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  1. So the good reviews and fan hype got me interested in this but I hadn't seen any of the previous ones. I watched all of them in the last month or two and watched Fallout today and I think this series just isn't really my bag. I think they're pretty good from III on (I probably enjoyed 4 and 5 the most) but at best I just think they're pretty good, I don't love them and probably wouldn't pay to watch them in the future. Maybe it's because I watched them all so closely together that by the time I got to Fallout I was kinda bored with the tropes the series is built on (24/48/72 hours to find the macguffin, someone double crosses him, Ethan has to work for the enemy to save someone else, Elsa or whatever her name is will either save his life or interfere with his mission at the last second, Benji is annoying). The setpieces can be great though and the final one in Fallout was something special and probably the highlight of the series. I think it elevated the rest of the movie which for me was kinda the same old Mission Impossible, which I've found just isn't my thing. Yarp, true story. Fascinating.
  2. It was partly set in a high school! They played some 80's music in the background! It's exactly like a John Hughes movie!
  3. I don't get why The Conjuring films actually are R-rated, I guess so they can market it as R-rated horror? They're not gory or bloody and there's barely any swearing. The Insidious films are PG-13 and they're basically exactly the same in how "adult" the content is.
  4. Seems kinda dumb to me, but so do awards shows in general so whatever. It's obviously gonna be looked at as an inferior category so what's the point?

    Anyone else just get AMC Stubs A-List?

    I got that obnoxious 20 minute intro for it when I went to watch Sorry to Bother You yesterday. I appreciate the comfy reclining seats but those endless "WHOOSH! VROOM! POPCORN! BATHROOMS! AMC AMAZING PEW PEW PEW" intros are a fucking drag and make me not want to watch movies there.
  6. I mean it's not like they've given her a single interesting thing to do, except wanting to fuck Chewbacca.
  7. Denzel and Depp are clearly the best pure talents on that list, of the two I'd probably have to pick Depp. Clooney and Smith just play their handsome, charismatic selves in everything they're in, but that's what they're good at and that's what you want, right? Smith's probably a better actor overall though. Pitt can be a great actor, but he also gets totally miscast sometimes and can really overdo it other times. I was watching Seven the other day and half the time I'm watching him like "What the hell are you doing? No human being acts like that." Cruise is a good actor but I don't consider him in the same league as the rest Keanu LOL. I like the guy but come on Also how is DiCapLeo not included? He's up there with Denzel and Depp, maybe has the best resume out of the three.
  8. This trailer is so god damn good I don't think there's any way the actual movie can even come close to it. Just for the fact that the movie won't be able to have Clair de Lune blasting triumphantly anytime one of the monsters does something cool. Or maybe it can. Yeah, just do that, the last act of this movie should just be giant monsters fucking shit up to this song.

    Glass | Jan 18, 2019 | Trailer on Page 10!!!

  11. Just got back, loved it. I need more Edna and Jack-Jack together. Spinoff, short movies, whatever, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Also if they didn't want people looking at Elastigirl's butt they wouldn't have drawn it so big.
  12. That'll only happen if the movie isn't a shiny, new retread of what people already know and love, so basically zero chance.
  13. Lol well you're definitely acting like there's some uncertainty that it'll reach $400M, being all "We'll see what happens, FK you know...", which is beyond stupid.

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