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  1. Bruh we all know why DC continues to fall back on Batman and monetary wise it's a sound decision. Doesn't mean people have to like it necessarily especially with Superman left out.
  2. Meanwhile they don't have time for a Superman film.
  3. Start the new year off 1. Raya and the Last Dragon 2. Mission Impossible 7 3. The Eternals 4. Shang Chi 5. Dune 6. Spider-Man 3 7. No Time to Die 8. Black Widow 9. Minari 10. The French Dispatch
  4. Regardless of my feelings of the movie it was nice to have a pretty packed screening for a movie again. My screening for Tenet understandably had far more restrictions. At actually hearing audience reactions such as laughter is something I've missed (Tenet is many things but funny ain't one of them).
  5. Asking people to sign up for your underperforming streaming service with mediocre films doesn't seem like a good strategy to me. Then again this is AT&T.
  6. After the reception of WW84 I wonder if WB will be less inclined to wait for Patty Jenkins before moving forward with another Wonder Woman film. I suspect they'll move forward with a third without her.
  7. I'm dumb so I didn't really understand the Egypt sub-plot. Man felt so weird to watch the first Wonder Woman film which while had some humour was mostly serious to the action scene in the mall which felt like it came out of Superman II. Granted I don't think the movie was quite as cheesy as that scene was again but was a tonal whiplash.
  8. Everything with Steve and Diana I enjoyed every much and all the emotional parts of their relationship worked for me. Everything else felt flat unfortunately though I enjoyed the theme and message they were going for towards the end.
  9. The EDITH sub-plot is definitely my biggest issue with FFH but overall definitely felt like it was a step up from Homecoming in every department. I do feel while I enjoy the Spidey films very much there's still some untapped potential with Holland's Spider-Man. Hopefully they get a different creative team after this one (if the deal is renewed).
  10. I've watched it about three times now and I enjoy it a bit more (the plot mechanics I've got a good grasp on now) but yeah emotionally it still falls a bit flat.
  11. @DeeCee Channel 7 will not be happy the 1st Test has ended already
  12. I feel anyways why many people on the internet are pushing for streaming only is it'll be easier to pirate.
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