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  1. All I'll say is I think the GvK numbers indicate Disney may have overreacted with some of their recent decisions regarding Black Widow and Luca. And it's saying something that cinemas are happy to play WB movies that are simultaneously releasing on HBO Max but are holding out on Disney PA. I'm sure something will be worked out for Black Widow and the rest of the MCU slate but other Disney films with PA be interesting to see if the boycott continues.
  2. Was a smart 4th trailer by resuing alot of footage from previous MCU films and anytime the Avengers theme appears its awesome. Hopefully once the TV spots starts hitting then it'll be evident the July release is sticking.
  3. Gotta say not the movie I expected for this discussion to come up (as it does every now and again).
  4. Yes I have to say the trailer underwhelmed me as most of the jokes didn't land for me and no cool action beats revealed. I think they could have done something like the first GOTG teaser where they just briefly explain some of the characters in the Sucide Squad. Still looking forward to it ofc but hope Gunn doesn't go too overboard with the "edgy" humour.
  5. February 21 Minari March 6 Raya and the Last Dragon 7 Nomadland 25 Godzilla vs Kong
  6. Fresh thoughts are that the set up for the conflict is pretty messy and rushed but once it's set up the fights are entertaining and done pretty well. Kong gets the best treatment in the movie and also the human characters attached to his story. Godzilla on the other hand didn't really get a much focus as I was expecting and any story related to the humans that appeared in KOTM is plain awful. Overall I'll say it's slightly better than KOTM but below Kong Skull Island and Godzilla. I hope they follow this up with another Kong film while I don't really mind if they don't revisit Godzilla until another crossover. 6.5/10
  7. I mean once upon a time this was going to be a May release when the first wave of Marvel delays happened so I don't think this has anything to do with not being confident in this film. Obviously Sony won't want Spidey to move from December and Eternals seems locked in to November so there's only so many places Shang Chi could have moved.
  8. I'll give props to AT&T for at least making their strategy clear for 2021 that cinemas are fully aware of. Disney atm seems to be a bit all over the place in their decision making.
  9. Disney is definitely going all in on PA. Personally thought a Marvel movie would be the last thing they try with PA. Disappointing decision IMO
  10. Rewatch the first Godzilla still enjoy how it's a slow build and Gareth Edwards knows scale. Human plot is throw away but I still preferred it over KOTM which was much more a slog than I remembered it being. A shame that the human characters they transferred to GvK were from KOTM.
  11. Rewatched Kong Skull Island and idk why I disliked it initially cause on rewatch it's so much fun. Ok maybe John C Reilly is over the top but I like the movie doesn't take itself too seriously unlike the two Godzilla films.
  12. The whole epilogue feels like a bunch of post credits scenes after the classic Superman shot of ripping his clothes off. Thinking about it more they probably would have played better as post credits scenes actually.
  13. I think the whole Lois and Bruce affair was thankfully nixed by WB after BvS. The kid that Lois is having is supposed to be Clark's. But yeah the whole Knightmare sequence is about Lois dying under Batman's watch that results in Superman going evil which as an idea I really dislike that being what the sequel was going to be about.
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