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  1. While theatres around the world are struggling Cinépolis has found an alternative in its streaming service Cinépolis Klic (VOD with a very large catalogue). And now also they have partnered with Uber Eats to sell and deliver food and snacks from their concession stands -because their popcorn are THAT good- and now is being currently executed through a pilot program in Monterrey and Morelia (hometown of the chain) which apparently launched with a good response. Definitely a very good way to keep up.
  2. "Cinema taught us that there's always a happy ending. We'll miss you Take care" Cinépolis' shutdown has taken full effect. They put this message in all their signs and media. Hope it doesn't take much to see everything working again.
  3. Mayor of Mexico City has ordered the closure of movie theaters (among other places) in the city and order will take effect starting tomorrow. Two out of the major three markets -Mexico City and Nuevo León- are down indefinitely with Jalisco right now going through a 5-Day period of total isolation. The #1 this weekend is going under $5M lc during the frame. Historic low.
  4. Starting tomorrow (Saturday) Cinépolis will shut down its locations for at least the next 3 weeks. Some other independent theatres already started earlier this week.
  5. USD crosses $23 lc for the first time ever. New historical low and expecting it to hit even lower tomorrow. Nuevo León (Top 3 markets) announced the closure of all entertainment locations including movie theaters until further news.
  6. MARCH 13TH-15TH WEEKEND. ONWARD REPEATS ON TOP AS COVID-19 CONCERNS SINK THE ATTENDANCE TO A 3-YEAR LOW. As previously forecasted this was the lowest grossing weekend since September 8th-10th, 2017 both in lc and admissions. $107M/1.8M admissions back then v $120M/1.9M admissions this weekend. Due to obvious reasons there’s this result and there’s no hope for it to improve at least the upcoming four-eight weeks as studios and distributors keep removing titles from schedule and some theatres are starting to reduce seating capacity. Both federal and state governments are taking measures closing schools and cultural facilities such as museums, galleries and libraries so it might only be a matter of time before cinemas see themselves forced to close locations in order to preserve public health. For all the past reasons I will continue to post the weekend charts –until there’s nothing to report- and offering updates on the situation but there won't be any sort of analysis or reading of any particular title. Hoping for the best to every reader of this thread and overall forum. Be safe and take care of yourselves and your loved ones. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Onward $25.4 -55,59% $103.3 $4.94 458.6K 1.8 2 Bloodshot $24.6 $24.6 $1.12 402.4K 402.4K 3 Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantástica $21.9 $21.9 $1.01 370.6K 370.6K 4 The Invisible Man $10 -59,18% $99.3 $4.88 162.8K 1.7 5 Sonic The Hedgehog $9 -57,94% $346.9 $18.10 182.4K 6.6 6 My Spy $7.4 $7.4 $337K 141.3K 141.3K 7 My Hero Academy: Heroes Rising $7.3 $7.3 $333K 91.2K 91.2K 8 The Call of the Wild $2.6 -72,63% $79.2 $4.03 45.6K 1.4 9 Malasaña 32 $2.3 -72,94% $15.4 $728K 43.6K 301.7K 10 Birds Of Prey $1.2 -75,51% $212.5 $11.19 22.3K 3.8 If everything goes as foreseen this Friday opens: I Still Believe, Nomis, A Score to Settle, Military Wives, A Hidden Life, Zan and Into Nature’s Wild.
  7. This should be the lowest grossing weekend since September 8th-10th, 2017. Both in lc and admissions-wise. Art-house theatres already implementing "half capacity" rules.
  8. Theatres may be closed in matter of days. First time they do it for national security purposes since april 2009 during spread of AH1N1.
  9. This weekend should see the first real impact as cases increase as time goes and small gatherings are getting cancelled. Small distributors already removing titles from schedule.
  10. Outliers already confirming. WW. I assumed that if they were going to move it in Mexico it would be WW. I hear it from someone who works for a distributor here.
  11. Take this with a grain of salt but I'm hearing Mulan is being delayed to no specific date.
  12. ER to solve obligations in USD within mexican territory (typically the most used) breaks $22 lc for the first time ever. $22.15 lc is our new all-time high.
  13. I think it was a mix of the lack of interest and the events of March 8th and 9th. COVID-19 hasn't had any effect... yet. And I'm not sure if it's just me or something else but people is not in the mood to go to the cinema right now, like there's more stuff going on around and there's no appeal or rush to watch something specific.
  14. MARCH 6TH-8TH WEEKEND. PIXAR TOUCHES 10-YEAR LOW WITH ONWARD’S OPENING. INVISIBLE MAN ADVANCES OVER SONIC. PARASITE SPENDS ITS 10TH WEEKEND IN THE TOP 10. Onward - Lowest opening for Pixar in lc since The Good Dinosaur and the lowest in admissions since Up. - Comps aren’t really helpful but if anything sub-$200M is possible. Good Dinosaur enjoyed of holidays that fueled its legs but this one has to wait another month and face Mulan so won’t leg as well. - $150M-$160M could happen which would mean the lowest result –unadjusted- for Pixar since Cars (2006). By adjusting figures this would be the worst result of the century for Pixar and that’s only because there are no figures for pre-2000 titles. The Invisible Man - Better hold than A Quiet Place second frame but it’ll face the sequel of that one next week so is going to end near $120M after it finished its run. Sonic The Hedgehog - It’s running under last year’s Hidden World in overall gross but slightly over in weekend gross. It has a holiday in advantage and no competition until Mulan so expect it to finish with $380M. Parasite - First title since Coco to spend 10 weeks –although no consecutive- at the Top 10. Its multi from 5-Day opening is 16.2x. Jojo Rabbit - Another successful crowd-pleaser. It started with 480 screens; it never went beyond 700 and still has a 7x multi from its opening weekend. # MOVIE WEEKEND % CHANGE TOTAL (MXN) TOTAL (USD) ADM. TOTAL ADM. 1 Onward $57.2 $57.2 $2.84 922K 922K 2 The Invisible Man $24.5 -31,37% $78.2 $3.93 393K 1.3 3 Sonic The Hedgehog $21.4 -51,47% $330.3 $17.34 416.2K 6.3 4 The Call of the Wild $9.5 -44,76% $72.8 $3.74 161.5K 1.3 5 Malasaña 32 $8.5 $8.5 $422K 154.8K 154.8K 6 La Rebelión de los Godínez $6.9 -42,01% $25.3 $1.27 121.5K 485.7K 7 Birds Of Prey $4.9 -51,48% $209 $11.04 86.5K 3.7 8 Parasite $3.2 -42,85% $151.2 $7.91 41.7K 2.2 9 Loco Por Ti $2.6 -55,93% $66.8 $3.50 45.3K 1.2 10 Jojo Rabbit $2.5 -32,43% $91.8 $4.82 31.2K 1.2 This Friday opens: Bloodshot, Veinteañera Divorciada y Fantástica, My Spy, Ema, Downhill and Maiden.
  15. Every single currency of the region is hitting all-time lows. And that's without major COVID-19 concerns. This is not good at all.
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