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  1. That's the thing. Mexico is behind not just from SK but also from Japan and Brazil for some titles but it has delivered more consistency thanks to bigger results for titles like Dumbo and Glass. Plus the overperformance of both Aladdin and Toy Story 4. Although UK is by far more constant.
  2. After this weekend's results Buena Vista Distribution has achieved the milestone of $5B lc and $260M USD during the current year becoming the first studio in history to gross similar numbers in a single year. As of the moment of this typing Mexico represents the 4th best OS market of BV during 2019 being beaten only by China, UK and South Korea. Inevitable, it shall become the first $6B/$300M distributor too.
  3. They did had gross from the expansion hidden lol It made no sense that Day 1 of re-release only added $0.1M lc but the other three days over $6M. I suppose holidays gave a bigger than expected boost. Hope that IM isn't sign of legs. It's looking to kick Avengers out of Top 5 all-time. It's keeping the lead on admissions. It's going to be insane if beats EG considering it didn't had the advantage of both cheap tickets and expansion.
  4. $111.4M. Best OD for July (+70% above DH2) Best OD for a Disney live-action remake (+72% from BATB) 5th best opening day ever below EG, IW, TS4 and CW. OW between $370M-$380M
  5. Late afternoon shows shaping the same route as TS4. Gotta' go with $90M-$110M. Anything over $100M puts Civil War ($353M/#4 OW) in jeopardy.
  6. Toy Story 4 now is running ahead of Endgame in admissions at the same point of release. 23.7M v 23.6M If wasn't for the expansion TS4 no.1 in admissions would be locked already.
  7. Not sure about doubling BATB; that would be higher than TS4 and sales don't point there so far but $100M+ OD is boding better.
  8. They'll be veeeery close. Meanwhile TS4 beat Coco in admissions counting first runs. It's crazy how Endgame obliterated records everywhere and yet you have many Latin-american countries where TS4 is fighting those records or Korea where Aladdin is challenging it.
  9. Final hours before opening TLK is gaining a lot in sales. Midnights were nothing like a SH title in the recent days but they're experiencing huge jumps the last hours. I'll wait to see results of Chile, Argentina and Brazil tomorrow before correcting my ceiling but with midnights picking great steam and Sat/Sun presales pointing incredible we're going to witness another massive weekend.
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