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  1. Yup, high 20s-low 30s for Predator. Should draw audience at least for its opening. Way more for Venom, it's a very popular character, seeing something as high as mid 100s. This fall and winter are going to be interesting: Venom and Halloween should have at least monstrous openings. Bohemian Rhapsody is looking to a possible break-out, Wreck it Ralph also aims to grow from its predecessor and FB2 is going to be fine, we'll see if Hogwarts and Dumbledore can help it.
  2. It's good to have you back, hope you enjoyed your vacations Yeah, those Nun numbers could've been even more shocking, i can't even imagine how much more could've done with better quality. Anyway, i think it's a good sign for what we might see next year when Course of Llorona comes, could break some records if good. No words for El Día de La Unión, Kuno Becker should make himself a "limpia". Maybe more for Predator, and seems spot on for CRA. Haven't heard anything about theatrical release date for Roma, but i do know it'll have a proper release, just hope won't be a very limited release. And yeah, I'm curious to watch Shoplifters and Cold War but this year seems to be for Mexico.
  3. SEPTEMBER 14-16 WEEKEND. THE NUN FALLS APART ON SECOND WEEKEND; GOOD NUMBERS FOR JOHNNY ENGLISH. COULD ALPHA REACH $100M? The Nun -Biggest drop for the franchise; currently running 13.6% behind It and 10.3% above The Conjuring 2 at the same point of release. - Once again, it had a low internal multi which added to weak weekdays and that drop confirms bad wom. With upcoming release it’ll lose audiences (Predator) and screens (Crazy Rich Asians, Simple Favor) but still should pass $400M and finish between $410M-$420M Alpha - Those legs! Impressive multi, it stands a good shot for $100M. Mexicans showing up again for dogs. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 The Nun $64.05 -67,97% $326.47 $17.01 1.19 6.27 2 Johnny English Strikes Again $20.50 $20.50 $1.08 366.22K 366.22K 3 Alpha $11.15 -34,02% $82.85 $4.30 213.92K 1.5 4 The Little Mermaid (2018) $9.88 -40,48% $32.4 $1.69 196.83K 673.2K 5 El Día de la Unión $8.22 $8.84 $469K 164.42K 196K 6 Gotti $5.73 $5.73 $303K 86.35K 86.35K 7 The Meg $5.12 -48,38% $389.63 $20.67 108.2K 7.8 8 Teen Titans Go! To The Movies $4.40 -44,58% $63.6 $3.33 84.5K 1.3 9 Mile 22 $2.8 -69,72% $50.75 $2.63 48.09K 955.5K 10 French Cinema Tour $2.2 +15,78% $5.4 $283K 16K 41K This Friday opens: The Predator, Crazy Rich Asians, Searching, Malacopa, The Stolen Princess, Extraño pero Verdadero, March of Penguins 2 and Summer of 84
  4. $20.9M friday gross aiming $75M-$80M weekend. $283M cume, surprisingly poor weekdays.
  5. SEPTEMBER 07-09 WEEKEND. THE NUN BREAKS HORROR, MONTH AND RATING RECORDS. THE MEG REFUSES TO LOSE ITS SHOT TO $400M The Nun Let’s do a quick recap of the most important records that Warner’s new hit broke this weekend: - Highest opening for a horror title beating last year’s It by 9.06% - Highest opening for a september release, also beating It - Biggest opening for a Rated B-15 title, another record that belonged to Pennywise and The Losers - New high opening for The Conjuring franchise beating The Conjuring 2 by a whopping 44.05% - First horror movie to open north of $200M and second highest opening for a Warner film only behind DC’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Valak isn’t looking to direct competition at least for a weekend but it’ll do lose screens to a local opener, then comes Predator on 21 and should be an interesting comp. Finally, should make over $420M+ by the time October begins and the Venom-Halloween combo demolish it. The Meg - Going as expected on its way to $400M, keeps tracking to finish o/u. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 The Nun $200.03 $200.03 $10.39 3.5 3.5 2 Alpha $16.9 -50% $64.60 $3.35 310.02K 1.17 3 The Little Mermaid (2018) $16.6 $16.6 $862K 321.14K 321.14K 4 The Meg $9.92 -59,34% $380.94 $20.22 217.3K 7.6 5 Mile 22 $9.25 -60,14% $43.07 $2.23 155.4K 803.4K 6 Teen Titans Go! To The Movies $7.94 -50,68% $57.2 $3.00 155.9K 1.2 7 Ana y Bruno $3.94 -59,46% $16.8 $872K 82.2K 373.7K 8 Slender Man $2.6 -85,05% $66.2 $3.47 55.33K 1.4 9 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again $2.12 -60,95% $50.68 $2.66 26.49K 754.5K 10 Tiempo Compartido $1.23 -69,32% $7.09 $368K 17.46K 110.6K This Friday opens: El Día de la Union, Johnny English Strikes Again, Upgrade, Gotti, Little Miss Dolittle, Juliet; Nacked and Bedeviled.
