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  1. Action scenes were done pretty well and enjoyed the banter but these movies have become way too focused on Dom's personal life and past in an attempt to recontextulize past events as a "saga". Audience seemed to enjoy the ridiculousness of it which is why we watch these films after all.
  2. Thankfully restrictions are lifting in Victoria so should be able to watch Fast and Furious next week.
  3. I like Justin Lin but once you make 5 movies in a franchise perhaps there's only so many times you make movie in the same franchise. But again I like his work he did a really good job in Star Trek Beyond I thought. EDIT: He's doing 10 and 11 assuming they'll still have the plan to do those back to back.
  4. I feel this thread is the only place on the internet excited for an Indy 5. Not that I'm complaining I also didn't mind Crystal Skull too much and I have faith in Mangold and co to deliver something special. At least we get an all new John Williams score.
  5. I'm not sure the general audience knows this even exists. I'm sure interest will spike massively with the first teaser. The Matrix films still have some relevancy today.
  6. There's probably a bit of both happening with that announcement. I'm sure Disney is pretty happy so far with Cruella's performance at the moment that a sequel is on the cards but with how quick the announcement was it's to also make sure Cruella continues to be talked about in the moviesphere. The Lion King for example took much longer for an announcement for a sequel and Aladdin there was talks of new writers for a sequel but no official word from Disney.
  7. I'd almost laugh at how silly the Fandom Menace is except how some actually believe they have anything credible to say.
  8. The production on this movie will be more than enough to fill in the inevitable 4 hour podcast Christopher Mcquarrie does with Empire Podcast.
  9. Time to update 1. Eternals 2. Mission Impossible 7 3. Dune 4. Spider-Man No Way Home 5. In The Heights 6. Luca 7. Shang Chi 8. No Time To Die 9. Last Night in Soho 10. Encanto
  10. February 21 Minari March 6 Raya and the Last Dragon 7 Nomadland 25 Godzilla vs Kong April 1 Godzilla vs Kong 24 Mortal Kombat May 27 A Quiet Place Part II
  11. I feel whenever I have low expectations for any of these remakes they surprise me with this movie and Aladdin being a good example. This one was actually heaps of fun and had a voice unlike most of the remakes which are usually just blander versions of their animated counterparts. Obviously still pretty flawed and I still think they made Cruella a tad too sympathetic but Emma Stone did a good job along with ofc Emma Thompson.
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