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  1. I think this film is going to succeed in getting those Potter fans excited who weren't necessarily hooked with the first one. It really feels like this film is the start of the "real" story with the larger stakes akin to the later Potter films.
  2. I've read more potential spoilers than I wish I did if what I did read was true then I am freaking excited. Mostly was about Thor's role in Avengers 4.
  3. Darth Lehnsherr

    The Warner Bros. Thread

    DC will recover and I think their path to success will be a similar to the MCU in that they will rely on their lesser known heroes. A Superman sequel is clearly low on WB's priority list and it seems Reeves is being allowed to take as long as he wants for the Batman film.
  4. If Episode IX is a reaction to any criticisms it'll be more a reaction to the criticisms of The Force Awakens than The Last Jedi.
  5. Darth Lehnsherr

    China Box Office: General Discussion Thread

    Woah yeah Aquaman is out 3 weeks early in China. Has that happened with any other major Hollywood production?
  6. BvS had far worse WoM than Age of Ultron. The books and comics have NEVER been on the same level as the movies. Yeah they were considered "canon" but canon in a way in which George Lucas had the right to contradict any of the novels. Back when The Clone Wars was still on the air there were plenty of disgruntled EU fans because that show would contradict some of the books at the request of George Lucas. So I really don't understand why some fans think Disney "disrespected" the fans by getting rid of the EU when George Lucas himself didn't consider them on the same canon of the films or even The Clone Wars.
  7. Darth Lehnsherr


    Yeah $400M is the floor. $450M is my guess.
  8. I think Thor is worth another go with a 4th film since essentially Ragnarok was a soft reboot but yeah generally three solo films is good plus supporting roles in other films.
  9. Darth Lehnsherr

    Spider-Man: Far From Home | July 5, 2019

    Michael Giacchino to Return for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’
  10. Marvel has done a good job of getting new audiences to come aboard without confusing them or alienating the existing casual fans. I mean I wouldn't have imagined Infinity War getting the legs it did considering the amount of previous knowledge required but clearly that wasn't a problem. And yeah the return of FF4 and X-Men is going to help tremendously.
  11. On the contrary MCU's solo films have only been increasing every Phase, The team up films (if they even do Avengers films post-Phase 3) won't do as well. And hard to imagine the DCEU doing worse than Justice League.
  12. I think the idea of recasting the characters was a viable option before Phase 3 but definitely less so now that Marvel has successfully introduced heroes outside those from Phase 1. I reckon at this point the MCU will reboot before recasting Iron Man, Cap or Thor.
  13. I've been thinking that's the case ever since the Ant-Man and the Wasp post credit scene.

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