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  1. JULY 12-15 WEEKEND. HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 TOPS ITS PREDECESSOR TO BECOME SONY'S SECOND BIGGEST OPENING; SKYSCRAPER BEHIND PREVIOUS DWAYNE JOHNSON'S TITLES. Hotel Transylvania 3 - 3% ahead of HT2, thanks to the 4th day tomorrow should pass first HT total. - Given the current scenario where there's no family movie until August 2th (Christopher Robin) it should top the previous entry of the franchise with $430M+ but that's quite conservative and could go as far as $500M+ Skyscraper - 32% behind Rampage, actually, it's closer to Rampage's second frame ($55M) than of its opening. - Unlike HT3 this one does have strong competition; it'll lose screens next weekend to The First Purge and then Mission Impossible: Fallout is taking it both screens and audience. Ant-Man and the Wasp - Third worst drop in the MCU only below Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and Age of Ultron and puts in risk the $300M+ milestone, if keeps this way is looking to finish with $270M-$280M, quite a disappointing increase from the first one considering other MCU's second parts grew over 30% - except Iron Man 2 which only increased 18%- and this one only would grow 10%-14% Incredibles 2 - Now, the title has officially passed Minions and with this now is the third biggest animation ever only behind Coco and Toy Story 3, all Top 3 is Pixar. By tomorrow it should pass Civil War as 6th highest Disney property grosser and 7th highest grosser of all-time. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Hotel Transylvania 3 $134.7 $161.2 $8.54 2.6 3.15 2 Skyscraper $60.4 $70.7 $3.74 1.06 1.26 3 Ant-Man and the Wasp $34.5 -67,59% $218.4 $11.43 621.3K 4.18 4 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $23.2 -58,19% $636.14 $32.02 446.4K 12.4 5 Incredibles 2 $12.03 -68,44% $726.40 $35.83 235.6K 14.7 6 Incident in a Ghostland $5.20 $6.06 $321K 96.73K 114.17K 7 A Ti Te Quería Encontrar $2.3 -68,96% $44.8 $2.28 39.3K 876.3K 8 Sicario: Day of the Soldado $1.64 -73,24% $38.8 $1.97 27.09K 723.2K 9 FIFA World Cup: France VS Croatia $1.4 $1.4 $74K 28K 28K 10 Cigarettes et Chocolat Chaud $681.07K $788.68K $41K 9.35K 10.9K This Thursday opens: The First Purge, Tag, Adrift and Mon Garçon
  2. That's a risky bet, no competition and a whole month of holidays so i say is entirely doable, although is almost certain that it'll finish closer to $500M than $400M And btw... it obviously has to be with pineapple
  3. Great result for HT3, thanks to holidays it'll comfortably should pass $400M, another success for the franchise. AMATW is about $220M lc, although if the estimate is spot on then that's a 66% drop (ouch!), it'll be relieved for two weeks before MI:F limits its screens but $300M are not looking good. Those internal multipliers for I2 and Skyscraper are better than i expected. If true, then tomorrow morning I2 should've been passed both Minions and CW. Skyscraper is pretty meh, below San Andreas and Rampage and on par with Hercules. I remember when i thought Solo would gross less than TFA's 4-Day OW and ended up grossing less than RO's 4-Day OW, that's just sad...
  4. Carlangonz


    True. Latin audiences doesn't feel that as representation, tell their stories is truly representative, just look at Coco. And surprisingly, latinos support more local talent such as writers or directors than actors. See It's hit in Argentina or The Shape of Water's numbers in Mexico.
  5. HT3 heads towards a $155M-$165M 4-Day OW, 3-Day is on par with the two previous installments of the franchise. Skyscraper has a 'meh' opening in the $60M-$65M range AMATW sinking with an unprecedented 65%+ drop which is awful for an MCU solo I2 also looking to a terrible drop, although there are good news: thanks to wonderful weekdays it'll be passing Minions and Civil War to claim #7 all-time spot on Monday.
  6. Should finish the 4-Day weekend with $160M-$180M, 3-Day just above the first two installments Maybe, it'll keep the audiences and screens from here until August 3rd when Christopher Robin arrives, in any case should easily top HT2 as the highest grosser of the franchise.
