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  1. Unlike the NWH leaks there's been all sorts of contradictory information with this one so it's probably less bad if you get "spoiled" from the leaks cause lots of it will end up not being true.
  2. It will happen eventually especially if any new animated shows continue to have seasons that run for more than 13 episodes. But in this particular situation the mid season break makes sense since there is a gap of content on Disney+ between Boba Fett and Moon Knight
  3. R Rated Humor is usually not my thing but I'm pretty close to loving this show. Peacemaker as a character is so juvenile and immature that I love that the show embraces it all the way while still maintaining some form of a story that is interesting enough.
  4. Looks good! More grounded stories works best for Disney+ like Hawkeye. Be an interesting test since this will be the first Disney+ MCU show starring a new character
  5. Knowing Marvel they probably toyed with nearly all those ideas but probably only a couple will actually be in the film and only for one offs.
  6. Makes sense it keeps Iron Man, Cap and Black Widow as important characters both in universe and outside with how they impacted the MCU while also having the new heroes be accepted. The universe naturally aging is somewhat of a mixed bag in comics so if the MCU pulls it off it'll be as impressive as assembling the original Avengers.
  7. GA reception is probably bottom tier MCU but definitely amongst the fandom can see it being appreciated alot more compared to other MCU Films. Don't think critics were out to get this film I think though the reception will soften as time goes on.
  8. Recent Batgirl leaks with the mural suggest even more that the new timeline will suggest Keaton was always the DCEU Batman. Wonder if it will mean technically Batman and Batman Returns are canon in the timeline.
  9. More like proof Feige will take over from Kathleen Kennedy am I right?
  10. The use of the words "day" and "date" made me worry for a split sec it was going on HBO Max at the same time The Batman will be fine come March still thinking O/U $140M OW. I'd like to see a more fun Batman too but what they're doing looks great so far so no complaints.
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