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  1. It's nice though we have a more traditional score for a Batman film though I really did enjoy the Zimmer-Nolan collab with TDK Trilogy. Giacchino is a pretty safe choice but solid nevertheless. EDIT: Mustn't forget the James Newton Howard contributions too
  2. Despite the ups and downs I think most people have a positive opinion on the Craig era which speaks to how much Daniel Craig has done a good job of defining Bond for this era. I do expect the next Bond to veer towards being less serious as is the trend for most blockbusters these days.
  3. Yeah this one I liked more than last week. I liked it especially that Again always a sucker for anything set in Phase 1 era.
  4. Simu Liu could easily deny he made those comments if they weren't true. Regardless this won't cost him is job but should be another lesson to regarding social media that I'm sure will come up unfortunately in future for people in fame (unfortunate that comments like these will be made just to be clear). An apology to those who felt hurt by his comments isn't too much to ask I don't think regardless if he had addressed them already or not.
  5. Still unsure as to why it has taken this long for HBO Max to have an original DC Show ready.
  6. If anything now I'm in a Christmas mood thanks to the trailer and its only September
  7. I mean if any franchise can hold multiple spin offs it's Batman. They could easily cancel this one if the movie isn't a success.
  8. Love anytime a movie or show takes place during Christmas. Looks alot more fun than I expected should be great!
  9. I would have guessed $300M-$350M prepandemic and with the initial Feb release. We also don't know how much the pandemic affects how studios market their films and GA awareness.
  10. Yep Marvel has so many sub franchises going on that they almost need at least 4 spots per year to keep them coming. I don't think they'll want to wait more than 4 years for sequels. With Disney+ though alot of the potential new heroes that may have been candidates for new movies have been taken up now so will be interesting to see which is the next hero to get a first standalone film (not counting reboots like Blade, F4 or X-Men).
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