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  1. Only read the leaks concerning the ending which they sound bad but not gonna really judge or even believe their validity until the actual film of course. Probs I'll peace out til I see the film.
  2. I sorta get the sense everyone is ready to get this over and done with and move on whether it's actors moving to other roles or Star Wars itself moving away from the Skywalker Saga.
  3. Anyhow I have just finished rewatching the prequel trilogy and my appreciation for ROTS faults and all still remains as high as ever especially with much of not recontextualized from TCW. I wonder if supplementary material will make me feels the same way about the ST.
  4. Summer 2021 is stacked. Guess making up for the quieter Summer we're gonna have next year.
  5. Curious that JJ Abrams is saying he didn't like the "meta aspect" of TLJ when TFA was brimming with stuff like that. Kylo Ren is a commentary of making a Star Wars villain in the shadow of Vader, Rey is a commentary on a new audience discovering Star Wars 30 years after it were released. But anyhow surely it wasn't expected that JJ loved everything Rian did in TLJ.
  6. Star Wars has limitless potential but movie wise Disney/Lucasfilm do have work to do to try and figure out a way to realize that potential whike also make it appealing to the GA.
  7. Wasn't the reason Wonder Woman legged out so well was cause it attracted an older female demo that usually wouldn't go to these type of movies? I imagine they would't be all that active on social media.
  8. ROTS's score does so much of the heavy lifting to instill the sense of tragedy and dread especially in the 2nd half of the film. It's also one of my favs.
  9. Scores I just find are super subjective in opinions. For example I thought TFA's score was decent/good while TLJ's score was one of the best in the Saga IMO.
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