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  1. I'm sorry, you just compared Chris Pratt to Johnny Depp like that's a bad thing, lol. You realize how good Depp used to be, right? Chris Pratt would be lucky to have a 10th of the acting talent that Johnny Depp has. For what it's worth (nothing), I like Hemsworth more than Evans. To me they're just Thor and Captain America and I like Thor, not really a Captain America fan, too goody-goody for me.
  2. I second that Emperor's New Groove is awesome. I have such a huge amount of affection for that movie, like I still enjoy it as much as I did as a kid. It's kind of the perfect movie, everything about it just works perfectly, the cast, the animation, the humor, everything.
  3. I don't really know what to make of the Palpatine thing, kinda hoping it's misdirection as I don't see how that can make any sense and I don't see how they can work him into the story all of a sudden without it feeling totally shoehorned in there. I'm kinda meh on the title too, but I felt the same about The Last Jedi when the title was revealed. Otherwise I think the footage looks really cool, good trailer.
  4. I have no problem with any of this except for the highlighted. I don't need any of these movies to "cater" to me and I'm not "upset" that they don't. Even if these movies tried something new that I hated, I'd still consider that more commendable than relying on nostalgia.
  5. Exactly, why bother doing anything original or creative? Just copy what made it work the first time and update it for 2019. I get that's what people want, we all know this movie is going to make bank. I just have no interest in that, and since I have an emotional attachment to the original I'm bothering to spill all this ink over it. I don't have a problem with anyone being excited over this though, or any movie for that matter.
  6. I mean we've all heard those complaints, but you're acting like it's the same people saying both those things. I'm sure as hell not. For example I haven't seen the new Dumbo movie so I cant comment on its quality, but it's at least commendable that they're trying to do SOMETHING different with the story rather than just giving you the shiny new version of the exact same thing you knew and loved as a kid. I'll take even a little originality over a giant nostalgia-fest any day.
  7. So yeah, looks like Taxi Driver starring The Joker. I think the footage looks really cool so far. I'm a big Joaquin Phoenix fan and Todd Phillips' has made some entertaining comedies (Old School is awesome and if you disagree you're wrong) and his movies are always at least good-looking, he knows how to direct with some visual panache, which is clearly on display here. I think as long as they have a decent script they'll be fine and Phoenix signing on is usually a good indicator of that, he usually picks quality projects. I'm not convinced this is going to be R-rated though, it hasn't been confirmed anywhere but it wouldn't surprise me, but it wouldn't surprise me if they went PG-13 either.
  8. I love that Hawkguy's (likely) mourning includes wearing sleeveless shirts that show off his sweet new tat. ALSO ENOUGH WITH THE COMPOUND FOOTAGE, PLEASE. I HATE THE COMPOUND. PLEASE DON'T LET HALF THE MOVIE BE THEM MOPING AROUND THAT BORING PLACE.
  9. While we're on the subject of C-3PO... I hate C-3PO. For some reason I loved him as a kid (Because he's a robot? Because I was dumb? Both?) and now I can't stand him and his constant uppity bitching. This is exactly what I'm thinking every time he speaks and my all time favorite Star Wars moment ever:
  10. That's pretty good. The decapitated bunny doll is perfect.
  11. Yeah and that ties in with them representing our subconscious, coming back up to "haunt" us. Intereeesting.

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