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  1. Yep has never happened except with Iron Man 3 and it's easy to see how that isn't comparable to Doctor Strange even though it has the coverted May release date.
  2. But I agree an MCU film not reaching $1 Billion is not an underperformance. Just in Spider-Man's case it would definitely be.
  3. Nothing is guaranteed but considering FFH's good legs plus the cliffhanger and the fact the Spider-man franchise still has room to grow when we compare to how the Raimi films did an increase is more likely than not.
  4. Ugh Flashpoint is not what a first Flash film needs. I think it'll honestly depend on Matt Reeves' use of the characters. He seems to have been given complete reign over that particular catalogue of characters. Not sure he'd be willing to share unless his trilogy was done.
  5. Spectre was coming off Skyfall hype so I don't think No Time to Die has necessarily greater anticipation. That being said Bond always does great OS so going with $650M OS which is just under Spectre.
  6. Happy for Paramount they need all the help they can get.
  7. Pikachu did decently (unrealistic expectations prior notwithstanding) but it takes more than one movie for there to be a "video game movie crazy".
  8. Instead we get to deal with Nintendo movies made by Illumination. Yay........
  9. Will admit this is one exception I don't mind. Seriously dunno how that design got approved.
  10. Pretty solid fun which is what Suicide Squad should have been. I'm not the biggest fan of Harley Quinn but thought she was good in this despite her being in the lead. And yes more Huntress would be welcome for future films. With alot of these superhero films the MacGuffin is whatever would have liked if they emphasised the connection with Huntress more but I guess they wanted her to be in mystery. Cathy Yan did a good job with the action and the look of the film was good to see. Hopefully she does some more good work in the future.
  11. Already rolling my eyes a little about how for some reason this film is being championed as one "for the fans". I prefer if we don't give the internet that much power over creatives.
  12. We look more fondly on the prequel era because The Clone Wars did a great job of clarifying certain plot points and executing character arcs. S6 of TCW for example pretty much explains all the behind the scenes of what happened in AOTC for example. Hopefully we get a similar show for the ST.
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