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  1. Riiiight. Because the urban setting was sooo riveting in Homecoming! 👌
  2. Who's to say there are going to be any Avengers left after Endgame? In any case, of course there'd be a reason why he's stranded.
  3. Fielding

    Monday Numbers

    Oh, I see. So you're saying that most films don't even rise to the level of mediocrity? Because if so, I wholeheartedly agree.
  4. Well, this looks uninspired. I'd always assumed that "Far From Home" referred to Peter being stuck in space following Endgame and trying to get home, but, no, he's just in Europe with his delightfully diverse gang of schoolchums when Mysterio shows up and....zzzzzzz…..
  5. Fielding

    Monday Numbers

    Fixed that for you. (That is what you meant, right?)
  6. Civil War was a Captain America film in name only. Basically, Aquaman has beaten every MCU entry bar Iron Man 3, Black Panther and the Avengers flicks. That's an incredible achievement.
  7. Hang on...what are the 2 franchises Cameron allegedly contributed $1 billion+ grossers to?
  8. I rewatched it too a couple of days ago after seeing Aquaman. It's so good. No Man's Land is of course superb, but the third act (which is brilliant) had me blubbering like a baby. Very emotional. And Gal's still utterly gorgeous.
  9. Close, of course. Inasmuch as the Oscars can double as career achievement awards as well as recognising individual performances, she's unstoppable.
  10. Well, I just saw Aquaman a couple of days ago and thought the visuals were extraordinary (not just the VFX but Wan's use of them). Those shots of Arthur and Mera descending into the deep as the Trench swarm around them? Amazing! So, yes, the fact that the Academy won't even consider it for a nomination is an utter, rancid disgrace.
  11. NONE of those films are excellent. They range from terrible to pretty darn good, but excellent? Nope.

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