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  1. Damn well I guess this will probably finalise my decision to not watch this in cinemas. The Aussie release seems to still be going ahead though (for now).
  2. I'm sure Disney is taking a careful look at how moving Black Widow would affect the rest of the slate. My guess is they still hope to release Black Widow and Eternals this year. And then there's the Disney+ shows to consider too.
  3. So I work at a Contact Centre with two products and we have two buildings one for each product. So two days ago they decide to move half of (let's call it Product A) people to the other building while half of Product B's people moved to my building. I guess the thinking as in case one building shuts down at least there's a Contact Centre for both products. I just find it suspicious that literally a day after this happened they happen to find a case of COVID-19 in the other building. So now everyone who is in my building is gonna be so much under pressure as it's essentially half the people working. We don't have the required set up to work from home too yet.
  4. 2020. The year where releasing a movie in January was more viable than releasing a movie in May.
  5. I'd say Aladdin finally broke that curse for Disney. Before it would have been an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.
  6. Probably best case scenario considering what happened with the Women's World Cup Final.
  7. https://entertainment.inquirer.net/367682/tom-holland-excited-to-shoot-spider-man-3-says-story-is-absolutely-insane?fbclid=IwAR2eIVzYeNm9-gqy6cENOS7oqD6ATvfJZ0C7lj6qZV7e-cFlsMhXSPOQDT0 Will there be a third Spider-Man movie? And will you, as Spider-Man, appear in other Marvel movies? Yes is the answer to that question. I’m super happy about it. We will be shooting “Spider-Man 3” in July in Atlanta.
  8. Love the different animation styles going on. A tad too spoilery the trailer but also glad that the human world isn't relegated to just the beginning and end of the film. Hopefully will come out in June.
  9. I really hope part of why they're taking so long is because they're trying to figure out how moving Black Widow would affect the rest of the Phase 4 MCU Films.
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