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  1. Ah man just realised this clashes with my work schedule. But hopefully when I'm on leave and this keeps going I can join.
  2. Just realised never updated with February movies so.... January 1 Jojo Rabbit 11 1917 19 Little Women 23 Bad Boys For Life Feburary 15 Birds of Prey 21 Sonic the Hedgehog
  3. Community is my favourite comedy of all time. Got me through some lonely times when I watched it.
  4. Movies: This was a pretty good week I reckon Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (rewatch): Still as fun as ever with this being the film that elevated the Mission Impossible films to being must see films. Brad Bird making a seemless transition to live action (though listening to Behind the Scenes stories the production was messy at times). Wish I saw this in IMAX 8.5/10 Palm Springs: Didn't like this as much as the reception online it seems but still really enjoyable twist on a concept down billions of times before. Hadn't taken note of much of Andy Samberg's work until I started watching BB99 and since went back and looked at his SNL and Lonely Island work and now a fan. Cristin Milioti needs to be in more films too. 7/10 Rear Window: Okay so finally decided this week to introduce myself to some Hitchcock films and it was definitely the best decision I've made in a long time. How could you not fall in love with Grace Kelly from the moment she is introduced in the film? Brilliant film considering the setting and relentlessly entertaining and intriguing. Somewhat appropriate with the current quarantine arrangements too. Can very much relate to the boredom Jimmy Stewart's character was facing 9/10 Vertigo: I'll be honest while I found the film interesting and intriguing it wasn't quite grabbing me the way I hoped considering its reputation. But then once the movie makes it clear what is happening it becomes more disturbing and haunting towards the end. Definitely will need to give it a rewatch. 9/10 North by Northwest: It's like this film was made just for me. Spy/thriller with various twists and turns and people who have to improvise their way out time and time again. One thing with Hitchcock is that it's amazing when you see how these films influenced genres and future filmmakers and North by Northwest is no exception. 10/10 Psycho: I feel really lucky knowing practically nothing about this film so when it basically reveals what it's about I got that full effect. Not much of a fan of the genre the film is in but it won me over easily. 10/10 The Birds: Definitely my least favourite of the Hitchcock films I saw this week but still got some good enjoyment out of it though this is one film where the effects did take me out of it at times. 6.5/10 Ratatoullie (rewatch): Always a toss up between The Incredibles and this one as the best Pixar film. schaffirllas Productions did a pretty good video on why Ratatoullie is Pixar's Magnus Opus though it is an hour long. 9.5/10 TV Shows: Umbrella Academy Season 2: I enjoyed this season the way people supposedly enjoyed Season 1. Mostly really happy with how the character progressed this season. Interesting hook for S3. Ben and Five were my favourites for S2.
  5. With the recent Mulan announcement it makes the Disney+ rumours for this one more likely
  6. Was bound to happen. Just went out to buy some food a couple of hours ago and parents are doing some final shopping.
  7. Movies: The Invisible Man: Really well done with Elisabeth Moss' performance carrying this movie and the tension and anxiety comes accross really well. 7.5/10 La La Land (rewatch): Hadn't watched this since it came out back in 2016 but still holds up as a fantastic film though I did notice this time how the songs pretty much stop halfway through the film. 8.5/10 Extraction: This concept was done better with films like John Wick and The Raid but nevertheless as an action fan thoroughly enjoyed Chris Hemsworth beating up nameless goons. Can see why it got the mixed reception it did. 6.5/10
  8. Interesting they've not really described a major hook for this one. Seems oddly refreshing in a way if the film is really just about this kid on a adventure during his holiday (it won't). Edit: Nvm read more of the release.... In any case with a Summer 2021 release date seems Pixar is more or less back on schedule though can easily change if Soul cannot be released in November.
  9. I think everyone would want Tenet to succeed but people here are just being realistic about the current situation.
  10. Happy for Watchmen and delighted What We Do In The Shadows got in as Nest Comedy. Disappointed there was no nominations for Mr Robot.
  11. Movies: Decide to watch Apocalypse Now for the first time since I had watched The Godfather Trilogy just and already love it even more than the Godfather films. Unflinching in its depiction of war and the craziness and horror of it had me thinking for a long time afterwards. Will try to watch the Hearts of Darkness documentary at a later date. 10/10 TV Shows: Umbrella Academy Season 1: Mostly pretty good with half the ensemble I really like with the other half feeling a bit indifferent about. For those that have watched the first season they can probably guess which characters are in which half. 7.5/10 Arrested Development Season 5: Final episode was actually a good summary of what the show is but the season as a whole was a step back from S4 which already was a big step back from S1-S3. Hope they leave the show for good now 5.5/10
  12. I am glad though we're going back to more original films. I enjoyed Ralph Breaks the Internet and actually prefer Frozen 2 over the first one but the resurgence came from consistently great original films.
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