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  1. The seemingly literal obsession that some posters here have with James Cameron seems like a more genuine mental health concern to me...
  2. Decent list. I'm glad Widows & Beale Street made it.
  3. Yeah those gifs are probably the entire scene and then it cuts away to Aaron Taylor-Johnson with a dumb look on his face. BOO
  4. You're right, I'm not a "fan" of the original, I've never really seen it. I'm a fan of Godzilla the same way I was as at 6 year old when I would watch the old dubbed Japanese movies and fast-forward to the fight scenes. I just like seeing a giant monster fuck shit up, which is a perfectly acceptable way to be a Godzilla fan.
  5. Fair enough, that's still a hell of a lot more entertaining than whatever the hell they were going for in the newer version. The newer one is a very good looking movie though, that's about all it has going for it as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Godzilla '98 is a better movie than Godzilla '14 simply because it doesn't cut away every fucking time Godzilla is about to do something cool. "Hey you know what's a good idea? Let's only show Godzilla in two second increments and then cutaway to Captain Boring doing whatever the hell he's doing. FOR THE ENTIRE MOVIE. THAT'S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT." Also I like the design of Godzilla in the '98 movie. I used to watch it a lot as a kid, I have no idea if it's as bad as it's reputation on the internet but at least it's not just a two hour cocktease. I get the Jaws don't-give-away-the-goods too early thing, but you've got to deliver the goods at some point and that movie NEVER DOES.
  7. Quiet Place doesn't hold a candle
  8. Dumbass parents too. Yeah keep cranking 'em out Jim, don't wear a rubber or anything it's not like the world's taken over by spider-aliens trying to eat your stupid noisy kids.
  9. Of course it will be, it'll probably be #1. Also that emoji is stupid
  10. Paddington 2 two years in a row lol, well done
  11. This is good fun. There's a lot of plot and it felt pretty rushed a lot of the time, and Jennifer Connelly and especially Mahershala Ali are pretty much wasted (all Mahershala Ali does is tell people "GET ALITA"), but overall very enjoyable.
  12. Getting out a Lego Batman spinoff first wasn't a bad idea, the character was a big hit in the first one, the problem was just that the movie was kinda mediocre.

    91st Academy Award nominations

    Few thoughts: The thing that pleases me most is Kendrick & SZA getting nominated even if that song sucks. I hope they win but it'll probably go to The Shallows, right? That one's pretty damn catchy. I hope Spiderverse wins but it'd be cool if Wes Anderson got an oscar. I liked I2 a lot too but it'd be nice if something other than Disney won for a change so I'm rooting for either of those too. Blackkkklansman and Roma are my favorite of the best picture nominees, I'd be happy with either of those winning, Spike Lee deserves a damn oscar already. And I'm firmly in the Infinity War > Black Panther camp, I rewatched it and just thought the social commentary felt like lip service, michael b Jordan was just a guy trying to be tough and badass (felt that way since the trailer tbh), it just stunk. Also I kinda hate to be the guy complaining about snubs but Beale Street not getting nominated for picture, director or cinematography is stupid.

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