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  1. I for one hope Spidey stays far, far away from the MCU. In the comics he's always worked best when he hasn't interacted with other heroes, and the same holds true for the movies.
  2. Wow! I'm usually hard-pressed trying to remember recent Oscar-winners, let alone the losing nominees. If Joker takes place in the late 70's or very early 80's and The Batman in 2000 or thereabouts then the whole thing can make chronological sense (if we assume Phoenix's Joker inspires other Jokers in the future).
  3. According to Levi, they'll be shooting the follow-up in the middle of next year.
  4. Which is why Feige said it's the actual conclusion to Phase 3 - to try and create that otherwise non-existent hook.
  5. Well, my fellow Australians have never been the sharpest tools in the shed...
  6. Steve Trevor as personified by Chris Pine, and his relationship with Diana, were integral parts of Wonder Woman and huge factors in its success.
  7. Not overrated in the slightest. In fact, it's underrated, what with all the muddleheaded criticism of the third act.
  8. Not good at all for Marvel's great big ode to Female Empowerment. I was expecting it to be firmly ensconced in the 90's, like Wonder Woman (of course, that film had a lot of heart and an extremely likeable lead, while this one...)
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