  7. JULY 05-08 WEEKEND. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP OPENS ON TOP AND 26% AHEAD OF FIRST ANT-MAN; DINOS MARCH TOWARDS A MINIMUM DROP FROM FIRST JURASSIC AND INCREDIBLES JOINS TOP 10 ALL-TIME. Ant-Man and the Wasp - 26.30% ahead of first Ant-Man’s opening and 5th highest opening for a MCU second installment just a shy behind The Dark World but ahead of Iron Man 2. - Debuted at 3,480 screens, behind of the usual 4,200+ screen count from titles such as Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Next weekend HT3 and Skyscraper are going to reduce its number of screens but weekdays should help it since holidays for schools have started today, given that situation should finish just over/under $300M - Useless random fact: With this title, the MCU now would have a perfect two years/six movies strike of $300M+ movies and is looking to extend it for another year. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom -Running 3.47% ahead of first JW at the same point of release, with upcoming competition is aiming to a final total of $660M+, only 3%-4% under first Jurassic World, a % retention a la Age Of Ultron from Avengers (-5%). Incredibles 2 -1.27% ahead of Minions at the same point of release - Is possible but not locked yet to pass Minions as 3rd highest animation ever and 8th highest grosser ever (today is 9th) and might even beat Civil War as 7th biggest title ever and 4th biggest SH title of all-time only behind the Avengers trilogy. Another useless fact: 18 out of 27 weekends of the year have had at least one SH movie in the Top 10. Ant-Man and the Wasp, Venom, Teen Titans, Into the Spiderverse and Aquaman should add at least another 10. This Thursday opens: Hotel Transylvania 3, Skyscraper, Incident in a Ghostland, Cigarettes et Chocolat Chaud and El Buquinista. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Ant-Man and the Wasp $106.46 $129.29 $6.74 1.8 2.3 2 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $55.5 -54,97% $581.9 $29.17 1.07 11.28 3 Incredibles 2 $38.12 -50,16% $692.74 $34.06 748.6K 13.9 4 A Ti Te Quería Encontrar $7.41 -57,89% $38.08 $1.93 129.73K 733.72K 5 Sicario: Day of the Soldado $6.13 -62,06% $33.6 $1.70 103.7K 617.6K 6 Still Born $3.92 $4.54 $236K 74.9K 88.15K 7 Life of the Party $2.14 -61,92% $11.98 $609K 35.23K 220.3K 8 Ocean's 8 $1.04 -65,10% $125.08 $6.08 15.7K 2.24 9 Happy End $1.0 $1.12 $58K 14.61K 16.5K 10 Locos de Amor $759.18K $885.8K $46K 12.2K 14.38K
  8. Lol @Purple Minion xD I'm really surprised by AMATW, whereas GOTG2 increased over 70% from first GOTG now AMATW is growing just shy over 10% from first AM, that's really weird, wom needs to do a quick effect or the screen loss due to HT3 and Skyscraper is going to affect it very much. And... doing some more math, I2 is about $2M-$3M over Minions at same point of release, it has a very long shot at beating it ($724M) if has extremely good weekdays from here until HT3's arrival. Top 3 animation could be entirely Pixar.
  9. That's... quite low to be honest. Just above $120M for 4 days. 3-Day a bit over Doctor Strange and first Ant-Man. It already passed JW as 9th highest grosser of all-time and should pass $700M in some point between thursday and friday. Would have beaten Minions if wasn't for HT3.
  10. Great news for AMATW, i see it flaying above $150M for the 4-Day, with some luck might pull $170M-$180M.
  11. JUNE 28-JULY 1 WEEKEND. FALLEN KINGDOM AND INCREDIBLES 2 TAKE ON WEEKEND WITH EXCEPTIONAL HOLDS; NEW OPENERS GET A SPOT ON THE CHART. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - 4th best second weekend of all-time, 16.5% over JW's second frame - 4% above Jurassic World at the same point of release - With upcoming competition across the next two weeks probably won't be able to keep the same pace ahead JW but should be able to pass $650M Incredibles 2 - Running 3% behind Minions at the same point of release - Very likely to pass $700M if can hold the impact of AMATW, highly probable to pass JW as 9th highest grosser of all-time, it should pass BvS as 11th at some point during the week. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom $123.26 -39,54% $465.89 $23.23 2.22 8.83 2 Incredibles 2 $76.5 -33,99% $616.5 $30.16 1.4 12.2 3 A Ti Te Quería Encontrar $17.6 $20.4 $1.03 312.2K 366.8K 4 Sicario: Day of the Soldado $16.16 $18.4 $930K 272.9K 316.2K 5 Life of the Party $5.62 $6.50 $328K 94.71K 110.5K 6 Ocean's 8 $2.98 -64,52% $122.25 $5.94 47.4K 2.19 7 Jan-San-Beom $2.34 $2.64 $133K 46.3K 53.1K 8 Mission Kathmandu $2.24 $2.46 $124K 46.3K 51.2K 9 El Habitante $1.65 -67,89% $28.2 $1.37 31.49K 619.93K 10 Hereditary $1.33 -58,43% $54.9 $2.67 23.09K 1.14 This Thursday opens: Ant-Man and the Wasp, Still Born, Terminal, Locos de Amor 2 and Happy End.
  12. As Asian and Australian markets start with operations and AMLO wins presidential election the peso is dropping to very good levels to be honest. I guess markets were ready for it @UserHN.
  13. I didn't saw that coming; Fallen Kingdom started flat from JW and now is 6% ahead at the same point of release while I2 was 10% behind Minions as of last weekend and now has reduced the gap to a whopping 4%! Both have a shot at $700M+but AMATW, HT3 and Skyscraper may prevent that, upcoming weeks are going to be exciting for sure.

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