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  1. I swear I have that shitty trailer practically memorized by now. WHEN THEY ZOOM IN ON THE LITTLE ALIEN GOING "OH SHIII" I JUST LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH. Side note to all film studios, things that are not funny and do not count as jokes: Cutting a character off before they can say a swear word, and characters saying "Well this is awkward!" after an awkward pause. THOSE AREN'T JOKES. STOP EXPECTING A LAUGH THERE. IT'S NOT GOD DAMN FUNNY. There. End rant.
  2. You shut your mouth right now. Space Jam is a cinematic masterpiece. And R. Kelly being a piece of shit has nothing to do with I Believe I Can Fly being the jam. That whole soundtrack was the shit as a kid and still is.
  3. The Magneto Nazi-hunting scenes in First Class are some of the best scenes in any comic book movie ever. The rest of the movie is really good too, but I would've just watched a whole movie of that.
  4. Danny Elfman's score for the original is one of my favorite scores ever, it's so fucking good. I listen to the theme regularly DAT BASSLINE
  5. So? I don't get why people give a shit about this. He commits to the role onscreen and gives a good performance as Bond. I like when celebrities give little glimmers of honesty.
  6. A crewmember sustained a minor injury? Oh god how will they carry on. Boy that karma sure is coming back to bite Daniel Craig in the ass.
  7. Was that part actually in the movie? I don't remember it, I just remember Mothra losing her shit the second they wake her up.
  8. I know the whole "is it live action or animation?" debate has been done to death and I don't really care what they call it (it is animated though, "photorealistic CGI" is just fancy talk for that, it's an animated film). My only problem is when you call a film animated people instantly start looking down on it because animation is "for kids." That's the only reason they're doing this. People look at comedy and horror the same way, like they're lesser genres. It's why people got all up in arms about Get Out being in the comedy genre at the Golden Globes, like you were somehow insulting the movie or not taking it seriously by viewing it as part satirical comedy. Just because something is classified as comedy/horror/animation/whatever doesn't delegitimize it as a serious movie.
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