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  1. I highly recommend this. I'm a big fan of survival thrillers and this is probably the best one I've seen since The Grey. It's an incredibly lean movie, the story is told entirely visually, there's barely any dialogue, no monologues, no unnecessary backstory or expository information, it's just Mads Mikkelsen stranded in the arctic trying to survive and I found it utterly compelling for the entire runtime. Getting into more spoilery stuff and some more thoughts I had on the movie: But yeah, this is a really exciting, gripping thriller and Mikkelsen is an absolutely tremendous presence with almost no dialogue. It's only 97 minutes and it's streaming for free on Amazon Prime if you have that, so you should definitely check it out. Also a bit of trivia, it's directed by Joe Penna who I was surprised to find out is also MysteryGuitarMan, a guy who's youtube videos I used to watch way back in the day.
  2. Arctic (2019) I really want to gush about this movie and try and get people to watch it. It's streaming on Amazon prime, I thought it was fantastic.
  3. Good Boys is adorable, I'd recommend it to pretty much anyone. Glad it's doing well. BEANBAG BOYS FOR LIFE!
  4. Yeah for PG-13 it was pretty unnerving, one scene in particular I was pretty freaked out during.
  5. This wasn't bad. The horror/monster elements were well done and the best part of the movie but the kid actors did a good job too. I just wish they could have more with the art style in the books.
  6. I mean Will Smith stopped going by The Fresh Prince. Mark Wahlberg isn't credited as Marky Mark anymore. It wasn't really a complaint, it's just a ridiculous stage name.
  7. I haven't even seen Glass, it's just one of those echo chamber-y things where someone says its an "underperformer" so that becomes the narrative and everyone else repeats it.
  8. I'm going to shoot myself in the face if I see one more person say Glass underperformed. IT MADE $246M ON A $20M PRODUCTION BUDGET. THAT IS NOT AN UNDERPERFORMER. Yes, it made less than its predecessor, doesn't matter. Forget whatever the hell it was "tracking" for, that doesn't matter. What is tracking? An estimate, that's all it is. It's not some magical number that if a movie fails to hit it's suddenly a failure.
  9. I can't believe she's still going by Awkwafina. I mean it obviously hasn't hurt her career, so whatever, it just sounds absurd. That is all.
  10. I never noticed it until someone pointed it out when I watched Inglourious Basterds, now it's impossible not to notice it.
  11. This is hilarious. You just reminded me of one of my favorite videos, I come back to this like once a year "BARRY. WHERE'S BARRY." "BLOOD. HOPE THIS IS NOT CHRIS'S BLOOD."
  12. There's no way he sat through a fucking three hour movie that many times, that's insane. He probably just bought that many tickets but didn't actually watch it that many times. That'd be much more reasonable
  13. More-so than that he just loves films and making films, it's what he does. There's no reason for him to retire after 10 films other than he said he said he's going to. If it were just a matter of him staying on the spotlight there's plenty of ways to do that without being a director.
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