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  1. Lol right? Like if they started marketing baby food for adults. "Remember this stuff? You LOVED it when you were a baby!" Yeah, and I grew out of it.
  2. Hahaha wtf is this shit? Dora the Explorer is for 3 year olds, why are they trying to get teenagers to watch this?
  3. Tuesday's Numbers: AIW around 6M (Asgard 2)

    I mean you guys can spend all day explaining why Bucky is awesome, but I watched the damn movie and just didn't care about his and Cap's bond and found it boring, it's not that I didn't "get it".
  4. Tuesday's Numbers: AIW around 6M (Asgard 2)

    Okay? I wasn't questioning the motives of the characters or whatever, I just thought it was a dull movie.
  5. Tuesday's Numbers: AIW around 6M (Asgard 2)

    Yeah I can't speak for the general audience but I just thought it was pretty dull up until the airport fight. I don't give a damn about Bucky or Cap's boner for him.
  6. I like that guy and thought he should get more work. He did a good job on The Wire playing an intentionally obnoxious fuck-up and making him somewhat likable. I remember liking him in Sinister too.
  7. Rumors and insane fan theories are not spoilers. That's like me saying "I bet Rey is actually a VAMPIRE" and then someone else going "WOW THANKS FOR SPOILING IT ASSHOLE." It's ridiculous.
  8. Looks aight. It seems like the appeal will be Tom Hardy going coo-coo and gradually becoming Venom (who looks pretty cool), the rest looks like your standard evil corporate science gone too far plot, nothing special.
  9. "fun" fact: Winter Soldier is the only movie I ever fell asleep during in the theater, not because it was boring I was just really really tired. Also because of that it's the only MCU movie I haven't seen all the way through.

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