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  1. Apparently, the world premiere of the movie is Saturday: https://www.averagesocialite.com/la-events/2019/11/2/sonic-the-hedgehog-premiere-tba. Maybe a sign of confidence in Paramount because of the redesigned model, maybe? I am curious to see the opening weekend tracking this week. I’m thinking a $30M OW projection, hopefully general audiences like it enough to help it make it’s $95M budget back in America, maybe even hit $100M in the end of it’s domestic run. I also wonder if it manages to open to #1 over the 4-day weekend.
  2. Well, the best we can hope for is that Sonic gets mixed to fresh reviews (60% on Rotten Tomatoes) but a financial success, like another film of his, Tomb Raider, was, to the point that it got a sequel dated for 2021
  3. Alita actually broke even, Dark Fate and Mortal Engines flopped, but, Deadpool and BvS were successes. I’d say it’s a draw regarding Sonic’s financial fate until we see how the general public responds to the movie. Also, stop saying it’s gonna flop until we see that for sure. I feel people saying it’s gonna flop ARE THE ONES who want it to flop, rather than go out and support it at the box office, which they should do, so we can get a better made sequel.
  4. No, it’ll drop less than TLJ or Rogue One. My guess is either 55% ($80M) or 57% ($75M)
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, the first awesome look at Clifford the Big Red Dog in CGI: .
  6. @Gavin Feng Hey, Gavin, any chance Sonic The Hedgehog will get a day and date release with the US in China on February 14th.
  7. Box Office Pro has projected an opening weekend for Sonic The Hedgehog anywhere between $20M and $30M with a final cume of anywhere between $65M and $100M: https://www.boxofficepro.com/long-range-tracking-fantasy-island-the-photograph-and-sonic-the-hedgehog/. God I hope it can at least hit the higher end ($95-$100M) so it can make it’s budget back in America and break even thanks to other overseas countries. We owe Paramount for the rare smart move they made with this movie to please us by fixing Sonic’s character model and making him more faithful like Pikachu was.
  8. Keanu Reeves is apparently in this movie: https://people.com/movies/spongebob-is-back-the-man-behind-the-voice-tom-kenny-on-returning-for-a-big-screen-adventure/amp/. Looks like Paramount is really pinning hopes on Keanu, Awkwafina and Snoop a Dogg to help attract attention to this Spongebob movie.
  9. Looks like Daniel RPK is teasing the new trailer dropping Tuesday, since he liked my tweet asking him if it would drop on Tuesday.
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