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  1. What conditions for Aquaman to have legs like Jumanji last years? And how likely is it?
  2. I believe so, CBM's legs at this time of the year has never been tested before, it might not have big opening weekend but it will make up for it on the following weeks, if Aquaman has insane legs go into January and February, we may see more CBM in December in the future.
  3. Anyone thinks Venom's success to some extend owe to Eminem's involvement, he's biggest rapper in the world and his venom song has crazy view counts on youtube?
  4. Anyone has JL's OS numbers, got on boxofficemojo, it's not updated since last week, still at $185M on the site.
  5. Fuck!!! No way to spin this disaster OW for one of the biggest movie of the year. I wonder what went wrong to make the movie sink so low. Couple of things to point out: 1/ Studio meddling with the production, specifically Kevin Tsujihara, give out a stupid mandate 2 hours runtime which crippled the creative process from the directors, they had to cut out so many scenes to meet the 2 hours mandate. It makes the transition between scene to scene go so fast. 2/ The stupid stunt RT pulls hurt it as well. The audience from outside looking in certainly think something fishy going on. 3/ They have been burned so bad with BvS and SS, and JL still got the same treatment as previous 2 from the studio. They will not be fooled anymore. From outside looking in, this is a big mess. Why do the audience give this a chance? They don’t. The boxoffice certainly reflects that. JL will be a biggest disappointment this year for WB, and I hope heads will role at the WB office in the next few months. The DCEU as a whole only had one movie got well received from both critics and audience. It is Wonder Woman, because Patty Jenkins got to do what she wanted, carry out her vision without the studio interference. WB’s enemy is their own, they don’t have confidence in their directors. How can they do their job if they always have someone to tell them to do/not to do this/that. They need to stay away, let the directors do their job and make the best movie they can. I think Kevin Tsujihara needs to go, he’s the one responsible for this fucking mess. Next year, they have Shazam is getting ready to shoot, they better let David do his job. Aquaman is in good hand with James Wan. They have one year without any DC movie coming out to pull their shit together.
  6. Two Superheroes BP and Aquaman is the obvious choices. Aquaman may come out on top, the life under water is the unique element to it, if Aquaman steals the show in Justice League, it will boost people's expectation. One certain this is that the visual is gonna be spectacular, how the Atlanteans move, talk; the whole new world underwater, nothing we've ever seen before. It show us something new and unique, people responds well to something new like Avatar when it first came out, Aquaman may not come close, but I think it will blow people's expectation out of water.
  7. The key word "Flashpoint", it's not "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox", it may be strictly just about The Flash and his rouge galleries, it may not have any Justice League members in the movie. People seems to think about the movie as "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox", the closest thing to the movie is maybe what they did on the TV show, some minor changes not changes the whole universe otherwise they might as well call it "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox" not just "Flashpoint", it would turn into Justice League 2 not The Flash movie anymore. People should expect that it will be vastly different from the comic counterpart, it will be an adaptation of the storyline, moreover "Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox" story didn't fit the current DCEU.
  8. At the beginning of June everyone thinks WW's gonna get a lot of competition on the following weeks of its release and "The Mummy" nope, "Cars 3" not so much and "Transformers" is gonna take a big chunk out of it and still big fat nope. Who would've thought WW's fifth weekend is gonna beat Transformers' second weekend. WW is gonna be one of the best box office run of all time.
  9. This is how The Jungle Book did last year with the same OW number as WW, I really hope WW could do the same, on the daily basis, WW does better on first Monday and Tuesday.
  10. Okay, JL is opening in the week prior to Thanksgiving Weekend, last year Fantastic Beast was in the same slot. Let's just assume that JL will do the same as Fantastic Beast with different numbers (the same RT score as 70%), maybe lowballing OW as $150M. FB: OW: $74M 2nd weekend: $43M (dropped only 39,4%) It even had a heavy competitor was Moana. The first 10 days it did $156M double the OW. JL will not have any big competition until SW. JL: OW: $150M (I think it will do even better) 2nd Weekend: $90M (40% dropped) Remember Thanksgiving weekend people will be off work/school from Wednesday that means 5 days weekend, it's gonna do big on Wed and Thurs, The first 10 days $300M, why can't it reach $450M in its entire run?, I think it'll have a very real shot at $450M, hell I even think it's gonna do better with a bigger OW. I'm all in.
  11. MOS released 4 years ago, and people's still bitching about it, who loved it will always loved it, who didn't will not, what's the point of arguing about it. Let's celebrate WW kicks ass both critically and financially, will you?
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