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  1. Kinda wish they just went full 2D for the character animation like Voltron does.
  2. Jealous that my friend got to go to an early screening for this. Still need to wait two weeks.
  3. Middling performance for an MCU sequel but a good performance for a sequel in general.
  4. Well Simon Kinberg has had plenty of experience in handling massive reshoots I guess....
  5. Darth Lehnsherr

    (Insert line from Venom trailer here) Venom over 75m OW.

    Not buying the over $100M predictions but $75M is definitely a realistic goal so IN
  6. Score was probably the weakest part of the film but it wasn't a big negative thankfully.
  7. Oh that looked really bad. Would have taken the impact away from that final shot of the heroes had he been in the foreground more.
  8. I think the MCU would start with young versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Beast, Ice-Man and Angel who are already recruited in the X-Men team but are still not close to being a cohesive unit yet and then the first film is about them learning to become a team. Hopefully they can leave off Wolverine and Magneto (though certainly can mention him) for the time being and focus on building up the popularity of the 6 I just mentioned. The problem Apocalypse had was trying to close the storylines of the First Class cast while introducing the younger versions of the original cast and as a result not really serving either of them well. Dark Phoenix should seemingly be focusing mostly on the younger X-Men so hopefully won't have that particular problem.
  9. VFX rarely takes me out when watching a film in the cinemas but the fight between Killmonger and Black Panther in the 3rd Act was one of the few times it did. Laziness isn't the culprit as much as running out of time as blockbusters are now set with a release date before they even begin pre-production (with the exception of the Avatar sequels which is why Cameron is able to take his time with those). Infinity War on digital looked pretty good I thought there was only some minor green screen issues and CGI doubles.

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