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  1. I get it but feels like Deadline trying to hype up the pre-sales as greater than what they are. (Don't get me wrong they are very good).
  2. Feige would have made a more mature response than guys like Iger and Gunn have done so far
  3. Now we just need Scorsese and Coppola to chime in and it'll be a big controversy then
  4. Yeah Disney didn't announce anything for the teaser I doubt the main trailer was that much more noteworthy. Not that it matters too much for the BO as Star Wars appeals to an older demo.
  5. Also we don't know how big the finale factor will be in terms of inflating the OW and shortening the legs. I suspect it won't matter as much in the holiday season in terms of shortening legs and TROS may have its cake and eat it too.
  6. Good news for TROS of course. Wonder if we're gonna get Fandango's update soon.
  7. The more annoying thing is also people trying to predict WOM solely by reading leaks or spoilers. Judging by how Endgame spoilers were received you would have thought it was gonna be a disaster for Marvel.
  8. $700M OS Growth in traditional Star Wars markets will off-set decline in others.
  9. Once Palpatine entered intonthe picture felt Rey and Kylo teaming up was inevitable. Still not a fan of it (or Palpatine's return) but gonna wait for the actual film.
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