  6. Based on the low internal multi compared to other movies of the genre and upcoming competition i say it has a very small chance.
  7. Thanks! Yassss, so happy for the win. Saw it last weekend and it truly is beautiful film, perfectly crafted and very emotional, one of the best experiences i've ever had in a movie theater, loved it.
  8. About half of those numbers for both.
  9. Maybe, I'm expecting solid numbers and even bigger numbers than Covenant but nothing jaw-dropping.
  10. $69.6M OD for The Nun, easily a new high record for horror beating It by 26% and last year's Annabelle: Creation by over 120%! Although is hard to compare since those two opened on thursday. Anyway... this bodes well for another $200M+ opener, first for horror and among Top 10 all-time
  11. Speaking of mexican cinema, this year was the shortest time for local productions to reach $1B in box office, the number came before this weekend. The all-time record belongs to 2013 with $1.3B Ana and Bruno unfortunately was a flop, and one that everyone saw coming. The movie costed over $100M so was totally expected, its only hope are overseas markets. As for El Día de la Unión it could be anything but Kuno Becker is box office poison lol and it really looks bad, so not expecting much, but stranger things have happened.
  12. AUGUST 31 – SEPTEMBER 2. ALPHA OPENS ON TOP AND MEG GOES FOR $400M BEFORE THE NUN ARRIVES. Alpha -Fine opening I guess? Should reach $70M+, not exactly a hit or a flop The Meg -Insane run this one is having, unlike most of its comps it hasn’t collapsed in any weekend (not yet) and now is running 16.86% behind San Andreas and should finish just over/under $400M, apparently barely is going to make it. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Alpha $33.80 $33.80 $1.76 559.2K 559.2K 2 The Meg $24.4 -42,99% $363.05 $19.30 503.7K 7.2 3 Mile 22 $23.21 $23.21 $1.21 400.58K 400.58K 4 Slender Man $17.4 -38,25% $57.6 $3.03 347.7K 1.2 5 Teen Titans Go! To The Movies $16.1 -29,23% $45.4 $2.39 33.04K 976.8K 6 Ana y Bruno $9.72 $9.72 $506K 202.8K 202.8K 7 The Spy Who Dumped Me $5.9 -60,58% $28.4 $1.50 93.17K 518.3K 8 The Equalizer 2 $5.5 -61,85% $66.13 $3.47 94.5K 1.23 9 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again $5.43 -50,04% $46.6 $2.45 72.4K 695.9K 10 Tiempo Compartido $4.01 $4.01 $209K 57.6K 57.6K This Friday opens: The Nun, The Little Mermaid, Cuernavaca and Western
  13. That's a good prediction, the movie has many things working for its success: it comes from weak weekends and won't have much competition after its release, also the religious topic is going to draw a lot of people. I expect something between $120M-$140M, which would be higher than Annabelle: Creation's 4-Day opening.
  14. Yup, 10th anniversary celebration. They're showing 16 titles, the only missing ones are Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Three movies per weekend, only a handful of theatres (mid 100s) and one show per day.
  15. @Purple Minion rejoice! Hotel Transylvania passed $500M! ($501.1M to be precise :P)

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