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  1. November 22. Unfortunately 4 days after a national holiday but with a very lazy winter it could see good legs if can stand against Jumanji 2.
  2. Brazil should perform better than the rest of the region compared to Toy Story 4 but as for other countries even Incredibles 2 seems like a long stretch, let alone Coco. If there's a WDAS sequel that sets Latin America on fire is Zootopia 2, not Frozen 2. Hopefully I'm wrong, it'll be great to finish the year on a high note because we know TROS won't do that.
  3. Frozen 2 tickets should go on sale soon. As surprising as it seems the only major animation studios that haven't had a $400M+ grosser are Warner Animation and... Walt Disney Animation Studios. WDAS' highest grosser is last year's Ralph Breaks the Internet which went to gross a bit over $350M. Among animation studios with $400M+ titles rules Pixar with 7 titles, Illumination and Blue Sky tied with 4 each and also tied with 2 movies each are DreamWorks and Sony Animation.
  4. 2019 has really been a year of surprises. Surely Joker is top story of the year. I know there's Endgame but that was more a pre-release phenomenon (I've heard figures near of $200M lc/$11M USD on presales which is mind blowing) but Joker has just kept us there every week after release aware of what is going to pull next. Less. Marketing has been good so far but interest doesn't seem there. Why the new account @carlsalf? You were gone a long time.
  5. College has been absorbing me a lot the recent weeks but hopefully I'll be more active this upcoming week
  6. Bye Avengers 👀 Joker already crossed $800M yesterday. Not a single word on Terminator. Is doing awful.
  7. Actually that's a good number. It's on high 30s and I expected low 30s since it took a big dive on screens. Passes Incredibles 2, Toy Story 3 and Furious 7. Moves ahead of Age of Ultron on Tuesday and then should finish about $10M lc shy of first Avengers.
  8. That never works in Latam or Asia. Go ask Rogue One.
  9. $16B lc yearly crossed ($820M USD). Third best year ever and by the next weeks shall be the biggest year ever for mexican BO. Just $0.8B away from 2018's record.
  10. Not $8M since Endgame had the re-release boost but $6M would be ok. Weekend/Weekly grosses still behind by 5%. Definitely.
  11. On par with Dumbo. We'll see which one wins. Anyway, very impressive for Disney to have all of their live-actions this year grossing over $20M USD each. Bye bye Ultron and hello #7 all-time.
  12. Joker's third weekend is challenging Endgame's (which opened 2.3x bigger) Shall move to 13th position in the all-time chart by Sunday.
  13. Don't want to hype up anyone but we may see a shake-up on Top 4 SH-related which is owned entirely by Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
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