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  1. Tom & Jerry has been released now on PVOD after holding just over a month in theatres as WW84 did. Wonder if Warner is doing the same for Zilla v Kong and Mortal Kombat and how it'll play out once HBO Max launches.
  2. Seeing good sales once again. Capacity is still limited to 30% in almost all states and even with piracy there's plenty of demand to be burnt. Opening weekend was ahead of KOTM and Detective Pikachu in a 3-Day comp. It definitely would've been a $220M+ opener under normal circumstances.
  3. If manages good wom and buzz doesn't die quick I can see GvK going as high as $3.5M USD opening across 5-Day
  4. Healthy sales in Mexico, going around $2M-$2.5M. Argentina is still to see as reopening is fresh and not sure how eager are audiences to return.
  5. It'll do best. WW84 didn't have Argentina and Mexico and Brazil were partially shut.
  6. Kinda bummed that neither Never Rarely Sometimes Always or First Cow made it to original screenplay as lone nominations a la Knives Out or First Reformed
  7. Basically what Jake said. It reminds me a lot to Joker.
  8. Terms weren't reached as well in major chains from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. Assume is the same situation for the whole Latin America region.
  9. I don't know the particular cases for each market but here it's a mix of Disney not giving up on better conditions and terms for exhibitors and Cinépolis still holding back the old exhibition window. Theatres were closed for a long time in most of the country since December and Disney asking for the same deal as it was in the pre-pandemic world is really rough. Cinépolis has been less flexible than its competitor Cinemex (which is one of the few majors in the world that reached deals with Netflix for releases of their films) but throughthout the pandemic they had perfect agreements with Universal/Warner Bros to shorten the windows and even have simultaneous releases in VOD and theatres. Raya will play in drive-ins and small chains. Drive-ins have different agreements and smaller chains don't have much of a choice as Cinépolis. I agree streaming is future for much of the industry and I celebrate it as I like to see lesser profile movies getting a chance there but I don't think cinemas are dommed. However neither exhibitors and distributors and studios can and shouldn't keep with old practices that affect them both and the consumer that ultimately will wait to see it for free or just pirate it.
  10. Only for asking Disney not to be rough on their % rev per ticket? Jeez, I don't get why to celebrate companies to bully over partners.
  11. Welp. Expecting an official announcement on Feb 12th seems Cinemex will shut down all its nationwide locations until further notice. They expect to reopen on time for Godzilla v Kong but with reduced interest from moviegoers and a slow vaccination process they could push the date to mid year. Though most of the closures are temporary there are at least 10 locations looking for a permanent shutdown with more to add in the upcoming months.
  12. Largest mexican exhibitor and 4th largest worldwide has started talks to re-estructure debt. It operates in US, Mexico, Central America, significant south american markets incluiding Brazil, Spain, India and Saudi Arabia, among others.
  13. Cinépolis seeking to re-estructure over $1B debt from at least 17 different financial institutions. Theatrical exhibition giant (Cinépolis) reached out Lazard to begin talks with institutions such as BBVA, HSBC, Santander Bank and mexican government-based development bank, Bancomext, according to sources. Part of this debt includes a $382M USD long-term credit expiring 2023, a rounding credit worth $200M USD expiring 2024 and a $490m USD fixed long-term credit expiring 2026. Combined with obligations regarding operations on India, Brazil and Mid-Eastern territories, the talks include overall $1.35B USD worth of debt from at least 17 banks, according to one source. Start of vaccination has proven bankers more willing to support Cinepolis, which luxury theatres with larger spaces among rows and a more sophisticated menu has more chances (to do well) than some of its competitors with larger leverage that already have been re-estructured, as stated by one source.
  14. Was expecting a bit bigger than Croods 2. Major cities shutting down cinemas again. Mexico City and metro area (expecting the same for other major cities as well) won't reopen at least until January 10th so it's also going to be quite front-loaded. News just broke and they take effect inmediately so it's hard to tell.
  15. Curfews everywhere but theatres aren't shutting down yet. Croods 2 opening was pretty ok despite everything. Restrictions are tightening this week so I can see WW84 doing about the same. Really concerned about the HBO Max issue a week later.
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