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  1. Yeah that's gonna go way up. It's Illumination and one of the most beloved children's stories in the world. Easy out.
  2. Yeah I just saw the trailer for this as well and was wondering why everyone looks like they shop at H&M? Nobody's going to watch this movie regardless, do they really think people will watch it if the actors look super cool and hip?
  3. I'm saying that knowing what happened during a big historical event won't stop people from seeing movies about said event, in fact that's probably WHY people will go to watch it, because they know the story and want to see it played out onscreen. Also people totally went to see the boat sink, that's ridiculous.
  4. Fair enough, that's not the point I'm making though Exactly, and there's a million other examples of movies where you basically know how it's going to end. Even those examples of Gravity and The Martian, you know going in that Sandra Bullock and Matt Damon aren't going to die horrible lonely deaths in space.

    Vice | Opening Wide on Christmas

    I like Sam Rockwell as much as the next guy but I'm still a little annoyed Ferrell isn't playing Dubyah

    An Upset is Born : A Star is Born over Venom DOM

    Gravity had this scene it's more science fiction than Star Wars.
  7. "What the fuck does anything have to do with Russia?!"
  8. Pssh Reilly and Ferrell are awesome together and the trailer had some good laughs, y'all are on the snobbery bandwagon.
  9. Wait, how are people supposed to know this is a sequel to Murder on the Orient Express unless it's clumsily shoehorned in the title? I'll help Fox out as their marketing department clearly doesn't understand good movie titles: "DEATH ON THE NILE: THE SUPER DUPER EXCITING NEW MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS AGATHA CHRISTIE MURDER MYSTERY STORY SAGA, PART 2"
  10. God that new Cyclops kid is such a WEENIE. I thought RPO was great but he was just NOTHING in it, they might as well have cast a cardboard cutout with his goofy ass face on it. WEENIE. Trailer looks fine otherwise.
  11. The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Girl With the Dragon Tattoo story After The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest based on the novel Push by Sapphire: A Star Wars Story
  12. JESUS CHRIST, "Solo: A Star Wars Story" looks like the height of elegance compared to that clunky piece of shit. Why not "The Girl in the Spider's Web: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Part 2: A Movie Based on a Hit Book Series, please tweet us and let us know if you're not getting that and we can make it a little clearer for you"

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