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  1. Well, at least Loki is still filming and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier can finish up it’s last week of filming before it’s too late.
  2. Nah. Black Widow - August 7th Eternals - November 6th Shang-Chi - February 12th Strange 2 - May 7th Spider-Man 3 - July 16th Thor: Love and Thunder - November 5th
  3. We’ll see. There’s nothing specific coming out in IMAX on August so I think you’re wrong and that it’ll move there.
  4. They could always move production to Atlanta once Loki is over. Plus, apparently they still have plans to shoot in the UK with the UK being the only location allowed to fly to and back from America.
  5. Nah. August for Black Widow since it’ll help lead in to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier on Disney Plus.
  6. It’s too late for that. I would hope the movie isn’t ostracized for an apocalyptic setting but more of a message that we have to fight to save people and protect those in our family who need help and need saving.
  7. I actually think Eternals should stay in November while Black Widow moves to August.
  8. Uh what? No one asked for it? Dude, people have been wanting a Black Widow Movie more than a Han Solo movie and they wanted it for 10 years, more than Captain Marvel, which people say Black Widow looks better than. So, watch what you say before you say what is wrong.
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