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  1. I have to agree for me I got tired of watching daily updates of watching covid-19 numbers and stats when I knew it didn't mean any change of status. Not for a lack of caring though since I've been doing the right thing since lockdowns have begun.
  2. Makes sense for MGM to be pushing for an early release asap. MGM would want an early release while Universal would be happy for the delay which they did.
  3. Raya's early costume is pretty much Korra's lol But everything else is kinda 101 Fantasy Storytelling so I'm ok with it
  4. I reckon every animated film thread that was released in Thanksgiving since I joined BOT has me complaining about the delay to Boxing Day.
  5. Disney usually has a staggered release for their animated films to try to take advantage of school holidays so they may be more flexible with the March release with certain territories getting it before others.
  6. If anything I hope this means superpowers exists in this universe. Don't want another Nolanverse since that's been done already.
  7. Yeah have to agree i was looking forward to Peter being on his own and dealing with being on the run as a teenager. Weird that all the recent rumours and casting news has left me less excited for Spidey 3. At least we'll get interviews like this
  8. Uncharted is still filming though right? The plan seems to be for Holland to jump straight into Spider-Man after he's done with Uncharted.
  9. Neo vs Spidey December 2021 (though starting to doubt Spidey makes it)
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