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  1. This is why fuck that movie forever. I've never seen a non-white person gushing about what a "beautiful" love story it is. Makes you wonder.
  2. Lol if there was a Star Wars movie to promote right now I'm sure they'd be all over Boyega. Foh Disney
  3. Uncut Gems is still thrilling the second time around. The Platform on Netflix is fun. Ending was hysterical though, and not intentionally. The Last Dance is great, probably the best thing you can watch currently airing This season of Rick and Morty has been good That is all
  4. 1. Dylan 2. Dylan 3. Dylan 4. Dylan 5. Dylan 6. STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL 7. Empire Strikes Back 8. Star Wars Podracing 9. The rest whatever
  5. I saw this when I was 16 in the theater. 16 year old me thought it was cool and naked cartoon Angelina Jolie was pretty sweet.
  6. Man I was kinda let down by this movie. I heard nothing but good things about it and it seemed right up my alley. I went in knowing there was some sort of big twist halfway through and to avoid spoilers and that was about it, but I was still expecting a horror movie, and it really isn't at all. I think that's something people should at least know going into this, or I wish I had known, it's not a horror movie. The second half of the movie is a clever little "let's put on a show" comedy, which was fun but I just felt let down because I still wanted a zombie movie. Also the second half twist is pretty obvious, it's been a few months since I watched it but it didn't really seem like the filmmakers were really trying to "fool" the audience into thinking there was a real zombie attack going on. The fun was more in watching how it played out. Don't get me wrong it's a charming movie, just not what I was expecting.
  7. Just finished the last season of It's Always Sunny. This is my favorite show, it's still so funny. Puts me in a good mood any time
  8. Finally started Black Jesus, Aaron McGruder's follow up to The Boondocks, fun show so far. Other than that mainly American Dad but I started that before all the Rona shit started, on season 5 now. Haven't been watching too much TV or movies otherwise. Been smoking a lot of weed and listening to Wu-Tang. And playing online chess and tetris, lol
  9. These look like stills from some sci fi show I'd never watch I'm gonna watch this, I'm just sayin'
  10. Whichever one cures Coronavirus? Wfk
  11. This feels like such a dud to me. I generally like the MCU but I just don't feel any excitement for this. Edit: To be clear I'm not talking about the movie's box office prospects, I'm sure it'll do very well. I mean everything about it seems kinda blah to me. I'm just not hyped for it.
  12. I'm sure they're wearing gloves and wiping down surfaces, they'll be fine
  13. Random note, my mom works for some really Quacky sounding New Age doctor that focuses on... meridian points and energy... and crystals. They're still operating, apparently they have a machine that can tell you pretty much ANY ailment you have, up to an allergy to almonds. And they're using that same machine. To test for coronavirus. At least that's the way she made it sound, I was trying to get her to explain it to me but like everything she tells me about this place it sounds like fucking goobledigook. It's called EAV testing, electromagnetic something or other. And I really wanted to say something this time, that this sounds dangerous and they should NOT be testing for coronavirus. I guess she buys into this stuff, or at least accepts it. The most negative thing she'll ever say about it is "I know it sounds crazy!" Otherwise she's really smart and level-headed and someone I can talk to, but when she brings this shit up I've gotta tune out.
  14. I was driving through the downtown area last night and it kind of blew my mind seeing a completely empty (minus the exception of the homeless) street on a Saturday night. Shit I never thought I'd see the day a Denny's not open. I'm kind of shocked Arizona hasn't been hit harder by this yet. Phoenix is the fifth biggest city in the country with a huge elderly population, people travel here from all over the world, tons of people travel here from Cali but we still only have 2 confirmed deaths out of 152 cases. We're way behind the ball, we just barely started getting tests in and shutting down bars and restaurants midweek. Our governor didn't declare a state of emergency until Friday. The fucking Grand Canyon is still open like it's business as usual. I feel like I've been waiting for the shit to hit the fan here for like a week and a half and it's driving me crazy. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen.
  15. No, Marcus Cato, he made a really good point earlier I thought and you basically made him out to be a Trump supporter and at no point did he use the phrase "chinese virus"
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