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  1. Even worse in the early 2000s after Disney bought Pixar they considered shutting down WDAS altogether and just have Pixar as the sole animation studio. Fortunately smarter heads prevailed.
  2. Yep can't wait for the excuses to come when this opens well above $100M
  3. Darth Lehnsherr

    Alita: Battle Angel ***SPOILER THREAD***

    It's a shame the Hugo character and everything around him was botched cause everything else I found pretty good! And nobody told me Lana Condor was in this!!!
  4. Could say the same about all the DC CW shows....for the record I like all of them
  5. Official tracking was never $140M-$180M that was Box Office Pro's estimates. Official tracking is $100M+ but presales data suggests that it can easily surpass $100M and get closer to the $140M-$160M mark.
  6. I rewatched Incredibles 2 really recently and it's actually better than I remember it. But yeah it's not in the same league as Spider-Verse.
  7. Well I can't wait in Episode X when all the achievements of Rey, Finn and Poe are undone
  8. Iger loves Abrams so even if Kennedy hated him Abrams wasn't gonna get fired.
  9. LOL low key I actually have some nostalgia over that film.....
  10. Darth Lehnsherr

    Miracles do Exist: Frozen II over The Lion King DOM

    TLK is Disney's Crown Jewel. No reason why it can't do better than BaTB with nothing substantial to challenge it August onwards.
  11. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/marvels-loki-series-adds-rick-morty-writer-1187204
  12. Darth Lehnsherr

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Damn Randy Newman's score back at it again So this is probably flashback cause Bo Peep has her old outfit and it's also Molly's (Andy's sister) room. Maybe at the start of the film to remind audiences of Bo Peep.
  13. Episode IX can definitely rebound Domestic it just needs to be crowd pleasing and holidays legs will ensure it gets past TLJ even if Opening Weekend much lower than TLJ's. However for now I'm on the train that it's opening below $200M so who knows....
  14. Thinking on jumping on the My Hero Academia bandwagon. Is it actually any good?

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