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  1. Me neither but it's regurgitating what has been rumoured before. Also thinking Monster Uni numbers for this
  2. I don't think Australia have played anywhere near their best yet but they keep winning. Disappointed for Afghanistan unfortunately they seem to be still a ways away from the other full member sides.
  3. 1. Zootopia 2. Wreck-It Ralph 3. Moana 4. Frozen 5. Tangled 6. Winnie the Pooh 7. Big Hero 6 8. The Princess and the Frog 9. Ralph Breaks the Internet 10. Bolt
  4. Man really hope something unexpected breaks out next summer cause if not we're gonna be looking at a pretty dire situation maybe even worse than 2014.
  5. I would be interested in a Snyder Cut more than the JL we actually got. Still would have compeltely failed at the box office.
  6. Except Kinberg was onboard with the changes and the train sequence is generally considered the best part of the film so......
  7. Ugh look I know it's concerning the amount of power Disney has atm but it's not like other studio's are making it difficult for Disney to dominate. This summer really is starting to make this year feel like 2016 again. Thank goodness at least one non-Disney film is guaranteed to perform well this summer......
  8. Yeah I think tracking will go up once Sony goes all out with the marketing post-MIB International
  9. Damn I have Nemo in my Top 5 Pixar (though everyone's Top 5 is different). Anyhow very good reactions. My only concern with Toy Story 4 was that it would just be "another" adventure without naturally continuing the themes and ideas of the first three and also retroactively ruining Toy Story 3's resolution. Thankfully doesn't seem to be the case though I am someone who was perfectly happy with what we got with Dory and Incredibles 2.
  10. Welp can't say I am too surprised but still a shame. Oh well guess I'll let this wet my appetite for the eventual Thor 4. Sidenote I watched the first one for the first time a couple of days ago and it's hilarious and awesome. Love Chris and Tessa but there's no replacing Will Smith.
  11. Eh not really when it only appeals to one specific demo (who happens to be the most frequent voices on the internet). Aladdin has a much bigger broader appeal and it should have been a $1 Billion hit if Disney had more faith in it.
  12. I think they know people are already sold on these characters. The target audience already has their tickets it's now about getting the slightly older demo (particularly male) who might have outgrown the first one.
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