD FOR WALT DISNEY ANIMATION STUDIOS AND SECOND BEST NOVEMBER BOW. MALEFICENT SPENTS ITS SIXTH CONSECUTIVE WEEKEND ON THE TOP 3. FORD V FERRARI SPEEDS UP TOWARDS AN INCREDIBLE SECOND WEEKEND. Frozen 2 - Beats Ralph Breaks the Internet by 32.8% and sets a new opening record for Walt Disney Animation Studios. It’s the 8th best opening for an animation –not counting The Lion King- overall. - Second best first frame for November only behind 2017’s Justice League. - Besides Jumanji: The Next Level in 3 weeks there’s no other competition until Spies in Disguise in 5 weeks so it could leg well through the way into the holidays and go over $500M and surpass Maleficent: Mistress of Evil as the 8th highest grosser of the year. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - Second movie in the year to spend 6 consecutive weeks on the Top 3 after Dreamworks’ hit How To Train Your Dragon 3 which always took a spot in the 1-2-3 through February and two weeks of March. - Despite opening on par with Dumbo now is ahead of it by 16%, talk about legs. Is looking to finish $100M (17.8%) behind first Maleficent. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Frozen 2 $167.3 $167.3 $8.62 2.7 2.7 2 Ford v Ferrari $17.5 -26,47% $60 $3.10 237.8K 867.3K 3 Maleficent: Mistress of Evil $10.8 -53,24% $480 $24.96 197.8K 8.9 4 Playing with Fire $6.6 -52,51% $59.8 $3.07 123.6K 1.2 5 Midway $5.9 -41,00% $23.5 $1.22 85.62K 379.2K 6 Doctor Sleep $5.5 -50,89% $64.7 $3.34 81.7K 1.1 7 Zombieland: Double Tap $4.4 N/A $45.7 $2.25 82.5K 823.8K 8 Addams Family $4.3 -67,91% $164.5 $8.53 79K 3.4 9 Terminator: Dark Fate $4 -59,59% $125 $6.50 71.3K 2.2 10 Placa de Acero $4 -54,54% $19.6 $664K 77.4K 408.4K This Friday opens: Guadalupe-Reyes, Mary, Killerman, Niebla de Culpa, A Rainy Day In New York and Wild Rose.
  14. Internal multi is usually a good sign of legs. WDAS now is having not only its first $400M grosser but very likely its first $500M+ too. Should finish on par with first Frozen in USD.
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