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  1. 1. Raya and The Last Dragon 2. Tenet 3. Eternals 4. Soul 5. Black Widow 6. Mulan 7. No Time to Die 8. Dune 9. Wonder Woman 1984 10. Last Night in Soho
  2. Damn didn't expect that high of an OW for Bad Boys. Sony's got another franchise on their hands to lean into. Frozen 2 they barely advertised the Sing-a-long version and it probably didn't help that it failed to get a nomination for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. Dolittle failing not a big surprise hope RDJ goes back to doing some dramas.
  3. Yes but serious. The score released doesn't correlate very well with how it was used in the actual film.
  4. At least though the quality of this year's nominees is waaaaay better than last year.
  5. Trailer looks alright. But oh Sony you say you don't need Marvel anymore except when you're happy to use their success for your films. Guess I was expecting maybe for them to connect it more to Venom first.
  6. Pretty disappointed The Farewell got snubbed but happy to see Parasite up there. Would love it if Klaus won Best Animated Feature and rip to Frozen 2 its critical reception didn't do it any favours.
  7. People were pretty cautious with their predictions of TFA. Weren't too sure if it was gonna be as big of an event as TPM though that started to change as we got closer to release date. The feeling was Ultron was gonna win the year.
  8. Yeah agreed buzz seems lowish for a Pixar original but got a pretty good release date. Around $220M seems right.
  9. I really doubt Derrickson was blindsided by anything regarding this film. They announced these connections back in July implying it's been in the works far before. If he was unhappy with having to incorporate those shows then I'm sure we would have heard of his departure before the end of last year.
  10. The 2021 deadline seemed like an issue if you saw Derrickson's previous tweets. Seems a tad odd since there would have been a 5 year gap between the first one and this one but understandably if you feel pressured to work faster than what you want then maybe best to leave. Feige surely has already been thinking of who to get for a while now.
  11. Been a while since we've had an MCU Director drop out due to Creative Differences. Can't say I'm too sad since Doctor Strange was one of the weaker MCU films but still not nice to see directors leaving projects especially when this film will be out in less than two years. Reaction here though is opposite to what I assume was when Edgar Wright left lol.
  12. The air quality is pretty bad in Melb now. This morning was the first time I could smell the smoke in the air. I'm just lucky I lIve close to the city. Can't imagine how people in regional areas are going through.
  13. The thing is the Creative Committee at Marvel had actual power over the creative directions over the films by all accounts. The Lucasfilm Story Group supposedly is more to do with keeping things in check with canon and not really about story decisions or anything like that. Rian Johnson seemed to work closely with them while seems like JJ Abrams didn't (which kinda shows in both TFA and especially TROS).
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