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  1. I understand what you say, but some people will be angry at her, in my opinion she need to release diplomatic interviews and talk about the movie, not about SJ, Woke and politic
  2. Well, I don’t know if white male critics are happy with her words...
  3. Ok, and JL? I remember a couple of tweet from Collider guys, but maybe I remember bad
  4. Am I wrong or BvS and Justice League first social reaction was good?
  5. This is low, remember Black Panther last year, 2 weeks before release no one predict over 160-170m...
  6. So now if you think the movie will have a 190+OW you are an hater? My prediction is still 200m OW not because I’m an hater (I support this movie and I’ve already a couple of tickets for the OW) but because for the general audience this movie is linked with Avengers Endgame Not everything needs to be a stupid Marvel vs DC contest, we can support both company but looks like everything needs to be Aquaman vs Thor, Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel, Shazam vs Captain Marvel, Batman vs Iron Man...
  7. I think 150/160 is the floor, but 180+ OW is very possible
  8. This will easily open 185+, probably around 200 OW, there is only conservative tracking

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