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  1. Seeing Fallen Kingdom in a couple of hours. If it's bad it better be bad in an entertaining way. Can't have a boring dinosaur film.
  2. Michael Giacchino starting with The Incredibles had scored 7 of Pixar's last 15 Films.
  3. Oh and if we're doing a Planet of the Dinosaurs which dinosaur should Andy Serkis play?
  4. EmpireCity died for Ralph Breaks the Internet. Tree died for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. What weird films to die for.
  5. For sure which is why I specified OS grosses where it's been much more predictable which Superhero Films do better than others.
  6. I'm still very curious how the inevitable Avengers 5 does if it doesn't have the original team. Marvel is in a healthy place with its solo films but we're yet to have a team up film that hasn't partially relied on RDJ. Does the Avengers films still do insane OS grosses even without RDJ?
  7. Yeah some franchises are just more inherently limited than others with what they can do for multiple installments and still maintain the same level of interest. That being said I do think Universal will be disappointed if Fallen Kingdom doesn't reach the $150M Opening Weekend mark. The franchise might not have a huge shelf life post Jurassic World 3 which is fine not everything has to last forever (more franchises should just end IMO).
  8. Oh for sure I'm just saying that whether he writes or doesn't have credit for the script the results of his films are....interesting.
  9. Darth Lehnsherr

    Jurassic World 2 O/U Infinity War (DOM)

    This actually has a strong chance of happening now
  10. I wonder what his Episode IX would have looked liked. Since according to some "fans" he would have supposedly saved the trilogy lol
  11. After TLJ and presumably Fallen Kingdom's sub $150M Opening Weekend I think it'll make Age of Ultron's drops from Avengers look much better in hindsight.

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