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  1. This... felt like half of a really cool movie. I haven't read the book and am not familiar with the story at all, and as of now without a second half it's hard to even recommend this movie to anyone in the same boat, it just feels incomplete and underwhelming. Also I went to the bathroom twice, did they explain what happened to Josh Brolin's character or was that left ambiguous? Also I don't get exactly HOW "spice" is the key to their society, and I was waiting for that explanation the entire movie. Wtf do they do with it? Smoke it? Snort it? What the hell is it?
  2. I really need to watch the King of Comedy, been meaning to forever. Also Italianamerican is on youtube
  3. Honestly I think a big part of it was just resentment towards Todd Phillips making a "serious" movie and wanting it to fail. It was so funny watching people try desperately to drum up ANY real sort of controversy over that movie and failing completely.
  4. Yeah the footage looks great, I love the red and black color palette. There's no doubt that this is going to be a very good looking movie. The trailer reminds me what he did with the Planet of the Apes movies he directed. He seems to have carved out a lane for dark, grounded big budget franchise stuff. I liked those PotA movies (War especially, seemed like he figured out how to finally add some fun into the story with that one) but don't love them, I hope this Batman movie is better. I think the big thing he needs to work on is character and dialogue and these trailers don't give
  5. Oh they did my favorite joke where it cuts out before the character can finish saying "OH SHIIII-" NEVER FUCKING GETS OLD. SO FUNNY.
  6. There's tons of shots with CG arms in Spider-Man 2. For all this talk "practicul gud > 'puter bad" people really don't understand how it works
  7. Yeah after Bly Manor I think I've had my fill of these talky ass miniseries' he's doing.
  8. That is how you cut a fucking trailer. YOU USE THE ACTUAL FUCKING SONG. Not some whispery cover version that sounds like shit.
  9. This movie is so fucking cheesy. I kinda liked it. My friends hated it. Definitely glad I took an edible. More entertaining than Candyman at least. Somehow the anime detective was the most ridiculous thing in the movie.
  10. Ricky & Morty finale was epic, one of the all time best episodes. Cocaine Cowboys takes too long to get going. The original is one of the most watchable documentaries ever. This new one feels dragged out like most Netflix docuseries lately
  11. Got the trailer for this during Shang Chi. Carnage doesn't even look red. He's like... light gray-ish with a hint of red. Couldn't even get that right smh
  12. The mid credits scene was fun. The last one was like... why did I have to sit through the credits for that? Couldn't that have just been in the movie?
  13. The final fight is a textbook example of what people are talking about when they say CGI crap. Just a big ugly blue-gray mess. It's a shame because the movie is good, storywise I didn't have any problem with the third act, it's two dragons fighting FFS, it should have been awesome but it was just visually ugly. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this, I'd recommend it. It's not gonna covert anyone who's not a fan of the MCU, all the same criticisms that people have of the MCU can be thrown at it, forced humor that doesn't always land, the big formulaic third act fight, etc.,
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