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  1. I said I was in for this club. Best decision I made.
  2. I would say read the book, but given how fucking huge it is, you're gonna need more than a few days to read it. Unless you're one of those really secluded people who stay at home for 48 hours and read books nonstop.
  3. When WeNeedToTalkAboutKevin starts liking your comments, you start to wonder what kind of path in life you're really on.
  4. Anyone have an estimate of how much Spidey made in Japan this weekend?
  5. Aren't the sisters focused on running a fashion empire or something? Think they stopped being infront of the camera a long time ago.
  6. Hmm, I think I'll try that. Got to join an open club first. Thanks for telling me though, really appreciate it.
  7. So it's not just me. Cool. It brings me great comfort knowing I'm not the only one who's fucked.
  8. Thanks. EDIT: It did not work. I'll just give it a day or two. Could be an error that'll go away.
  9. @MrPink Since you're one of the leaders of the DCEU club, I gotta ask: I can't access the discussion. Is that just a me thing or is that for everyone?

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