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  1. This is going to be a catastrophe for the film industry.
  2. Here in Australia the ads during the Australian Open were already referring to it as "Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey".
  3. One of the most dunderheaded and ill-advised decisions in cinema history. Apparently his agent convinced him that Bond would be rendered archaic in the 1970s.
  4. Of course. So many of these kinds of films have failed recently that one would have to be wilfully obtuse to not acknowledge it as a huge factor in this debacle.
  5. Yeah, Perez's casting is one of the reasons I won't be seeing this (at least not in theatres). She's excruciating...and as Renee Montoya? Yikes!
  6. And remember, she's not just the star of the movie - the whole thing is her baby. She pitched it, co-produced it, insisted on a female director and even had a hand in the writing. So while she may outwardly shrug it off and giggle her way to the next paycheck and puff piece, behind the scenes this failure must surely be a big blow to Robbie Inc.
  7. I'd agree with this if not for the ending. A follow up scene showing Clark agonising over Zod's death, and then a sequence showing him help rebuild Metropolis would have made it perfect in my book.
  8. Except Robbie specifically pitched a "Harley and her Girl Squad kick ass!!!" project to WB.
  9. Yeah, Suicide Squad 2 has an incredible cast. I mean, if for nothing else, I want to see it for Peter Capaldi!
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