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  1. I just realized I've been checking BOM every Sunday morning for years and this is the first time it's changed. Boy I really hates it.
  2. If Jaws came out now, as is with all the blood and Chrissie Watkins' side boob and butt it'd probably be R-rated.
  3. I just realized it's spelled "Dolittle" and not "Doolittle" like the Pixies' album which I how I always thought of it. True story.
  4. Honestly I think it is a little messed up that they used that song. I'm not saying anyone should boycott the movie or anything stupid like that and I enjoyed the movie, but there's plenty of other songs they could've used, they didn't need to do that. I didn't even think the song worked there, tonally it felt different than the rest of the movie and was the one musical choice I didn't like.
  5. I liked this. The biggest thing it had going for it was the bleak atmosphere. Phoenix's performance, the direction, photography and music all combine really well to make an interesting, unique experience that for the most part overcome the flaws of the film. Which other than some clunky dialogue and plotting here and there and underwritten side characters, the main thing is what a lot of others have said, it just doesn't feel that "deep", or at least not as deep as it thinks it is. Which I know is a vague criticism, but it's how I feel. Whatever social statement the film is trying to make just feels a little surface level and at times spelled-out and blunt. Honestly the movie ended just when I was starting to really get into it, and maybe if it went on a little longer they could've dug deeper into these things. I actually think the movie could have gone on a bit longer, and I think there should be a sequel (which the way film is performing seems very likely). The movie ends when Arthur well and truly becomes the Joker and I thought this was Phoenix's performance at its most compelling. And honestly Phoenix's performance as The Joker feels a liiittle spotty, like I wasn't quite sure of what he was doing with the voice and it felt like he wasn't 100% there yet (although thinking about it that could be true of the actual character of Arthur as well, not fully "become" the Joker yet), but it was still utterly compelling and if they (probably) make a sequel he'll really get a chance to flesh the character out and go to some cool places with it. Which is kinda how I feel about the film as a whole, it's good but it felt like a little something was missing, and I think a sequel could build on what they've established here and improve it. I don't think they need to be as beholden to Scorsese in the future, I didn't have any problem with the story elements cribbing from Scorsese but some of the overt visual homages felt a little over the top (thinking him pointing the gun at the TV). Also some better written side characters, seems like they just underwrote everyone that wasn't Arthur and then cast really high caliber actors hoping they'd seem more memorable (De Niro was fun though). Still though, I think it's commendable for a major studio to commit to something this bleak as a big tentpole release and it working out for them. Also Not sure how I felt about Zazie Beetz's role in the film. I mean it's clear as day she's in his imagination, I don't think the movie is even trying to hide that fact. I don't know, just felt weird and I wasn't sure if that story element worked for me or not. And I think they left her fate ambiguous in case they do make a sequel. I think killing her off would have been a ballsier move though and the logical progression of his character. ALSO Lowkey first trailer is better than the movie, and I kinda thought it would be. I mean this trailer is incredible and basically takes you through the whole arc of the movie in 2 and a half minutes And Heath is still the GOAT Joker
  6. Ehhhh Tom Cruise is in great shape for his age but whatever he did to his face makes it look all poofy and bloated. And makes his eyes look squinty.
  7. This was an interesting one. I've been thinking about it a bit since I watched it last week, and the more I think about it the more I think I like it. Because I'll be honest, it tested my patience. I try having a good attention span with these kinda movies but I did a fair amount of boredom-squirming in my seat. But like I said, it stuck with me. And what I really liked was it feels like a truly epic journey. That's what I liked most about The Lost City of Z as well (which I liked better overall, more entertaining and I got onboard with it much quicker). I didn't have any problem with the gaps of logic that I've seen others bring up, because they add to the surreal and dreamlike nature of the adventure. Same with the killer baboon, it was another bizarre event in a series of them that helped make the journey feel epic. I thought it was a great scene to have in the movie. The voiceover was a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes I thought it worked perfectly and helped me understand Pitt's character, other times it made the movie feel more dragass (and pretentious). We get it Apocalypse Now, you're losing your marbles will you get to Tommy Lee Jones already? Anyways I want to watch it again, which is about as good praise I can give to a movie I was initially iffy on.
  8. I'm in. Sounds like a pretty sweet premise and Bob Odenkirk is awesome. Go watch Undone.
  9. Are you telling me you haven't heard what a massive white nationalist haven IMDB is? I find that absurd. It's practically the new Stormfront, everyone knows that.
  10. It's hard but it's not impossible. A recent example that comes to mind is Midsommar, which built a real sense of tension and dread because you can see exactly where the story is going and it feels inevitable.
  11. THANK YOU, I'm so stealing that, very well said. It's absurd, I mean we all remember what a perfect, senseless violence-free utopia we lived in before NWA and Grand Theft Auto and the Joker movie came along and ruined society forever, right?
  12. There was a family with like 2 and 5 year old kids when I went to see It this weekend, American parents don't give a shit they'll take their kids to see anything and the Joker's a hugely popular character. I don't have a doubt in my mind that this will open over $100m
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