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  1. Dude, no reason to be a dick! 🙄Maybe he/she is trying to learn. Jeez, take a chill pill and relax!
  2. I’m driving 1.5 hours to see it in IMAX. It will be my first IMAX movie. This will be our (wife, son and myself) second time watching the movie. We went to the Prime showing las week and loved the movie so much that we are making this short trip. Man, the IMAX tickets were very expensive when compared with our local theater 2D tickets. We are super excited to experience the VFX in IMAX.
  3. Yep, I just paid $8.50 total for two tickets for Christmas day. This will be our third Aquaman viewing. I went to the Prime screening with my wife and son, we are going to see it again on IMAX this coming Saturday. I wanted to watch Bumblebee on Christmas Day but the wife said nope. So Aquaman it is. Sometimes I don’t get this woman, she doesn’t even like SH movies. She refused to watch Spider-Verse, but have no problem watching Aquaman 3 times. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. “looks freagin average”? Have you seen the movie? You can say anything about this movie, but “looking average” is not one of them. It’s an epic spectacle!
  5. Went to an Amazon screening tonight. 8/10 for me. Got my tickets to watch again, but in IMAX, next Saturday. The movie is currently trending on Twitter.
  6. I cannot stand RealD 3D movies, please let me know how is your experience with IMAX 3D.
  7. Yeah, except with the trolling in the title of this thread 🙄 8%? Wow, it is so hilarious...
  8. * Note- One of my local theater added an additional screening for AQUAMAN for the 15th, after the first showing sold 90%+ of the seats.
  9. Ok guys, this is pure anecdotal but I think Aquaman’s OW numbers will be extremely good. I live in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina and I bought my early screening tickets (Amazon) for the 15th of December last week. I went online today to buy one more ticket for a female friend of my wife, she drools over Jason Momoa 🙄, and I was very surprised that my screening was 95% sold and that the movie theater added another screening. Once again, this is pure anecdotal evidence but a big wave might be coming.
  10. Dude or dudette, Chill, RTH doesn't owe us anything, be grateful!
  11. 10 for redstone + 7 for JL members. Thank you Lord RTH Ragnarok!!!
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