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  1. Reckon this is gonna be massive in Australia considering it was one of the few OS territories Crazy Rich Asians did well in.
  2. Can't wait for the next installment when we go behind the scenes of meetings for Rian Johnson's trilogy and D&D's films.
  3. It's a bit more entertaining than Fate of the Furious but still feels like sometimes the film is stuck between trying to go all out crazy but also keep an element of the film grounded and on the dramatic side. Definitely preferred the Shaws over Hobbs' storyline and Idris kinda feels wasted here again unfortunately.
  4. Eh I think it's simply that DC doesn't have the brand loyalty from the GA that the MCU does. Shazam is a decent hit and has room to grow for the sequel.
  5. Obi-Wan and Anakin's friendship is only really prevalent in TCW. one of the major missteps of the prequels not developing that friendship properly.
  6. Damn is this destined to join a slew of underperforming franchise films this year?
  7. Shouldn't be too long before Toy Story 4 starts to beat FFH in dallies. FFH's run has been completely in line with predictions after Opening Week (except OD which the overreactions are pretty funny same with Toy Story 4's OW in general).
  8. Reckon some studios wish they moved something more major to August now seeing as Hobbs and Shaw seemingly won't be making much of a dent DOM.
  9. Yep rolled my eyes when they complained the character didn't get enough screen time in the Avengers films. As if he should have been the focus instead of you know.....the original Avengers. Not as if he's not coming back too.
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