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  1. This one didn't do anything for me. The single take thing doesn't build tension, it actually takes away from it because so much of what you're watching is just filler, following two characters traversing from one place to the next, and since they're committed to that "one-take" thing you've just gotta watch that play out in its entirety, as opposed to doing what films do well and compressing time by editing. I swear the beginning of this movie just feels like 20 minutes of the characters walking through trenches and talking intermittently. Then they walk through some fields. Then walk underground. Then through another field. Occasionally some action happens to liven up the walking. I think the single take thing works well and adds to the tension during those moments of action, but the rest of the time it feels like watching your friend play through an uneventful war game that consists mainly of traversal. Honestly this might be one of my least favorites of the year, lol. I didn't hate it and obviously on a technical level everything's very well done but I really wasn't into it at all.
  2. This was good fun. The lead actress sells pain and terror VERY well, great scream queen. And the ending was perfect, best moment of the whole film.
  3. Check these movies out yo: Awesome survival thriller with a great (almost solo) performance from Mads Mikkelsen. Streaming for free on amazon prime if you have that Netflix animation, just got nominated for an oscar. Beautiful arts. Super emotional dawg. This one took a little while to get into. I've got a bit of a low attention span and can get bored during slow movies if I'm not quite on the movie's wavelength, and I think that's what happened here. But once I got into it I found it one of the most beautiful and emotionally affecting movies of the year. Stick with this one if it starts to feel a little slow or pretentious (and there's some moments that definitely are), it's well worth it. Free on amazon prime Really weird and funny shaggy dog-Lebowski-ish-LA mystery movie. It got a bad RT score so I think some critics either thought it was boring or just didn't get it. Whatever, I really liked it. Free on amazon prime
  4. Yeah? https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/ax_1
  5. This is a very weird, kinda boring movie that will fuck with your head and stay fucking with your head the next day. "I didn't get it" out of 10
  6. I saw that too, not sure how I feel about it. They pretty much nailed it with the movie, y'know? I feel like this can't really help but be an inferior project by comparison. Still makes me happy to see what a hit this movie is and I guess I can't blame them for capitalizing on its success.
  7. I liked Doctor Strange more than a lot of others seemed to. All I can say about the director though is I tried listening to his audio commentary for the movie and I can't exaggerate how unlistenable it is, it's only him and he was just the most boring, slow-talking, nothing interesting to say douche with an overinflated sense of self. Like dude I've seen your movies, you aren't an artist. I saw Deliver Us From Evil in the theater, it was genuinely one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Sinister was an overrated bore as well. So yeah, I guess I just wanted to vent about the Doctor Strange commentary and how much it made me dislike the director, lol
  8. I'm not much of a reader so it's usually the film by default. Honestly it's almost always whichever one I read or watched first, because that's the version that I've got in my head. For example the entire time I was reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest I was trying to picture Jack Nicholson and the book keeps describing him as a big burly redheaded lumberjack looking dude and it seemed wrong. The Fight Club movie I'd say is objectively better than the book.
  9. Arctic. Best movie of the year that I haven't heard anyone talk about.
  10. Yup, only one solution there. This was a good trailer (as was the one for the first movie) but this series is just SILLY. THERE'S A BABY. BABIES AREN'T SILENT.
  11. I'm just picking the movies I want to pick, if they don't count they don't count. I say as long as it's a movie and was released in 2019 where you live it's valid.
  12. I Lost My Body is great, also my favorite animation of 2019 that I've seen so far. Agreed on whoever did that hand animation killing it. I can barely draw a decent looking hand let alone animate one.
  13. This was great. Really intense ride that's a whole lot of fun to watch. My hands were sweating by the end of it. Highly recommend. I really like Oneohtrix Point Never/Daniel Lopatin and liked his work on this movie, but I noticed a piece of music that was so heavily "inspired" by Akira that I was trying to figure out of it was actually the same piece of music during the scene Why not just use the original piece?
  14. Definitely check out Good Time. I can't recommend that movie enough, maybe my favorite of 2017. Uncut Gems is great as well, such an intense movie. By the end during the Finals game my palms were sweaty and my heart was nearly pounding. I hope this catches on with audiences and does well. I feel like it's a pretty accessible movie but people might be turned off by Howard and find him too unlikable. Overall I preferred Good Time, that movie just blew me away, and as great as Adam Sandler is here I think Robert Pattinson is even better in that, I had no idea how talented that kid was.
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