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  1. Everyone cross fingers so November and December deliver properly at the box office because there's not just a simple yearly record in sight but a HUGE yearly record.
  2. OCTOBER 11TH-13TH WEEKEND. JOKER REGISTERS FIFHT BEST SECOND WEEKEND EVER AND MOVES AHEAD OF SUICIDE SQUAD AND BLACK PANTHER IN ALL-TIME CHART. GEMINI MAN DOES MEH AND OPENS BELOW AFTER EARTH. Joker - Fifth best second weekend ever only below the likes of Toy Story 4, Coco and the two latest Avengers. - Is also the best hold for a SH related title in the entire decade beating own DC’s Aquaman which only fell 41% on first-to-second frame but is important to remark Aquaman was already playing during winter holidays which makes even bigger the achievement for Joker. - It’s now the highest grossing Rated B-15 title ahead of 2017’s It and the first in history to cross $500M with said rating. Is poised to be the first to cross $600M and $700M too. - Is has already beat Suicide Squad and Black Panther entire runs and this week is poised to beat Iron Man 3, Aquaman and Spider-Man: Far From Home. Next weekend shall surpass Batman v Superman as Warner’s biggest hit in the country of all-time. Gemini Man -A complete let-down. 22.7% below After Earth and that’s unadjusted for inflation. Even last year’s The Predator was bigger. At least got the record for the best ratio previews-opening weekend ever. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Joker $162.2 -38,44% $563.6 $28.86 2.7 9.8 2 Gemini Man $50.4 $51.7 $2.67 825.7K 843.3K 3 Abominable $14.1 -45,55% $102.8 $5.17 274.7K 2.1 4 La Boda de la Abuela $11.3 $11.3 $585K 217.4K 217.4K 5 Good Boys $4.5 $4.5 $233K 72.7K 72.7K 6 After the Wedding $2.9 $2.9 $150K 30.3K 30.3K 7 Tod@s Caen $2.7 -75,00% $134 $6.77 51.1K 2.6 8 Mercy Black $2.3 $2.3 $119K 44.8K 44.8K 9 Dora and the Lost City of Gold $2.1 -66,66% $142.6 $7.25 62.3K 3 10 108 Costuras $1.9 -69,35% $11 $554 36K 220.5K This Friday opens: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, 47 Meters Uncaged, Late Night, The Final Wish, The Kitchen, Asfixia, Tarde Para Morir Joven and Curiosa.
  3. 10M admissions coming tomorrow too. Second time ever for a B-15. 7th film of the year to cross the milestone. 2019 ties both 2017 and 2018 as the year with most 10M+ admissions titles.
  4. Tempted to say this but already has the record for an adult-oriented so it's impossible to know when is going to run out of audience.
  5. Venom scenario before weekend took it to $730M but this frame's drop (-40% vs -55% of the symbiote) changes everything.
  6. Civil War is going down! And it might go straight to Top 10 all-time. Second weekend is big enough to be 5th highest opening ever for a Rated B-15 title! Jeez. The result is on par with Infinity War's second weekend too!
  7. This shit is insane. It didn't lost many screens and saw a lot of sellouts yesterday during late noon and night. Seeing since yesterday near sellouts for Sunday's morning shows at premium formats which only happens for really big movies but rarely happens for a second weekend and with no holidays. The level of conversation around me is comparable to the Avengers saga and Coco. It's crazy!
  8. Wouldn't be shocked if estimates tomorrow put it ahead of Suicide Squad or even Black Panther. I remember being amazed by Black Panther's run so this is beyond astonishing.
  9. I'm just calling out highest grossing Rated B-15 title ever in just 10 days (Currently It at $491M). Ceiling is going to be interesting due its audience limitations.
  10. Having issues uploading full chart so quick notes about Joker: 7th highest opening ever in lc 8th highest opener by admissions 4th best opening of the year 6th widest opening ever (5,064 screens) Best opening for Warner -and DC of course- (+22% from Batman v Superman) Best opening for October (+39% from Venom) Best opening during Fall and for a Rated B-15 title (+31% from The Nun) For an adult-oriented title this is massive. Purely insane to reach such height.
  11. Wouldn't go that far yet. But beating It as highest grossing Rated B-15 title ever seems obvious.
  12. 7th best opening ever. Best for October, Fall and Rated B-15 (both in admissions and lc) and for a Warner release too. EDIT. Despite inflation it also beats BvS as highest opening for Warner in admissions. Brutal! Inflation has affected a lot but at least ER hasn't gone as bad as surges on ticket prices.
  13. It's actually good by how big OD was. 3x internal multi from the third best non-holiday opening is great.
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