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  1. I can't tell if the au pair is doing a bad American accent or the kids are doing bad British accents but something is up
  2. 2 episodes into the Haunting of Bly Manor, this shit better start picking up soon cause right now it's fucking slooooow. Also why tf white people always gotta play hide and seek in haunted houses
  3. Butcher kinda sucks too, such a try-hard. The scene was so great, wish it actually happened. That's gotta happen this season, they've been building up to it so long.
  4. The Boys is still good whenever Homelander is onscreen and sucks whenever Hughie is onscreen. Holy shit they somehow made him more annoying this season
  5. This is fucking hilarious and even dumber than that Best Popular Movie category or whatever the hell that was. There's no possible way an honest to god diversity quota that does nothing will backfire or be seen as insulting tokenism. Great job Oscars, can't see you walking this one back either!
  6. Been checked out of new TV and movies for a while now. Finished rewatching Hannibal last night and I need more. Everyone please go watch on Netflix so they'll make season 4 for me, thank you.
  7. This is why fuck that movie forever. I've never seen a non-white person gushing about what a "beautiful" love story it is. Makes you wonder.
  8. Lol if there was a Star Wars movie to promote right now I'm sure they'd be all over Boyega. Foh Disney
  9. Uncut Gems is still thrilling the second time around. The Platform on Netflix is fun. Ending was hysterical though, and not intentionally. The Last Dance is great, probably the best thing you can watch currently airing This season of Rick and Morty has been good That is all
  10. 1. Dylan 2. Dylan 3. Dylan 4. Dylan 5. Dylan 6. STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL 7. Empire Strikes Back 8. Star Wars Podracing 9. The rest whatever
  11. I saw this when I was 16 in the theater. 16 year old me thought it was cool and naked cartoon Angelina Jolie was pretty sweet.
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